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Month with Amazon FBA

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After a huge amount of requests to do an interview with one of my students in the FBA Steps To Success course, the time is finally here for the FBA tutorial in the US, UK, or where ever you are in this video we will be discussing private label! Today I interview my student Sheldon! I ask them 6 questions I know many of you have requested me to ask!

Sheldon has been able to build their Amazon business to $10,000 a month in revenue with a 40-50% profit margin ($2,000-3,000 a month) in just 2 months! Hope this helps you out a ton!

What’s going on guys it’s rob here from steps to success today we have a very special guest he’s one of the students from the steps to success FBA course and He’s been doing amazing on Amazon FBA. You know he’s killing it with his sales, and it’s only the beginning so his name is Sheldon.

I’m gonna pass you pass it on to him so he can tell you guys a little bit about himself. What’s up? Everybody? I’m Sheldon. I’m gonna rob students a new Amazon FBA entrepreneur and Just starting to get the ball rolling with my business and really excited to get to talk to rob today.

Welcome Sheldon, I’m super excited to be making this video for everyone, So hopefully we can you know provide some value in this video? So why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? You know about your background what you’re involved in how you got to know about Amazon FBA and How much you’ve made so far selling on Amazon So personally.

I’m a software engineer I had a job as a software engineer, and then my hobby as you can see I play the drums I do a lot of different sports and You know I Originally the first time ever did online retail was quite a long time ago when I was about 12 years old.

I started selling stuff on eBay and So I always had this kind of interest and I’ve always known and kept track and you know sold personal items on eBay eventually Alongs alongside my day job. I wanted to start my own company.

Month with Amazon FBA

Start developing just more independence for myself So I had a software Team which was myself? doing side projects and contract work for a couple of years and That was a really steady business model, but I found that Writing code during the day and then on the weekends and then on the nights Was just a little bit too much for me to handle after a couple.

So I decided to switch to a different business model and started looking around and Amazon FBA was the one that I chose So, that’s why that’s where I am now is working with Amazon FBA to Just as kind of side business and some to grow and expand so How has your experience been with Amazon FPS over how long have you been selling?

And if you don’t mind sharing uh how much did you make in sales last month and Have you taken any course or what? What are the methods that you use are you watching a lot of YouTube videos you know before finding me, What were you doing and tell about how much you’re doing and what you expect is out?

You know this year some of your goals and Where you see your Amazon FBA business going this year? So to start out with I was a little bit sceptical about the business model just As one is when they find people claiming to begin rich online.

business model and started looking around and Amazon FBA

They’re always a little bit skeptical So I did like a three hundred dollar test order back in November it was basically retail arbitrage that I just did on my own listing and I doubled that money in about three days Wow as soon as it hit the warehouse It was a very low competition product, but because of q4, it was still just crazy.

So that’s nice when I kind of had some confirmation that it was Viable and you know your login to your Amazon account, and you just kind of see these numbers, And then you imagine all these items being shipped out of the warehouse it was a really a strange experience so Once I kind of got that confirmation.

I knew I wanted to invest a little bit more money But I wanted to you know start off a little but not too crazy with it. I just decided to do one product and So I did my product research using all the methods, you know that instructors like rob teach and Narrow down to a product at a good margin.

Got everything to the warehouse, etc and once the product launched and Once the ball really got rolling after about a week or two it peaked at about 40 to 50 units per day being sold And my profit was about 3 or 4 dollars apiece on those So again, I was able to double my investment roughly so It was I think I made close to $2,000.


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