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We are back and better than ever my friends! Here is a complete A-Z 2018 Amazon FBA Guide for you! I go over each 6 areas of this business model and talk to you about how it works so you don’t miss a beat! I will include links down below as well as the time stamps to help make this easy for you all! Love you guys and hope this helps! Take notes!


What Is Amazon FBA: 3:45

1) Set Up Your Seller Central Account: 8:13

Create Your Amazon Account Here:

Check If Your Country Is Accepted:


2) Product Research: 11:28

Viral Launch:

My Patent Guy:

CamelCamelCamel (Seasonality):

3) Contact & Find A Supplier: 19:13


Initial Contact Supplier Template:

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Forest Shipping (Freight Forwarder):

4) Create Your Listing: 26:10

Get Your UPC Code Here:

5) Launching & Ranking Your Product: 30:22

Viral Launch Promotions:

6) Scaling & Building Your Portfolio: 34:40


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