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Rattle Rattle Rats ah It is Good to See.

You all let’s see we are coming in and it looks like we’re just now.
Starting to come in life with everybody.

So people starting to filter in here and there which is fine and yeah awesome. Awesome so we’re gonna wait for folks to come in for the next couple of minutes.

I know that you can hear me and that you’re excited about spending the next 30 minutes or so learning some cool stuff.
So that always helps right when you’re hanging out with people that are way smarter than you and they get to teach you the stuff that.

They’re doing as well so I appreciate everybody being here today appreciate.

I want to know who’s here how you’re doing and what’s going on in your world.

What’s where are you coming from if just tell me where you’re at good stuff all right. Awesome very cool hey Mary how are ya? good to see you all right well.

I’m not gonna take up too much of the time with the early stuff if you. Didn’t make it live then you didn’t make it but yeah what’s up to Michael.

How are you rich what’s up man how are you good to see you. you don’t know.

Who I am my name is Ben Atkins I’m the CEO of a company called fearless social the cool thing about this company.

I get to work from home and I’m at my home office today just chilling out. We wanted to do a nice little thing for folks that follow us but also if you don’t know.

Who we are and you’re brand spanking new wanted to do something cool for those that are just jumping in what’s up to Adam. how are you Ivan how are you good to see you guys so what we wanted to focus on today. Was something super simple is I remember when I got started online?

His watch that they’re selling for $16 seems like a hell of a deal you can do even better than that okay. So I’m gonna transition back real quick. Here that tons of people are buying and you get excited about it and like I got one.

I got a Smart Watch right here you know that I charging right now while we’re on this conversation so I mean like these things you know whether you think they’re doing well or not.

Awesome and it looks good it’s a great looking watch but sixteen dollars you’re like. I can’t beat that like that’s just too good and if I opened up a place that was selling this even if I knew how to do it I wouldn’t know how to beat that no check this out.

let’s go to Aliexpress and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna type in Bluetooth
SmartWatch okay so I’m gonna transition back to this screen here t’s just a couple of bucks that.

I’m making on this for free shipping if I ship it that way plus you know seems like a lot of hassle here’s the cool thing this Aliexpress is not the cheapest that you could do this okay it’s not the cheapest that you could sell this.

The orders here are five pieces so you can order five pieces let’s say you get it for ten your profit margin went up now you still got shipping.

But these are not going to be that heavy to ship so you can see some very interesting possibilities. When you start getting this and if you start ordering a lot more of these you can get them for even cheaper.

Automatically ship it over there’s a lot of solutions and ways to do this.

First, let’s talk about how we set up a store in the first place. So that we can have a place that people would want to come to do this.

So I used something called Shopify it’s pretty powerful and the cool part about it.

Start a Physical Product For $50 In 14 Days(Shopify)


Is it allows you to have a store so what I’m gonna show you? I’m gonna show you a store. That we’ve got set up here real quick and let me actually go to the main Shopify store.

So you guys can see this but I’ll just put it here this is not fancy but it gets the job done so if you look at this Shopify it’s called dock C store?

I create an ad for a Shopify store that you to tet so maybe this particular necklace that we’ve got on this store and I’m gonna actually it.

I’ll come back to this ad in a minute we’re gonna go up here a new ad manager thing so inside your attic.

I’m gonna go to audience insights. I can click create a design and Its gonna give me options of all these things I could use image-wise.

Facebook we type URL in right there so it goes directly to that give it a sec it’ll find it.

Shopify Free for 14 days you don’t pay anything to source the item until someone buys it.

If you have to do is a post in the chat or you know com so this.

If I don’t catch it I didn’t catch it during this I’ll go back in a few minutes when the feed catches.

I’ll answer your questions and like I said I hope this was helpful.


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