How to be a Digital Nomad in Montevideo, Uruguay

How to be a Digital Nomad in Montevideo, Uruguay

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Montevideo, Uruguay - 01 May 2016: The marina in Montevideo, Uruguay

A Digital Nomad Guide to Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, the political and financial center of the nation, and the administrative head office of MERCOSUR. It rests on the Río de la Plata, where the Montevideo bay and the primary port of the area lie. It is the 19th biggest metropolitan area in Latin America and the ninth regarding buying power per occupant.

With 1.325.968 occupants, it was categorized as the city with the very best lifestyle in Latin America in 2018. In addition, it is amongst the very first ten most checked-out cities in Latin America by immigrants.

Montevideo is complete with culture and history. The Old City of Montevideo is a location of 8 by 12 blocks where you will discover structures that were witnesses of its 300 years of colonial history.

Its memories, music, fragrances, architecture, cultural expressions, and cosmopolitan customs are shown in its streets, however, likewise in the musical customs that consist of the candombe, tango, and the regional version of murga; all of which are established in the Río de la Plata basin and are now Montevideo’s favorites.

The city is understood for its numerous parks, tree-lined streets, sandy beaches, and broad opportunities. For its individuals of strolling and talking gradually and with broad smiles.

The cost of living in Montevideo

A studio in the center can cost 400 USD and a house with three bedrooms around 700 USD per month, while in the borders of the city, the rate drops to 300 and 600 USD per month. Many neighborhood structure expenses do not appear to go above 75 USD per month for a one-bedroom, one-living space apartment or condo.

For fundamental services like electrical energy, heating, cooling, water, trash, Internet, and transport, you can anticipate paying approximately 200 to 300 USD monthly.

Relating to transport, a typical ticket will cost you around a dollar, and a long taxi journey in Montevideo should not cost you more than 8 USD.

While in Multiahorro Express, you discover a kg of rice at 1,18 USD, in Disco, you get it at 0,99 USD. Anticipate paying 3,50 USD for 400 grams of mozzarella cheese, 1,20 USD for 12 eggs, 8 USD for 800 grams of veal schnitzel, 3,45 USD for a kilo of chicken, and 0,95 USD for half a kilo of tomatoes.

When it comes to dining establishments, breakfast in a mid-range dining establishment has a minimum worth of 5 USD per person with a beverage. An executive menu (with a beverage, bread, coffee, and dessert) can cost a minimum of 10 USD.

If you are under 55, healthcare will cost you about 100 USD monthly.

While the living expense will depend upon your way of life and the specific area, you must most likely prepare a regular monthly spending plan of around 2.500 USD to live easily.

All in all, we discovered Uruguay to be rather pricey, particularly compared to the rest of South America. However, there are likewise few competitors within Uruguay itself for particular markets: we saw when shopping at the shop that the majority of shops we went shopping at just brought a single pasta brand name, a single rice brand name, and so on.

Montevideo Visa

If you are an immigrant and desire to understand if you require a visa to get to Uruguay, the National Directorate of Migration site keeps an upgraded list of the visa program by the nation of your passport. On the occasion that you require a visa, the Consulates of the Republic of Uruguay abroad are in charge of getting visa applications. They will notify you of the requirements you need to finish using.

In addition, all individuals need a passport to get into Uruguay, other than people from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, and the United States. with legitimate identity file, taking a trip as travelers and from their native land.

To work lawfully in Uruguay, it is essential to have a work visa that you can likewise ask for at any of the nation’s consulates abroad.

Contact the regional Embassy or the Uruguayan Embassy Consular Services Department for more details concerning your specific case.

Finest Places to Live in Montevideo

Architecture of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay

  • Pocitos
  • Malvin
  • Prado
  • Cordón
  • La Comercial
  • Ciudad Vieja


Among the finest communities in Montevideo is Pocitos, with excellent industrial activity. In addition, it is understood as the area in Montevideo with the most nightlife, without ending up being an annoyance for those who choose to rest after a long day at the beach. For all these factors, it is a reasonably costly community.


Many likewise choose to reside in Malvin because it is a peaceful house, suitable for households as it has schools and leisure locations. You can head out in the evening without concerns; however, just like Pocitos, the lease is not low-cost compared to other locations. It is likewise near Punta Gorda and Malvín beaches, with great sand and calm waters.


The Prado area maintains a European air. Kids have numerous areas to play and have enjoyment, making it a location for households. In addition, Prado Park has a location of 106 hectares of stunning nature.


Suppose you are looking for a less expensive location, attempt looking for a house in the Cordón area. Here you can discover the National Library and the well-known University of the Republic, the biggest in Uruguay.

La Comercial

La Comercial is another exceptional alternative for university students. In La, a commercial lease is more affordable without compromising security levels. It is likewise extremely near the Aguada university area.

Ciudad Vieja

If you prepare to check out the city for a brief time, the finest area is Ciudad Vieja, with a distinct mix of its colonial past and its modern-day present. Years ago, it was a simple property location; however, it is complete with structures with workplaces of ministries and banks and locations with cultural galleries, stores, discos, and dining establishments. This community is perfect for checking out Montevideo’s historic websites, such as the Puerta de la Ciudadela, the Matriz Church, the Montevideo Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Museum of Pre-Columbian Indigenous Art.

Find an Apartment in Montevideo

The large bulk of apartments or condos in Montevideo are unfurnished; you can still discover provided homes, as long as you are ready to pay a lot more because they are normally for individuals on a getaway that looks for brief rental agreements.

To lease an unfurnished home, the renter needs to provide a wage invoice or earnings certificate for the last three months. In addition, the occupant should provide a genuine warranty; that is another department in the nation. In Montevideo and Canelones, it is asked for at the workplaces of the Ministry and in the rest of the nation at the ANV workplaces.

When signing a lease, the property’s charges need to be thought about (normally, they are equivalent to one month’s lease), and the VAT representing the agreement. So if you have picked a residential or commercial property, it needs to offer them a quantity equivalent to half a month’s lease to book it.

A studio in the center can cost 400 USD and a house with three bedrooms around 700 USD monthly, while in the city’s borders, the rate drops to 300 and 600 USD monthly. If rather you desire a supplied house, the costs differ according to the time of year and the facilities between 500 and 2000 USD.

Jobs in Montevideo

Discovering a task in Uruguay as an immigrant is not simple; however, it is possible. If you’re not proficient in Spanish, your alternatives will likely be restricted to an English mentor (normally inadequately paid) or working on a call.

There is numerous worldwide business in the nation that look for the aid of immigrants who speak English well and can assist their companies in removing red tape. I suggest you browse the pages of global businesses based in Uruguay in the telecom sector, farming equipment, fuels, wind turbines, and fertilizers. Likewise, you can inspect Uruguayan businesses that export security and telecom devices, renewable resource devices, chemical items, farming devices, meat items, leather, and oil.

If you choose to attempt your luck straight in the nation, a few of the suggested sites are Linkedin, OpcionEmpleo, and Busco Jobs.

Teaching English will be your most convenient choice if you are a native English speaker without any expert experience in other sectors or do not speak Spanish. All of the websites listed below are rather comparable and have a host of task choices for mentor English: ESL Employment, Total ESL (a hectic user interface with a lot of task posts for mentor tasks abroad), ESL Cafe, and Tesla.

Finest Places to Work in Montevideo

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY, APRIL - 2018 - Crafts and antiquities at traditional stand market in ciudad vieja district in Montevideo city, Uruguay

Montevideo has contemporary coworking and coliving areas that resolve all the workplace requirements for a regular monthly payment.

Sinergia UY

Sinergia UY has coworking workplaces in the Palermo area (Av. The WTC coworking area is committed to Fintech advancements, and the Design one is created for artists, professional photographers, and style designers. Rates for a versatile work environment start at 80 USD per month plus tax.


In this coworking area, it is possible to lease desks, personal and shared workplaces, occasion and conference space, conference space, and a workplace for health-related endeavors, considering that there are individuals who do reiki or massage therapists, amongst others. In addition to the web service, they provide a front desk with secretarial attention, gastronomic and snack bar service, a typical cooking area, a lockers area, and free bike service. Prices begin at 160 USD per month plus tax.

Co-Work Latam

Co-Work Latam, situated in Tiburcio Gómez 1330, a couple of meters from the Montevideo Shopping Center, has glazed conference spaces, fish tank type, with colored chairs where silence is appreciated. Prices begin at 125 USD per month plus tax.

Molino CoWork

They have closed workplaces, neighborhood tables, conference space for 12 individuals, living space, Television prepared-to-task, coffee services, and printing services. They likewise provide company breakfasts, after-office propositions, and workdays on weekends. The strategies are per day for one, 4, 6 months, or yearly.

Culture and Food in Montevideo

In Montevideo, you can discover among the very best meat on the continent. Since animals are among the most crucial products in the nation, barbecue is specialized.

You can delight in charming cuts of meat in nearly any dining establishment. However, it is compulsory to go to Mercado del Puerto, among the most tourist locations in the capital with plenty of stalls serving grilled meat. Make sure to attempt the Uruguayan-cut gizzards and empanadas from Empanadas Carolina (regional 20), a common Latin American meal of baked dough packed with experienced meat. This household service serves the most delicious empanadas in the area.

Beyond the marketplace, La Pulperia (Lagunillas 448 esq. J. Núñez, Punta Carretas) has the very best barbecue in Montevideo. The dining establishment has an easy menu and is just open throughout supper.

La silenciosa (Ituzaingo 1426) is a dining establishment with centuries-old stone walls and marble floorings. It was previously an 18th-century Jesuit convent and, before ending up being a dining establishment, it ended up being a distinguished-style home. Here, you can enjoy homemade pasta, meat, and fish meals with a French touch.

Restaurant Sucré Salé (Boulevard Artigas 1271 corner Charrua), in the stunning historical Alliance Francaise structure with a water fountain and an iron gazebo in the yard, provides a menu based upon French meals. It’s open for breakfast, lunch, and breakfast on the weekends and uses an entirely different experience from all the other dining establishments in the area.

La Cocina de Pedro (Av Gonzalo Ramírez 1483) is a premium dining establishment with a stylish minimalist design and an open-plan kitchen area. The menu has an amazing range of advanced tastes. You can taste common Uruguayan meals or pasta, risottos, fish, salads, and premium sandwiches here.

Es Mercat (Colon 1550), situated in the old town, is the finest seafood dining establishment in the city. Es Mercat provides outstanding food, careful discussion, and a fantastic environment.

Uruguay produces some of the finest beef in the world. On the other hand, we discovered the rest of the food not to have. There wasn’t too much worldwide variety in the food readily available: many everybody appeared to serve some mix of a chivito (beef, mayo, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mozzarella on a plate or as a sandwich), empanadas, pizza (a various monster than Italian pizza, photo a softer crust and whiter, blander cheese), or * fainá * (a chickpea-based flatbread that we discovered relatively dull).

Montevideo, Uruguay, Oct 09, 2018: Famous old town Montevideo port market, mercado del puerto, with its restaurants eateries serving famous national meat meals

Montevideo Nightlife

As in Buenos Aires, the Montevideo night begins rather late. Individuals collect in bars to have a beverage with their buddies between 11 PM and 2 AM and go to the clubs to dance around 3 AM. The celebration runs up until 6 or 8 AM!

The nightlife choices are diverse and focused on audiences of various ages and musical tastes. The deal varies from top-level dining establishments, bars to begin drinking, and clubs with live music to advanced bars and underground clubs.

A couple of years back, the Montevideo nightlife had relocated to the Old City, where there was a big concentration of residents. Today the majority of the bars, discos, and dining establishments are focused on the location of Pocitos, Parque Rodó, and Punta Carretas.

The border between the Cordón and Parque Rodó communities is house to numerous bars such as the Irish bar Brickell (Blanes 1175), where you can listen to rock. In front of it, you will discover Después te Explico (Blanes 1188) which blends pop and business cumbia.

FunFun (Soriano 922) is a location where you will discover more travelers than Uruguayans; however, it is still worth the see given that it provides live music and a design that integrates sports and cultural components of Uruguay. Here you can consume pizza and empanadas while consuming alcohol made with red wine initially from that bar.

El Milongón (Gaboto 1810) is among the few locations in the city where you can dine viewing tango and folklore programs and begin dancing after that.

Barón (Santiago de Chile 1270) is a hair salon that conceals a bar and a dining establishment in the background. A couple of blocks away is Candy Bar (Durazno 1402 Esq. Ejido), an old area shop developed into a bar that uses charming potato tortillas.

On the other hand, if we discuss haute mixed drinks, among the most ingenious bars is Negroni (Guipúzcoa 352), and in a comparable vein, Moderno Bar at the Hyatt Centric Montevideo (Rambla Perú 1479).

The initial bar in the city is Bocanegra white wines & tapas (Ellauri Esq. García Cortinas). They offer you a magnetic card to choose your glass to attempt various ranges from electronic dispensers that suggest the rate per step. Uruguay is well-known for its Tannat red wine.

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY, FEBRAURY - 2018 - Rustic style bar at ciudad vieja district in Montevideo city, Uruguay

Things to do in Montevideo

Montevideo varies from the extreme commercial port to the unique areas along the beach. From the Mirador de la Intendencia, you can have a breathtaking view of the city and see the distinctions between numerous of its areas. Gain access is inside a gallery, next to the Montevideo Tourist Information point.

In Uruguay, the boardwalk is called “Rambla.” The Rambla of Montevideo is a large boardwalk, 20 kilometers long, that runs along the coast from Ciudad Vieja to the Carrasco community. It can be crossed early in the early morning or towards sundown when the occupants flock to stroll and consume mate, a popular South American infusion.

The Old City (Ciudad Vieja), which runs from the Mercado del Puerto to the Puerta del Sol, is the historical center of the city. It is a vibrant location, particularly on weekends, and one of the most amazing locations to consume Uruguayan meat. Likewise, several museums reveal Uruguayan histories, such as the Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art, the Carnival Museum, and the Tango Museum.

Independence Square is the primary square of Montevideo, and it marks the limitation between the Old City and the downtown location, previously understood as the New City. In addition, there is Puerta de la Ciudadela, which was the entryway to the old city of Montevideo.

Palacio Salvo, the symbol of Montevideo, is the 95-meter structure crowned by a dome on one side of the square. Today, much of the palace is houses. Checking-out hours start at 10:30 AM and last up until 1 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

It is likewise worth going to the Legislative Palace of Montevideo, which is the structure that houses the Legislative Power of Uruguay. The design is neoclassical, while the interior is divided into three primary naves. The perfect is to visit it at 7 PM when the Uruguayan flag is reduced.

El Prado is a property community situated in the main part of Montevideo that is understood for being the “lung of the city.” Here you can delight in Prado Park, the biggest of the six public parks in Montevideo.

Likewise, you can appreciate the Botanical Garden, which houses more than a thousand plant types and lies near the magnificent Prado Hotel and the governmental home.

History fans can go to the Obelisk of Montevideo and the La Careta monolith, the work of the carver José Belloni that includes a cart pulled by oxen and a gaucho on horseback which lies inside a pond.

Neighboring is the Estadio del Centenario, which hosted the last of the very first World Cup won by the Uruguayan group in Argentina in 1930. The value for the history of football of the Estadio del Centenario was acknowledged by FIFA, which declared it a World Football Monument in 1983.

Another community to find is Pocitos, among the earliest areas in Montevideo. In this area, old remodeled homes exist side-by-side with the highest towers in the city. The community’s boardwalk is constantly loaded with individuals throughout the summertime, and its beach is among the most popular.

From Ciudad Vieja to the Carrasco community you likewise discover Playa Ramírez, Playa Buceo, Playa Malvin, Playa Brava, Playa Honda, Playa de los Ingleses, Playa Verde, Playa la Mulata and Playa Carrasco. Montevideo has an overall of 10 beaches, all with brown water due to the reality that the city is near the mouth of the Río de la Plata, which brings a lot of land.

Montevideo Transportation

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY, AUGUST - 2020 - Crowded urban park day scene at punta carretas neighborhood, montevideo city, uruguay

Not just is it simple to take a trip to any part of the nation from Montevideo, but likewise, within the same city, movement is extremely basic. For example, you can access Montevideo’s Move public bike system if you do not have a bike.

You will discover buses that run throughout the city linking Carrasco with the location of Pocitos, Downtown, and Ciudad Vieja. However, the individuals of Carrasco have far more of cars and truck culture.

When they require to go beyond their community, they take the bus or a taxi. For example, individuals who live in Ciudad Vieja and Centro frequently go to the Pocitos location to go to the shopping center and the beach throughout the summer season.

Depending on the location, urbane transportation tends to take time. A typical ticket will cost you around a dollar, although you can discover less expensive alternatives depending on the time you utilize it or if you are a trainee. This card is prepaid, so any quantity of cash can be filled onto it at one of the numerous recharge points.

With the bus service, you will discover numerous taxis and remises. A remise is a personal automobile and motorist service that costs a little more than a taxi and accepts appointments over the phone.

Taxi is the finest alternative to go from the airport to the center of any city or have a lot of travel luggage. A long journey in Montevideo should not cost you more than 8 USD.

To leave Montevideo, you have intercity buses that link the city with almost all parts of the nation, the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, the Laguna del Sauce International Airport, and the ferryboat. You can cross to Argentina by ferryboat, from Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento, or relocate in between various Uruguayan cities. Among the business that runs, although not the only one, is Buquebus.

Physical fitness and Health

All the 1930 Soccer World Cup matches were played in Montevideo, the first World Cup in history. The city is house to the primary soccer clubs of the First Professional Division of Uruguay. In addition, its areas are the head office of the two primary groups in the nation, Nacional and Peñarol.

Sports cruising lovers have an ideal place to moor their luxury yachts in Puerto del Buceo; Since 1906, the Uruguayan Yacht Club has had a considerable existence in this sporting discipline.

In addition to the clubs for these sports, the city likewise has many fully-equipped fitness centers for bodybuilding or classes of various disciplines. For example, Montevideo fit (José Enrique Rodó 1833) provides more than 400 square meters with a combined bodybuilding space, practical training, individual training, and Strong Man Training. In addition to these fitness centers, you will discover one for each type of activity you desire to do in Montevideo.





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