Sneak Peak: Skype for Business Essentials

Sneak Peak: Skype for Business Essentials

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Skype for business Essentials

How can I use Skype for my business?

Now chip as we’ve been going through our PT 55, I’ve noticed that by my picture there’s a little green line.

What is it was that mean that’s a good question and you’ll notice that on yours you have a little green line next to your picture? If I’m looking at you in my office 365 in this case I’ve got an email that’s actually a calendar meeting acceptance from you if I were to go into my contacts my people and are looking for you.

You see I see the same green line there so this is called the link presence indicator or the skypE for business presence indicator and this is kind the simplest thing that skypes for business does it’s just a way of telling your colleagues whether or not you’re available right now skype for business formerly known as Microsoft Lync is the real-time communication centre inside office 365 while it’s also available separately in this course we’re going to assume you are using Skype for Business as part of your office 365 subscription.

Skype for Business can be used for:

Internal & External Communication
Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing up to 250 people
Broadcast Meetings up to 10,000 people
New Cloud PBX features can let Skype for Business function as your phone system.

Office 365 Business Premium Features

What’s happening today and I can come up here and type in a message like I’m filming an office 365 course this is called your personal note and this will show up in certain places so if someone looks you up on skype for the business app don’t see that message they may or may not see that message in different parts of outlook as well and so once I press enter anyone who’s looking at my record in skype for business.


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