How to be a Digital Nomad in Tulum, Mexico

How to be a Digital Nomad in Tulum, Mexico

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TULUM,MEXICO - APRIL 18,2019 : Sign at the entrance of a traditional souvenirs shop at Tulum in the Mayan Riviera

A Digital Nomad Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Mexico has ended up being one of the greatest digital nomad locations over the last ten years or so. Its distance to the U.S. makes it a perfect nation for American digital nomads to take pleasure in an unwinded and low-cost life.

While Mexico City and Playa del Carmen stay digital nomad hotspots, the little beach town of Tulum has just recently entered the spotlight too. Tulum is positioned on the Yucatán Peninsula, near Playa del Carmen and Cancun, the well-known spring break location.

Tulum has quickly grown in appeal over the last few years, both with travelers and digital nomads. Together with being house to a few of the gorgeous beaches in the nation, it’s likewise an ancient Mayan port city filled with maintained ruins.

In 2021, Tulum ended up being a center for tourists and nomads into health, health, and spirituality. It’s simple to get to from other parts of Mexico. Plus, the town is quieter than other Mexican traveler locations, making it a chosen area for those searching for a chilled-out way of life.

Recently, Tulum has ended up being a Mecca for yogis, artists, artists, and digital nomads worldwide. Likewise, the village in southern Mexico has been broadening and rapidly ending up being a stylish place for worldwide D.J.s, bohemian wanderers, and anybody on a course of self-discovery or a lovely location in the sun.

It is a location with a lot to use the visitor, as a comfy and enjoyable place to invest a couple of months, and as a location of recovery and knowing. Tulum was a Mayan port before the arrival of the Spanish, so possibly it is the beliefs and knowledge of the ancient individuals that have bestowed a sense of tribal mystique.

Aerial Tulum coastline by the beach with a magical Caribbean sea and small huts by the coast.

The expense of Living Tulum

Living in Tulum can be inexpensive as long as you are cautious with your costs. Electrical power can be quite costly in Tulum.

Another element that will considerably identify your living expense is how you navigate. For example, your transportation expenses will be very little if you generally stroll and cycle. However, if you get taxis all over or lease a car and truck, transportation will rapidly end up being a huge cost.

Consuming out is low-cost in Tulum, and you can delight in a meal in a regional dining establishment for $5-6 dollars. In addition, a barista coffee in a coffee shop will cost around $2-$ 2.50, and regional beer in a bar is just about $1.50-$ 2. Purchasing groceries to prepare in your home is likewise extremely budget-friendly, so this is a great choice for keeping your regular monthly costs low.

Thinking about these aspects, you can reside in Tulum as a digital nomad for anywhere between $1000 to $1600 a month. However, most digital nomads and expats here discover their regular monthly expenses come in at about $1250.

Tulum is costlier than other locations in Mexico; it’s still fairly cost-effective. If you want to conserve cash, your best option is to check out beyond the peak season, when rates can increase greatly.

Your living expense will depend upon where you select to live and how extravagantly you invest; however, anticipate paying between $500-750 USD/month for real estate throughout the low season and $800-1200 USD/month in the high season. Consuming out can vary from $4-12 USD a meal, depending upon whether you prefer regional dining establishments or more western touristy areas.

Nomad List approximates the typical expense of residing in Tulum to be around $2,200 USD a month, nevertheless unless you have an expensive home, many people I understand who live there as a digital nomads live there for less.

Tulum Visa

The excellent feature of Mexico is that citizens of 68 nations do not need a visa to get into the nation, consisting of the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, and Northern Islands. Furthermore, nationals of these nations can remain in Mexico for up to 180 days! So it’s simple to see why the nation has become a popular location with digital nomads.

Even if you do not need a visa, you should have at least six months of credibility on your passport from the date of entry. Likewise, you will require submitting a Multiple Migratory Form (FMM), either in-flight or upon arrival.

For locals of nations that do not receive visa-free entry, you will obtain a visitor visa before Mexico. A visitor visa will likewise offer you 180 days to remain in the nation.

It’s crucial to remember that working from another location in Mexico on both visa-free and traveler visas is a grey location. Some individuals might state that you require a main work visa to work online; however, it is not exactly restricted.

A short-term resident visa will enable you to remain in Mexico for as many as four years. If you choose to settle down in the nation long-lasting, you’ll require to look into this. Being on this visa will make life in Mexico a lot easier for you, too, as you’ll have the ability to do things like open a checking account and purchase a vehicle.

An outstanding advantage of remaining in Mexico for extended periods is that visitors from numerous nations are provided a 6-month visa on arrival. These nations consist of the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and all E.U. member states. It is likewise easy to do visa runs from Tulum as it is close to the border, though individuals getting in Mexico overland will often just be given 3-month visas.

Caribbean scenery of the Mayan ruins in the Mayan city of Tulum in Mexico, a pre-Columbian culture with a lot of history. You can also enjoy the turquoise Tulum beach.


Tulum, and the rest of the Yucatan peninsular in southern Mexico, has a hot tropical environment throughout the year, with temperatures from 70º to 80º Fahrenheit (20-27ºC). From May to October, the weather is wet and damp, and October is likewise typhoon season. The high season is from November to January, which indicates costs are greater, so the best time to check out could be from February to April when it is cooler, drier, and more inexpensive.

Web Connectivity

Wi-Fi connections are not constantly the very best in Tulum, so it is best to inspect hotels and dining establishments’ speeds before you get settled. Likewise, it is a great concept to make certain you have mobile information with a trustworthy provider like Telcel for periodic emergencies. Coworking areas and cafés typically have effective web speeds; however, keep in mind to examine.

Finest Places to Work in Tulum

  • CoWorking Tulum
  • Digital Jungle
  • Los Amigos Cowork
  • BABEL Cafe

CoWorking Tulum

Coworking Tulum is not a standalone coworking area; however, a neighborhood where members can operate at over 20 facilities in Aldea Zama, La Veleta, Centro, and the beach. These are all concealed gems, consisting of beachside dining establishments and roof coffee shops, which all boast Fiber Optic WIFI. You likewise get a 15-20% discount rate on food and beverages in every area.

The CoWorking Tulum club is best for remote employees and business owners who wish to fulfill and network with other digital nomads. They organize lots of occasions and suppers too, so you can quickly discover your people. The neighborhood feels of this coworking group is what makes it one of the most popular coworking subscriptions in Tulum.

You can experiment with Coworking Tulum for no charge on Mondays with a free day pass and a welcome to a CoDining experience. You can then buy 7, 30, or 90 day passes.

Digital Jungle

As the name recommends, Digital Jungle is a coworking area embedded in a jungle-themed structure. The area includes great deals of plant, high ceilings, natural light, and wood furnishings, providing a natural and rustic design while producing a healthy workplace. The style of the structure is a lot more remarkable than the visual appeal inside.

The web is very quick and extremely seldom decreases, so it is a strong area if you have a day of virtual conferences. The personnel here are extremely inviting, and they provide free water, coffee, and fruit.

There are many subscription choices and passes, consisting of an hour pass, day pass, and -day pass. There are then both part-time and full-time subscriptions, so you can select the strategy based on how typically you wish to go there. Likewise, you can go with the sophisticated month-to-month subscription to have a personal desk with lockable drawers.

Los Amigos Cowork

Los Amigos is Tulum’s most recent kid on the block for coworking areas. While it’s a peaceful location to work and never gets crowded, it does not have as much neighborhood feel as other areas close by.

You can purchase day, weekly, and regular monthly passes, all of that include limitless scanning and a specific variety of copies and prints. Likewise, the month-to-month subscription offers you approximately 7 hours of conference room usage, so it is best for start-up services. In addition, you can lease personal workplaces for any period in between 4 hours to one month.


If you choose to work from coffee shops, you are bound to enjoy BABEL. This centrally situated coffee shop is popular with remote employees as the WIFI is remarkable and tasty.

Tulum, Mexico - January 24, 2018: Playa Ruinas, a beach frequented by visitors to the Tulum archeological site

Finest Places to Live in Tulum

  • Tulum Pueblo/Centro
  • Tulum Beach
  • Aldea Zama
  • La Veleta

Finest Neighbourhoods

Many digital nomads in Tulum base themselves in one of 2 locations. The 2nd is the beach, likewise understood as Tulum’s hotel zone.

Likewise, there are two brand-new up-and-coming communities where digital nomads are venturing, Aldea Zama and La Veleta. Let’s check out each location for more information.

Tulum Pueblo/Centro

The downtown location is the liveliest part of Tulum and is where you will discover many of the dining establishments, bars, and stores. However, the finest thing about Tulum Pueblo is the varied variety of facilities.

The pueblo is likewise an extremely artistic location where you can roam around the alfresco artisanal markets and search natural food and cosmetic shops. The downtown location likewise has its sub-neighborhoods, a few of which are more peaceful and regional than others.

Tulum Beach

The Tulum beach location is a 15 km stretch of shoreline that ranges from the castle to the Arco Maya National Park. This district is chock-a-block with hotels, so as you can envision, it is the most touristic part of Tulum.

Unlike Cancun, Tulum beach isn’t complete with high-rise chain hotels. Rather, there are primarily eco-resorts and beach cottages, so the area has preserved its natural jungle feel and look. As a result, Tulum beach is a stunning area that draws in digital nomads and travelers alike.

If you choose to reside in a beach hut instead of a home, the beach location is certainly for you. Nevertheless, living here is normally more costly than in other areas. What’s more, you’ll discover a relatively substantial boost in rates in dining establishments and stores.

Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama is Tulum’s latest community, where you will discover lots of freshly constructed condominiums and houses. It’s situated between the downtown location and the beaches, making it a hassle-free area to base yourself.

Since it is an area that is still under advancement, Aldea Zama has both pros and cons. However, the primary benefit is that Aldea Zama is quite peaceful.

La Veleta

In 2021, La Velata became a sanctuary for Tulum digital nomads, and there are brand-new restaurants, yoga studios, and coworking areas opening here. Because of this, it has more of an expat ambiance instead of a regional one like you would discover in the pueblo. It is likewise a costlier location for leasing.

La Velata lies about a kilometer from the downtown location and is far from the beaches. It is better to Tulum’s many outstanding nature areas like the biosphere reserve.

Residing in Tulum

TULUM,MEXICO - APRIL 18,2019 : Visitors at the ancient mayan ruins of Tulum in Mexico

Tulum Transportation

There is no good public transportation in Tulum. There are a number of bus paths that some residents require to work; however, they are mishandled, undependable, and hardly ever utilized by travelers or expats.

Thankfully, however, Tulum is an extremely walkable town. If you remain in the downtown location, you will discover that you can stroll to many locations. In addition, there are still a number of other alternatives for getting around Tulum.


Biking is extremely popular in Tulum, and there is a bike lane from the town to the beaches. In addition, there are lots of locations where you can lease or purchase a bike. The costs differ depending upon the season; however, you can typically get one for a great cost if leasing for a month.

You might likewise discover that your lodging provides complimentary bike usage. For example, some hostels and Airbnbs in Tulum offer their visitors this is a typical additional extra.

However, something to keep in mind is that although bikes are popular in Tulum, so is bike theft. Therefore, guarantee you have a lock and utilize it whenever you leave your bike ignored. What’s more, keep it within your home in the evening, if possible.

Scooters and vehicles

Another popular mode of transportation in Tulum and the rest of Mexico is scooters. Unfortunately, unlike in other nations, scooters are costly to lease. In addition, some locations will not lease them out long-lasting throughout peak season to make it even worse.

If you wish to lease a scooter, I advise inspecting Tulum Facebook groups and market for individuals offering or independently leasing one. Many expats and digital nomads who remain in Tulum for more than a couple of months will purchase a scooter and, after that, offer it when they leave.

You can likewise lease a vehicle in Tulum; however, far fewer cars and truck rental stores than scooter ones. Leasing a car and truck can likewise be costly, depending upon the time of year.

Taxi cabs

There is no Uber or comparable service in Tulum. If you do not have a scooter or automobile, look for a dependable and budget-friendly chauffeur to utilize whenever you require to go out of town.

Physical fitness and health

If you’re searching for someplace to keep fit in Tulum, you’ll be spoilt for the option as there are lots of fantastic alternatives. Here are a few of the most popular fitness centers, gyms, and yoga studios in the area.

Los Amigos Gym— This three-level air-conditioned fitness center has whatever you require and more. As advanced devices, there is a climbing-up wall and juice bar. The month-to-month subscription is extremely sensible, and you can likewise update to have use of the medical spa.

Zama Studio: Zama is the supreme center for your body and mind requirements. They have a complete class schedule with different activities, consisting of vinyasa yoga, power yoga, mat Pilates, and shape physical fitness. You can pay a drop-in rate or buy a weekly or month-to-month pass.

Tribal Tulum: Tribal is a yoga studio and dive center in downtown Tulum. Whatever yoga design you choose, you will discover your preferred class at Tribal. They teach yin, corrective, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Iyengar.

Tulum Jungle Gym: If you like to work out outdoors, Tulum jungle health club is for you. There are likewise yoga mats and a stretch location.

Lucid Aerial Arts: If you have an interest in attempting a brand-new type of workout, have a look at this aerial studio. The center runs all-levels adult aerial classes four days a week. Likewise, there are classes for youths ages 10 to 14 and kids aged 5 to 9.

Likewise, there are a handful of medspas in Tulum for your massage and body treatment requirements. So while massages aren’t precisely low-cost in Tulum, they are more cost-effective in the town than at the resorts.

Tulum Insurance and Medical Care

Mexico has a public health care system, and everybody who operates in the nation instantly registers into the system. This consists of expats working for Mexican-based businesses, not digital nomads working for companies in other nations or online company owners.

As a digital nomad living in Mexico, you will require personal health insurance coverage. However, having insurance coverage is worth it as you will have access to the finest medical facilities and the greatest quality health care in Mexico. If you currently have worldwide medical insurance, you can utilize this or purchase regional medical insurance within Mexico to cover you throughout your time residing in the nation.

Health care in Mexico is quite excellent; Tulum is not a fantastic option. Many medical centers have blended evaluations and can be extremely expensive if you do not have insurance coverage.

Health center de Tulum: This little personal medical center is a go-to for emergency cases and standard treatment.

Costumed Tulum: This modern-day personal healthcare facility has more centers, an emergency shock location, running space, and endoscopy space. They likewise have radiology and Imaging services.

Hospiten Riviera Maya-– This medical center becomes part of a health center chain and is rather far from Tulum. It caters to primarily immigrants and travelers, so it is familiar with worldwide insurance coverage policies.

Likewise, there are a handful of dental experts in Tulum and lots of well-stocked drug stores.

Jobs in Tulum.

The majority of immigrants living in Tulum and the rest of Mexico are digital nomads who work from another location for business in the U.S., Europe, or somewhere else. Plus, to work lawfully in Mexico, you require a work authorization from the Institute of Immigration (INM).

With that being stated, you will likewise come throughout some expats working in Mexico. For most mentor chances in Mexico, you will require to hold a TEFL/TESOL certification and be a native English speaker.

Tulum, Mexico - January 24, 2018: Playa Ruinas, a beach frequented by visitors to the Tulum archeological site


Coworking Spaces

Bunko Tulum: A magnificently developed and fully equipped corking area in La Puebla with a quick web, along with a dining establishment, music laboratory, and tattoo studio. A popular and comfortable location to deal with a favorable environment.

Digital Jungle: Another trendy area with hi-speed Wi-Fi and appealing furnishings, Digital Jungle remains in the La Valeta community of downtown Tulum. Visitors can assist themselves to fresh coffee and the fruit bar.

Selina Tulum: A coworking and coliving area that has a stunning area on the beach location of Tulum. It uses a variety of personal and community rooms, areas for working, a swimming pool and beach club, yoga centers, and routine occasions.

Things to do in Tulum

Tulum has many natural marvels such as cenotes, ruins, lagoons, and, naturally, spectacular beaches. Living in Tulum uses an abundance of experiences. Here are a few of the very best things to do and see here.

Have a look at the cenotes

Tulum is complete of interesting undersea limestone caves understood as cenotes. Today, some of the cenotes in Tulum are open and perfect for swimming.

Because of this, each cenote uses its own special experience. However, all cenotes in Tulum do have an entry charge.

Gran Cenote: This cenote has crystal clear waters, making it ideal for snorkeling. You can likewise scuba dive in Gran Cenote, which provides a stunning chance to see what lies deep down in the undersea caverns.

Cenote Calavera-– This little cenote is dazzling for swimming and snorkeling. You can delve into three holes, one with the swing, which is the piece de resistance.

Dos Ojos-– Also called the ‘2 eyes cenote,’ Dos Ojos is two special cenotes linked by a 400-meter long passage. The water here is transparent, and the temperature level is enjoyable. There are numerous remarkable stalactites and stalagmites here that make it among the very best cenotes to dive or snorkel in.

Check out the ancient Mayan ruins.

Astonishingly, still today, there are numerous ancient structures close to Tulum. These astonishing archeological websites are a must-see for any digital nomad living in Tulum.

Tulum Archaeological Zone-– This is a little website situated within Tulum. It’s not as remarkable as the others; it’s still worth a see.

It includes excavated ruins of the big Maya city, consisting of the renowned action pyramid. It’s an excellent concept to pay for a trip guide as there is a wealth of understanding to find about this extraordinary website.

Coba Archaeological Zone-– Coba is a 40-minute drive from Tulum. The park consists of 3 tracks leading to 3 ancient structures.

Unwind on the white-sand tropical beaches

Of course, one of the finest things to do in any Mexican beach town is to invest the time at the beach. Some of the beaches in Tulum are owned by hotels. Lots have beach clubs that offer day passes to the public for beach gain access to.

Likewise, there are three public beaches in Tulum, which are as lovely as the personal ones. These beaches have a broad stretch of sand, so you can rock up with your towel and discover an area.

See Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka’an equates to ‘entrance to paradise,’ and this biosphere reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the biggest safeguarded location in Mexico. More than 2,000 square miles of freshwater marshes, mangroves, lagoons, and a barrier reef. As you can envision, wildlife is plentiful here, and there are great deals of snorkeling chances too.

Since the park is so huge, most individuals check out one of 2 parts; Punta Allen or Muyil. The reserve is a 60 to 90-minute drive from Tulum town, making a terrific day journey on the weekend.

Finest Time to Visit Tulum

Young cute caucasian woman drinking fresh delicious cocktail with tequila lime and strawberry at tropical white sandy beach during her Caribbean vacation in Tulum Mexico. Good conceptual photo of happiness, joy and healthy.

Tulum’s rainy season starts in June and lasts till October. The wettest months are June, September, and October. There will hardly ever be more than 2 or 3 days of continuous rain, so the damp season does not tend to interrupt your everyday regular much.

Throughout these months, anticipate clear skies, an abundance of sunlight, and enjoyable temperature levels. The coldest months of the year are November to early February. Finest time to go to

The coolest months (November to February) represent peak season. Many travelers from America flock to Mexico at this time to get away from the summer season. Since the temperature level is not too expensive, the weather condition is at its most enjoyable, and for that reason, it can be the very best time to check out if you do not mind the crowds.

October is cyclone season as well as the wettest month. If you discover yourself in Tulum at this time of year, you’ll get some great lodging offers.





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