How to be a Digital Nomad in Playa Del Carmen, Guadalajara

How to be a Digital Nomad in Playa Del Carmen, Guadalajara

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Why Playa Del Carmen

The first concern many individuals will ask is why Playa and not someplace else in Mexico that may have even the most affordable living expenses, much better beaches, culture, or is more lovely? With mainly direct, year-round flights from locations like Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Philly, Phoenix, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Florida, Madrid, Paris, Milan, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Amsterdam, getting to Cancun is very simple and not extremely pricey.

From CUN Airport, there are ADO Buses that take you straight from the airport to the city center of Playa Del Carmen in about an hour for $11. That’s about the exact same quantity of time it takes to get from Bangkok or Bali Airport to where you’d desire to remain, and for less cash and less stress about getting ripped off.

For Americans, Canadians, or anybody who works for or does a company in the United States time zone, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is an incredible location to be based out of as it’s in the exact same time zone as the east coast, EST, and New York. The six-month free visa on arrival is likewise an incredibly revitalizing touch after dealing with pricey and bothersome visas to Thailand, and Bali or limiting visas to locations in Europe that limit you to 3 months at a time.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO - DEC 24, 2012: Tourists enjoy Cabanas at the popular cruise ship stop on Mexicos, Yucatan Peninsula.

Playa Del Carmen Expense of Living

The expense of living in Playa Del Carmen is cheap if you compare it to the remainder of the world, but it’s reasonably high for Mexico. It likewise depends upon how you wish to live and your requirements.

I understand individuals who can survive on less than 1000 USD a month, and I understand individuals who invest a number of thousands a month. Nowadays, I will state that unless you reside in a dark studio without facilities out of the center, you can’t choose lower than $2000 USD each month for a couple. Even that will be thought-about low if you include a fitness center, swimming pool, or security at your condominium.

Here’s a breakdown of typical costs:

Apartment or condo: You can pay about $700 USD or under monthly for a long-term agreement if it’s even more from the beach, specifically if you enjoy living farther away from the beach. This expense does not apply to short-term leasings by the beach are they are MUCH greater.

Air conditioner and electrical power are typically charged additionally based upon your usage- we pay about 100-120 USD monthly for a two-bedroom home; however, we do not have it running non-stop and never leave the air conditioner on during the night. Buddies who utilize air conditioners frequently in the same condo paid about double.

  • Food: Groceries are inexpensive, specifically if you go shopping at locations like Chedraui. You can quickly invest $250 USD for groceries per month.
  • Coffee: I put coffee independently since you require to purchase a coffee to operate at the coffee shop. In Playa Del Carmen, it’s cheap, about $2-3 for an elegant frap.
  • High-ends: If you require to
  • Transport: Talked about How to Navigate the area, since it depends upon your requirements.

Coworking and Networking

A huge factor why digital wanderers are coming to Playa Del Carmen and remaining here long term is the neighborhood. There’s likewise the Digital Nomads Tribe Playa Del Carmen group and another more popular one that’s not active as it does not enable meetups, links, or occasions to be published and is excessively censored in general. So I guess that even though life in Mexico is fairly simple, you are still required to be reasonable and can’t get away with going around and being a douche to individuals, even online without consequences, while in Thailand, you sadly in the majority of cases can.

There are fewer individuals simply beginning out and more individuals with tasks based in the United States working from another location or with currently developed companies. It’s simple for somebody living in Playa to freelance or work from another location, given that we’re in the very same time zone as Florida.

Playa del Carmen coworking areas

Playa’s coworking areas are spread around the downtown location, with a couple situated throughout the highway. There are cost savings to be had if you want to take a trip even more away, so it could be worth checking out those choices if you’re going to take a trip 10 minutes approximately by automobile or take a flight over on your bike.


Central and popular, Nest is understood for its strong neighborhood spirit and routine networking occasions. There’s a great deal of space to expand with a peaceful area, conference room, and even a hammock location when you wish to have a mid-afternoon siesta. However, Nest’s most significant strength is its routine neighborhood activities and occasions for unique events.

Shared workplace day passes expense about $13, and regular monthly passes have to do with $180.


Bunker is a little, however popular alternative in the center that treats its colleagues more like a household. I constantly believed Bunker appeared more of a significant location to deal with less social interaction throughout the day; however, they offset it when everybody clocks off. They have even been understood to go on journeys away together, which reveals their excellent neighborhood.

Among the most significant drawcards with Bunker is that you’ll get 24-hour gain access, so if you work odd hours, this is the area for you.

Shared workplace day passes expense about $13, and regular monthly passes have to do with $160.

Selina Playa del Carmen

A widely known brand name in Latin America, Selina uses both co-work and co-live bundles. You’ll remain in a prime place right on Fifth Opportunity and have access to a swimming pool to cool off in. All the fundamental features include a conference room, phone booths, and a typical kitchen area with a great twist on the basic coworking area.

Shared workplace day passes expense about $10, and month-to-month passes have to do with $145.

Where to Eat

Table set ready for lunch on a main street of playa del carmen in mexico.

The only food that I miss out on when taking a trip to the world is Mexican. The exterior of a couple of states in the United States, primarily California, Mexican food from all over else in the world draws. Even in the food lover paradise of Chiang Mai where they have actually in some way figured out to make genuinely genuine food consisting of sushi, ramen, hamburgers, barbeque ribs, you call it, the finest choice for Mexican food is Salsa Kitchen area, which isn’t bad, however, does not compare at all to the food you’ll discover here or even California prepared by genuine Mexicans.

Finest Tacos in Playa

Here in Playa, food appears to be something you consume, not something to indulge in or go house dreaming about. That being stated, on my hunt to discover the finest tacos in Playa Del Carmen, I tested all of the taco trucks and stood near Juarez and 15th, and they were all quite excellent. Taquerias El Ñero has the finest tacos in Playa Del Carmen.

Other Great Food

Generally, the food in Mexico is terrific. Another terrific take-house alternative is the scrumptious 20 peso chicken tamales dotted around the city, consisting at the corner of 45th and Juarez and near the Alterna Ado station at 20th and 12th.

You can get it with parmesan cheese and garlic oil to truly provide it a punch. A location certainly worth checking out, not true for the food; however, the truth is that whatever is 21 pesos consisting of the beverages is Cerveceria Chapultepec which has three places in Playa, consisting of 2 right on Fifth ave where whatever else around it is 4x the cost. For $1.09 apiece, you can have your option of food and beverages, including their home red ale, which is, in fact, truly great.

Mexico visa for digital nomad

Numerous tourists can get here to Mexico without much preparation and get six months with no difficulty. Then, when your time runs out, you can leave the nation for a couple of days and get another six months on your return to Mexico.

While you can technically do this over and over (and I often have times over the last couple of years), it’s a little grey location when it pertains to migration. Numerous go in a row might raise some warnings and welcome extra concerns about the function of your sea to Mexico. You do handle dangers, however in my experience, if you’re doing the best thing, are prepared on entry to reveal a flight out, and are not extolling residing in Mexico unlawfully (sounds ridiculous; however, it’s occurred when) then 99% of the time, you need to be great.

Famous Playa Del Carmen 5Th Avenue Tourist District At Mayan Riv

Playa del Carmen WiFi coffee shops

Playa has its reasonable share of charming little coffee shops with good WiFi. What is difficult is discovering something big enough that will not mind you using up an indoor area so you can leave the heat of the day. All the choices listed below are attempted and evaluated digital nomad areas that will keep you cool, have strong WiFi, comfy seating, and great food and coffee.

Marley Coffee

When you desire an excellent strong coffee, WiFi that does not mess around, and a cold air conditioner are among my preferred choices. It likewise assists that Marley lies in the Fives Hotel, so you get to utilize a few of the best centers in the area when you can’t hold it in any longer.

There are some comfortable seats spread around and a great number of outlets for such a little coffee shop. Plus, the personnel got along and delighted you to invest hours here as long as you purchase something.

Ah Cacao

A Playa staple, Ah Cacao has a handful of places around the city that can operate in a pinch. Still, the coffee shop on Fifth Opportunity and 38th Street is my choice for a comfortable area where you can invest the entire day. There’s a quieter seating upstairs where you’ll discover others typing away at their laptop computer, or you can do some individual viewing if the weather condition is nice outside on the balcony.

Ah, Cacao is everything about chocolate and coffee, so you will discover a regularly terrific cup here together with great deals of sweet deals to sample. The only drawback is that they do not have many tasty food alternatives.

Choux Choux

Another staple in the Playa Del Carmen digital nomad scene, Choux is a French coffee shop that deserves a see just for the food. While it can get extremely hectic some days, the personnel are more than pleased for you to start a business for a couple of hours. Savory and sweet choices are plentiful, and you can chew on a flakey almond croissant or delight in a complete breakfast for $5-$ 12.

While they open early (which is a big plus for us early risers), they close at 3 pm every day so keep that in mind when preparing your day. The other drawback is it can get downright loud here. Buskers are available routinely and carry out suggestions, so you would not wish to be trying a call with a full-on mariachi band singing in the background.

Fundamental Foodie

This is an adorable brand-new addition to the center with a strong menu, great WiFi, and a fantastic place with both a cool within the location with big shared tables and a shaded yard. You can get a coffee or shake and a pastry as a treat, or go for it with breakfast alternatives that will keep you going all the time for $7-$ 10.

Standard Foodie is likewise among my leading choices for the finest dining establishments in Playa del Carmen for vegans since you can discover both mouthwatering and sweet alternatives, plus they utilize natural Mexican fruit and vegetables without all the nasty things.

Bajo Cafe

A regional preferred, this coffee shop is among the cumulative discovered in a comfy area away from the traveler strip. It’s a smaller area, so you may need to share sometimes; however, the friendly ambiance and excellent consumption consume more than offsets any hassle. It seems like a comfortable little area coffee shop where you might invest your days composing your newest unique or getting a group together to talk about organization concepts.

Thompson Hotel

For a more bougie choice with a view, have a look at either of the Thompson Hotel areas downtown. One is a roof with spectacular views over the ocean, and the other is right on the beach. They’re utilized by digital wanderers establishing for the day and have a couple of dubious areas where you can stay out of the sun; however, the disadvantage is that areas with a plug are restricted, so included a complete charge simply in case.

How to Discover Inexpensive Houses in Playa del Carmen

Guideline no. 1 for discovering houses throughout Mexico: if it’s your very first time, do not pre-book it in advance. Arrive initially and spread your feelers. Searching for a location when you’re here will provide you access to regional leasings you will not discover online, in addition to far better rates.

Enter a couple of regional companies and speak to individuals.

If you’re preparing to show up anytime between mid-Nov to late-Feb, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Rates begin to increase then, and whatever is overbooked is due to the fact that seasonal travelers from cold environments head south to leave during the winter season. As a result, all homes in a condominium I keep coming back to every year were scheduled for the whole winter season for ridiculous costs nearly a year ahead.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO - Dec. 26, 2019: Visitors enjoy shopping and dining on famous 5th Avenue in the entertainment district of Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan peninsula of Caribbean Mexico in Cancun.

How to Navigate Playa del Carmen

You can make it through in Playa without an automobile. I did it for my first year, and it was workable when you’re young and single; I just leased a car and truck for the excursion.

If you’re remaining for a couple of months and discover a house someplace main, I suggest purchasing a utilized bike. I assist tremendously.

There’s no significant bus service operating in the town, so leasing a taxi is essential. If you speak Spanish, you can quickly browse collectivos; however, the rates of taxis can truly depend. Even though it’s 30 MXN throughout town, no motorist will take you for this rate throughout the high season, even if you have a regional residency.

If you’re pertaining to Playa with kids, bear in mind that most schools or household neighborhoods are somewhat out of the walkable downtown location, so you require a car and truck. You can not truly purchase a vehicle unless you have a short-term residency (you technically might, however, can not register it, so it’s unlawful), so you would have. Torrent it has to do with 600-1200 a month depending on the automobile and season.

If you’re trying to find your next digital nomad stop, I extremely suggest Playa del Carmen.

Here’s what to get out of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Among the many draws for digital wanderers is the reality that you do not require a car and truck, or motorcycle to navigate Playa Del Carmen.

With colectivos, taxis, and coach buses serving Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding locations (and the rest of Mexico), you will not have any transport difficulties.

If you’re remaining for a while, think about leasing or purchasing a bike, which is the selected mode of transportation for many Playa residents.

Otherwise, do as almost everybody else in Mexico does, and utilize Playa’s huge network of colectivos, which resemble shared vans.

Colectivos run particular paths and will get and drop off travelers anywhere along those paths.

Just flag one down to get on (or go to the Colectivo base on Calle 2 Norte in between Avenue 15 and 20), and get on the one entering the instructions you require, either by asking the motorist or by taking a look at the primary locations composed on each van’s windscreen.

Colectivos do not operate on a particular schedule. Rather, they’ll leave when they’re complete (if you’re getting one from the Colectivo stand).

To leave, watch out for your location (or follow Google Maps on your phone throughout the flight) and scream “stop” to the chauffeur as soon as you’re there.

Trips are inexpensive, costing less than $2 USD for a complete hour’s drive, so if you’re comfy sharing a van (albeit a sweaty one), this is the method to go.

If you’re taking a trip further afield or wish to invest a weekend away, utilize the bus business called ADO– among Mexico’s numerous coach services.

ADO runs paths all over the nation, with journeys in between locations like Mexico City and Oaxaca (a 7-8 hour journey) costing less than $30 USD. Not just that, the buses are tidy, contemporary, and typically consist of beverages and treats.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Dec. 26, 2019: Crowded Beach Filled W

Easy Day Trips from Playa Del Carmen.

If you’re taking a short-lived break from work, Playa uses lots of alternatives for weekends or outings that are both quickly available and inexpensive.


Tulum is a city of stunning beaches and ancient ruins on cliffs.

Get a colectivo or ADO bus to arrive (about a 1.5-hour journey), and invest the day exploring the ruins before leaping into the ocean for a swim.

The entryway charge to the ruins is just a number of dollars. With the expense of transportation, you can quickly keep your day journey at under $5-$ 10, consisting of an inexpensive meal.


When you keep an eye out over the horizon from Playa Del Carmen, you’ll see a couple of structures and boats in the range– that’s Cozumel.

Cozumel is an island off the coast of Playa that’s simple to get to by ferryboat and an excellent location to invest the day.

Two piers use ferryboats straight to and from Cozumel, which cost around $10 USD and run per hour throughout the day.

Either head to the pier near The Royal Playa Del Carmen (a huge resort on the beach) or get on a boat leaving straight from downtown. And after that, capture one returning whenever you’re all set.

While you can quickly invest a lot of cash checking out Cozumel, if you’re delighted to invest the day snorkeling off a public beach, simply get an inexpensive snorkel from Walmart in Playa, and invest your day checking out the water.

Isla Mujeres

It’s a bit more since you need to take a bus to Cancun initially; however, a field trip to Isla Mujeres is excellent.

Isla Mujeres is terrific for diving, has lots of enjoyable bars and dining establishments, and you can check out the island in a golf cart!

Things to Do in Playa Del Carmen

If you like beaches, there’s no concern about what you’ll be performing in Playa Del Carmen. A few of the very best beaches on the planet can be discovered here, are free, and open up to the general public.

The stretches of sand running along with most Playa, from the Mamitas Beach location to Playacar, are soft and white, surrounded by clear, blue water.

All over Playa, you’ll discover watersport alternatives like stand paddle boarding, jet snowboarding, and parasailing. Unfortunately, those activities are targeted at travelers, so you’ll pay a greater rate than you may like.

If you’re on a spending plan, simply bring your towel and discover an area for the day.

Simply outside the town hall, you’ll discover cenotes, which are sinkholes that have exposed freshwater underneath them, producing some crystal clear swims.

Cenotes lie all-around Playa Del Carmen and are quickly available by taxi or colectivo (shared van).

When you’re seeking to hang around far from the beach, the locations surrounding Playa Del Carmen are likewise house to numerous ruins– some sitting right on the edges of cliffs ignoring the ocean listed below, and others simply a couple of minutes drive from any place you wind up staying.

Famous Playa Del Carmen 5Th Avenue Tourist District At Mayan Riv

Benefits of Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

  1. WiFi is amazing

While it’s not perfect, it’s the very best compared to other digital nomad centers like Canggu, Medellin, and Chiang Mai.

  1. Visa chances

You can get a 180 days traveler visa (although they’re just recently punishing it, so keep it in mind). Then, when your six months are up, you are simply required to leave for a couple of days and then return.

It’s likewise simple to get residency. As long as you can show you have been making over $1500 USD for the previous six months from outdoors Mexico, you can use it for momentary residency for 12 months– I have done it in the past in Mexico City.

I’m presently going through various procedures for long-term residency so that I will compose a post about it quickly.

  1. Excellent food

Mexican food is incredible. In Playa, you can likewise get terrific pasta, sushi, pizza (among the very best pizza remains in Playa if you ask me– and I resided in Italy), and other ethnic foods– all thanks to lots of expats beginning dining establishments.

  1. Great healthcare choices

Required a dental practitioner? Required some prescription drugs? Required surgical treatment?

Medical tourism is substantial in Mexico, and medical professionals are great. I constantly get my oral work done in Playa, and as I discussed, I offered birth to my kid in Mexico.

  1. Greater requirements

I do not wish to sound bad, and believe me– I previously resided in Mexico on a Mexican income; however, residing in Mexico on a foreign income raises your living requirements.

Numerous households can pay for a cook, a live-in housemaid, or a minimum of a weekly maid. Independent schools are inexpensive.





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