How to be a Digital Nomad in London England

How to be a Digital Nomad in London England

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London, Uk - July 03, 2013. London Tower Bridge And Canary Wharf

A Digital Nomad Guide to London

London is the capital and biggest city in the United Kingdom. A city that dates back 2,000 years is abundant in its history, culture, and ancient structures, which have ended up being some of the biggest monoliths of London and the world, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and lots of more.

London is the most inhabited city in the UK with 9.4 million people. London stands on the River Thames; however, the river cuts the city in half, producing both northern and southern London.

London is a multicultural city due to its worldwide political, cost-effective, and social ties with the remainder of the world. However, London is likewise among the most crucial cities when it concerns art, style, and style. All year-round, you’ll discover art exhibits, style weeks, and style reveals occurring making it rather an interesting location to be.

Other things to think about

Visa requirements and taxes

Your visa requirements depend upon your passport and existing circumstance. For example, the UK has visas for those running a service in the UK. And you ought to work with a migration attorney to see if that is an alternative.

Britains leave from the European Union will affect EU people residing in the UK as digital nomads. In previous years, EU residents might easily live as digital nomads in London. In the future, you will need to look at other alternatives.

Residing in London as a digital nomad is even more complex than residing in Southeast Asia or South America. The UK border force is even more rigid on operating in the UK without a working visa.

If you’re making substantial earnings as a digital nomad, it’s finest to work with migration or a tax legal representative.

What does London need to Offer?

LONDON, UK - JULY 6, 2016: People visit Covent Garden in London, UK. London is the most populous city in the UK with 13 million people living in its metro area.

Places for a Digital Nomad to work

Because London is such a big city, it is best to discover a workspace, coffee shop, or library near your house that uses WiFi. While they may not constantly be complimentary, here are a couple of choices to get you began:

Coffee shop Nero

This coffee shop has lots of branches located around the whole city, making it simple to search for a coffee shop in your location. While utilizing their complimentary WiFi, you can likewise take pleasure in a strong cup of coffee and get a bite from their sandwich or pastry shop area.


Rather comparable to Cafe Nero, Pret-a-Manger uses the same accessibility, web gain access to, coffee and food for a digital nomad searching for a location to work.

Libraries are constantly a terrific alternative for anybody trying to find a peaceful area to focus and work. Here, you can secure free web gain access to, often even computer system gain access to and a lot of books, info and resources offered. While there are lots of libraries throughout the city, here are a couple of to have a look at.

Bethnal Green Library

This Victorian structure provides complimentary WiFi; however, it can be intricate to establish. It lies right beside Bethnal Green Tube station and operates on weekdays from 10 am -6 pm.

BFI Reuben Library

Found in South Bank, the library is divided into three areas with 24 private workspaces, public computer systems, and six big desks. This library operates on weekdays from 10.30 am– 7 pm.

Westminster Reference Library

This library is an outright gem with its unbelievable interior and peaceful and stylish environment. Found near Piccadilly Circus, this library opens on weekdays from 10 am– 8 pm.

British Library

If you’re searching for a workspace packed with business owners and small company owners, you’re bound to discover them at the British Library. While the WiFi is not complimentary, it is still an excellent coworking area that operates on weekdays from 9.30-8 pm.

The Internet and coworking areas

In the larger cities, you will get to take pleasure in a free WiFi hotspot. If you are transferring to a huge city, anticipate a fast web connection, unlike the countryside, where it is much slower.

Many huge cities provide numerous coworking areas where you can work from. You likewise get to participate in nomad neighborhood meetups and conferences from time to time.

Coworking areas in London

Huckletree Shoreditch, 18 Finsbury Square

The CUBE, Studio 5, 155 Commercial St.

Rentadesk, 35 Little Russell St, Bloomsbury.

Coworking Spaces in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

School North, Sunco House, 5 Carilol Square.

Toffee Factory, Lower Steenberg Yards, Quayside, Ouseburn, Walker Rd

. Coworking areas in Brighton.

The Skiff, Ironworks, 30 Cheapside.

Wired Sussex, New England House, The FuseBox, New England St.

Leisure in England.

London - England, UK - June 28, 2014 - Movement of boats on the Thames. The London Eye on background. London

As much as Englishmen believe in effort, they likewise value enjoyment. With the nation’s dynamic history, which is apparent in all its cities, town, and towns, there are several destinations to check out for travelers. The renowned Big Ben, the spooky Tower of London, Hyde Park, the strange Stonehenge are a few of the must-sees.

The British countryside, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland are the best to check out, hopping off the beaten tracks.

Things to understand before showing up.

People of some nations, specifically EU nations, can take a trip easily to the UK without a visa. Discover out more in our short article about visas for the UK.

The expense of living in London.

London is among the world’s most costly cities. Living expenses are significantly higher than numerous other digital nomad locations around the globe.

The GBP stays among the world’s greatest currencies. And living expenses do show this. If you pick to reside in London as a digital nomad, you will require the online earnings to match it.

This post will break down the most substantial expenditures you will need to invest to be a digital nomad in London.

Lodging Expenses.

London has a large hotel and Airbnb choice. In addition, the web in London is usually high-speed.

Leasing in London can be a complex procedure. Landlords in the city will frequently require evidence of profits.

It’s still possible to lease in London. However, the closer you are to Central London, the more you will pay. Leasing a shared space in zones 1 and 2 typically averages at 700 GBP monthly.

If you want to have the whole location to yourself, you’re most likely to pay 1000 GBP monthly. On the other hand, if you desire less expensive lodging in London, you will require to remain in zone 5 to 6.

The cost of hotels and hostels differ in London. You can discover hostel dormitories for 15 GBP per night or budget plan hotels for 40 GBP per night.

Airbnb spaces can be costly in London. You can discover more affordable spaces in zone 5 and 6. You will be fortunate to discover a space for less than 50 GBP a night in zone 1 and 2.

If you desire to conserve cash in London, it’s finest to lease a space. The excellent thing about London is the short-term nature of the city.

Food Expenses.

Food in London can be pricey. For example, if you’re eating in restaurants in Central London, you will pay 10-20 GBP per meal. The costs of eating in restaurants show the truth that London is among the world’s most affluent cities.

London does have some fantastic budget plan choices. Grocery stores can be inexpensive, and Aldi and Lidl are excellent alternatives to discover low-cost food. These are your finest choices for cutting expenses.

If you aren’t on a budget plan, then London is best.

Consume Expenses.

And you can discover terrific bars prevalent throughout London. For example, the typical rate of a pint of beer in London is around 4.50 GBP.

Usually speaking, a good night out in London will be expensive. The typical cost of a night out in London is 70 GBP. However, you can constantly discover surprise gems here and there.

Transportation Expenses.

LONDON, UK - JULY 7, 2016: People walk by Lyric Theatre in West End, London, UK. West End theatres sold 14.4 million tickets in 2013.

Transportation in London is among the most pricey expenses of the city. However, the least expensive choice to navigate is the popular London Underground. An outstanding method to conserve cash is to buy an Oyster Card.

You can utilize several modes of transportation, such as black taxis that are metered and controlled; however, they can be expensive. Uber is an option; however, they aren’t more affordable, if at all. And you get a more genuine London experience in the black taxis.

A widespread choice is to utilize a Santander Bike, frequently called a ‘Boris Bike.’ The bikes expense 2 GBP for limitless journeys of approximately 30 minutes within 24 hours. Any trip over 30 minutes will charge you 2 GBP for every single additional 30 minutes.

That can take a little while to get utilized to. Otherwise, transport in London specifically is well-connected and uses several choices to quickly move from one location to another. A digital nomad can utilize the underground, overground National train service, buses, taxis, or bikes to move around in the UK.

The underground system, most typically described as the ‘tube’ in London, is the most typical type of transport. It links London and Greater London together and is the fastest transport to navigate. However, it can be a bit pricey.

Kids under 11 years of age travel free, and those under 16 get marked down fares. For grownups, the fares are as follows:

The majority of individuals living close to main London utilize Zones 1 and 2. Therefore, if you move around in this location, you might acquire a weekly 7-day travel card for ₤ 36.10.

Weather condition.

The British love to groan about the weather condition. And if you’ve ever resided in the United Kingdom, you will comprehend why. The UK is seldom too hot or cold; it’s hardly ever bright either.

London frequently has bleak and bleak weather conditions. London and rain go together. If you’re searching for a city that provides wonderful bright weather conditions, then London may not be for you.

The city’s temperature level averages 22 Celsius in the summer season. However, there are numerous digital nomad hotspots in Europe with much better weather conditions.

Where to Live in London.

LONDON, UK - 24 June, 2018: Pre pandemic London with big crowd, lots of people, such as tourists and shoppers at Covent Garden area. Red telephone booth as a symbol of London and England, UK.

Finest Neighbourhoods in London.

London is a big city; however, the great thing about it is that it is all well-connected due to the outstanding transport system. While numerous digital nomads like to be in the heart of the city where all the income is, others may choose the tranquility, peace, and appeal of the borders of London and select to go into the hustle and bustle of London just when need be.

Notting Hill.

Found in West London, Notting Hill is a safe, lively, and vibrant location that houses high-end dining establishments, stores, and casual coffee shops. On the weekend, Notting Hill turns into a consumer’s dream with the well-known Portobello Market, where you can discover antiques, arts and crafts, street food as well as street entertainers.


If you’re looking to remain away from the congested city and delight in living close to River Thames, then Kingston can be a fantastic location for a digital nomad. Unfortunately, while Kingston is a fantastic location, it can be hard to get into schools due to schools’ high needs and low schedules.

Food and Culture.

London, UK - October 17, 2021: People and stalls inside Borough Market, one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, on a Sunday afternoon.

While British food isn’t expensive, a couple of British meals are a must-try. Integrate this with coffee or tea, and you’ve got a complete English breakfast.

Fish and chips are among the most typical meals to attempt in the UK. Fried fish with potato chips on the side can be discovered all around London and is a must-try. As for normal British meals to taste, Shepherd’s pie is the kind of meal you’ll discover at any supper.

While British food isn’t expensive, a couple of British meals are a must-try. The British take breakfast seriously and have a couple of rather delicious meals.

Fried fish with potato chips on the side can be discovered all around London and is a must-try. As for common British meals to taste, Shepherd’s pie is the kind of meal you’ll discover at any supper. There are numerous various variations and extra active ingredients that make this British meal a work of art.

You’ll quickly come to recognize the significance of tea in British culture. Tea isn’t simply a drink accompanied by breakfast; however, it has ended up being a social activity and part of the culture to the level that it has its timing. So do not be amazed if you’re welcomed over for tea or to a tea celebration, as this is a method for Brits to link, interact socially and take pleasure in a cuppa while chitchatting.

Keep in mind that the British are extremely high on good manners and rules and, for that reason, take utilizing the ideal utensils rather seriously, specifically throughout an official supper. Therefore, when consuming a numerous course meal, keep in mind that you begin with the utensils on the outdoors and make your method inwards with each course.


London is house to some of the finest clubs and constantly has amazing nightlife to match various tastes. For beginners, you’ll discover some night trips and destinations in London by bus, boat, bike, or even on foot.

Brits truly take pleasure in drinking; therefore, bar crawls are substantial in London. Among the most typical locations for bar, crawls can be in Camden as it has its brewery and numerous bars providing a lively nightlife.

When it comes to bars and bars, you’ll discover a range of roof bars, relaxing clubs, standard bars, and other bars that will fit your taste. While there are unlimited choices in every area, here are a few of the very best clubs you can discover in London.

Things to do in London.

Buckingham Palace With Flowers Blooming In The Queen's Garden, London, England

London is filled with various activities and things to do, making sure that despite your concept of enjoyment, you’ll discover something to do. Whether you’re searching for a cultural experience, historical experience, home entertainment, or unwinding things to do, you’ll discover all of it in London. Here are the leading things for a digital nomad to do to experience London at its finest.

Hyde Park.

One of the most popular parks in London is no other than Hyde Park. Here, you’ll discover open green areas where you can go for a picnic, sit back and check out or play with your kids.

Buckingham Palace.

The audio guide is no other than the Prince of Wales, successor to the throne, making it a special experience. For 45 minutes, you’ll see a program that will make you fall in love with London and take pleasure in the regular jobs that take place on a routine basis in the Queen’s world.

South Bank and London Eye.

South Bank isn’t simply a location that ignores the River Thames; however, it is likewise where you get to experience a scenic view of the whole city by taking a trip to the London eye. The stunning district is fantastic for a peaceful view or getting a bite or a beverage among the charming dining establishments or bars ignoring the river. Do not forget the street efficiencies that draw in travelers from all over the world on the weekend, making it an amazing location to be.

China Town.

While China Town utilized to be understood as the house to immigrants from China, it is now a popular traveler location in London. This location is different from the rest of the city and where you feel like you’ve left London and set foot actually in the heart of China.

Big Ben.

You most likely currently understand that a person of London’s many renowned landmarks is Big Ben, which is the clock tower’s biggest bell. What makes Big Ben so popular is that it is thought of as the most precise clock in the world. You can even take a trip inside the belfry when it chimes to the hour.

London Zoo.

London Zoo isn’t simply a location for kids; it is an academic and interactive experience for both grownups and kids alike. Here you’ll discover penguins diving for their food, monkeys messing around, and even get to see live tigers. The animal programs are intriguing, and you can even register to be a zookeeper for the day.

Physical fitness and Health.

Searching for a health club in London will not be tough to discover; however, subscriptions can differ significantly based upon the area and centers being provided. Health clubs in London can cost anywhere between ₤ 15-80 each month.

Suppose you’re looking for something else to do and are interested in getting fit for complimentary around London. In that case, several choices can assist you in reaching your objectives, fulfilling brand-new individuals, and taking pleasure in being active. Here are a couple of alternatives.


Since London is filled with open spaces and plants, it’s rather simple to discover a fascinating and gorgeous course to become your brand-new running path. However, if that doesn’t cut it out for you, you’ll discover a number of organized runs you can participate in totally free such as ASICS Running Club.


Whether you select to utilize among the stationed bikes, utilize a bike-sharing app, or on your bike, biking through the big parks can be an exceptional method to reach your physical fitness objectives while shedding a couple of pounds. Also, make certain to look at the Go Sky flight for freecycling meetups occurring nearby.

Outside health clubs.

In most huge parks, you’ll discover an outside fitness center offered that anybody can utilize. Not just will these assist you to adhere to a physical fitness regimen without paying an arm and a leg, however, will likewise offer you the opportunity to satisfy other physical fitness enthusiasts who pertain to these locations to exercise, too.

Sweaty Betty.

Sweaty Betty provides a number of physical fitness classes free throughout their places. However, they tend to fill up rather rapidly as restricted areas are readily available, so be sure to book ahead.

London Friday Night Skate.

Every Friday at 8 pm, you’ll discover a lot of skaters at Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner, prepared to start the weekend with a remarkable skate. It’s a terrific method to get fit while skating along the green paths with a few of the coolest individuals in London.

London for Families.

LONDON, UK - JULY 7, 2016: People walk near Big Ben in London, UK. London is the most populous city in the UK with 13 million people living in its metro area.

Regardless of your citizenship, if you’re a local in London, you’re entitled to be part of the public education system provided by the nation. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to use great schools and generally indicates that the great schools have a long waiting list of other citizens attempting to get into the school.

While most people obtain state-funded schools, independent schools are offered in London, too. However, they come with rather a price tag even though their academic systems are worth it.

Insurance Coverage and Medical Care in London.

The UK offers among the very best health care systems worldwide. If you’re a local in London, you’re probably entitled to complementary health care by the NHS. You can secure free NHS health care if you have.

  • A legitimate visa and have paid the migration health additional charge.
  • A legitimate visa and are exempt from paying the migration health additional charge.
  • Consent to remain as a relative of an EEA resident who has been residing in London before Brexit.
  • Have an EHIC insurance coverage card.

If you’re from Norway, Iceland, or Switzerland.

NHS treatment provides the following.

  • Going to a GP in your area.
  • Getting treatment in a health center for mishaps or emergencies.
  • Family planning services.
  • Treatment for persistent or contagious illness.
  • Recommendations for medical professionals by your GP.
  • Required psychiatric treatment.

While other advantages can be supplied by NHS treatment, your privilege to them will vary according to your visa and the length of time you intend on remaining in London.

If you are not a ‘generally resident,’ you might be needed to spend for NHS services or be needed to gain access to personal treatment in the UK, which could be rather pricey. In this case, it is encouraged to have worldwide medical insurance from your house nation that permits you to be covered for any health care problems or mishaps that might occur throughout your stay.


LONDON, UK - APRIL 24, 2016: People visit duty free shops in London Stansted Airport, UK. With 22.5 million passengers in 2015 Stansted was the 4th busiest airport in the UK.

London is certainly a fantastic location for digital nomads because of its impressive telecoms facilities. Because of that, you can work on as many tasks as you desire. So whether you wish to consult with fellow digital nomads in Hyde Park or operate in a few of London’s architecturally gorgeous libraries, you have a lot of areas to get your work done.

As a digital nomad simply starting, you now understand why London is a leading competitor in the hunt for discovering a terrific place to work today; it’s likewise essential that you understand a few of the very best methods to make as a digital nomad. You can normally make it as a digital nomad in these three methods.


With the abundance of web gain access that London needs to use, beginning an online shop is ideal for having your shop work for you 24/7 with no connection disturbances. You are simply required to identify what you wish to offer, develop a domain around the name, and develop an easy-to-use site.

It’s completely great if you feel you’re not tech-savvy sufficient to develop a site … that’s regular. is easy to use for all levels of site structure know-how.


Freelance work is most likely the hardest method to make earnings as a digital nomad merely due to the fact that it requires time to discover customers that require work performed in the locations you focus on. However, in that very same token, independent work is likewise the digital nomad task type that permits you to identify what you get paid for your services and your accessibility to do your services.




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