Rutgers Mini-MBA Business Essentials

Rutgers Mini-MBA Business Essentials

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Rutgers Mini-MBA Business Essentials

I’m Chris Spaulding. I just completed teaching the Rutgers mini MBA business essentials program. This was a great class.

I talked about marketing selling and attracting the ideal client customer patient for business ways to grow a business. Real topics related to the ultimate goal of a business are to generate revenue. This is for anyone looking to understand what it takes to generate revenue for a business.

The overall business essentials program is great for anyone who works for an organization and wants a better understanding of all the facets that go into the operation of a business for people who are working professionals they may need to take something in an accelerated format and in the short amount of time our week-long programs.

Allow for people to be out of the office just five days and receive a certificate at the end. Our online programs offer the flexibility of completion in 12 weeks for the working professional like myself who are working anywhere from 60 to 70 hours a week a full-blown MBA program was not an option.

So I decided to take this one-week fast-paced and BA program, and I found the ruckus mini MBA. The program captured all the elements of the full MBA program. All these tools come together. They help you build an analytical capacity, and all come together with these elements, and they can coalesce to form a unique curriculum.

I found it very helpful because I not only learned a lot of business topics, and I also got the chance to meet a lot of working professionals and gain insights through them.

learned a lot of business topics

The Mini-MBA: Business Essentials program offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques required to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

Rutgers Mini-MBA™ programs bring practitioners from different organizations and industries together in a rich and diverse learning environment, designed to develop skills and capabilities through the powerful combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction.

The power of the consumer, the impact of globalization, and the digital era’s pervasiveness are all rapidly shifting organizational approaches, business parlance, and leadership strategy.

Experienced professionals must balance the daily demands of a successful career with the necessary investment in education to meet these new expectations.

Our Mini-MBA: Business Essentials offers accomplished professionals an opportunity to maintain their career trajectory with an efficient, focused injection of modern concepts and strategy. We will empower you to contribute as a confident thought leader who has mastered today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Use this new know-how to contribute as a valued member of multi-functional teams and help shape organizational goals.


The Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing

Taught by Professor Mark Ritson and based on his award-winning MBA teaching at prestigious schools like London Business School and MIT, this program offers a 6 week intensive, online learning experience.

Ritson provides an accessible but expert foundation for marketing with a course that was received a remarkable Net Promoter Score of +90 from 2016 attendees. In this short video, he explains the course syllabus and structure.

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“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” -Chris Grosser.
“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” -Henry David Thoreau.
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” -John D. Rockefeller.



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challenging business environment

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