How to be a Digital Nomad in Berlin, Germany

How to be a Digital Nomad in Berlin, Germany

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Berlin, Germany

Berlin is neither dull nor benign. Today Berlin is bereft of vanity. Instead, it’s a story of a city constructed atop wars, one that was damaged just to be restored once again.

Where East satisfies West, a sneaking eastern aura of Soviet fond memories laces with the attractive guarantees of poetic license and capitalist business of western artifice. The Wall and its fall sustained a nascent sense that anything goes as long as it goes. Much so that nowadays many individuals come for the celebration, then remain for the sociability and low-cost consumes.

Berlin stands out at hanging out, stick-out-your-tongue, and having a long chin wag and milchkaffee at a coffee shop, later on, mixed drinks at the very same stated coffee shop, then move down the street for more beverages, more beverages, up until you’re conveniently buzzed for the club. Then, somewhere between nightlife routines and coffee shop time, Berlin goes to work. Berlin as a whole might not be the most beautiful or the most refined; however, it is a location where you can live a thousand lifetimes as soon.

Operate in Berlin

Berlin Cityscape With Berlin Cathedral And Television Tower, Ger

Berlin’s work/life balance is mirrored in the ratio of glossy silver Mac and the blackest of coffees. The offices in Berlin show this in the most severe, however startups kind of ambiance. Berlin ranks 10th for European cities with more than a million occupants with an average of 23 Mbps.

Finest Places to Operate In Berlin

  • Roamers
  • Kaffee 9
  • Holy Coffee
  • Mitosis
  • Enklave
  • Spott Box

Here are some coffee shops and work areas to get you through the workday:


Get an area of brunch lunch or lunch breakfast, or a healthy-ish treat, perhaps a little bloody mary if it’s that sort of day and be ready for some individuals to enjoy and looking. Great for company conferences and simply lazy workdays when you might utilize some motivation. The service can be a little on the sluggish side.

Kaffee 9

Connected to the food hall, Markthalle 9, Kaffee 9 has everything: its roastery, white wines, mixed drinks, cakes, and adequate seating on high tables and high stools. The location tends to get complete quickly, and voices bring it here, loudly sometimes. Another fantastic location for satisfying a customer or simply treating yourself to a strong espresso or negroni.

Holy Coffee

This Neukölln pleasure right on Sonnenallee is relaxing, however, curated. A light and airy environment paired with a terrific artisanal in your area roasted beans, an incredible coffee maker to make outstanding beverages, and a killer soundtrack makes this location an automated need for anybody with a coffee desire. Work.

Berlin stretches for miles and miles– the east-west divide is genuine. Depending on your choices, you can get worn-out or elegant, or high-tech and shiny. Here are some choices to check out that cover the finest centers of Berlin.


There’s a mitosis factory, occasion area, conference area, conference spaces, quiet anand an excellent kitchen with a strong coffee maker. It’s surrounded by bars and art galleries, and stylish stores.


Traveling through the city or desiring a little break from the house, Enklave uses a hot desk for 8 euros a day and a month-to-month area for 100 euro a month (flex deck). Enklave is global and cozy, with three sound levels to match your work design. It’s on the smaller-sized side with a max of 50 individuals; however, there’s complimentary beer and an outside balcony.

Spott Box

Spott Box in Wedding event manages charming and artistic with an exhibition room and picture studio. The thrust here is imagination. Ahoy Berlin, amusing name and nautical styles aside, Ahoy lies in Mitte and is abundant with 24/7 gain access; you’ll have lots of areas to wander here.

Finest Places to Reside In Berlin

  • Kreuzberg
  • Wrangelkiez
  • Prenzlauer Berg
  • Friedrichshain
  • Wedding event
  • Finest Areas

Berlin, Germany - May 18, 2019: Berlin TV Tower at Alexander Pla

Any discussion about Berlin areas would be remiss without going over the East and the West. Fact is informed, the East is where many of the occurring areas are in Berlin.

The West is marvelous in its quiet, well-manicured apartment or condos that contrast with the raw and edgy feel that still lives in the East. West Berlin has the Zoo and Schloss Charlottenburg and the bombed-out shell of the memorial church and the Success Column.


Kreuzberg straddles west Berlin at the Mitte border and goes deep East into Kotti or Kottbusser Tor area following the blue and orange line or seven and the 5. Kotti cuts into primal east Berlin vibes.


The Wrangelkiez specifically, in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg location, holds an artistic, anti-conformist feel filled with graffiti-clad structures, numerous of them by the Italian artist Blu. Bounded by the Landwehrkanal, Gorlitzer Park, and Skalizer Strasse, you’ll discover loads of hip dining establishments, coffee shops, stores, and bars– essentially all you require with a bit of taste.

Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg, Wilhelmine structures– blocks of apartment or condos that form a ring around an inner yard generally consisting of 5 stories, a rear structure, and side wings– are distinct qualities of this historic community situated in the southern district of Pankow. House to numerous galleries and a lively arts scene, bars, and dining establishments, and the kind of dining establishments and pastry shops with avocado toast and designer donuts.


Friedrichshain: Like whatever in the East, this location of Berlin links to Kreuzberg by means of the fortress-y Oberbaum bridge, Friedrichshain has gentrified its more anarchist punk methods. Simon-Dach-Strasse is a hip street with all the bars and shops. The East Side Gallery.


Wedding – A little gem of a location. All this makes for a fantastic sanctuary for artists and trainees, as well as the accompanying club and coffee shop culture. The Berlin Modernism, Real estate Estates are one of the primary focal points, a Bauhaus building, and now a UNESCO world heritage website.

Culture and Food in Berlin

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) on Museum island and Spree river at sunset, Germany

German food culture positions itself around a trio of hearty thrills, particularly of the bread and potato range, stacks of saucy meats in lots of kinds accompanied by lagers, and ales, with some craft-brewed things tossed in for an excellent procedure. For carbohydrates, pretzels or Brezeln are extremely snackable, and you’ll discover pretzel stands throughout the city. Erdinger, Augustiner, Warstein, Berliner Kindl Weisse are all popular Späti beers discovered in Berlin.

If you do Berlin, you need to do doner, no handing down this Berliner specialized (superb vegan and vegetarian choices are likewise not to miss out on in this classification). There’s something about the meaty satisfies spicy, freshness topped with garlicky greens and veg that does it. You do not even need to be hungover to take pleasure in the grilled goodness that is the doner.

Tubular meat fulfills mustard in an enjoyable and suitable gastronomical method. Wurst is extremely much a Berlin cooking occasion, and in specific, the currywurst sits high up on the wurst pole. Get it with a side of french fries if you’re feeling cool.

Aside from a big Turkish population stemming from the visitor employee program in the 1960s, Berlin is likewise housed in a dynamic Vietnamese neighborhood, numerous of whom showed up in West Berlin on boats getting away from the atrocities of the Vietnam war between 1975 and 1986. In East Berlin, numerous Vietnamese agreement employees decided to remain when the Wall fell.

Believe takoyaki, handcrafted while-you-watch pasta meals swimming in buttery parm, melt-in-your-mouth ceviche, vegan donuts, and Korea fulfills tacos. Bone Berlin stands out as fresh, straightforward, natural German satisfies middle East and Asia combination type plates daily. There’s likewise Heidenpeters, a brewery where you can drink Berlin’s finest choice of craft pale ales and seasonal tastes.

Berlin Nightlife

Ladies and gentlemen, we are drifting in space.

Berlin is associated with many things; however, the nightlife is the center of its glossy, tense little heart– its pride and euphoria in this phoenix of a city. Things tend to bump in the night here.

It consists of Berghain appropriate downstairs and Panorama Disallow up. There’s even an ice cream store if you understand where to go. Makes evil spirits out of saints and all those kinds of naughty night images.

Besides the temple of techno, there’s plenty more clubbing to be had in Berlin. Here are a couple of:

Watergate is set down along the Spree, and its glass wall enables an incredible view while dancing the night away, particularly when the sun turns up. Rather than a contrast from the dark feel of clubs in Berlin, a few of the greatest names in djing have played here.

Another power plant club. Ohm is intimate compared to its next-door neighbor Tresor, and the music tends to be more speculative.

Club der Visionäre. Great for summertime vibes. More of a bar than a club with its yummy pizzeria.

Golden Gate lies beneath an S-Bahn station and is creaky, a type of unclean, and normally overflowing with many individuals; however, the celebrations are banging.

Hoppetosse. A club on a boat. Sibling to CDV.

Berlin’s nightlife broadens beyond rave and raucous. Berlin nightlife welcomes a devil might care mindset. If techno’s not your thing, you can disallow crawl the night away.

Or go to Santa Maria for exceptional tequila-drenched mixed drinks, half off at delighted hour(s). Klunkerkranich is a roof bar situated atop a parking lot in Neukölln.

Finest Time to Go To Berlin

Berlin was constructed atop marshy forests and is part of the European Plain, a mass of land from the Pyrenees to the Ural Mountains that is primarily flat and contributes to the seasonal temperate environment. Berlin is surrounded by water, consisting of the river Spree, which winds down into the River Havel, a tributary of the River Elbe. Since the rivers, many lakes have formed around Berlin and its surrounding location.

There are around 9 to 11 rainy days each month. July is the wettest month which is likewise coincidentally the most popular month. April marks the start of clear and less cloudy days, which lasts for around six months.

Residing in Berlin

Berlin Transport

Berlin’s transport map is a thing of charm, soaked in German order and resourcefulness. Zone A covers Berlin correct, ie, Mitte, Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain. The other zones get into more up-and-coming suburban/industrial locations where the leas are more affordable, and the secret raves stay a trick.

The double-deckers are primarily a west Berlin thing. You have got the S-Bahn, and the U-bahn (above-the-ground fast train and underground city respectively), which will get you practically all over you require. The S-bahn kinds the well-known ring around Berlin and likewise cuts through.

Physical fitness and Health

Berlin is thick with foliage and planted in trees and numerous parks. The majority of these parks provide lots of running courses and other athletic guarantees if you enjoy outdoorsy sports. It’s best for pandemic exercises.

Berlin’s physical fitness patterns typically fall somewhat behind the States and have more of an earthy crispy ambiance. Crossfit lovers will discover plenty of locations to AMRAP and EMOM. One subscription provides access to associated health clubs, medical spas, yoga, and other physical fitness clubs.

Finest locations to work as a Digital Nomad in Berlin

Working areas. Essential for digital wanderers. Thankfully, there are many freelancers and remote employees in Berlin, so there are likewise many alternatives to work from.

Coworking Areas in Berlin

Business professionals at work. Multicultural team, group of young cheerful business people analyzing data, looking at laptop screen while working together in the office

According to the Coworking Guide, there are at least 70 coworking areas in Berlin! Hallelujah!

I’m pretty sure there is the right place for everybody here. So to offer you a few of the classics and my favorites:


I like this location! Here you can discover all you require: conference spaces, flex desks, comfortable chill-out locations, kitchen areas, lockers, swings, a coffee bar, and so much more. Rates begin from EUR 150 a month and EUR 15 a day.


I have been working from Sony Center/Potsdamer Platz and liked it. You will discover conference spaces, phone cubicles, and complimentary coffee, tea, and water in the kitchen area. Costs begin from EUR 200 per month.


When a week you come together for breakfast to satisfy and link. You can get a complimentary day pass for trial, and month-to-month subscriptions begin from EUR 99.

St Oberholz

There are three areas of St Oberholz in Berlin by now. First, you get all common coworking facilities, such as personal workplaces, group spaces, conference spaces, telephone cubicles, and cooking areas. You can likewise work from the café downstairs without a subscription.

Coworking Coffee Shops in Berlin

Business Man Having Virtual Team Meeting On Video Conference Cal

If you do not seem like working from a coworking area, you can likewise discover a great café to work from in Berlin. Look at a comprehensive list with the very best locations at Workfrom. My personal favorites are:

The Digital Restaurant

The Digital Restaurant is situated on the ground flooring of Microsoft Berlin. For this reason, numerous visitors come to this location. There are free workshops, WIFI, electrical outlets, and technical assistance, and you get to evaluate the most recent tech things, e.g., HoloLens.


Another laptop-friendly location in Berlin is Aprilkind, situated in Friedrichshain. Again, you secure free WIFI, a relaxing environment, a tasty breakfast and numerous other food alternatives, great coffee, and affordable rates—a terrific location to get a couple of hours of work done.

Hallesches Haus

A timeless among digital wanderers in Berlin. You can quite sit, work, and consume here all day.

Michelberger Hotel

The ground flooring café is vast, so there are plenty of areas for you to get your laptop computer and get your work done. In addition, you can get treats, and in the summertime, you can take pleasure in working in the beautiful yard.

Finest locations to consume in Berlin

Given that Berlin is so worldwide, you will discover practically any food from all over the world here (and so numerous vegan choices– it’s vegan paradise!) That indicates there are countless food choices in Berlin, and I can impossibly provide you with a correct insight. That’s why I’m just noting the must-do classics in Berlin:

Markthalle Neun: An incredibly popular market hall with various food suppliers and stores in Kreuzberg. Get tasty food, and fantastic white wine, and delight in rare neighborhood occasions.

Thaipark: Fancy some Asian food? The food you can get in the popular Thaipark might be the most authentic Thai food you can get in Germany. It lies in Wilmersdorf and opens throughout the summer season, so you can get your preferred Thai street food and consume it while cooling in the sun.

Berlin without Döner is not total. You can get them at every corner; Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap in Kreuzberg is most likely the most popular one with individuals lining up here day and night.

Curry 36: Another timeless in Berlin: Currywurst. Once again, you can get them from anywhere; however, among the most popular locations is Curry 36. They have four places all over Berlin and even provide a vegan Currywurst!

The expense of Living Berlin.

Lots of digital wanderers between 20 and 40 come to Berlin for the artist’s vibes and living requirements. While the expense of living in Berlin has gradually increased, it still stays a competitive location to live in Europe. A month-to-month transportation ticket is 74 euros; however, you can likewise get around the city quickly by bike or choose automobile-sharing services or Uber.

This comes to around 18 euros a month. Weekly groceries differ from 200 euros upwards a month. Turkish markets are likewise excellent for low-cost and fresh fruit and vegetables.


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