Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Outer Banks

Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Outer Banks

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Some people state that the entire Outer Banks is one substantial beach, which would be partly appropriate. These obstacle islands run for about 175 miles. The bulk of them are in North Carolina, and all of them are practically totally composed of sand. Plan to stay for at least a couple of days to enjoy the coastlines and tourist attractions of the Outer Banks. Digital Nomads in Outer Banks is a perfect weekend break vacation or week-long getaway. Rental houses, beachfront campgrounds, beachfront resorts, hotels, and bed and breakfasts are extensively available.

Assuming all the coastlines coincide would undoubtedly be a terrible error. Each coastline has its very own appearance, feel, and ambiance. Some coastlines are packed with summer merrymakers playing in the water. Others have impressive shore breaks excellent for browsing, and some have piers and fish tanks. And also, a few of the more remote ones have wild steeds strolling about.

Locating your ideal beach will undoubtedly rely on what you like doing. If you desire a vibrant summertime scene, head to Nags Head or Feline Hawk. Want to do some great shelling? Jump a ferry to Ocracoke beach. Searching for a beautiful, enjoyable family member beach? Stroll down the street from your rental residence to the beach at Avon.

Outer Banks beach located in Salvo North Carolina

Top 10 Best Beaches in Outer Banks

1. Rodanthe

Basically, the city of Rodanthe ruptured right into the media spotlight in 2008. When the flick starring Richard Gere and also Diane Lane, Nights in Rodanthe, was launched. Ever since the house where the film was filmed was practically shed to storm damage. However, it has been moved further inland and currently runs as a vacation leasing. Today the community has carried on from the limelight as well as runs as a bustling summer season.

Firstly the beaches here extend undisturbed and are relatively silent areas to absorb the sun and surf. You will not find a vibrant scene below. However, you will undoubtedly locate households enjoying the very best of what the Outer Banks has to provide. This area is eventually the most effective location to camp in the Outer Banks if you are a recreational vehicle.

2. Ocracoke Island

As a matter of fact, among the more one-of-a-kind areas to hit the beach is Ocracoke Island. It takes a little bit of work to get below. 2 paths are available: a long drive down the entire Outer Banks, after that, a ferry ride from Hatteras in the north, or a twisty course from Moorehead City to Cedar Island in the south.

However, the financial investment in time and also effort is worth it because when you obtain here, you’ll leave the rest of the busy world behind. The island, part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, has a 16-mile stretch of beach with definitely no advancement on it other than a couple of national forest camping areas. It’s a superb location to walk, run, swim, and surf. Maintain a keen eye out when you are walking along below– the coastline is one of the very best in the Outer Financial institutions for shelling.

A sand dune on Ocracoke Island on a beautiful day

3. Portsmouth Island

Although if Ocracoke Island also sounds busy for you, the beaches of Portsmouth Island might exercise just great. Going for 22 miles, this obstacle island is hardly ever greater than one mile throughout and is also entirely unoccupied.

The entire island is one big campground. Choose an area back in the dunes, set up, and resolve. If you’d like such a roofing system over your head, the National forest Solution has a couple of beach boxes and round houses for a rental fee. Bring some insect repellent; the insects, as well as biting flies are epic!

4. Sandbridge Coastline

Lots of people assume that the Outer Financial institutions are completely in North Carolina; nevertheless, Virginia does have a part in the extreme north end. Furthermore, Sandbridge Coastline is substantially closer to Virginia Coastline, only a 40-minute drive, making it a prominent weekend destination.

This laid-back, relatively silent, six-mile stretch of coastline is uncrowded and loosened up. Indeed, it’s a terrific spot to invest a weekend or longer in among the many vacation homes for lease. Sandbridge Beach receives a constant set of waves that are best for newbie surfers to learn. A little pier prolongs out into the sea at the coastline’s southern end and is a great spot to attempt your good luck angling.

Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach

5. Cape Point Beach

For a bit of history blended in with your coastline-going experience, head down to Cape Factor Coastline in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. This roughly triangular factor of coastline prolongs southwards, which permits waves on one side as well as tranquil waters on the other. Depending on the winds, tides, and also current tornados, sometimes sand spit forms offshore, and also the shallows in between function as superficial, warm, tranquil waters ideal for wading.

If you are up for a little journey, get a beach driving authorization and take your 4WD lorry out onto the sand, park and take out all your water toys, BBQ, umbrella, as well as beach chairs. It makes a day at the beach a breeze.

6. Carova

Located at the northern end of the Outer Banks, Carova Coastline is similar in nature to many of the various other beaches, with soft sand, attractive views, as well as wonderful swimming. Where it diverges from the lot more popular coastlines relates to its year-round permanent occupants: Corolla wild steeds.

The family tree of North Carolina’s official state steed stretches back to 1500 when they were launched from a sinking ship. Throughout the years, the herd grew due to the prepared schedule of food and also water, and also they expanded backward and forward the Outer Financial institutions.

7. Waves

Simply south of Rodanthe is the town with a fitting name for a beach destination: Waves. The community has a nice beach that stretches for miles and also is comparable in nature to Rodanthe; it’s an area where households concerned invest their summertime vacations. Waves have a great variety of places to stay, decent restaurants, and also a few points to do for children.

Waves have a little split personality. On the Atlantic side, it’s your typical beach location, however, on the Pamlico Audio side, it is among the leading places in the Outer Financial institutions to go kiteboarding. If it’s gusty, stroll over to Actual Watersports.

Get hold of a spot on the upstairs outdoor patio, as well as look into the kiteboarders competing across the water of Pamlico Sound. The beach at Avon is a low-key affair and flies below most people’s radar. Wide, long, and uncrowded, this beach is primarily the domain of families renting one of the numerous beach houses. Set up close to the water or back farther to the dunes if the wind is blowing. At night, come back down to the beach and collect driftwood for a cheery beach fire.

water surface with foaming waves

8. Kitty Hawk Coastline

If you are pertaining to the Outer Financial institutions from the north, the coastline at Cat Hawk will certainly be the initial one you come to after you go across Currituck Noise. At first, if you simply intend to get into the water and outlined your equipment on the audio quit below and also go no farther. Access to the coastline is through one of 12 boardwalks up as well as over the sand dunes. Each accessibility factor has parking; nevertheless, only 266 spaces overall are offered for the entire coastline, so go early to safeguard a place.

The coastline is vast and at the same time long and also has an enjoyable summer season vibe, with lots of visitors enjoying playing Frisbee, tossing footballs, or boogie boarding in the browse. Back from the beach is the town of Kitty Hawk, a lively place filled with restaurants, hotels, surf shops, mini golf (putt putt) training courses, as well as a food store.

9. Nags Head

The name Prods Head, allegedly pertaining to pirate tasks, may not inspire much of a pleasurable mental picture; however, it cast those worries apart. People have been concerning this coastline considering that the mid-1850s.

The coastline goes for 12 miles, so it’s simple to discover your best patch of sand as well as set up your gear. Reaching the coastline is easy, with over 30 accessibility factors. If you have kids or aren’t a solid swimmer, you remain in good luck– lifeguards are on duty in specific areas. Among the fantastic benefits of Nags Head is that it’s the very first beach you come to after you make the long drive across Roanoke Noise. No requirement to drive any kind farther north or south along the in some cases clogged Highway 12.

10. Portsmouth Island

If Ocracoke Island sounds also busy for you, the beaches of Portsmouth Island might exercise just great. Going for 22 miles, this obstacle island is hardly ever greater than one mile throughout and is also entirely unoccupied.

The entire island is one giant campground. Just choose an area back in the dunes, set up, and resolve in. If you’d such a roofing system over your head, the National forest Solution has a couple of beach boxes as well as round houses for a rental fee. Bring some insect repellent; the insects as well as biting flies are epic!

Gerrish Island aerial view from Portsmouth Harbor


  • 🌟 Total score 86% 86%
  • 🛍️ Quality of life score 87 Good% 87 Good%
  • 👪 Family Friendly Score Good% Good%
  • 💰 Cost of Living 😳 Affordable $2,000 / mo% 😳 Affordable $2,000 / mo%
  • 🖥️ Internet 😃Fast: 25 Mbps (avg)% 😃Fast: 25 Mbps (avg)%
  • 🌴Adventure 90% 90%
  • Temperature 24°C°F% 24°C°F%
🗺️ Island Outer Banks 🏳️‍🌈 Country United State
✈️ Average trip length 📅 4 days 🖥️ Internet speed (avg) 🚀25 Mbps
☀️ Weather (now)
☀️ 24°C°F
💨 Air quality (now)
🌱 Great: 23 US AQI
🔋 Power 115V60Hz 🚖 Best taxi app* Uber

Weather in Outer Banks

Although referred to as a “summertime” destination, the temperate Outer Banks weather condition makes it a satisfying location year-round. A mix of intense warm days solidified by the mild sea breeze, the weather conditions in the Outer Banks can not be defeated! External Financial institutions, NC appreciates around 200 warm days yearly, with a year-round average hovering around 70 °. The wind is a daily occurrence on the Outer Banks and can vary from mild southwest winds to strong northeast storm winds.

Seasonal Weather Condition On The Outer Banks

Summer Season

External Financial institutions’ weather condition in the summer season implies average lows from the mid ’70s to highs near 90, relying on the summertime moment. Accordingly, ordinary temperatures on the Outer Banks reach 85 °; however, even on the best of summertime days, you can anticipate a small to moderate sea breeze. In summer, the wind blows out of the southwest and tends to pick up speed in the late afternoon.


Winter season weather in the Outer Banks brings great temperature levels, though the wind can make it feel more relaxed. Obviously, winter daytime temperatures balance in the lower 50’s, with evenings balancing in the upper 30’s.


Springtime is commonly a mild season; nonetheless, temperature levels in the springtime can be very uncertain. After all ordinary daytime temperatures are generally in the upper 60s and lower 70s.

Best time to visit  Outer Banks

The best time to see Outer Banks is April-May based on all the vital things any kind of visitor needs to know about checking out Outer Banks such as the expense of travel, climate, height traveling seasons as well as much more, April-May is the best season to go.
During the warmer months, temperatures in Outer Financial institutions can rise to an optimum of 29 ℃ (85 ℉). In the cooler months such as January, temperatures usually come down to an average minimum of 5 ℃ (40 ℉).

The sun stays up the lengthiest in Outer Financial institutions in July, so you’ll obtain the most out of your daytime tasks if you see it around this time. The wet period in Outer Banks typically falls during the months bordering August each year. It’s not unusual to get some decent rainfall or light showers during this time, however, on some days, the weather tends to be great for the bulk of the day, with only a few decreases of rainfall falling from a passing shower.

Pros and Cons of living Outer Banks


1. Beaches – Obviously, individuals end up being full-time homeowners of the Outer Financial institutions since they want 365-day accessibility to the beaches and also the ocean. The Banks have more than 100 miles of the coast. If you possess a truck that can drive on the sand you can have access to very exclusive beaching areas. Locals of the Outer Financial institutions have full-time access to any kind of water task they desire to partake in.

2. Fishing – The Outer Financial institutions are in a suitable geographical location for angling, with the cozy Gulf Stream passing simply 15 miles from shore, as well as the continental shelf as well as associated canyons being around 30 miles away. The Financial institution’s area is home to both industrial and sport angling. Folks not just fish offshore in watercraft, but also fish from the shoreline browse, from piers, as well as from bridges.

3. Climate – The Gulf Stream water remains at a moderately steady temperature from 60-80 degrees throughout the year. This assists to maintain temperatures in the Outer Banks moderately; elevating temps a few levels in the winter months and cooling a few levels in the summer season. The Outer Banks area experiences all four seasons. Winter month’s lows dip to the upper 30s and summer highs are in the upper 80s.

4. Excellent Area (2-Year) University – The Outer Banks area is the residence of the Dare University of the Albemarle. This university has actually been placed as the # 2 community university in the nation as well as is recognized for its excellent nursing program.


1. High Expense of Living/Housing – Being a coastline hotel community, it should be not a surprise that the expense of living in the Outer Banks is 9% greater than the United States average, driven primarily by the reality that housing costs are 40% above standard ($ 325K Banks versus $231K US).

2. Shortage of Year-Round Employment – The entire economic climate of the Outer Banks revolves around beach tourists which drops during the winter months. There are no manufacturing facilities, manufacturing, or industrial jobs directly on the islands.

3. Typhoon Threats – The typical altitude of the Outer Banks is 3 feet. A Group 1 storm can produce 5 feet of storm rise, while a Classification 5 can create nearly 20 feet. In 2011, Cyclone Irene made landfall at the extremely southerly idea of the Outer Banks as a Category 1 storm as well as triggered $53 million in damage just in Dare Area.

4. Climate Modification Dangers – The average altitude of the Outer Banks is 3 feet. In 2010, scientists produced a report warning that the Outer Financial institutions could see over 3 feet of sea-level rise by 2100, hence covering a lot of the Banks with salt water. The political leaders responded by passing a 2012 legislation rejecting the scientific forecasts as well as prohibiting state firms from making plans for addressing the sped-up sea-level surge.

5. Crowded in the Summer – The variety of full-time citizens (eligible to be counted in the census), is just 34K people. With a dimension of 383 square miles, the Outer Banks area appears to have a light density of simply 78 full-time locals per square mile. Nonetheless, this just counts the year-round homeowners.

Cost of living in Outer Banks

The expense of living in the Outer Banks is going to be high when contrasted to landmass areas of Northeastern North Carolina. With that said in mind, the expense of living in the Outer Banks is low when contrasted to major cities.

If you are retiring or able to function from another location, life in the Outer Financial institutions can be comparable if not considerably less costly than life in cities like Richmond, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Raleigh, Philly, New York, or Boston. The largest expense of living in the Outer Financial institutions as anywhere is hosting likely to be a residence. Regular monthly costs for a residence or condominium are most likely to vary significantly.

Residences in the Outer Banks can additionally be cheap when compared to homes in significant cities. Many individuals desire for residing on the oceanfront and for good factor, absolutely nothing, in my viewpoint, can defeat eating a morning meal while enjoying the surf break, however, the reality is the frustrating bulk of Outer Banks full-time citizens survive on the west side of the island.

Two primary factors add to why most full-time locals reside on the west side of the island. The initial is clearly rated. The more you get from the ocean the less expensive land tends to be and residence costs on the islands often tend to readjust appropriately.

Business woman accountant making working audit

Things to do in Outer Banks

1. OBX Lighthouses

The lighthouses that elegance the coasts of the Outer Financial institutions are several of the most iconic and historic lighthouses in the USA. Utilized to assist overview ships via the treacherous as well as unsafe.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse Core Banks South Carolina Waterfront

2. The Wild Equines of the Outer Banks

The wild steeds of the Outer Banks are a fantastic sight and an amazing thing to experience when visiting our area. The Outer Banks is among the minority locations in the United States where wild.

3. The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge

The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge extends 152,000 acres of land, making it one of the state’s largest and most excellent all-natural areas. Developed in 1984, the refuge protects and shields a particular wetland habitat type– the pocosin. Marsh birds, black bears, white-tailed deer, red wolves, and many other animals call the sanctuary home and offer site visitors an incredible possibility to see several of the location’s wildlife and accept the all-natural beauty of the Outer Financial institutions.

4. The Lost Nest Play

Do not miss the Lost Colony play in Manteo, North Carolina, this summer season! The Lost Swarm is the second-longest-running historical outdoor dramatization, as it has been carried out given that 1937.

5. The Elizabethan Gardens

One of the most special places to experience these functions is the Elizabethan Gardens in NC. This tranquil haven gets on Roanoke Island, where English settlers landed over 400 years earlier. These polished yards were created to please Queen Elizabeth of England, therefore its name.

6. Duck Boardwalk

The Duck Boardwalk, referred to as the Soundside Boardwalk, is almost a mile long and is the best area to appreciate all the Outer Banks need to provide. Right beside the Duck Boardwalk, you will undoubtedly locate the 11 acres of all-natural elegance known as Duck Town Park. There is a journey lingering on every edge with routes that run through the marine woodland and willow swamp, open environment-friendly rooms, sound-side views, and accessibility to the boardwalk.

a city lake with floating ducks

7. Fishing in Nags Head NC

Offering audio and also inlet trips that will enable fishermen to fish the mouth of the sea right back to the flats for everything from trout and also drum, to mackerel and stumble, Outer Banks Fishing Charters are constantly a hit. You can either make use of casting lures, live bait rigs, or bottom rigs on these trips that are recognized for stocking up your freezer quickly.

8. Kilmarlic Golf Club

The Kilmarlic Golf Club, just recently called “Top 15 Program in North Carolina” by GolfWeek publication, offers 605 acres of superior playing golf area, regularly kept in event problems. With a training course developed by prize-winning architect Tom Steele, the Kilmarlic Golf Club is not one to be missed. Your membership consists of accessibility to the K Club Van, which provides simple transportation for approximately 10 visitors from the front door of your rental residence to the golf course.

9. External Financial Institutions Shopping

A journey to the coastline wouldn’t be full without enjoying a little shopping! If you’re trying to find the best Outer Financial institutions shopping, we have actually assembled a list of our preferred places for you to take a look at. Whether you want to purchase a keepsake to take home or need new garments and also beach gear for your trip, Outer Banks purchasing has something for every person. It’s an excellent mid-day task to enjoy while you’re vacationing with us at Coastline OBX! Before you begin intending your trip to the area, you will absolutely wish to download our Outer Banks Trip Guide.

10. Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Found near both Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands, the lovely Cape Hatteras National Seashore is among the Outer Bank’s most beautiful sights. The National Seashore extends across 70 miles of shoreline, includes 7 villages on Hatteras Island, and also offers visitors peaceful, scenic beaches, along with several of the prettiest all-natural drives on the East Shore.

Tourists prepares to climb Cape Hatteras Light

Society Carried through Kitchens: Outer Banks Cooking Traditions

Savoyardi berry cake garnished with blackberries

Hatteras clam chowder, fig cake, oyster clothing, terrapin stew, old drum, pone bread– it’s not mumbo jumbo, I swear, yet staples of the briny, buttery culture sprinkled over the Outer Banks. These typical foods were as soon as the sustenance that fueled the people who settled in the islands’ earliest angling towns. Today, we still admire numerous signature dishes as spices for our heritage; they’re given in families through generations, appear in regional dining establishments, or receive a specialized place in holiday feasts.

If we wish to know local food, reject those concepts of pulled-pork barbecue and smudged fish tacos. Typical recipes from when the very first people settled on the Outer Financial institutions are still enjoyed today, yet depending on the length of time you’ve been about– as well as how adventurous your taste is– not all of them are quickly located today.

Claim you’re going to the islands; you might dabble in Hatteras clam chowder or a piece of fig cake. If you live here, you likely understand the mouthwatering marvels of nice potato biscuits and oyster stew. And also, for several natives, birthed and bred, your vacation spread constantly consists of oyster clothing, and you understand the calming taste of chicken in bread.

Why do you need to find housing and office space in Outer Banks

As you navigate through the housing and office search process, it is essential to recognize that many different agencies handle property listings and viewing appointments. In addition to individual properties, most properties are divided into several other sub/branches of an agency. Thus, you need a single platform highlighting all these listings and appointments to find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily.

Main Benefits of Using Anyplace

  • The platform notifies you of nearby listings that may match your needs. The medium of Anyplace provides a convenient method of identifying property listings and viewing appointments. The platform informs you of property and service updates and creates an account that allows you to receive email notifications when new properties are published.
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  • Know about changes that may affect your search. The platform provides an option to sign up for an emailed newsletter that reminds you of any changes to be aware of them and make the most informed decisions possible on your search.

Things to Remember

  1. The platform lists property inventory from multiple agencies. It is important that you know your requirements and interests before you start searching for houses or offices and how much you are willing to spend and what size you are looking for.
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Monthly Rental




We travel to the Outer Banks in the off-season and love it that way. Besides no crowds and you could have lovely long walks on the beach with no one to bother you.

Activities, lifeguarded beach, centrally located, well maintained and up to date, award-winning Front Desk Staff, family (not party) resort. Can walk to B/L/D restaurants. Even the owners are friendly and helpful; you’ll feel a part of the resort even if you are a renter or exchange through II or RCI.

Outer banks is a great area for a winter vacation, with plenty of sightseeing attractions. The condo was very clean and newly painted and decorated with a new carpet. The TV included a streaming service, with thousands of offerings.


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