How to be a Digital Nomad in Dahab, Egypt

How to be a Digital Nomad in Dahab, Egypt

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Famous diving site - Blue Hole in Egypt

A Digital Nomad Guide to Dahab

 Located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is no other than the fabulous city: Dahab. Dahab is situated around 85 km north of Sharm El Sheikh and 175 km South of Taba, making it a great area among the most spectacular season on the planet: the Red Sea.

 While Dahab used to be a fishing area, it is a popular global diving area where individuals from all over the world pertained to exploring its fabulous marine life and unbelievable diving areas. The name Dahab means ‘gold’ in Arabic, and this name was used due to its incredible golden, sandy beaches.

 Dahab is rather a little city with an area of 1,130 square kilometers. However, it is only 135 km away from Eilat in Israel and was under their guidelines before it was brought back to Egypt after the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in 1982.

 While Dahab is a popular destination that welcomes foreigners and Egyptians alike, it is home to around 15,000 residents, making it a fantastic vacation and nomad location.

 Dahab is the 2nd most well-known city in Sinai, right after Sharm El Sheikh; it is a less expensive choice for diving, snorkeling, and many activities, making it a popular and excellent location. Furthermore, its hot climate is a popular destination all year round, even during the hot summer season due to its well-known water activities.

DAHAB, EGYPT - DECEMBER 25, 2017: The wide street is lined with stores and cafes of the market, one of the restaurants is designed like the ship, on December 25 in Dahab.

 Dahab Visa

 Many immigrants are permitted entry into Egypt with an e-visa or a visa on arrival, allowing them a short-lived stay between 3-6 months based on nationality. However, it is still possible to get an extension if you find yourself falling in love with Dahab and wishing to remain longer. While the procedure isn’t as uncomplicated and is open to changes, this is what many immigrants living in Dahab do to get an extension on their visa:

 Head to the visa workplace in Naqb, outside Sharm El Sheikh.

 You could look for a 6-months visa extension if you get the visa-on-arrival at the airport. It is a single-entry visa in most cases unless you work or own a home in Sinai.

 Get a taxi from Dahab to the visa office for around EGP 600. Most of the time, if you publish on groups like Dahab-Sharm carpool or Digital Nomads in Dahab, you’ll find somebody to go with you, and you can split the expenses.

 Bring with you a passport photo, copies of your passport info pages, along with a copy of the $25 visa sticker with the entry stamp.

 When you get to the visa office, ask for a kind and ensure your document that you want a 6-months visa for which the purpose of the residency is tourism.

 You’ll pay EGP 15 for the kind and get a receipt that will tell you when to come back, which is typically the next day.

 When you go back to the visa office the next day, hand the officers your invoice and wait on them to call out your name. Instead, they’ll hand you an expense of EGP 555 and advise you where to pay it.

 Check that the immigration officer includes the correct stamp on the visa sticker label page and not any other page, or you might wind up paying a fine of EGP 1,160.

 Likewise, it is possible to do the same treatment at another visa workplace: El Tur. Nevertheless, the officer might not agree based on your area in some cases.

 The cost of living in Dahab

 Living in Dahab is one of the most affordable places you can live by the beach. Compared to Cairo and other major cities in Egypt, the cost of living is a lot less as the city itself is rather rural and does not have the elegant feel that other resorts or beach locations have. That’s why Dahab is a great place for a digital nomad seeking to get away for a few months without spending excessive cash. Here’s the expected cost of everyday products in Dahab:

Work in Dahab

 While Dahab is an extraordinary location, you will deal with a bad internet connection. In the majority of locations in Dahab, Vodafone does not work well, so it is better to choose the other 2.

However, if you’re looking for other places that use WiFi connection, you could have a look at the following locations in Dahab:

TIM’s Munch

 TIM’s Munch With the internet being rather bothersome in Dahab, the owners of TIM’s Munch have been attempting to make TIM’s Munch a great spot to work from another location. Found on top of the H20 dive center, it has magnificent views and a selection of fantastic food but is primarily outdoors, making it too hot or too chilly for some events.

 Ghazala Hotel

 Ghazala Hotel, Found at the very end of the mamsha, lies among the popular hotels in Dahab. There, you’ll discover a Bedouin-like seating area right in front of the sea where you can sit back, get your laptop computer and enjoy the wonderful views.


 Treats Found in the lighthouse location, Treats is a fantastic cafe to enjoy breakfast and lunch while staring at your laptop computer. Here, you’ll be welcomed with friendly faces, fantastic food, and an inviting atmosphere to get your work done.


 MIRAGE Mirage Dahab Hotel is located on the beach north of Dahab between Eel Garden and the Lighthouse area. Not only does it host extraordinary views, but it offers various facilities for what you’re searching for. While it is a hotel and diving center, you can also discover super calm places with great food and reasonable WiFiWiFi without paying too much.

 Eel Garden

 Eel Garden This restaurant provides ground-floor and first-floor areas for you to select from based on the view and mood you’re looking for. Not just does it use incredible food, but it is likewise fantastic and worth for money with a terrific host that will make you feel welcome.


 Shells Taking a walk by the sea throughout Dahab, you’ll discover a location where you can establish and deal with an incredible view, however with Shells, you’ll also get fantastic food, a friendly environment, and can even grab a beer as you work.


A place dedicated to bringing digital nomads together, CoworkInn has daily, weekly, and regular monthly rates for using the area, WiFiWiFi, tea, coffee, and drinking water. Accommodation rates are rather costly, but if you have the funds for it, it does make taking a trip to work quite damn simple. CoworkInn also holds different events such as film nights and uses complimentary Arabic lessons on Tuesday nights.

 Mojo co-work coffee shop: 

This coffee shop (pictured listed below) has recently been revamped under a brand-new German co-owner and is open at 8 am and closes between 9 and 11 pm. WiFiWiFi is trustworthy and quick; there are power boards for charging your devices and air-conditioning when the heat gets excessive. Mojo does not charge for utilizing the area, though it is anticipated that you purchase flood or beverages there– it is a coffee shop. Consuming water is free, food is freshly made and delicious, and the coffee is probably the best you’ll find in Dahab.

Morning at Dahab beach on Red Sea, Sinai coast in Egypt.

Places to stay in Dahab.

 El Mamsha

 You can’t be in Dahab and not hear of ‘El Mamsha.’ Because Dahab is a little town, one of the most popular streets is El Mamsha.

 Al Mashraba

 The prolonged area of El Mamsha is called Al Mashraba. While it might not be a quiet sight, it remains in the heart of the city with cheap lodgings, within walking distance to everything you might need, and an entire fete or marketplace where you can buy presents, souvenirs, and traditional bohemian Dahab wear. Although this is a preferred area, it gets rather hectic and noisy at night, so make certain to think about that when choosing your neighborhood.

 El laguna

 The laguna area uses some of the best views in Dahab as you get to see the awesome view of Sinai’s mountains in the background at the end of a bed of sea blue water. The beach in this area is very calm and looks more like a natural swimming pool or lake, making it such a fantastic place to live. The majority of the very best hotels are located in this area and have private access to the beaches. In addition, it’s only a 5-minute drive to the city’s center, making it a good location to live.


 At the end of the Mashaya is among Dahab’s most popular neighborhoods: The Lighthouse. In this area, you’ll discover lots of hostels, camps, diving centers, and even mid-range and expensive dining establishments. It is still thought to be in the heart of the city and uses everything a digital nomad could require in terms of facilities, accommodation, and extraordinary views.


 Among the most popular locations in Dahab and where numerous expats pick to live is Assala. Here, you’ll discover cheap locations to lease as well as hostels and other accommodations. In Assala, you’ll find great deals of Bedouins ad Bedouin houses along with goats and other stock wandering about, making the neighborhood itself special, authentic, and an excellent place to live.

 Dahab’s Best Time to Visit

 Dahab has a desert climate, implying it is primarily hot all year round. Since it is a seaside city, the wind, and breeze provided by the sea help make the weather condition a bit more bearable than normal.


 The hottest months in Dahab are undoubtedly during the summer season, which begins with May-September. This is also the driest weather condition and the month with the most humidity. The temperatures are quite high throughout the summer, with highs of 30-35 degrees Celsius and lows of 25-26 degrees Celsius during the night. August is usually the hottest month of the year and one that is rather hard to bear unless you’re in the water all day long.


 Spring in Dahab is the finest time to visit and delight in all the Dahab activities. While the sun is still out, you’ll probably find a slight breeze throughout the day that will make you take pleasure in just sitting by the beach, too. Throughout Easter, you’ll discover many Egyptians and immigrants vacationing in Dahab as it is the best area to be in that weather.

 Winter season

 The weather in Dahab is moderate during the winter; however, that does not mean that it does not get cold at night. Some people find it too cold to swim in the water throughout the winter season as the weather provides highs of 19-21 degrees Celsius and lows of 14-17 degrees Celsius. While the coldest month is generally January, on lots of days, you’ll still find the sun shining and at noon feel it’s possible to head to the beach.


 Another preferred time among locals and foreigners alike is during the fall season. From September-November, the weather condition is wonderful. You can delight in the activities in Dahab without getting sunburnt or feeling suffocated, but still, be wearing summer clothing. Another busy month in Dahab is October. There is an official holiday in Egypt on the 6th of October that many individuals like to bridge their weekend with and enjoy Dahab’s gorgeous weather. Throughout this time, Dahab provides highs of 24-30 degrees Celsius and lows of 17-25.

The small town of Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt

 Dahab Transportation

 Because Dahab is a little city, navigating is pretty simple; however, it heavily depends upon where you’re staying as well as what sort of activities you’re preparing. In Dahab, you’ll find three main transportation methods:


 One of the first things most digital nomads do when setting foot in Dahab discovers a bike. You can pick from various options of renting a bike per day, per month, or perhaps go all out and choose to buy one yourself. However, before purchasing a brand-new bike, be sure to ask around if any of the digital nomads know of someone leaving and selling their second-hand bike.

 When you get familiar with the places and where whatever is, you’ll find biking makes whatever easier. However, take care when cycling on the mamsha as it can get quite busy with pedestrians and bicyclists.


 Another popular option is walking. When you reside in the heart of the city, a lot of day-to-day excursions will be within strolling range or provide a spectacular view that makes walking fun. However, throughout the summer season, the weather can get quite hot and humid, removing any satisfaction that comes with a walk.

 Pickup taxi service

 Instead of seeing cars and trucks and cabs running the city, one of the most typical transportation methods in Dahab is utilizing a pickup truck. As soon as you show up, you’ll come across a local, digital nomad, foreigner, or someone who has the number of a pickup truck motorist who will drive you around. Depending on how many individuals are in your group, you can sit best beside the motorist at the front or in the back, an open-spaced location. Drivers are very friendly and will provide you with their number to call them when you need to get back or head to various areas. Transport is rather cheap and could cost you from EGP 10-20 per person for every flight depending on the range.

 If you want to head to Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba’ or other close destinations in Dahab, you can set up a taxi service. Many hotels in Dahab have taxi services or connections to help you get what you need.

 Healthcare in Dahab and Insurance

 Since Dahab is a small city on the Red Sea, its medical care is far from first-class. Found in Mashraba Street, you’ll discover Dahab Medical Care Health center with all kinds of facilities and services.

 Because many digital nomads staying in Dahab currently have travel insurance coverage, make sure from your insurance company that your travel insurance coverage covers your whole stay and will be accepted in Egypt. In some cases, travel insurance covers emergencies, and you’ll need to spend for any check-ups, but unless you’re going through surgery, healthcare shouldn’t be too expensive in Egypt.

 Culture and Food in Dahab

CAIRO, EGYPT - NOVEMBER 3, 2008: Typical outdoor Egyptian market. Food staples and goods are displayed in an open air atmosphere in Egypts capital city of Cairo.

 In Dahab, it is extremely easy to forget that you remain in Egypt as it uses various cultures. The entire ambiance and environment increase relaxation and an easygoing and serene ambiance. For example, you need not worry about what to wear in Dahab as you’ll discover that everyone resorts to comfort over design. Anticipate finding Dahabians roaming the streets in swimwear, flip flops, and coverups or even dressed in the most popular loose patterned trousers and sherwals offered in Dahab. The locals and expats residing in the location are very friendly, practical, and aiming to have fun; therefore, anticipate the general environment to be merry, welcoming, and one that enables you to have an absolute blast.

 During the day, the city’s water activities and beaches are the highlights and where you’ll find everybody. From sitting by the beach, snorkeling, diving, and kitesurfing, the days in Dahab are filled with fun in the sun.

 In Dahab, most Bedouins work as scuba divers, trip guides, camel riders, and guides or sell merchandise in local shops or stores. These customs and custom-made heavily include the strong heritage of Dahab that compliments the city and brings forth the best mix of old and new that every digital nomad will genuinely appreciate.

 Because Dahab is a mix of numerous cultures, it does not have a particular cuisine when it comes to food. Still, it uses various cooking options that cater to expats, Bedouins, and locals alike. In Dahab, you’ll find seafood is a big hit, with fresh everyday fish being supplied regularly. Ali Baba Hotel is among the seafood delicacies that are an absolute must-try.

 Dahab Nightlife

 While Dahab is more of daytime activity and filled with terrific views and experiences in the morning, you’ll still be able to enjoy your nights in Dahab. The nightlife is not filled with clubs and bars that you can hop around from one to the other, but that doesn’t suggest that you won’t find a location to consume or to dance if that’s what you long for. Here are a couple of things to do during the night in Dahab to make certain you have a blast:

 Tota Downtown

 Tota DowntownIf you’re trying to find a night out and not just drinking a beer at the beach, this renowned ship-shaped bar is the place to be. Found in the Mashraba location, Toyota provides a sea view, music, and dance and is where the majority of the expats will be throughout the night.

 Yalla Bar

 Yalla BarAnother famous nightlife area in Dahab is Yalla Bar. With comfortable seating, cocktails and beverages, excellent music, and friendly personnel, it is among the nightlife highlights in Dahab that you most certainly have a look at.


 Churchill’s Trying to find a sports bar or pub-like atmosphere where you can see the video game playing while taking pleasure in a beverage or two? Churchill’s is certainly the answer to your question. With a large screen to make sure you never miss out on a video game or a roof balcony to enjoy the night overlooking the Red Sea, you’re in for a treat at this bar.

 Bedouin Supper at Golden Mountain.

 Bedouin Dinner at Twilight Mountain If you’re looking for a different type of nightlife, then we’ve got just the thing for you. At Golden Mountain, you can delight in a Bedouin supper with the popular Arabic flooring seating, a fire show, or other performances that will certainly make your night a distinct one.

 Things to do in Dahab.

Dahab, Egypt - March 15 , 2012: tourist visiting the mosque with minaret lit by sunset

 Since Dahab is a seaside city, it has a lot of interesting, adventurous, and lovely things to do. So whether you’re looking to relax and relax or have the experience of a lifetime, you’ll be able to take pleasure in Dahab.

 Discover to kitesurf/windsurf.

 Because Dahab is understood for its watersports, it is a common kitesurfing and windsurfing destination. Here, you can choose to treat yourself to a discovery session, a beginner’s course with some of the best trainers, and even lease the devices and delight in the Dahab waters from a different viewpoint.

 Go diving.

 Dahab has some of the most lovely underwater scenery you can discover in Africa and is a leading diving location where individuals worldwide come to. Here, you can see a whole colorful world under the sea and be mesmerized by the various species, in addition to the beautiful corals that will take your breath away. Many people pertain to Dahab since it is one of the most affordable places on the planet to become an accredited open-water scuba diver; therefore, why not utilize the costs and use up diving?

 Go snorkeling.

 If diving deep blue seas and being underwater terrifies you, but, you’d still like to come across the extraordinary marine life apparent in Dahab, then snorkeling is your best choice. Not only will you get to swim in the Red Sea and feast your eyes on some amazing views, but you can also find many snorkeling spots in Dahab that you definitely must experience. These include the Blue Hole and three pools, The Canyon, Ras Abu Gallium, Eel Garden, Lighthouse Reef, and many more.

 Visit Blue Hole.

 You can not be in Dahab and not go to the Blue Hole. Likewise, you can enjoy consuming at one of the cheap restaurants that overlook the area.

Take a boat to Ras Abu Galium.

 You’ll find the magnificent location referred to as Abu Galium North of Dahab. Here, many people take a boat ride, stop in the middle of the sea and spend the day snorkeling, diving, and even raising the mountain.

 Go on a Camel Safari/ horseback.

 Why visit the beautiful deserts and coasts of Dahab on foot when you can do that on horseback and even on a camel? The experience itself will be exciting, and you’ll get to feast your eyes on a few of the very best views that Dahab has to use.

Camel caravan for tourists. A camelback Bedouin safari ride in Dahab. Egypt.

 Take pleasure in sundown in any of Dahab’s sea-view restaurants.

 If Dahab is famous for one thing, the mesmerizing views increase relaxation and peace of mind. If you’re looking for a location to chill, you can head to the mama and pick any of the dining establishments or coffee shops that are straight on the beach. You’ll even discover a couple of swings in the water and produce outstanding photographs to keep as memories of the terrific Dahab.

 Climb Mount Sinai.

 While this is not in Dahab, you can organize many field trips that take you to hike install Sinai. This is usually done overnight to reach the top by dawn and enjoy the daybreak. There’s nothing more stunning than seeing the spectacular views of Sinai when the sun rises. Just ensure that you dress greatly as it can get very chilly in the evening and wear comfortable shoes.







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