My $100,000 Cold Email Marketing Strategy

My $100,000 Cold Email Marketing Strategy

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My $100,000 Cold Email Marketing Strategy



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So as always guys, I’m super transparent about my work and what I’ve done to achieve success and in this specific video that is discussing my work using cold email outreach.

Simply put, all of my success, and initial success ($100K in fees in the first 6 months launching my recruiting agency) goes to….cold email!

This strategy helped me win ALL of my business when I started and still does today. Therefore I implore everyone the they utilize cold email at least a majority of the time.

The other option, is of course cold calling prospects. Now, at first glance this seems direct and fruitful. Listen. People don’t like unsolicited phone calls, they don’t like you to be in their face, on their phone directly asking them to engage in a business relationship in a simple first interaction PHONE conversation.

Have you ever received a random phone call asking you to join something, or buy something or to make a decision on the spot? How did that make you feel? Squeamish? Irritated? Put off? Ya those are basically a lot of the same feelings the person you’re calling is feeling.

I can say it a billion times and there will always be differing opinions, but in true fashion, I only teach and preach what I do personally and that is cold email.

I come from a corporate slavery background of almost 5 years making cold calls. There’s layers to this. Whether you believe me or not (I really suggest you do), people have phone etiquette. They don’t like to say no on the phone. They don’t enjoy hurting someone’s feelings. They won’t tell you their true intentions, they won’t be direct, they will go as far as to give you a false “yes” on their motives.


Listen, after 5 years on the phones I know this inside and out. They’ll be a really nice conversation with whom ever (if you ever get to the decision maker) and after a few days when you finally get that second call (if you are every so lucky to get back on the phone with them), you’ll get a real quick wake up call and the “real” them will come out.

Usually, it’ll be a very cold response, with a very negative angle on something that last week had a “great outlook”, right? WRONG.

The problem is the call was doomed from the start, you just had no idea because nobody ever told you that people LIE left and right and SPECIFICALLY on the phone with random people they don’t know. Why do they do this? Because it’s the easiest way to get you off the phone without them having to be a complete jerk and say “no”.

Now listen to this….if I were to cold email the same 100 people that you cold called, things would be different.

Maybe 3 out of the 100, which isn’t bad, respond, and maybe 1 drops off, so we’re left with 2 conversations that warm up. Those 2 conversations expand to a nice back and forth about our services. In a matter of days I have a super hot, (not just warm), phone appointment setup with a wet pen practically ready to sign on the dotted.

At this point everyone in the room knows exactly what’s going on and exactly what will happen when they sign and they’ve bought into me and bought into my services. How do I know they’re fully bought in?


The phone is different, you do have an obligation, it’s called human decency, yes that’s still a thing, and for whatever odd reason nobody likes to say their true feelings to you, and therefore you’ll be chasing geese all day long calling and calling and calling with fake conversations about pie in the sky deals happening that have no validity.

I’m not writing off cold calling all together, listen it works for some people, it gets deals, it isn’t dead, I’m not making that claim.

ALL of my deals have come via cold email then phone appointment then signed contract then placements then payments to me. 🙂

If you truly feel that one or the other is best for you, go ahead and A/B test the heck out of both methods.

With that said, if you’ve read this far – and you’re committed, go to

Message me directly and I’ll send you some of my direct email templates that got me to $100k.


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