How to be a Digital Nomad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

How to be a Digital Nomad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina

More than 6 million travelers and numerous migrants a year pick Buenos Aires. This cosmopolitan city amazes its visitors with its broad metropolitan cultural deal that consists of art, gastronomy, architecture, and the strange appeal of its individuals.

Called “the city that does not sleep” and “the Paris of America” for its French architecture, Buenos Aires is surprised by its contrasts. More than its history or cultural heritage, the city of tango, football, and milongas mesmerizes by the bustle of its streets, the compassion of the “porteños,” the quality beef, and by having among the night scenes worldwide.

It is still that lively capital that brought in countless immigrants in the early 20th century. A decadent and thriving city at the same time, which blends modern-day and special areas such as Palermo or Puerto Madero, with other more simple and disregarded ones such as La Boca. It has a magic that makes you feel more at home than in your city, which does not think about monotony amongst its characteristics.

Why should digital nomads pick Buenos Aires?

Numerous digital nomads are drawn to Buenos Aires by its Latin flavor, uninhibited nightlife, low living expenses, and immersive regional culture. In addition, Buenos Aires has a reputable co-working culture, many regional start-ups, and a dynamic ex-pat neighborhood to plug into on arrival. Bachelor’s degree regional federal government is likewise looking to method business owners with jobs such as IncuBAte, which provides assistance and aids for start-ups with a concrete advantage to the city.

Nomads have some administrative hoops to jump through throughout extended stays in Buenos Aires. Many tourists are given visa-free entry to Argentina for 90 days on arrival; if you wish to remain longer, you’ll need to get used to nipping over to surrounding nations for a brand-new entry stamp or obtaining a prórroga (visa extension). To

prevent the inconvenience, lots of nomads merely overstay and pay a moderate fine at the airport on departure.

Buenos Aires Visa

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 04 May 2016: The airplane in the airport of Buenos Aires, Argentina

For stays much shorter than 90 days, nationals of the list below nations just required to have a legitimate passport to get into Argentina: Australia, Canada, United States, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Switzerland, Scandinavian nations and Latin American nations, nations of the European neighborhood.

Visas for tourists can be processed at any consulate of the Argentine Republic. The duration of stay licensed for this kind of visa depends on 90 days and does not enable operating in the nation. The treatment is individual, and the candidate needs to provide the following paperwork in initial and copy:

  • Legitimate passport with minimum credibility of 6 months from the date of entry into the nation and a minimum of one blank page (2 pages) readily available.
  • Two existing pictures 4x4cm, front, in color, white background.
  • Total visa application (ideally in electronic type) and signed by the candidate.
  • Evidence of financial solvency. Newest pay stubs, most current credit card declaration, or most current bank account declaration.
  • Big salami ticket appointment (it is advised not to obtain the tickets until the visa is given).
  • Hotel booking and traveler schedule.
  • In case of not having a hotel appointment, and if an invite from a natural individual, an invitation letter is.
  • Consular interview.

The consular charge is 150 USD or Euros, according to each consulate.

The details offered here do not apply to residents of the individuals’ Republic of China, to whom differential requirements use by virtue of an international agreement.

Finest Places to Live in Buenos Aires

  • Recoleta
  • Retiro
  • San Telmo
  • Puerto Madero
  • Palermo
  • Las Cañitas
  • Belgrano

Finest Neighbourhoods

Buenos Aires is defined by the significant identity of each area, which makes them various from each other.

9 de Julio Avenue and The Obelisk a major touristic destination in Buenos Aires Argentina


Recoleta is a traveler and property location and one of the most costly in the city. It has historic monoliths such as the National Library, Recoleta Cultural Center, National Museum of Fine Arts, and the popular Recoleta Cemetery, where public figures of Argentine politics, art, and culture remain lie. It is likewise well linked by the city and numerous bus lines.


Retiro has whatever: from historical monoliths, monetary structures, elegant hotels, and low-cost hostels to the primary Port of Buenos Aires and Villa 31, a casual settlement of precarious homes. If you are going to live in the city for a while, I do not advise remaining here because it is less safe than other areas and rather loud; however, many individuals picked it anyhow.

San Telmo

San Telmo has museums, centuries-old churches, and old homes. It is thought about as an area that assembles in between the standard and the bohemian, a location to feel the enthusiasm of tango and live amongst old European-style homes (not extremely well preserved).

Amongst its patched streets, there is a cultural environment, given that for several years artists and artisans have resided in the location and shown their works to the general public. The busiest location is Plaza Dorrego, where coffee shops, dining establishments, and bars are crowded, and on Sundays, the popular San Telmo reasonably accompanies great deals of antiques and art. Its environment makes it an extremely intriguing option to remain in Buenos Aires, although you need to take care in the evening with burglars.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a unique location and the best in the city. It is the outcome of the architectural healing of old and deserted storage facilities, docks, and mills, which are now revealed to the public as contemporary dining establishments, workplaces, hotels, high-end houses, and big high-rise buildings.


Palermo is thinking about the green area of Buenos Aires. In this location, two sub-areas should be highlighted: Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. It is the favorite of travelers and ex-pats. It is likewise surrounded by book shops, craft fairs, theaters, efficiency halls, and a city and numerous buses.

Palermo Hollywood is well-known for being a house-to-movie and tv production home. But then, subtle houses became premium coffee shops, stores, and themed hotels. It is likewise an unassailable gastronomic pole.

Las Cañitas

Las Cañitas is part of Palermo. It is likewise close to the Bosques de Palermo, Rosedal Park, and the Japanese Garden (the biggest and most marvelous Japanese-style Garden in Latin America).


Belgrano is a simple business and domestic area with a large gastronomic deal. Here is likewise Chinatown, made up of Asian immigrants who showed up in the early 1980s and complete Asian food dining establishments and stores with Asian items.

Finest co-working areas

For co-working and co-living in one area, NomadHub in Retiro uses wise spaces and work areas, quick wi-fi, and a strong neighborhood spirit in a convenient place simply southeast of Palermo. It’s an excellent first step before establishing yourself when familiar with the city.

Web speeds

Download speeds of 16 Mbps are simple to discover, and co-working areas use much quicker connections. Many coffee shops have complimentary wi-fi, and the federal government supplies complimentary public connections in lots of parks, plazas, and public areas. Mobile 4G

connections are simple to discover; however, download speeds can be lower than anticipated.

Cost of Living in Buenos Aires

It deserves to be kept in mind that the Argentinian peso is an unstable currency and is progressively dropping in worth nearly every day. For this reason, it is an excellent concept not to transform excessive of your cash into the regional currency, as it will decline overnight.

The dropping worth of the peso was most apparent to me whenever I went to utilize a bank device to get cash out of my worldwide account. Each time the charge for withdrawing funds was simply a little bit more. There are likewise restrictions on just how much you can withdraw at a time, seemingly as a preventative security measure.

Numerous owners will be more than pleased to get United States dollars if you have any on you. Working out for a bigger purchase can offer you a substantial edge if you are working out.

Residing in Argentina is less low-cost than in other Latin American nations such as Colombia, Ecuador, or Bolivia; however, you will get more quality for what you pay.

Leasing a three-year agreement unfurnished studio expenses about 200 USD plus 150 USD costs. In addition, if you do not have proper assurance, you will need to pay a bank. On the other hand, if you desire short-lived leasing of fewer than three years and supply, you will spend for a studio in an excellent community a minimum of 450 USD monthly.

You will discover co-working areas with desks from 115 USD and personal workplaces from 300 USD in the city. So there are for all likes.

Public transport is plentiful and advised. A bus ticket expenses a minimum of 18 pesos (0.21 USD) and the city 21 pesos (0.25 USD), although it is convenient to inspect the rates due to consistent inflation.

If you feel more protected with medical insurance, the most affordable strategy from OSDE, the very best personal company in the nation, varies between 65 and 176 USD monthly for grownups under 45, depending upon age. If you picked not to get medical insurance coverage, a visit with a family doctor or a professional could cost 10/20 USD, with a dental professional around 15/25 USD.

The food is reasonably low-cost; however, believe me, you will constantly wish to opt for the most costly because you can manage it here. You can invest 200 USD at the grocery store in a month consuming beef and sometimes drinking white wine. It depends on how much you indulge yourself.

Glamorous dining establishments for two typically cost between 28 and 50 USD. The cost of the main course is generally between 10 and 20 USD.

9 de Julio Avenue and The Obelisk a major touristic destination in Buenos Aires Argentina

Lodging Expenses

When you show up in Buenos Aires, there are plenty of hostels and co-living areas in popular locations in the city. They likewise make a terrific base for conference individuals and discovering more long-lasting lodging as you get to understand the different parts of the city.

When you discover your location, anticipate paying $300-400 per month for a good-sized location within the city. Be conscious that if the host understands that you are an immigrant, they may anticipate you paying more.

Buenos Aires Insurance and Medical Care

No vaccinations are needed for entry into Argentina, although some global companies suggest the following vaccines: typhoid, liver disease A, liver disease B, yellow fever, rabies, and influenza.

Public medical facilities are all over, opening 24 hours a day. They go to clients free of charge, even immigrants. I do not recommend going to public health centers. Although the physicians are extremely certified, the waiting time is long, and they do not constantly have the most sophisticated innovation.

Expats in Buenos Aires will have access to a wide variety of exceptional medical centers, and the rates are significantly less expensive than those in other nations. There are German and British health centers (the British Hospital uses numerous health care strategies).

Buenos Aires is a progressively popular location for plastic surgery. Treatments are done expertly at a portion of the rate one would pay in the USA or the majority of Europe.

The very best personal medical facilities in the city are Hospital Alemán, Hospital Británico, Sanatorio Otamendi, CEMIC, and Hospital Italiano, ranked as the very best in Latin America. In between the very best ones in the general public sector, you can discover Hospital Rivadavia, Hospital de Clínicas, Hospital Posadas, and Hospital FLENI.

Numerous migrants buy a global medical insurance strategy from their nations. For Buenos Aires, I advise you to speak to a sales representative from OSDE, the very best personal medical insurance in the nation, and see if it is convenient for you to acquire it. They will request a charge card or savings account for automated debit, a passport photo, and a signed declaration about pre-existing illness.

Such as with any medical insurance, the rate of medical insurance coverage prepared for ex-pats in Argentina differs considerably depending upon one’s scenario, age, and case history, in addition to other criteria. For example, for those under 45 without a history of the disease, OSDE’s least expensive strategy rates vary from 65 to 176 USD, depending upon age.

Physical fitness and Health

Buenos Aires has begun to accommodate a more natural consuming audience, with excellent lighter choices altering the method bachelor’s degree does dining. For example, Palermo Hollywood’s Smooothway (Soler 6036) and Buenos Aires Verde (Gorriti 5657) bring ultra-fresh organic-ness to the capital, avoiding preservatives or ingredients.

Whether you’re a health club, Health, or yogi individual, you will discover the ideal training location. Crazy Crossfit addicts can discover the very best fitness instructors at Vitruvian. Classes are taught by competent trainers from Argentina and the United States and held practically every day in the Palermo and Recoleta parks.

Buenos Aires has fantastic running courses. Go out to the Bosques de Palermo, where runners have more than 25 hectares of parks of ideal running routes, or the Costanera Sur’s Ecological Reserve which is geared up with a looping course. If you choose a business, there are many running groups in the city.

Bigger citywide chains like Megatron, Sports Club, and Well Club are pricey (around 50 USD per month). A low-cost and great alternative is American Sport with contemporary devices, complete cardio spaces, weight lifting centers, a swimming pool, and a complete schedule of classes for around 18 USD per month.

Residing In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina - January, 2020: Plaza de la Republica view with Obelisco de Buenos Aires. Traffic with public buses and cars on Republic Square in capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires Transportation

Buenos Aires is an extremely linked city through public transport. Rush hour is normally made complex, and you have to compute much more time to go from one location to the other, whether you go by taxi, train, or bus.

To walk around the city with any way of public transportation, you require a magnetic card called SUBE that you can purchase and charge cash in at any kiosk, lottery game company, train, or city station. A bus ticket expenses a minimum of 18 pesos (0.21 USD) and the city 21 pesos (0.25 USD), although it is convenient to inspect the costs due to consistent inflation.

There is a train called “subtle,” and it is the fastest and most effective way of transportation within the capital. The six lines are linked to the primary opportunities and train and bus stations and assemble in the downtown location of the city, the primary hotel zone, and traveler destinations. The service runs routinely from Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, on Saturdays from 6 am to 12 am, and on Sundays and vacations from 8 am to 10:30 pm.

The buses, called “colectivos,” take you from nearly any point to another in Buenos Aires and are readily available 24 hours a day, although, after 11 pm, the frequency is lowered. Depending on the line you desire to take, and the time of day, the frequency between one and the other can differ between 2 and 40 minutes.

A rural rail network is a great option to take a trip to the areas outermost from the center of the city or learn more about traveler locations outside the radius of the City of Buenos Aires, such as the Tigre Delta.

In addition, Buenos Aires is slowly ending up being a green city. For example, it has its bike program as public transportation.

You can likewise utilize taxis, although buying them by phone or from a safe and secure mobile application such as Taxi Premium is recommended. It is typically paid in money, and it is not popular to tip.

Finest Time to Visit Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 07.11.2021: happy participants of the OrgulloBA LGBT march in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a damp temperate environment with four unique seasons. Summer seasons are hot and damp, while winter seasons are cold and reasonably dry. Spring and fall are moderate, with significant blooming and leaf drops.

The environment of Buenos Aires is affected by two winds: the Pampero (cold and dry wind from the southwest at any time of the year) and the southeast wind (cool and damp, from the southeast, between April and December) in some cases it brings heavy rains.

The rains are most regular between October and March; however, they can drizzle throughout the year.

The hottest month is January, which can reach 40 C, and the coldest is July with lows around -20 C.

The best months to go to Buenos Aires are between October and December and between April and May. If you address the completion of October, attempt to take an image of Avenida 9 de Julio from the heights with all its flowering jacaranda trees.

Buenos Aires for Families

Argentina is a nation where household precedes, and it is child-friendly. Its numerous public squares and parks, which have play areas, are popular meeting places for households. In addition, you will discover beach resorts, museums, and leisure centers for households, and numerous locations that provide discount rates for young kids.

Likewise, you can discover sitters on sites like and through firms like GreatAuPair or World Class Nannies. If you require a multilingual, it will be a little bit more challenging to discover by asking other occupants.

Preschool education is required from 3 to 6 years of age, at which point kids enlist in “primary school.”

Free public education is supplied to all locals, consisting of ex-pats. Public schools tend to have a lower level than Nacional Buenos Aires and Lenguas Vivas.

You can likewise discover personal and global schools for a low expense. Likewise, some schools follow German, Japanese, and French research study strategies, amongst others.

Buenos Aires Nightlife

Buenos Aires’s nightlife is extremely extreme. In Buenos Aires, you generally have supper around 10 pm and go to the bar after supper. After that, the city sleeps, however little, and restores as brand-new the next day.

The nightlife deal of leisure and home entertainment is broad: theaters, coffee shops, milongas, tango programs, lots of bars, and discos. The music is extremely diverse, and there is something for all tastes: rock, pop, electronic, music from the 80s, and Argentine music such as Calamaro, Fito Páez, Enanitos Verdes, Soda Stereo, to name a few.

Discover an Apartment in Buenos Aires

When it concerns discovering a home, Buenos Aires is not the best alternative for immigrants. The deal is terrific, to pay the very same as a regional for a house that is not provided (around USD 200 for lease plus USD 150 for expenditures for a studio), you have to dedicate for three years and have a house in the city to put as a warranty. Many owners accept a bank assurance, which is an additional expenditure; however, it is worth it since you will pay much fewer leases than in a short-term house.

Standard leasings are typically discovered on websites such as Zona Prop, Mercado Libre, Busca Inmueble, and En Buenos Aires, which permit you to discover direct-owned homes and not pay the firm commission. Residents typically try to find straight-owned houses to conserve cash. Another method to do it remains in Facebook groups such as “Rent direct owner CABA.”

While CABA indicates the City of Buenos Aires and is, eventually, the nation’s capital, CABA is a smaller-sized part of higher Buenos Aires.

Low-cost Places to Stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an extremely cosmopolitan city, and its residents are passionate web users. For this reason, in general, lodgings tend to appear on the internet. However, unlike in other cities, there are numerous low-cost choices that you can discover walking through its streets.

The least expensive option will constantly be to lease an apartment or condo on a three-year agreement. However, if you desire something short-lived, you can try to find a shared flat in Piso Compartido, Spare Room Bachelor’s Degree and Room which is a location to search for space rental although of less quality.

Digital Nomads can likewise attempt the realty area of Mercado Libre, the most well-known site in Argentina, for buying and selling whatever pertains to their mind.

On the other hand, if you require a space just for a couple of days, my guidance is to search Airbnb (minimum of 10 USD per night, however, more affordable for couples) or in hostels through sites such as Hostel World (from 5 USD for a shared space).

Culture and Food in Buenos Aires

Street food stall in the Buenos Aires chinese neighborhood selling vegetarian teppan yaki.

As the Gastronomic Capital of Ibero-America 2017, Buenos Aires has limitless food and gastronomic poles to taste the very best dishes. Moreover, it is among the primary farming manufacturers on the planet, however likewise of quality beef, where 100 kilos of beef are taken in a year per person.

Argentina is identified by making food a real cult, and Buenos Aires consists of it. Gastronomy and beverages are the primary reason to take pleasure in a conference with pals, either with coffee, mate (a hot beverage shared around), and pastry, barbecue, or beer.

Their common meals are typically an adjustment of native and European meals from Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. It likewise has a large variety of worldwide Asian, Latin American, African and European food.

Within the gastronomy of the nation, I suggest you attempt the Argentine Asado, solomillo (the most valuable cut of meat because it is soft and has little fat), choripan with chimichurri (Creole chorizo in between 2 pieces of bread and with a unique sauce), picadas with salami and chorizo, locro (stew of beans, pumpkin, corn, and potatoes), empanada Criolla (typically packed with meat, onion, hard-boiled egg, and olives), milanesa napolitana (Milanese with tomato mozzarella and ham on it), pizza and fainá, and fresh pasta. A couple of travelers discover it; however, every community has at least one exclusive shop for fresh pasta to prepare in your home. There are likewise numerous dining establishments devoted just to this kind of food.

Palermo, Puerto Madero, Las Cañitas, Recoleta, and San Telmo are a few of the gastronomic centers of the city, where cooking propositions of all kinds, regional and foreign, premium and junk food, and much more are focused.

Amongst the very best grills in the city is Don Julio (Guatemala 4699), with high-quality beef picking well-fed and free-range animals. It has a vast array of meats and even a veggie grill. The roast and the vacuum are ready gradually with wood.

Things to do in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA - October 12: A street band plays in the La Boca district of Buenos Aires Argentina Oct 12 2006.

There are numerous things to see in Buenos Aires! It is among the 20 biggest cities worldwide, so taking a trip to the capital of Argentina, likewise called “Baires,” can not be done without preparation.

Every trip, personal or personal, starts at the Obelisk, among the most emblematic icons of Buenos Aires, on Avenida del nine de Julio, the best opportunity worldwide.

Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo has plenty of symbolic structures such as the Cabildo Histórico (the earliest structure in the city), the Metropolitan Cathedral where the burial place of the liberating leader San Martín lies, Banco Nación or the popular Casa Rosada, the seat of the executive power of the Argentine Republic.

Café Tortoni

It is important to stop at Café Tortoni (Avenida de Mayo 825), founded in 1858. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, “La Peña del Tortoni” satisfied a group of authors and intellectuals that arranged cultural dissemination activities, among which are prominent authors such as Jorge Luis Borges and Alfonsina Storni.

San Telmo

A couple of blocks away, San Telmo exhibits appeal. It is a bohemian area filled with standard coffee shops and bars, antique markets, old homes, and stylish stores. Every Sunday, you can see antiques and tango efficiencies at the Flea Market on Plaza Dorrego, extending through the surrounding streets.

Galerías Pacífico & Güemes Gallery

Córdoba 550), the busiest shopping center in Buenos Aires for its global brand name shops and the structure’s architecture, is likewise found in the location. The Güemes Gallery (Florida 165) is likewise extremely checked out for its Art Nouveau architecture and substantial dome.

Bartolo Palace

De Mayo 1370), another emblematic structure to check out, was constructed around a fixation: Dante’s Divine Comedy. In addition, from the balcony, there is one of the city’s finest views.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero, the most contemporary location of the city, is perfect to see the sundown from among its bars on the balcony of a high-rise building. With a stylish and unique environment, it is likewise the safest area. Here is the Sarmiento frigate, now a museum, and the Puente de las Mujeres.

Ateneo Grand Splendid

El Ateneo Grand Splendid from the within.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid from the within. Image by Noralí Nayla

One of the most stunning bookshops globally is the Ateneo Grand Splendid (Av. It maintains the drape, the initial railings, the frescoes in the dome, and the phase that was changed into a lunchroom.

Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires

For art enthusiasts, the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 34150) was founded in 2001 with modern-day Latin American authors and paintings by Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Tarsila do Amaral, amongst numerous others.

National Museum of Fine Arts

The National Museum of Fine Arts (Av. Its collection comprises pre-Columbian, colonial, Argentine, and worldwide art that varies from the 3rd century BC.





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