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Whether you are working as a freelancer, have recently opened up a small business, or are part of a well-established company, you are going to need clients and customers if you ever plan to succeed.

Having an effective marketing strategy is essential for continued growth in all creative fields while staying ahead of the competition. If you are involved in freelancing your services, marketing yourself is essential to getting more clients today and tomorrow than yesterday. The same is also true for individuals involved in a company, business, or franchise.

Unfortunately, for most people, this is easier said than done. Effectively marketing yourself and your business is difficult because many professional companies cannot truly get it right.

Luckily all hope is not lost. In this breakdown, we’ve gone over 100 effective methods of marketing yourself and your business. And while this does not account for your own product’s value or quality, following these methods can dramatically improve your business prospects.

#1. Use Local Newspapers

While it certainly isn’t the method of marketing most people think of in 2021, the fact of the matter is that local newspapers are still an incredibly viable and effective way to market yourself and your company out into the world.

The best way to put yourself out there is by writing a press release dealing with any part of your business that is newsworthy. This way people are, not only aware of your business but are immediately brought up to speed with the most relevant and interesting aspects.

Not sure how to write a press release? Simply go through these essential PR tips to get a firm understanding of the basics. You can also call a local journalist and present the story to them. In most cases, if they like the story, they will do the press release themselves.

#2. Create a Newsletter

Next up is to publish your very own newsletter. By establishing an email list of previous clients, you can periodically send them any updates or additional information surrounding your business. These updates can include additional products or services and are an extremely effective way of encouraging repeat business.

#3. Write a Blog

A more extensive version of a newsletter, online blogs are a great way to show a deeper understanding of a specific area, ultimately building trust for new and existing readers.

By creating a blog, you subtly imply that you are the subject matter expert surrounding a specific topic and that your word holds more weight than the average person. This respect will often result in higher levels of brand awareness as well as increased revenue.

#4. Cold Call

Another “old school” method that works amazingly well even today, cold calling, greatly improves your ability to sell yourself to prospective clients.

Cold calling is also a great method of marketing oneself and business since it puts you in an offensive state of mind. Rather than waiting on potential clients, you are taking on the initiative and personally ensuring your name is on people’s minds by cold calling.

#5. Implement Business Cards

While not as strong as some of the other methods on this list, carrying a business card is a proven, time-tested method of marketing one’s business to a potential prospect.

Throughout your day, you never know who you will run across or bump into. Carrying a business card on hand ensures that you are never unprepared.

Your card should contain specific and pertinent information about your business, such as your company’s name and web address, as well as any social media accounts and company phone numbers.

#6. Create “Promotional Runs”

Another great marketing option is to create what is known as a “promotional run.” This is often seen as a miniature version of a product or service at a discounted rate.

These more affordable options will draw in more potential customers. Not only will this likely result in boosted sales, but also potentially repeat clients.

#7. Establish a Niche

One of the biggest setbacks for any business is finding and establishing a focused niche clientele. Most people have the idea that, by spreading out their reach, they improve their customer pool. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

By spreading your client base out to as many potential demographics as possible, rather than exposing yourself to an incredibly large pool of potential buyers, you are in actuality opening yourself up to less.

People who want to buy quality shoes go to a store that specializes in quality shoes. They do not go to a general store that “also” sells shoes. People that are looking to learn French learn from a French instructor. They do not go to a foreign language instructor that teaches French on Tuesdays and Chinese on Wednesdays.

To truly present yourself and your business in the best light, find a single area of focus in the market and pour your energy into that. While this will result in fewer potential prospects, it will also result in more qualified prospects.

#8. Communicate with your Customers

One secret marketing method that can dramatically increase your presence virtually overnight is a method that is becoming more and more scarce, and that is talking with the customers.

As we are moving further and further into an age of computers and digital technology, human interaction is, in many instances, being thrown by the wayside. One way to make your own company or business stand out is to bring back this human element with a real form of communication.

If you are a freelancer, don’t be afraid to talk with your existing clients and ask what inspired their interest in you. Not only will you get valuable feedback, but this will strengthen your connection, likely resulting in an even longer business relationship.

#9. Don’t be afraid to use Twitter

Twitter can be the creator or the destroyer of professions. It has an incredible reach to millions of people all around the world. That said, as you use this marketing method, make sure you follow at least the basic Twitter etiquette, lest you say the wrong thing, and find yourself on the platform’s bad side.

#10. Use Testimonials

In the world of business marketing, nothing works better than genuine testimonials. They essentially act as social proof for your business and help all potential clients and customers know that “the water’s fine” and that they won’t get scammed.

Word to the wise. You can never have too many testimonials, but you can certainly have too few.

#11. Work with Bloggers

As I said in tip #3, bloggers are an awesome resource for converting prospects into paying clients. This is because a blogger is strongly considered an expert in their respective field.

If you do not have time to create a blog site of your own, connecting with established bloggers is the next best thing. There, you can leverage their expertise by having them vouch for you.

#12. Advertise on Blogs

This takes the benefits of #11 to the next level. Rather than simply have a blogger vouch for you by advertising on their platform, you instead have a direct call to action from them to your website.

The big difference between this method and #11 is in how you are mentioned to the prospect. Whereas #11 may have a blogger mention you as a credible source, by advertising on their blog, the blogger will outright state that you are something the person should seek out.

Utilize both options, but be sure to advertise if at all possible.

#13. Write link-bait blogs

Another secret marketing method that isn’t talked about. As with the other blog points on this list, the same benefits apply here.

What makes this its separate addition, however, is the use and inclusion of links. By embedding links to different parts of your sites or stores, you are effectively acting as your advertiser as well as an edifier.

Including links not only adds legitimacy to your blog page but acts as a natural progression for any viewer to follow.

#14. Make full use of your Email Signature

Using an email signature is a great way to give your brand a wholly unique personality. Include them throughout your main marketing message and company slogan. This will constantly keep your company in every prospect’s mind.

#15. Sponsor an Awards Ceremony

While certainly a more geared method towards those with a bit more capital, sponsoring an awards ceremony is a great way to get your company’s name out.

By sponsoring an awards ceremony, not only are you alerting people of your company’s existence but are also subconsciously telling prospects that you are a legitimate company and are willing to see community events thrive.

For those with a smaller budget, not all awards are expensive. Small niche events can greatly benefit from a sponsor, even at the more affordable budgets.

#16. Sponsor a Competition

Similar to #15 but generally on a more regular basis. Sponsoring a competition is an excellent way to raise your company’s profile and should be done whenever possible. Not only does it result in an advertised brand name, but it also directly places you in front of a large market of people, people that you may not have otherwise been placed in front of.

#17. Do Prize Giveaways

When people think of Oprah Winfrey, one of the first things they think of is, “You get a car, and you get a car!” This is even though this event happened well over 16 years ago.

People love to get things for free. And while certainly, a car is on the higher end of what one may be expected to give, offering something of value to customers is a great way to get your name out there and on people’s minds and tongues.

#18. Offer Discounts for a “Limited Time Only”

By including discounts during a limited window of opportunity, prospective customers, whether they like it or not, will immediately experience a “fear of loss” and a “feeling of scarcity.”

Why? Because we, as individuals, always want the best deal and pay as little for as much as possible.

When you offer a valuable product at a discounted rate with the threat of it rising again at a later date, you are turning on that “feeling of scarcity” in a person’s mind.

An easy example of this is seen around the U.S. during Black Friday. People are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want at a reduced rate during the “limited time.”

Learn from Black Friday, and don’t be afraid to use limited rates in your business from time to time.

#19. Create an e-brochure

While creating a hard-copy version is certainly preferable, they can also be quite expensive. A great roundabout way is to make an online digital version.

By setting up an online brochure, you allow anyone a chance to become more knowledgeable about you and your product no matter where they are in the world.

#20. Use Traditional Mailers

An old-school marketing method that is still used to this day, by creating and distributing short pieces of mail to your existing customers, you actively stay on their mind throughout the day.

This method, despite being considered outdated by some, is more valuable today than ever before. By offering someone a physical item through the mail, you give them a personal touch that is sorely missing in today’s day and age.

Compared to using an online brochure or a mass email list, using a physical piece of mail will instantly result in your company being remembered.

#21. Write a column in the Local Paper

Something of a marriage between method #1 and #3. By writing a small column in the local paper, you can briefly present yourself as an expert on a select field. This offers many of the same benefits as creating your blog without the arduous process of creating a viewer base of your own.

#22. Become an Expert Spokesperson

One of the biggest points you may have noticed in many of the earlier methods is the importance of distinguishing yourself as the subject matter expert on a topic. By doing this, you instantly put additional weight on all of your words compared to a person with “general knowledge.”

Establishing yourself in the real world as this same expert can easily multiply these effects. Presenting yourself to local radio, tv, and newspaper journalists is an excellent way to forward your visibility while amplifying your credibility.

#23. Create a Press Kit

It is important to include a section that goes in-depth about you and your business on your website. This can be the “About Us” section or a separate area specifically for journalists to cite. Either way, it is very important to have an area for people in the media to contact you and, at a glance, immediately determine everything they need to know about you.

#24. Develop an Interactive Website

Before immediately jumping to conclusions, this does not mean making your website a mini video game. Instead, by adding small and subtle interactive aspects to your website, you help keep viewers engaged and interested in the content they are reading.

A few examples could be a “live chat” option that is instantly available to answer questions. Another could be a small character animation whenever the page is loading.

Use interactivity on your website to make it (and yourself) stand out from all of your peers.

#25. Utilize Physical Advertisement

Compared to video, paper, and digital marketing, using physical advertisements is largely underestimated and overlooked as a viable method of effectively reaching out to prospective customers and clients.

Physical advertisements can often include signs and posters, and stickers on the back of cars and other vehicles. For many, physical advertisements may often include billboard signs or sign flippers.

These options affect the regular person in subtle yet influential ways. They can ultimately compel an individual into looking into your product when they ordinarily would not have been exposed to it.

#26. Charity Auctions

A great opportunity to network and meet new customers is to consider donating your products or services in a charity auction. Not only does this help a worthy cause, but many auctions also offer highly qualified individuals that may be perfect prospects for your business.

#27. Teach your Expertise

It doesn’t matter what your expertise is based around; by setting up classes and workshops, you can reach many potential customers to sell your services.

A good method is to offer free courses or lessons upfront with an option to learn more on a blog site or directly from you as part of your service.

#28. Guest Blog

Writing an article on a highly trafficked blog site is a great way to pull in additional eyes, especially if you are in the same niche sphere.

While doing it on any site is certainly effective, guest writing on a larger and more established platform is ideal, as it opens up more avenues for you with a wider audience.

#29. Comment on Blogs

This may seem a bit silly, but commenting on another person’s blog is a great way to get your name out there while costing you next to nothing.

Simply make sure that your comment is intelligent and compelling to effectively drive any traffic to your platform.

#30. Focus on SEO

In the world of search engines, SEO is the name of the game. By ensuring you have a high level of search engine optimization (SEO), you are more likely to find yourself at the top rank of Google’s algorithm.

This is very important for getting your name out there and shouldn’t be overlooked. You can learn more about the process or hire an SEO firm to handle it for you.

#31. Use Writing Forums

While not as effective as owning your blog sites, writing in different forums is a great way to get your name out there in unlikely circles.

Many people use forums as a way to get information. By presenting yourself as a valuable resource, people are more likely to respect what you have to say.

Just be sure to fully maximize this by including your website link and company slogan in your forum signature. Not only does this give people a chance to engage in your material, but it also lends credibility to what you have to say in the forum, thus making people more likely to engage in your material.

#32. Create a Facebook Page

As with the Twitter account, having a Facebook Page in today’s day and age is essential for any company or business.

Facebook is often considered the more consumer-focused of the two, meaning more business opportunities will happen on Facebook than on Twitter.

Familiarize yourself with their advertising system, and be sure to post regularly enough that your viewers are interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer.

#33. Connect all your Social Media Accounts

No matter how many platforms you are on, they must work with one another rather than against. You want to prominently display your website and other social media accounts on each platform so that people can be fully plugged into your online ecosystem and, therefore, more likely to become a client or customer.

#34. Make sure you Charge the Right Price

As an effective marketing method, it is vitally important that you do your research and find exactly what people are charging for the same product you have. If you are charging 2-3 times what everyone else is, expect to fail if the quality isn’t 4-5 times higher.

Though it doesn’t necessarily work the other way around, don’t undercharge yourself either. Take your time and do the research. Learn what your competitors are charging. Then decide whether your quality is high enough to justify a higher price, or you are willing to have a slightly lower price to attract more customers.

#35. Send out a “Thank You” Card

A great personal touch to help market yourself and your services is by sending a “Thank You” card to your existing customers or clients.

Depending on the nature of your business, these cards can be delivered whenever completing a job for them or after they have purchased a large enough quantity of your product.

There are several different ways you can implement this method based on how your services are presented. No matter how you do it, the importance behind it is the human element and personal touch that the card offers the customer.

#36. Offer Freebies

Adding a few extra options with an order is a highly effective method of ensuring a happy and enthusiastic customer.

By sacrificing a few extra dollars to make your client’s order a bit better, you can end up with a loyal customer for life as well as free advertising and publicity for even more clients and customers.

#37. Reward Repeat Business

This is something I’ve hinted around with for a few of the previous marketing methods. To make more sales and reach more people, one thing you need is repeat business. You can argue that repeat business is potentially more important than new business!

One way you can keep customers and clients coming back for more is by rewarding their loyalty. This is often seen in some stores as aptly named “Loyalty Rewards Cards,” where customers essentially accrue store credit whenever using the card.

While you don’t need to do that specifically, there is a myriad of different ways you can incentivize clients and customers to use you again and again rather than another provider.

Just one example is the ‘Free Ice Cream’ scenario. Here, after a set number of visits/purchases, you can offer a free item or service. It’s a great way to build anticipation while also getting several more sales than you’d normally have been received.

#38. Add Personality to Your Social Media Accounts

Think of Wendy’s or Geico. No one wants to talk with a faceless corporation or get a company byline when spoken to. People appreciate and gravitate towards companies that have a personality behind them.

Have a bit of fun and let your personality shine through in your social media accounts, so people know that there is a real live person behind the computer screen and not a ‘suit.’

#39. Include an “About Us” Page

Both for prospective customers and clients, people want to know who they are dealing with and what their purpose is. Having an ‘About Us’ section can effectively show what you and your company are all about and how you can help them get what they want.

#40. Invest in Credibility

As I’ve mentioned earlier with the testimonials, credibility is essential for qualifying your company and business.

You are investing in different schemes, and accreditations will further this credibility to potential clients even if you are starting completely new and with no testimonials.

#41. Have Excellent Customer Service

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get and keep clients. By having stellar customer service, you will have a reputation for leaving customers happy and ready to return, ultimately bringing in new customers as well.

#42. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

This is another bit in the “credibility” area. Having a 100% Money Back Guarantee helps remove much of the fear and anxiety a person may have about your product or service. You also give them a bit of subconscious confidence that the product will be of sufficient quality and value.

#43. Visit Networking Events

Networking events can vary based on their focus. By doing some research and finding the right ones, you can put yourself in place to benefitting your business.

Go in with no expectations and a bunch of business cards, and you may just be surprised with how things will turn out.

#44. Create a Campaign to Fight For Change

If there is something in your industry you aren’t a fan of, consider establishing a campaign to change it. Not only will you raise awareness of it and yourself, but you may also be the one to help resolve that issue if enough other people share that sentiment.

#45. Offer Free Consultations

If you’ve been involved in your business for a while, consider offering free consultations to others outside your industry. This can include different article publishings and websites. This will give them vital information in your field while also exposing them and their audience to you and your works.

#46. Enter an Awards Ceremony

A great way to gain visibility to a whole new group of people is by entering an awards event. Not only will being involved be great for publicity if you win, but it will also solidify your company’s credibility to any potential clients and customers.

#47. Establish a Referral Program

Setting up a referral program is an awesome way to directly reach thousands of people in a short amount of time while paying a fraction of the standard marketing costs.

A referral program essentially turns your customers into marketers with the incentive of getting a commission on any person they convince to buy from you. This effectively duplicates your efforts without you doing anything.

#48. Display your Prices

Especially great for those involved in freelance work, by clearly and confidently displaying your prices, you make it known that you are a premium service provider. This will drive away low-end clients while pre-qualifying the higher-end ones.

#49. Set up an Answering Machine

Either with a physical answering machine or by setting it up on your phone, there must be a message for customers to hear if calling outside of office hours.

The message should be personalized to you and your company while encouraging them to visit your website.

#50. Book a Show

Booking a stand at a show is a great, albeit costly, method of marketing your business. By putting yourself in a place where like-minded patrons will already be, you have already pre-qualified most people there, ultimately resulting in a higher number of people interested in what you have to offer.

#51. Ignore the Competition

One thing people often do is focus on their competition. And while that is fine in moderation, the fact of the matter is that your focus should primarily be on the customer. The competition is important for knowing what the market, at large, is doing. Outside of this, focusing on the competition can potentially lead to a complete derailment of your vision. Not only that, but it can often result in you outright following them, ultimately turning your company into a copy-cat.

#52. Use Google Local

Google Local is still a viable and effective method of finding products and service providers. By making sure you are listed there, you can stay relevant in local areas while at no extra cost.

#53. Team up with Other Firms

A great marketing method that is worth considering is teaming with other firms. This does not mean working with competitors. Instead, work alongside complementary business vehicles to streamline the client’s experience.

Not only does this help you and the other firm, but it also makes the customer’s life easier as they can have every facet of their service or product handled without needing to find individual providers.

#54. Get a QR Code

Short for “Quick Response,” a QR code is something becoming more and more prevalent today. Getting a QR code allows customers to quickly access information for a product or service.

#55. “Give and You Will Recieve”

By working with local suppliers, you can create a strong symbiotic relationship, with one group helping the other.

Establishing business relationships with suppliers by recommending them clients is a great way to get additional prospects of your own, as well as potentially having an option for cheaper storage or shipping rates.

#56. Use Facebook Advertising

In addition to using Facebook Pages, investing some time and money in understanding and implementing their advertisements is an excellent way to present yourself to thousands of potential customers.

Facebook’s Ad Campaigns are second to none in their ability to hyper-focus on a set demographic. Determining the person’s region, age, gender, and marital status can allow you to focus more effectively on who you want to see your ads and where you should invest the most money.

It is a powerful tool that every person should have at least some knowledge of.

#57. Create Videos

Videos are an excellent way to visually explain the benefits of your product or service. By creating a video of what you have to offer, you can more easily build trust and connect with a prospective viewer.

Video content is so good; many have argued that it is on par with testimonials to convince a prospect to become a customer.

#58. Go Green

No matter who you are, we all care about the planet and its environment. One way to drastically decrease any negative effects is to “go green.”

The good news is that, in addition to reducing the overall harm done to the planet, “Going Green” also puts you in a separate class of businesses, garnering you more favorable attention and potentially more sales due to your social responsibility.

#59. Join a “Coupon Site”

Different “Deal of the Day” websites are becoming more and more prevalent. Numerous sites and businesses use groups like Groupon and LivingSocial to offer discounted rates to attract more people to their stores.

By getting on these sites, you can present your company to a host of additional prospects in a cost-effective manner.

#60. Create an Online Magazine

Like creating a blog, establishing an online magazine can help establish you as a credible expert in a chosen area. By sharing industry news and different aspects of your respective business, you can effectively cultivate a niche audience that can then be directed to your website.

#61. Publish a Free Ebook

Publishing an ebook is a great method of marketing yourself and your business, largely because you essentially will have other people marketing it for you. Make sure that, while free, your ebook is well written and contains some value. It is this value that will ultimately incentivize people to seek you out and personally use your services.

#62. Monitor your Online Reputation

I mentioned this a bit in regards to Twitter. Online reputation is incredibly important, now more than ever. Because everything is online and easily researched, there are few chances for error.

Ensure you are as close to squeaky clean as possible and that your general online presence is as positive as possible.

#63. Get an Updated Web Design

This is equal parts maintenance as it is a necessity. As a general rule, you want to update and improve your website every 12-18 months, by at least some level.

Those who haven’t had their website updated in a few years or have not gained much traction may be worth looking into a complete design overhaul.

The fact of the matter is, while a design isn’t the most important part of a business, it does set the stage and give the first impression. Since that is the case, it’s generally a good idea to keep it as fresh and new as possible.

#64. Look into Conferences

No matter what field you are in, odds are some conference or event in your town. Find these events and make a point of using them as viable methods of networking.

#65. Nurture Client Relationships

Whenever there is a choice between catering to an existing customer or trying to appease a new customer, it is vitally important that you choose the former and not the latter.

Make no mistake. The reason you’re reading this article is to get as many new customers as you can. Gaining new clients and customers is vitally important to expanding and growing your business.

However, this cannot be done at the expense of your existing clientele. So often today, businesses try to acquire a new audience at the expense of their old one. This is the wrong attitude.

You should always prioritize the well-being of your existing clients and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Not only does this keep them happy and loyal, but it actually will give new clients a level to strive for to get that same level of loyalty and devotion.

#66. Master the Basics

One of the most fundamental rules of running your business is opening with your company’s name before referencing your name. Similarly, it is always your company’s name and logo as the signature when sending an email. You must understand the fundamental basics of business etiquette and implement them at all times.

How well you implement them will have a direct correlation to your brand and its reputation.

#67. Be Controversial

Now, you shouldn’t mistake this as a flip on the last method. When I say “controversial,” what I mean is “noteworthy.” Find a hot topic that people are interested in and find a way to (artfully) connect that to your business.

The topic will grab their attention while the subject will gain their interest.

#68. Feel free to Name-Drop

When writing a blog or posting a tweet, consider dropping a name as a way to get their attention. Similarly, hyperlinking to their site on your blog or online magazine is a great way of forming a connection between the two of you.

Not only does this marketing method potentially result in them offering you to “name-drop” you as well, but it also raises your visibility and credibility simply by perceived connection.

#69. Create a funny 404 Page

Just so you understand what I mean, a 404 Page is essentially a page that appears whenever a link is broken or the page itself cannot be found.

By turning this normally annoying screen into something a bit more fun and funny, you increase engagement and interest in your site.

Creating a 404 Page is fairly simple and can be researched quite easily.

#70. Contact Local Universities

Local colleges and universities are an excellent place to build and develop relationships at the local level while increasing your business’s reach.

Offer yourself as a free speaker and do a seminar on a subject relevant to your company. Not only will this offer you additional prospects, but you will be able to network while also gain an additional level of credibility.

#71. Start a Podcast

Now, more than ever before, podcasts have become incredibly popular. Not only that, but they are incredibly inexpensive to start and very easy to maintain.

Creating a podcast is an excellent way to engage your audience while naturally and organically accruing new followers and potential customers.

#72. Offer Free Tools

Take a look at what extra tools you can offer your clients. Are there any free tools you have that can help your customer’s sites if you are an SEO firm? If you’re a Freelance Writing Business, do you have time to copyedit an article they want to put out?

Offering a free tool or service is a great way to endear yourself to the client and keep them, loyal customers.

#73. Get involved with a Charity

Helping a local charity raise funds is a great way to get your company’s name out there and attract attentionβ€”a word of warning. If you plan to help a charity, it is paradoxically important that you keep your company’s name out of it as much as possible. By making a big show out of your good nature, you may give people the impression you aren’t doing this for the right reasons, actually reducing your reach.

If you help a charity, do so primarily to benefit the people involved with extending your reach as an afterthought. This will net you more clients as a result.

#74. Join your local Chamber of Commerce

Like many of the earlier methods mentioned here, the Chamber of Commerce is a great place to meet additional prospects and network with local business owners.

#75. Create a Calendar

Creating and designing a personalized calendar based on your company is an effective way to constantly remind a customer of your business’s existence.

You can either send these out to loyal customers and clients or sell them for additional revenue.

#76. Make Use of your Business Cards

This goes beyond simply utilizing business cards, as mentioned earlier. Instead, by adding a slogan or different details to your business card, you can make it stand out from your competitor’s while keeping it firmly in your prospect’s mind.

#77. Host a Monthly Webinar

Web-based seminars are increasingly growing in popularity and are an excellent method of connecting with potential clients. Use these webinars to display your expertise while including an option for your services at the end to convert them into paid customers.

#78. Offer Different Package Deals

A great way to sell different products and make people aware of your inventory is by selling multiple items together as a discounted package deal. This is often seen by those selling products but can also be done by those offering a service.

#79. Consider Using Paid Search

If your website is new and you haven’t yet fully implemented SEOs, utilizing paid search marketing may be worth looking into as a start. While a more expensive route, this can help ensure your SEO campaign is running smoothly as it allows you to track relevant keywords.

#80. Utilize Community Boards

There are numerous community boards you can advertise at local libraries, coffee shops, health food stores, and many other places all-around your physical area.

Putting a flier up is a cheap yet effective way of getting your name out there in the public space.

#81. Send Exclusive Deals to your Customers

If you’ve managed to get your customers on a saved email list, don’t be afraid to use it. By offering them exclusive deals that are not advertised anywhere else, you can make being a committed customer fun, exciting, and rewarding.

#82. Use Friends and Family

This won’t work in every scenario or situation, but making use of friends and family is a great way to push your content out there for potentially no money at all.

If you are friends with people in certain professions, don’t be afraid to use them as aids in that area.

No matter how successful you are, make sure to send them a “Thank You” note as a sign of appreciation.

#83. Be Unique

Look thoroughly into your target area as well as your competition. What are they all doing? Once you know that, determine if you can do anything else to make your company stand out. What skills or traits are personal to you? Can you implement them in helping make your company unique in the space?

#84. Sponsor a Local School Sports Team

A great way to get your name out there is to sponsor a local school sports team. This is similar to the earlier methods surrounding sponsoring competitions and award ceremonies.

By sponsoring a school sports team, you raise your profile in that community at a fairly affordable rate. The amount of advertisement you want can vary, with some even having their company’s names on the equipment and outfits.

If you are interested, make sure to contact the school’s principal to know where to get involved.

#85. Giving Things Away

Unlike the strategy of a giveaway or offering freebies, this method involves creating a slight form of competition between prospective clients and customers.

Depending on your product or service, you can offer a lucky winner (however you decide is your choice) either a free item or order. This incentivizes people to visit your site more often than they normally would have.

#86. Create High-Quality Business Cards

Earlier, we talked about the importance of utilizing business cards. By utilizing this marketing method, you take that one step further by ensuring that the business card stands out and is immediately recognizable.

This can mean having a memorable design, a logo that stands out, an incredibly high-quality paper and print, or all of the above. The more memorable your card is, the more memorable your company will be.

#87. Become a Walking Advert

A super inexpensive method of marketing yourself. Creating a printed t-shirt with the company’s logo is perfect for a few reasons. Not only are you advertising your company and platform to everyone who sees you, but if the shirt is of nice enough quality, you can sell it to others for a profit.

All companies should have at least one form of purchasable advertisement (shirts, hats, mugs, etc.) available to customers to expand their visibility.

#88. Buy Marketing Lists

There is a lot of controversy surrounding marketing and call lists. Still, the fact of the matter is that they are, more often than not, great options for finding pre-qualified clients and customers. Just be respectful and personable when contacting as many of these people may have been approached by numerous other companies in the past.

#89. Advertise on Multiple Online Newsletters

If you know a few other online magazines or newsletters, advertising your content and material on their platforms is an excellent way to grow your brand as well as your brand’s reach.

#90. Setup a Meetup

A great way to network with new people is to create an event. By doing this, not only can you find yourself in contact with a prospective client, if you are willing to openly sponsor it, individuals that you may not have had a chance to connect with may be willing to work with you at a later time.

#91. Use Video Interviews and Testimonials

If you remember #10, you will recall the importance of using testimonials for your site. Well, video testimonials take this to a whole new level.

Using video testimonials and written ones further tear down any sense of anxiety or doubt a person may have over a product or service’s quality.

Using a video interview or testimonial, you are putting a face to the words and further emphasizing that what you have to offer is real and worth getting or using.

#92. Make a Twitter List

Especially as Twitter becomes even more prominent as a form of social media, using Twitter lists can greatly attract the attention of high-profile members. This is important as it can ultimately result in them reciprocating the favor and listing you as well, opening you up entirely to their followers and giving you considerably more visibility.

As mentioned earlier, Twitter is a double-edged sword and should be handled with care to ensure you stay on its good side when used.

#93. Use Online Portfolios

If you are potentially skilled in visual designs, having your work listed on online portfolio sites is a great way to expand your visibility and reach. Sites like Carbonmade and Behance can greatly improve the number of people aware of you and your company’s brand.

#94. Publish Online Material

In 2021, it is easier than ever to get yourself published online. From various blogs to online magazines, there are many avenues and opportunities to present yourself to the masses, often for free.

The more publications you are shown on, the higher the visibility for you and your company.

#95. Follow up with Leads

Always remember to follow up with any freshly developed leads and people you’ve met. By creating and cultivating relationships with these people, you keep yourself and your company on their minds.

This ever-present relationship can often result in the unlikely sale of your product.

#96. Build a Strong Brand

One thing that you should constantly consider is just how strong your brand is on the whole. Does it stand out compared to your competitors? Does it make an impression when people see it? Is it recognizable?

Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions and be willing to make even tougher decisions. Your brand is what all your prospects will know you by. You want it to be as bold and striking as possible.

#97. Pay it Forward

Also known as “giving free advice” or “doing more than what’s required,” paying it forward makes a point of freely offering your time and expertise. Doing this freely upfront may often lead to later dividends by the very person you freely gave your time to.

People respond to selflessness over selfishness any day of the week and will remember your kind actions very favorably in the future.

#98. Listen to Your Customers

If you remember, in method #8, I mentioned the importance of communicating with your customers. And while that is incredibly effective all on its own, what takes it to the next level is listening to them as well.

While you should never fundamentally alter your company’s core beliefs based on any individual piece of feedback, take what your customers have to say (both the good and the bad) to heart. By listening to them, you can gain valuable insight into gaining more work and ultimately improving your business.

#99. Create a Survey

One thing everyone loves, whether they admit it or not, is a survey. They allow a person’s views and interests to be heard and acknowledged when, ordinarily, they may not be.

Implementing an online survey for customers can greatly help discover vital data that otherwise may have been missed. Not only can they provide feedback for your platform to improve, but surveys can also help you determine what area you should invest time in to further grow and expand.

#100. Sell Yourself

This is arguably one of the most important methods of marketing on the list. You can argue that it is THE most important marketing method.

For any of these marketing methods to be truly effective, you have to 100% believe in yourself and what you have to offer. If you doubt that your product is worth the work, you will either fail to apply any of these methods truly effectively or just not apply them at all.

To sell yourself to prospective clients, you must sell yourself to yourself first! Know that your company is the best company that offers the best product or service. Once you truly know and believe that, every one of these 99 other marketing methods will be easily applicable and have incredible results.

Remember this phrase and don’t be afraid to commit it to memory:

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