Small business marketing consultants – 4 whys, 4 wheres and 8 hows

Small business marketing consultants – 4 whys, 4 wheres and 8 hows [video]

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Small business marketing consultants

Why should you hire small business marketing consultants, where should you find them and how should you engage them? I’ve got 4 answers to the why, 4 to the where, and 8 to the how in this week’s show.

Why hire small business marketing consultants?
• Better at research and strategy
• Not emotionally wedded to your strategy, tactics or people
• Provide bandwidth and scale
• Better at execution and measurement

Where to find small business specialists
• Referrals
• Databases
• Google and
• Review sites

What to ask your small business marketing consultants to do
• Define the whole roadmap for their engagement including the exit
• Research
• Strategy stress-testing, but not development
• Capture or build the plan
• Scaled execution (from all when you are small to specialist as you grow) and QA for all
• Measurement and benchmarking
• Drive improvements, rather than respond to yours
• Own the exit

I’ve done a bit of research for this week’s show and will expand on these views – a little meat on the bone – in this week’s video show.


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