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We are going to talk about a business model that is about selling something that does not even exist. As soon as you have a purchase you will create that product. There is absolutely no risk in this type of business and it does not require any investment. You can do your research and look up what people are looking for and start selling these products to them.

This business is selling printed images.

In this business you can go wherever you want and whenever you want. This can be an online business even though you are selling physical products.

How does this business model work?

You might have been at these huge stores with nice pictures on the walls. Each of those pictures is $250 – $300. For some people including me, those pictures look very expensive.

I went to Wikipedia and I found some great common licensed products. I called a local print house and asked them to make a huge wallpaper from a map for me. The size of the picture was 2 meters wide and 1.5 meter tall. This is 78.74 Inches wide and 59.05 Inches tall. I spend just $50 with the delivery. Instead of getting these huge pictures for a couple of hundred dollars, you can get it for just $50.

I decided to offer this map to people on services like eBay. My price for the map was cheaper than the market and more expensive than the price that I got it.

As soon as someone wants to buy my product I am going to call the local company and they will print it for me and deliver it to the person.

I started getting questions if I can print something else. I went to and I put my pictures as a mockup. There is a great number of pictures like rise fields in Vietnam, sunset in Australia. As soon as someone orders a picture I purchase a printed version of that same picture from

You are buying things after you sell them. There is absolutely no risk and investment at all.

People are ordering pictures from you and they get delivery from the print house and you are responsible only for the online sales. You can do the sales from eBay or Amazon.

The main advantage of this business is that you can be in Thailand and you can sell the pictures to people who are in your country.

Here is the process of this business model:

• You post pictures on services like eBay or Amazon.
• You get orders from people.
• You call the local company located in the area of the buyer.
• You send the picture to the local company.
• They print it.
• They deliver it to the person.

The main advantages of this very straightforward business:

• There is no financial risk.
• You can travel wherever you want while running this business.
• There is no financial investment.
• You pay before you sell.

I really like straightforward business models. You should get on businesses that are simple and are proven to work.

You need to have a working business model and to implement it daily. After that, things like courage, working hard and motivation will come. This is the time when you can start thinking about it. You cannot start thinking about motivation before you implement a working business model.

Use business models from my video or wherever you can find business models on the Internet.