How to be a Digital Nomad in Cairo, Egypt

How to be a Digital Nomad in Cairo, Egypt

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The Great Sphinx between the Khafre and Menkaure Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

A Digital Nomad Guide to Cairo

Likewise, in The City of a Thousand Minarets, Cairo is the capital of Egypt, abundant in culture and history. It is the greatest city in Egypt, with over 9 million spread over 3,085 square kilometers. House to the Egyptian Museum, the Cairo Tower, and the Nile River streaming throughout its land, Cairo is a must-visit for every travel lover.

A hot environment for 9-10 months of the year is an excellent escape from the cold, extreme winter seasons in other nations. However, simply 10-20 minutes repel lies among the seven marvels of the world: The Giza Pyramids. There, in addition to the statue of the Sphinx, the ancient Egyptian history that marks this well-known city comes to life, teleporting you into history.

The city varies in its unique character and roots, from the Roman, Greek, French and British professions. This can be apparent in the structures and architecture, particularly in the Downtown location, along with the vocabulary and slang utilized frequently in today’s Egyptian Arabic language.

Many expats house the city due to its extraordinary environment all year round and its exceptional geographical area making it simple to circumnavigate Egypt and even to surrounding nations in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Cairo is a city that never sleeps, and that’s simply one of the things that makes it remarkable. As a digital nomad, regardless of your working hours, you’ll discover something fascinating to do in your free time.

Cairo Visa

Acquiring a traveler visa to Egypt is quite straightforward. Depending upon your citizenship, you can either obtain an e-Visa or get a traveler visa on arrival when you reach the airport. This will enable you to remain in Egypt for one month and cost 25 USD.

If you intend to deal with a business in Egypt, the business will look after the work permit. All they’ll require is a legitimate passport; however, if they require anything else, they will ask you for it.

If you want to remain in Egypt for a longer period, acquiring a work permit or an indefinite remain in Egypt would be rather challenging to get as a person. It is possible to restore your traveler visa from Mogmma El Tahrir when your visa ends. Unfortunately, most expats residing in Egypt tend to overstay their visas and wind up paying a fine at the airport.

Cairo, Egypt - April 23, 2021: images with streets and architecture in Cairo, Year of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Cairo Cost of Living

While living in Cairo is thought about as reasonably low-cost, the expense of living can quickly include up if you’re a social butterfly. For digital nomads who choose to preserve a sensible way of life, living in Cairo while getting paid in any foreign currency will provide you the capability to conserve up huge time.

When attempting to determine an approximated expense to add to your repaired expenses, a typical quantity per person at the supermarket will consist of 1000 EGP/ month ($ 65). When it comes to energy, the essentials for a one-bedroom apartment or condo will be around 600 EGP($ 38).


Operate in Cairo

As a digital nomad, one of the essential elements in a city is locations to work with complimentary WiFi. Due to the fact that Cairo is bright and quiet all year round, working from another location is a benefit that you do not desire to miss out on.

Maadi district

Maadi Yacht Club

One of the finest locations to work in Maadi is the Maadi Yacht club. While there will be individuals around throughout the early morning, it is still a calmer choice enabling you to get more work done.

Espresso Lab

If you’re a coffee addict, you need not believe two times about where to work. Their specialty coffee is one of the finest in Cairo and one you can quickly get hooked on.


If you’re trying to find a peaceful garden to work from, then Allure is best in Maadi. Due to the fact that it’s situated on a side road, it is more remote and typically less crowded. Their menu uses a large range of alternatives from coffee and tea to pizzas and hamburgers to amuse you while you work.


Here you’ll discover a variety of coffee and non-coffee choices, as well as newly baked pastries that are to pass away for. Their outside location is small; however, you’ll normally discover an excellent area to work inside your home.

Roadway 9 coworking area

While the above are excellent alternatives, this location is among the many coworking areas in Maadi that are particularly created for digital nomads and freelancers searching for a location to focus. The environment is comfortable, peaceful, and geared up with high web speed to ensure you’ll be efficient.

New Cairo/ Tagamo’ district

Since numerous locations in New Cairo are work-friendly, here are simply a couple of alternatives to get you began.

2 Spoons

Found in Cloud 9 Mall, Two Spoons is a quitter choice with high web speed for those aiming to work from a Café in New Cairo.

Brioche Doree

Found in Downtown Mall, Brioche Doree is the best outside location when the weather conditions allow you to work outdoors. Downtown Mall is a terrific option as it is located at the start of New Cairo, is well-linked to the whole location, and is a lot more subtle than other shopping centers. You’ll discover plugs on every table and a range of French pastries and drinks to keep your business.

Be Good to You

Found in Katameya Heights Residence, Be Good to You is a café that uses healthy food. So instead of chewing on pastries and cookies as you work, their healthy options will keep you nourished and in good shape.

Zamalek district


Being among the finest bookshops in Cairo, Diwan’s café is extremely work-friendly. Surrounded by books and individuals wanting to check out, it provides the best environment for working from another location.


Despite the district you reside in, if there’s a Beano’s café around you, it will constantly be an excellent working option. The Beano’s café in Zamalek does not have an outside location; however, its indoor location is big and uses high web speed.

Al Mariah Al Lubnaniah Bookstore.

This brand-new bookshop is not just a sight for aching eyes; however, it is likewise an outstanding option for somebody seeking to work from another location. Found in Iconia Zamalek, the structure itself provides several alternatives to work from; however, this one is undoubtedly the most beautiful and quietest alternative.

Finest Places to Live in Cairo.

Cairo, Egypt - September 30, 2021: View of the Cairo National Egyptian Museum against the blue sky. Groups of people stand near the entrance waiting for the tour.


It is one of the extremely couples of neighborhoods in Cairo where you can take a walk in the streets and, in fact, delight in the location. As a digital nomad, you’ll discover Maadi available for whatever you may require as it has a variety of dining establishments using foods from all around the world such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese, South American, Lebanese, and numerous more.

Around every corner, you’ll discover a grocery store, a drug store, and many pubs/bars. Likewise, there are numerous coworking areas, coffee shops, and dining establishments that provide free WiFi for you to work and whatever you may require to make your stay easy. Another benefit that can’t be ignored is the close distance to the river Nile, which provides a spectacular view and a location to unwind, breathe, and charge.


Zamalek is a little district in Cairo that uses whatever you may require. Once it is settled, transport to other locations in Cairo will be simple, ideally reducing its traffic and making it an even much better area to live in. In Zamalek, you’ll discover fine dining, dining establishments, coffee shops, bars, art galleries, and lots of little stores that offer you the real essence of Egypt.

Downtown Cairo.

What makes downtown Cairo special is its regional offering a digital nomad a taste of various cultures. While downtown Cairo is hectic, it is the location that never sleeps. Transport is fairly available to and from downtown as it is actually in the heart of Cairo.

New Cairo.

Many nomads in Cairo tend to work as instructors making New Cairo an outstanding choice as many leading global schools live. While New Cairo is found in the residential areas of Cairo, it is a lot less congested and provides several lodging choices with plants and even swimming pools to make your stay more elegant.

Sheikh Zayed.

On the West side of Cairo lies Sheikh Zayed, which provides quite much the very same thing that you’ll discover in New Cairo. While a car and truck are required, you’ll still discover schools, universities, workplaces, dining establishments, coffee shops, coworking areas, clubs, and even going shopping malls.

Low-cost Places to Stay in Cairo.

While lodging in Cairo is fairly low-cost, there are a couple of low-budget alternatives you’ll discover without dealing with third parties. These are typically discovered on Facebook groups devoted to assisting residents and expats to discover places in specific locations.

Like anywhere else in the world, the most inexpensive lodging you can discover will be in hostels. Here are a couple of hostels that provide low-budget lodging for your stay in Cairo.

Cairo, Egypt - September 30, 2021: Cairo street with local tourist shops and cafes. Women in traditional clothes are walking down the street with children in their arms.

Finest Time to Visit Cairo.

The weather condition in Cairo is bright most of the year. However, throughout the summertime, the temperature level is typically between 30-40 degrees Celsius and can, in some cases, be a bit too much. As a result, many Egyptians flock to the North Coast by the Mediterranean Sea throughout these months. As a result, the temperature level is more manageable, and the summertime breeze on the beach is remarkable.

If you’re originating from a chillier nation, you’ll value the sun in December, when the cold winter season lasts for a month from mid-January- to mid-February.

Throughout the winter season, the sun will still most likely come out in the early morning with highs of 15-20 degrees and lows of 7-12 degrees. While that seems like spring in numerous locations worldwide, the best issue is that your homes are not geared up to stay out of the cold; therefore, a heating system is important inside to remain warm.

It does not drizzle much in Cairo; however, when it does, the streets get flooded due to the bad facilities. Therefore, while the weather condition all year round is great in Cairo, the spring and fall (April-June and September-November) are the months with the very best weather condition in Cairo.

Throughout March, Cairo normally comes across sandstorms and extremely dirty unsteady weather conditions referred to as the Khamaseen. However, for the remainder of the year, the weather condition in Cairo is normally an outright pleasure, and getting up to a brilliant day is something any digital nomad can rapidly get utilized to.

Cairo Transportation.

If you believe in driving in Cairo, believe once again. Mishaps are extremely typical on the streets of Cairo, as well as automobiles breaking down, making it a standard to get stuck in traffic.


When it concerns transport, the Metro system is the most-connected, most-reliable type of transport that links a big part of Cairo together. Throughout the rush hour, you’ll discover it exceptionally loaded to the level that you will be glued to the individual next to you.

Keep your possessions safe when utilizing public transport as many pocket pickers benefit from the crowds. For female digital nomads, constantly pick female-only carriages to prevent harassment. Ticket prices differ based on location amounting to 5 EGP ($ 0.3) for 1-9 stops, 7 EGP ($ 0.45) for 9-17 stops, and 10 EGP ($ 0.64) for 16-40 stops.


Over the past couple of years, numerous businesses have released more dependable, less-crowded transport alternatives at a greater requirement. For example, SWVL, a personal bus business, provides flights all over Cairo which can be reserved through their app. Costs can begin with EGP 25 ($ 1.25) per trip with the possibility of registering to bundles of numerous flights for a less expensive rate.


Among your best options for moving around in Cairo at your speed is, of course utilizing Uber. The fares are fairly inexpensive compared to global costs and are offered regularly everywhere.

Taxi cabs.

While taxis are simple to discover, they benefit from immigrants and raise their costs. Before getting into a taxi, ask them to utilize their meter for prices; prevent getting into that taxi if they decline.

Cairo, Egypt - January 05, 2022: View of Cairo city and the Nile river in Egypt

Physical fitness and Health.

The physical fitness scene in Cairo has been growing profoundly in the previous years. The most popular centers all over Cairo are BeFit, Ignite Egypt, CrossFit Stars, HIIT.

Health clubs can be discovered spread over every street, and due to their reasonably inexpensive rates in contrast to Europe for circumstances, it can even make more sense to get your Trainer. If you’re remaining for a while, getting a regular monthly membership will make more sense as they are a lot more affordable.

Checking out a brand-new sport or activity can contribute to your list of things to do and is likewise a fantastic method to fulfill brand-new individuals. Boxing, MMA, and swimming are offered per session for you to check out, along with other activities such as rock climbing, paddle tennis, and rowing.

Cairo Insurance and Medical Care.

The general public health care system is of low requirement due to financing. This is because the federal government’s financial investment in health care in Egypt is just 1.5% of the nation’s GDP. Because of that, most Egyptians who can manage it turn to personal health care.

Like whatever else in Egypt, insurance coverage will be hard to acquire as a private, specifically if you do not have any files allowing your long-lasting stay; that’s why it is best to get worldwide insurance coverage from your house nation, enabling you to get the healthcare you require in Cairo. Otherwise, medical insurance businesses such as Buppa, Allianz, AXA, and MetLife provide several kinds of specific medical insurance coverage according to the strategy you’re prepared to purchase.

Medical care in Egypt is not one of the very best however you’ll discover whatever is readily available. In contrast to Europe, the most affordable care you can get is oral care. Even though it is fairly pricey in Egypt and is hardly ever covered by insurance coverage strategies, it is still workable compared to Europe.

If you’re in requirement of a medical facility, make sure to choose among the healthcare facilities with much better credibility as there are fewer dangers when it concerns tidiness, Health, and basic healthcare mishaps. These include Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Cleopatra Hospital, and Saudi German Hospital. Likewise, numerous medical facilities provide outpatient centers with a few of the very best physicians in Egypt.

Culture and Food in Cairo

CAIRO, EGYPT - NOVEMBER 3, 2008: Typical outdoor Egyptian market. Food staples and goods are displayed in an open air atmosphere in Egypts capital city of Cairo.

When it pertains to food, Egyptian food is rather abundant. Initially, it will be rather stunning as it is Asian and Middle Eastern with a great deal of ghee and butter included making the food an outright pleasure. However, for a nomad wanting to get a taste of genuine Egyptian food, there are a couple of meals that are an outright need:

Fool (Fava beans).

A normal Egyptian breakfast typically includes fool marinaded in a velvety white sauce referred to as tehina prepared with vinegar and olive oil. It features various herbs and flavors and is the most typical Egyptian breakfast.


This will become your preferred meal if you’re a fan of carbohydrates. Koshary is a mix of pasta, rice, lentils, and chickpeas topped with fried onion flakes, tomato paste, and a garlic-vinegar dressing.


Do not evaluate a book by its cover since it tastes much better than it looks. Molokhia is comparable to a green, thick soup made from the leaves of Jute leaves and is likewise understood as Jew’s Mallow.


Packed veggies are preferred in Middle Eastern foods. In Egypt, the most typical veggies are zucchini, aubergine, and green bell peppers. These veggies are filled with a mix of rice, herbs, and minced meat.

Cairo Nightlife.

While Cairo is not thought about as a go-to location for its nightlife, you’ll certainly discover alternatives to have a great time. Here are a couple of locations you can dance the night away in Cairo.

Cairo Jazz Club.

They hold occasions every night of the week and share their schedule on their site and Facebook page. You’ll discover bands playing covers, Egyptian folkloric music, underground DJs, and artists showing their skills as well as particular nights committed to a type of category.

The Tap.

Found on both the east and west sides of Cairo, The Tap has rapidly ended up being a hit in the celebration scene in Cairo. Any night of the week, you can head over and get a beverage while listening to excellent music, playing football, and simply having an excellent laugh. The Tap likewise holds occasions on specific nights of the week and is a lot more crowded on the weekend.


Seem like striking a club that’s on the Nile? Sass is a docked Nile boat that neglects an interesting view. This is an excellent area to take pleasure in a beverage or 2 in a relaxing atmosphere before the music shows up. Everybody begins dancing beside their table in the evening.


Among the most popular bars lies in Zamalek and can get loaded. However, while this bar is an excellent location to experience residents chuckling and enjoying, it can get a little too packed and smokey.

Downtown Cairo.

If you’re trying to find something a bit more Egyptian, then the Horreya coffee shop downtown is the answer. Downtown, you’ll discover several regional bars within the waking range that provide a more chill and unwinded environment and serve regional alcohol. Because of their close distance from each other, it’s best for a club crawl.

San Marino.

Found in Maadi, this cool club uses darts and billiards, and is simple to make brand-new good friends over a casual video game and a couple of beverages.

Things to do in Cairo.

Cairo has a lot to use due to its abundant history, fantastic culture, and limitless activities that every digital nomad will definitely like. While the list is unlimited, here are the important things you should perform in Cairo.

Pyramids of Giza.

You can not remain in Egypt and not go to among the seven marvels of the world: The pyramids of Giza. While the location is very little looked after, it will still wonder how huge the pyramids are. While you’re there, you can take pleasure in a camel flight and even go horseback riding in the desert.

Cruise a Felucca on the Nile river.

Any Nile cruise will leave you in wonder. However, if you’d like to include a meal in your night, there are Nile cruises that provide a dining experience, such as Fel Felucca in Maadi.

Egyptian museum.

The Egyptian museum, formerly situated in Tahrir square, houses ancient Egyptian artifacts that will wonder. It will hold many ancient Egyptian artifacts and the whole Tutankhamen collection.

Coptic and Islamic Cairo.

A strolling trip in Old Cairo is an outright must. As you walk by the amazing architecture and historic websites, you’ll come through the Hanging church, the Coptic Museum, the Babylon Fortress, and lots of other churches that include the historical elements of Cairo. Old Cairo is likewise house to mosques that will leave you in outright wonder.

Moez Street.

In the very same location as Khan el Khalily, Moez street lies and is an outright need if you’re trying to find something genuine, Asian, and sensational. This pedestrian street is filled with astonishing middle ages and Islamic architecture. Not just will you discover lovely mosques, but you’ll likewise come across a couple of structures that are historic websites and even hold must-see standard cultural and dance occasions such as the Tanoura program, which is held at Wekalet el Ghouri cultural.

Cairo Tower.

Found in Zamalek, the 187-meter tower provides a breathtaking view of Cairo as it neglects the Nile, too. It is an amazing view and is particularly quiet when the city illuminates and comes alive during the night. This website is the 2nd most popular destination in Cairo after the pyramids.

Water activities on the Nile.

While riding a Falouka is a relaxing activity to do in Cairo, several enjoyable water sports are hung on the Nile, too. These consist of kayaking, rowing, and even windsurfing. Therefore, it is constantly best to inspect the weather condition to ensure that it is windy enough to windsurf.





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