How to be a Digital Nomad in Florianopolis, Brazil

How to be a Digital Nomad in Florianopolis, Brazil

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Beach and buildings Beira Mar Norte / Florianopolis. Santa Catarina Brazil. July 2017

A Digital Nomad Guide to Florianópolis

 Found in the south of Brazil, the sun-drenched city of Florianópolis– typically referred to by locals as Floripa– is a preferred haunt among wave-chasing surfers and digital nomads alike. With its broad, sandy beaches, yummy Brazilian food, and up-and-coming remote working scene, it’s an excellent place to base yourself during the European winter season to continue taking pleasure in great weather and good vibes, too.

 Contribute to that vibrant Brazilian culture, friendly locals, and breathtaking landscapes you’ll find here, and there’s plenty to enjoy about Florianópolis. The capital of southern Brazil’s Santa Catalina state, it is, in fact, an island with an impressive 42 beaches in total, which is connected to the mainland by the remarkable Hercilio Luz bridge. With its saltwater lagoons, waterfalls, and verdant forest, it’s a nature enthusiast’s dream, but don’t let that fool you– as for those who desire it, there’s a lot of action to be had here, too.

 Florianópolis is one of the most checked-out locations in Brazil and one of the most popular backpacking destinations on the south coast, and it’s easy to see why. It isn’t simply breathtakingly lovely and achingly cool. Still, it is fast becoming a center for nomadic digital creators, providing a wide variety of brand-new co-working spaces encouraging both productivity and a collective way of working, and lots of work-friendly coffee bars, too.

 For digital nomads taking a trip on and earning foreign currency, your cash will go a long way here, making living costs relatively inexpensive. Rent, groceries, and eating out will all cost you a portion of what they do in most European and American cities, for example– which suggests you’ll have lots of disposable earnings left over for partying the night away and hanging out with the residents.

 As holds in much of Brazil, you’ll require to be prepared for some administration at times, with basic procedures like paying utility expenses and sending out parcels still frustratingly complex and sluggish and numerous services still not available online. Brazil is, in some ways, taking its time to move into the digital age, but if you’re prepared to embrace a slower and more traditional pace of life, then you’ll have no trouble settling in. If not, then the miles-upon miles of golden, sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons will likely soon alter your mind because with such beauty on your doorstep, it’s tough to stay stressed for long.

Florianopolis, Brazil. 15/09/2020: Tablet available for airport check-in. Important to avoid queues in a pandemic period. Queue on background. Selective focus.

 Florianópolis Visa

 Presently, there isn’t a visa specifically created for digital nomads looking to work remotely in Florianópolis– however; nevertheless, it is reasonably simple to go into and remain for approximately six months thanks to a variety of standard visa alternatives. Generally speaking, many nationalities are given a 90-day remain in the country on entry and can then extend this for as much as 180 days in 365 days. Need to overstay, you’ll be charged a daily fee for the period worried when you leave– although this still isn’t suggested even if you don’t mind investing the additional money, as the prospective legal ramifications are a risk most will not wish to take.

 Brazil is a big country, and it would take you lots of months– if not years– to explore its highlights, so need to you find yourself wishing to stay for longer than the allowed 180 days, you might like to check out one of the following choices:

 Extension of tourist visa: As discussed, you may extend your preliminary 90-day tourist visa for an additional 90 days, normally without issue– but make certain to do this before the preliminary visa expires as otherwise, your application may be rejected.

 Trainee visa: Students wanting to study in Brazil are permitted longer stays; however, if this is the case for you, you need to apply before arriving in Brazil at a Brazilian Consulate or Embassy– not on arrival.

 Work visa: Should you land work in Brazil, you may be eligible for a work visa, but you need to apply before formally beginning your role. It would be best to have a guaranteed position currently, or your application won’t be authorized.

 Financiers visa: Should you fall so in love with Brazil that you’d like to purchase an organization here, then you may be thought about for a financiers’ visa. Presently, immigrants are needed to invest a minimum of R$ 500,000 in a brand-new or existing Brazilian business to be qualified. You may be able to protect a visa by investing less, but such cases will be thought about subjectively, so there are no warranties.

 The cost of living in Florianópolis

 For those earning foreign currencies, life in Brazil is pretty good, and the American dollar, British pound, and Euro will all go a long way here. As discussed formerly, the current exchange rate at the time of writing is 7.5 Brazilian reais to the British pound, 6.4 to the Euro, and 5.5 to the US dollar, which implies your revenues as a digital nomad employed by a foreign business or as a freelancer will go a long way.

 On average, you can expect to spend up to $1,600 per month living in Florianópolis, which will cover lodging, month-to-month utility costs, cars and truck rental, and co-working area in addition to groceries and eating in restaurants– so a generous spending plan that includes the expense of socializing with pals. However, if you’re the type who chooses to live an easier life and navigate on foot or by public transportation, and you enjoy enough working from WiFi cafes. Then, there are some considerable cost savings to be made on this quantity.

 As for daily spending, you can expect to pay in the region of $1.61 for a domestic beer in a local bar, $1.20 for a coffee in a cafe or coffee shop, and under $5 for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant. Kilo dining establishments– self-service design eateries where you pay by the weight of the food you put onto your plate are cost-efficient places to eat some tasty local fare and will conserve you numerous reais or dollars a pop– remember not to overdo it and pile on more than you could potentially consume, which is quickly carried out in locations like these!

 The Best Time to Visit Florianópolis

 Like much of Brazil, summer seasons in Florianópolis are hot, damp, and can feel oppressive– however, by contrast, winters are long, cool, and windy. Southern Brazil experiences the seasons more significantly than cities do even more north, and it can even snow here in the winter season. As a result, you’ll experience some cloudiness and rain throughout the year, which can be a relief during the summer season and a welcome opportunity to cool down a little– if only temporarily.

 The best time of year to spend time here is from late March to late June and between early August and early December. At these points, you’ll be able to enjoy hot and sunny weather conditions without the summer season crowds, who descend from late December till the end of January, when lots of Brazilians take a month off work– and once again from late February to early March, during ‘Carnaval.’

 Florianópolis Insurance and Medical Care

 In Brazil, foreign nationals are entitled to emergency medical treatment in Brazilian public medical facilities. Still, these tend to be crowded at the best of times and offered the existing climate.

 To access treatment at a personal medical facility, you’ll need to provide evidence of sufficient funds beforehand or present an appropriate insurance plan– so it’s wise to get as extensive a policy as you can pay for before taking a trip into the nation.

Pier with villas in the tropics of Brazil. Florianopolis

 Work in Florianópolis

 While internet speeds in Brazil aren’t the best compared to many of the European and American cities frequented by digital nomads, Florianopolis does pretty well in the grand scheme of things, with typical speeds standing at around 53.3 Mbps.

 And, with a range of contemporary and friendly co-working spaces and easygoing WiFi cafes serving delicious food and excellent coffee in which to set yourself up for a day of work, the digital nomad here is well accommodated.

Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

 We Cowork It Out

 With private workplaces readily available to rent for $300 monthly, plus a variety of communal work areas at substantially less, We Cowork It Out uses the ideal set-up for all types of remote employees– whether you prefer to go it alone or take a more collaborative approach. If you’re trying to find a peaceful area with fantastic views of the surrounding tropical landscape, then this place ticks all the right boxes, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in lots of natural light throughout the day. The main office, of course, can get busy– so bring earphones if you’re not renting a private office and are required to remain ‘in the zone.

 O Sitio

 Nestled in the heart of Lagoa da Conceição among the verdant foliage of the Atlantic Forest, if you’re searching for somewhere distinct to work, then this place is for you. The perfect area for nature fans, O Sitio, enables you to reconnect with the natural environment as you all at once connect to its WiFi network. With more than a thousand square meters of green space surrounding it, it offers a peaceful and soothing atmosphere that will boost your productivity no end. Furthermore, this place has covered all bases with private parking, a fully equipped kitchen area, and different rooms and areas that can be utilized as offices or rented for occasions.

 Effect Hub Floripa Primavera

 Most digital nomads will be familiar with Impact Hub and use inspiring work areas and a dynamic neighborhood; this buzzy branch is the best location to link with others and understands other nomads and remote workers in Floripa. There are two other Impact Hubs in Florianópolis– Pedra Branca, and Beira Mar.

 Vilaj Co-working

 If you’re trying to find a vibrant, imaginative, and collective location to work, then look no more. Town drew in a range of business owners and remote employees from throughout the city and broader across the globe and was the first co-working space to open its doors in Santa Catalina. A fantastic place to increase productivity and delight in a spot of networking, with both personal and shared office spaces readily available depending upon your needs.

FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL - MAY 08, 2016: nice view of the empty street with lot of pedestrians at the corner outside the market.

 The Best Places to Live in Florianópolis

 Florianópolisis a large city with plenty of varied and various neighborhoods to pick from according to your tastes, requirements, and budget plan. In our opinion, there are three primary areas you’ll desire to consider as a digital nomad living in the city to get the best of what this dynamic tropical location has to use.


 The downtown location of Florianópolisis located at its heart, placing you right in the center of all the action. Add to that the broad selection of shops, restaurants, and bars scattered throughout the area, and you’ll never be brief of locations to consume, consume and go shopping.

 Lagoa da Conceição

 If you’re here for the browsing, then head straight to Lagoa– an easygoing, beachside location that comes alive after dark thanks to a growing nightlife scene. The best place to get in touch with other digital nomads, visitors, and expats, the vibe here is unwinded and friendly, and you’ll find lots of budget plan lodging and affordable regional dining establishments alongside all the necessary shops and features you’ll require. Lagoa is likewise home to a selection of co-working and coliving spaces and many internet coffee shops– and placing you simply a stone’s throw from the beach and the best waves of the day, there’s no better place to be based.


 That is, apart from Campeche. Another browsing hotspot, it’s a little more remote than Lagoa; however, if you take pleasure in the additional tranquility that features it, then it’s an exceptional choice. The browse is pumping, and the beach remains within walking distance. Still, you’ll discover fewer bars, dining establishments, and shops in the vicinity, so if you choose to live here during your time in the city, then you’ll wish to get used to cooking often in your home.


 A beach resort with plenty of accommodation choices along with a plethora of stylish restaurants, bars, and stores, it likewise takes place to be situated close to some especially gorgeous beaches, with calmer waters that are terrific for swimming. To put it merely, it’s the entire bundle; however, because it’s developed to accommodate tourism, you’ll pay a premium for lodging here when compared to somewhere else in the city.

 Culture and Food in Florianópolis


 Brazilian cuisines vary considerably by area due to the mix of indigenous and immigrant populations the nation is known for. So while in the north, typical foods like feijoada (a rich and salted sausage and black bean stew) display African influences, in the East, you’ll discover many Italian dishes like lasagne and polenta on the menu. In contrast, in the southern areas, which German immigrants more greatly colonized, you’ll discover several little towns filled with little coffee shops serving up standard German hot chocolate and apple strudel.

 Nonetheless, certain national meals are popular across the whole of Brazil. As a basic rule, you’ll discover rice and beans to be the staple components of practically every lunch and dinner in a Brazilian home. These are frequently accompanied by red meat- generally beef- and salad, although foods like chicken stew and fish typically feature. In addition, Brazilians enjoy gathering together with family throughout the summertime for a churrasco– a barbecue including numerous cuts of meat and served together with vinaigrette (a salsa made from onions, tomatoes, peppers) and farofa (a toasted cassava or cornflour mixture).

 Food is a vital part of Brazilian life, and in Florianópolisspecifically, fish and seafood function heavily on many restaurant menus. The local moqueca– or fish stew– is a must attempt and can be discovered at many dining establishments here, particularly those near the beach. A sequência de camarão– or seafood plate– on the other hand, tastes simply perfect when washed down with an ice-cold bottle of regional beer. At the same time, the cuzcuz de tapioca, a popular dessert made with milk or cream, tapioca, and plenty of sugar, is a decadent treat to round things off with.

 You’ll still find plenty of locations to try traditional Brazilian cuisine– like the kilo/self-service dining establishments, where you pay for your food by weight, and regional botecos (bars where you can consume cold beer and eat treats like feijoada and dobradinha), you’ll also discover plenty of more international dining alternatives in Florianópolis. Brazil is house to the 2nd biggest Japanese population outside of Japan, so sushi bars prevail here, and you’ll also discover lots of burger joints and Italian restaurants to select from, too.

The Hercilio Luz Bridge at night in Florianopolis Santa Catarina - Brazil.

 Florianópolis Nightlife

 Florianópolis provides a dynamic and varied nightlife scene that deals with all tastes, and from stylish beach clubs to easygoing clubs, it has all bases covered and beyond.

 Head to Jurerê beach or Lagoa at sundown for a vibrant environment and plenty of cold beer, with a range of food trucks, bars, and clubs to pick from and Happy Hour coinciding with the completion of the working day.

 For a little culture, make sure to head to a regional Forró night and find out some relocations– this romantic Brazilian design of dancing produces an excellent way to meet potential romantic partners, and there is a thriving scene for it in Florianopolis, with parties occurring throughout the year.

 Here are a few of our favorite venues to have a look at in Floripa for a night to keep in mind, whatever your ambiance happens to be:

 Coffee shop de la Musique, Jurerê

 Inspired by the European seaside resorts of Capri, Canne, and Monte Carlo, Cafe de la Musique brings in a sophisticated crowd trying to find a high-end night out, with international jet-setters and party fans making it their very first port of call when going to the city. So naturally, music differs, and once again, you’ll find a vibrant occasions calendar that is packed with not-to-be-missed events. For example, suppose you’re planning on staying for New Year. In that case, Cafe de la Musique provides among the very best Reveillon nights out in Floripa– however, make certain to book well beforehand, as this extremely desired location is the place everybody wishes to be.

 P12, Jurerê

 If you’re in Floripa throughout the summertime, P12, which opens in the afternoon and keeps entering into the evening, is the place to be. This fashionable beach club has hosted some big-name DJs and performers worldwide, consisting of international experience David Guetta– and serves up decadent cocktails in a stylish setting, along with the usual caipirinhas and beers.

 Milk, Jurerê

 A playground for the rich and popular, milk is frequently frequented by celebrities, designs, and other VIPs. It holds prestigious credibility as one of the most elegant high-end clubs on the island. Using a hip and contemporary feel and hosting various occasions of note throughout the year featuring popular DJs and musical artists, it’s a nighttime destination you’ll want to have on your radar.

 Black Swan Pub, Lagoa da Conceição

 If the laid-back club vibe is more your style, then make your method to the Black Swan– and run, do not walk. This international place, which an Englishman runs, hosts a range of live music events, with jazz and rock bands frequently making an appearance, and likewise doubles as a sports bar where fans can come and enjoy a variety of football, basketball, and tennis matches, together with other televised sporting events. Brits trying to find a house from home will undoubtedly feel comforted by the Guinness and English lagers readily available on tap.

 Florianópolis Transportation


 The regional bus system in Floripa is cheap and easy to use, although some services can get crowded around rush hour. For example, the Linhas Executives bus runs between the downtown location and primary beaches and expenses around $2 for a single journey– it’s simple to spot because it’s intense yellow!

 Local buses run on the Sistema Integrado de Mobilidade– an incorporated plan– and leave from the TICEN terminal, one block east of the city’s cross country bus station. However, to connect to any of the island’s many beaches, you’ll be required to head to among three other terminals– the Rio Tavares Terminal (TIRIO), the Lagoa da Conceição Terminal (TILAG), or the Canasvieiras Terminal (TICAN).


 Uber is offered in Florianópolis and is one of the quickest and easiest ways to navigate and, as in many locations, exercises as a cheaper alternative than taxis.


 While taxis are readily available here, they can be challenging to get to during peak times, particularly during the high season. The base fare is around R$ 7.25, with journeys charged at roughly R$ 4.25 per kilometer after that. However, suppose you need a motorist to await you while participating in a visit or event. In that case, you can anticipate the waiting time to be charged at R$ 20 per hour, making it far less expensive to book yourself an Uber to arrive and, after that, again when you are ready to leave.


 Automobile leasing is fairly priced in Brazil if you’re traveling on or making in foreign currency, and in Florianópolis, you can anticipate paying between $300– $400 USD each month. Considering it takes around two hours to obtain from the north and south points of Florianopolis, it’s worth it if you mean to do a lot of exploring and will save you a substantial amount of time.

JOAQUINA BEACH, FLORIANOPOLIS, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL - MARCH 22, 2009: Many colorfull sunshades at the beach. People relaxing and enjoying the sun and the sea.

Things to do in Florianópolis

There is plenty to see and do, from breathtaking beaches to legendary waterfalls while living the digital nomad life in Florianópolis. These were a few of our favorites:

Browse at Campeche

Florianópolis is understood for its outstanding browse scene and mostly has Campeche to thank for it. Providing outstanding waves in a stunning setting, it’s relatively constant, with the majority of the browse here originating from groundswells. It can get rather hectic in the water when the browse is up; however, the beach is likewise an excellent location to sit and view others, too.

Check out the regional market.

Every excellent digital nomad city has a market, and Florianópolis’ offering includes an abundance of succulent tropical fruits that you can stockpile for low rates. Regional fruits like mango, pineapple, and guava are well worth purchasing wholesale and reclaiming to your house, and you’ll likewise discover lots of veggies, artesanal items, and souvenirs if you’re buying something a little various. Constantly hectic with residents, it’s an excellent location to get a taste of Brazilian life and practice your Portuguese while you’re at it.

Roam the historic center

The old town of Florianópolis is reasonably little compared to other cities you might have resided in as a digital nomad; however, it’s still worth a checkout and is a beautiful location to take a night walk as the sun decreases before stopping briefly at one of the regional bars for a beer or caipirinha and a Brazilian petisco. The location handles brand-new energy at the weekends, with celebrations and occasions attracting crowds of individuals and producing an enjoyable and dynamic ambiance. From live music to capoeira, there’s often something going on a Saturday. With sights consisting of the Palacio Cruz e Sousa and the Catedral Metropolitana to take in along the way, it’s the ideal method to get familiarized with the city when you show up.

Walk on the beach at Barra da Lagoa.

Picturesque Barra Lagoa is a little beach town offering the best waves for the newbie wishing to discover to browse, and with a variety of browse schools found here, make certain to check it out if you wish to register for lessons. As the beach is long and flat, it’s likewise a fantastic location to take a morning or night walk or to sit and enjoy sundown over a cold bottle of Brahma.

Learn how to kitesurf

Florianopolis can be windy sometimes, which is among the primary factors it uses such terrific browse. And browsing isn’t the only sport this kind of weather condition benefits, with kite browsing another outstanding method for adrenaline addicts to kill time. A remarkable and high-energy sport that will usually need a couple of lessons to get you began, take a look at among the kite browsing schools situated along the location’s 42 various beaches where you’ll have the ability to acquire private classes or purchase a course of them to keep expenses down.

Trek the Costa da Lagoa

If you’re the outdoorsy type, then you’ll love the picturesque five-mile walking along the beautiful Costa da Lagoa– make sure to select a cool day to do it, or pack a lot of water and sunblock. Taking you on an attractive journey through jungles and previous waterfalls to the bayside location, where you’ll discover a few of the very best fresh, regional seafood; if the heat gets excessive for you, then you can constantly take the 15-minute water taxi back at the end.

Have a look at the Hercilio Luz Bridge

The Hercilio Luz bridge was constructed to link the island of Santa Catalina to the mainland, so you’ll likely encounter it– rather actually– at some time. The biggest suspension bridge in all of Brazil extended on for an excellent 819 meters and was developed over four years in the 1920s. It’s an excellent sight to see from a range and worth snapping a couple of pictures of.






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