Signing up for a Brand new Amazon Seller account, I get a lot of questions of people asking do you need to have an LLC or business name do you need to apply for an EAN number or any of that stuff but honestly.

You don’t need any of that you can sign up as an individual and then eventually when you do have the information you can go back in and edit you’re in your settings to add that so too get started we want to get to this page you want to type in on Amazon seller.

Click on this link right here Register Now and the other the question.

I do get is whether you should sign up as an individual or professional. You do want to sign up for a professional account if you plan on selling more than 40 items or more then it pays for itself but the number one reason, Why I would suggest getting the professional account is because of the bye box being a professional seller plays a huge factor in winning the buy box and majority of your sales are going to be coming from this buy box.

So right from the very start sign up as a professional account and you’ll start seeing sales immediately as long as you’re consistent and sending inventory in every week so to get started you want to click on this start your free trial.

Type in your name email address wanna put in a password click on next okay some of the information you do want to have beforehand you don’t need your business name you’re going to be signing up as an individual.

You do need a credit card with a valid building address a phone number they’re going to verify your phone number pretty much instantly while you’re signing up and then they’re going to ask a few questions for tax identity purposes so you want to type in your legal name there’s a link here for the Amazon services business solutions.

Amazon Seller Account




JUNGLE SCOUT – If you’re into Private Labeling, this is a great tool to find profitable niches quickly. And if you’re into Wholesaling, this tool will you how many units a month a product is selling which saves you a ton of time researching.

OAXray – This is the tool I use to find profitable products online to resell on Amazon from sites like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target just to name a few. Try it FREE for 10 days. 

TAXJAR – A quick and easy way to get your sales tax forms done. Connects easily with Amazon. 

SALESBACKER – Are you a new seller and need more seller feedback reviews to gain trust in the Amazon marketplace? Or do you have a private label product and need reviews FAST? Salesbacker is an awesome tool I use to connect with existing customers that provides customizable email follow up sequences automatically. For less than 120 Emails per month, this service is FREE.

BQOOL – Looking for a great price tool? BQool was the easiest solution I could find that got the job done. No more having to manually adjust prices multiple times a day. Just program your mins and max’s for your items and forgets about it. Use the link to get a FREE 14-day trial 

INVENTORY LABS – An amazing online listing and automatic bookkeeping tool for us Amazon Sellers 


profitable products online to resell on Amazon

Best Amazon Seller Tools for FBA Business

The beauty of Amazon businesses is that they’re highly automated. With the help of FBA, Amazon will do most of the work that you need to succeed as a seller.

Nevertheless, your Amazon business won’t run itself. It still has a lot of moving pieces and requires some management on your part.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this management. A way that requires a lot of work on your part, and a second and better way that reduces how much effort you have to put in.

1.Keyword Research Tools
2.Product Listing & Inventory Management
3.Order & Shipping Management
4.Tools for Repricing & Price Management
5.Accounting & Expense Management
6.Tools for Legal, Tax, & Insurance Needs
7.Review & Feedback Management

Social Media Analytics

There are a host of tools out there that can help you, as an Amazon seller, automate and outsource tasks that would otherwise require a ton of time and energy on your part.

In this article, we want to provide you with a list of what are, in our opinion, the very best tools out there, broken down by the different aspects of your Amazon business.

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 Amazon businesses is that they’re highly automated