20 Creative Ways To Make Money in Retirement

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seniors looking to supplement their income

Finding Real Work at Home Jobs

Work-at-home jobs can be an excellent solution during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the trade winds stalling out, the world is starting to feel the harmful effects of air travel, especially for business purposes. So unless you want to stay at home while your family and friends visit each other on vacation, some work needs to get done!

Here are ten things you should take note of when trying to find work-at-home jobs:

1. Update your social media profiles.

Man looking at online website by laptopWhile you may be looking for work, don’t forget to update your digital presence. It’s common these days to do a quick background check on potential employers by checking out their social media pages.

Keep your profiles filled out and current so that if someone does an online search on you, they will get a well-rounded perspective of who you are as a professional.

Make sure what they see reflects well on you! Look at the company’s profiles as well; follow them and engage in the conversation.

2. Network online.

You can use various networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook groups to network with others in your field of work (or related fields) while also educating yourself on what’s happening in those industries.

You can also network with potential employers and ask them questions about what it is they’re looking for, etc. So not only will you be able to find work this way, but you will also build your professional network and relationships that could come in handy down the road as well!

3. Check job sites.

Some legitimate job postings are still online, so checking popular job sites is an excellent way to start searching initially. But remember that most legitimate jobs require an application process that includes completing forms via email or faxing/mailing documents, so if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Even some companies these days offer Jobs via SMS, which means that even if you’re in the hospital, you can still apply (you’ll need to be able to text, though)!

4. Be flexible.

It’s essential when looking for work-at-home jobs that you are flexible in terms of location and hours. These days, companies are becoming more popular to hire independent contractors who they can pay per job/project rather than hiring full-time employees.

Also, with the concept of Co-Working spaces becoming more mainstream, there are even office space rentals available where people share an office in exchange for a discount on the overall cost of renting it. This means that not everyone in the same workspace needs to be working in the same industry or have the same hours if they don’t want to.

5. Update your resume and portfolio.

Woman Holding Pen Over Resume Application With Smart Phone And UNow that you are actively job searching, spend some time updating your resume and portfolio with any relevant new experiences or skills you’ve acquired. Even if you’re starting professionally, having a solid foundation of work history will help give employers peace of mind that you can handle the role they are hiring for.

It is becoming more popular for employers to expect candidates to have their own website/portfolio, so make sure yours is up-to-date!

Also, even before applying for positions, be sure to identify where your talents can best be showcased so that your cover letter reflects your strengths in maximizing how you’ll fit into the company’s goals rather than focusing on what you hope to gain from the role.

6. Understand common scams.

When applying for a job, it is crucial to be aware of the scams that exist today. One example is when a company offers an “advancement” opportunity that requires you to pay a fee upfront to secure your position in the company, where they will train you how to work from home.

You may even receive materials to support this fact but instead sign up for a pyramid scheme.

Alternatively, these companies offer opportunities to work from home but require you to sign up for products through third-party merchants at inflated prices that you would have been better off purchasing without the added cost since the same goods can usually be found elsewhere.

Unfortunately, some of these folks are still pretty convincing, so be sure to do your research on the company before applying or giving out any personal information!

7. Research the company.

Once you’ve found a job listing that seems promising enough to apply for, make sure you thoroughly research the company where you’re thinking about working! On their website, try to find press releases or articles about how they started and what they plan on doing.

Even if it’s not on their site yet, if they have an “About Us” section, be sure to read this thoroughly as well. Also, note things like values and mission statements because it is always better when employers are transparent about their goals with employees instead of simply hiring people and asking them to conform to their objectives.

It is important to note that transparency goes both ways, and if it seems like they’re hiding anything or withholding information, that may be a red flag (although not necessarily).

8. Read the listing carefully.

Before applying for any job, make sure you read everything about the position thoroughly! Most companies will list all of the information you need, including what they expect from each candidate and details about their hiring process and timeline.

If you struggle to understand or interpret some elements of their requirements, try reaching out directly through email instead of asking them to clarify. These questions can often cover things that employers don’t want to be used against them, such as salary negotiation, so it’s always better to ask than to guess.

9. Ask for references

This is an excellent way of finding out more about companies/recruiters before you decide to apply. Contact them directly and ask if they are working with any hiring managers in your industry at this time – it’s an easy way to get some unbiased information about what’s going on behind the scenes of that company or recruiter!

10. Never send money.

angry man in front of laptop with dollar bills on the backgroundOne of the most important things to remember is that no legitimate company will ever require you to pay any fees upfront! This means if they ask for payment through wire transfer, cheque, cashier’s cheque, or prepaid credit card, you should stay away and be sure to file a report with your local authorities.

However, even though companies should never request these payments, unfortunately, it is always better to be safe than sorry when sharing personal information online.

Other Important Things to Remember

  1. Make a list of all of your past work history. If current, make sure this is up to date since not all places exist or are active online (i.e., if they went out of business).
  2. Make another list of any new skills you have learned recently (i.e., last year or so).
  3. Make a list of any educational courses you have taken that pertain to your field (i.e., accounting, nursing, web design, etc.)
  4. Decide what type of work-at-home job you want, whether part-time or full-time.
  5. Once you have identified an opportunity you are interested in pursuing, review it carefully and ask yourself:

• Can I do this type of work from home?
• If so, is there an employer nearby who would let me work in their office part-time?
• If not, can I do this work while social distancing – i.e., staying home with other people at risk for COVID-19 infection while earning money?


If the job seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. There are many great work-at-home opportunities out there, but they are significantly easier to find when you know the right resources. While it’s not realistic to expect everything for free, with a bit of legwork, most people can avoid these scams and end up with a professional career that is rewarding both personally and financially.

Remember that working from home is about flexibility. It isn’t always ideal to stay inside all day, every day, without ever leaving the house for a break. So take a quick walk outside now and then if you can, even if it’s just around your neighborhood block. Or leave the house after everyone else sleeps, so you have some time to yourself, or spend an hour or two at a local coffee shop doing some work online on your laptop via free wifi.

And remember, once COVID-19 becomes under control, you may be able to return to your in-person job, most likely through vaccine development. You need to get through this pandemic in the meantime!

One final note: before accepting any work-at-home job offer, make sure you read all of the fine print and ask for details about benefits such as health insurance. Even if it’s not COVID-19 related, working from home can save employers money, so jobs can sometimes come with full benefits even when they don’t appear at first glance.

Good luck! Remember that each day you stay home without infecting others counts as a small victory towards protecting yourself and others while social distancing. And remember – no matter how frustrating things get, count your blessings every day. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the opportunity to work from home while social distancing during a pandemic.

There is a common misconception that people in their golden years are basically lounging around and spending their retirement money on vacations and gift for the grandkids. Nothing could be further from the truth. People in retirement long to be just as productive and driven as those considered working age. Some would also like to help their children or grandchildren with the expenses and/or pay for college. Sadly, not many options are available for seniors looking to supplement their income.

Creative Ways To Make Money

For that very reason, listed below for you are 20 creative ways in which you can earn income during retirement:

1. Rent Out Your Empty Rooms

If you have some space in your home, like a spare room or two, you might want to consider turning your house into an Airbnb Inn. You can charge travelers and tourists alike by day, week, or month depending on your preference. You can also set your own rates depending on the location, comfort, and amenities you can provide.

2. Rent Out Your Parking Space

Platforms like Parking Panda (Available in select US Cities) allow you to rent out any extra parking space you might have for car owners in need. This is an innovative way to earn passive income with unused space in your property.

3. Rent Out Your Gadgets and Electronics

The electronics and gadgets around the house are assets that don’t often utilize their fullest potential. Luckily, websites like Zilok (available in the US and Europe) allow you to rent them out to people within the area. This paves the way for the unused items collecting dust in the basement to become viable income sources. The website also lets you earn from referring a person without a gadget to another person who has the gadget available for rent.

Rent Out Your Gadgets and Electronics

4. Rent Your Car

If you have a car that you don’t use very often or say you intend to go on a vacation abroad, leaving your vehicle unused for extended periods of time – then websites like Getaround and RelayRides allow you to earn some income on the side by letting you rent out your car. There’s always someone in need of a vehicle willing to rent one by the hour or daily. If you have the ability to meet that need, then capitalize on it.

5. Sell Handmade Products Online

Create your own store on Etsy and begin a small business selling your hand-crafted goods. Selling the products you make is an easy way to turn a simple hobby into a profitable enterprise. Opening a business might seem daunting, but know that the internet is a big place. There is always a market out there for whatever you have to sell.

6. Sell Custom Products Online

Café Press or Zazzle are websites that let you upload your own images, graphics, and art while featuring products of your choice. You can either open your own niche store or participate in affiliate marketing programs and promote others’ products for a fee.

 Sell Custom Products Online

7. Sell Your Skills Online

Fiverr and Upwork are online platforms that allow you to showcase your skills at a good and reasonable price. Whether it be graphic design, voiceovers, video or written content creation, etc. – if you have a skill that you can do well enough, there will probably be someone willing to pay you good money for it.

8. Sell Stuff on eBay

Ebay’s purpose extends beyond simply clearing out the junk from your garage. The online market also allows you to create your own shop and sell a product regularly.

9. Get Paid To Write

If you have a good mastery of the English language and a passion for writing, consider becoming a freelance writer. There are various copywriting websites like London Brokers, Copify, or Indeed. You can also bid for creative projects on Upwork though it may take some time to get a foot in the highly competitive platform.

Note that there are people who do this for a living, and you don’t really have to be a professional to begin earning. Some dedicated writers managed to build very successful online writing careers doing nothing but writing from their own homes’ comfort.

10. Become a Freelance Tutor

Students all around the world are searching for tutors to supplement their education. It would be best that you are knowledgeable about what you’re teaching, but a degree in the subject is not a requirement. Note that teaching English is a highly lucrative online teaching job since many individuals worldwide are looking to learn that language.

Write Songs Online

11. Write Songs Online

No matter the genre, if you have a knack for music and composition, you can create and license it online, where it can be used and paid for by content creators. Your songs might be used as background music for Youtube videos, blog posts, and commercials – paying you royalties with every use.

12. Consider Blogging

Related to number 9, bloggers write about what they want instead of what is commissioned. Many bloggers earn very handsomely from what they do, and so can you. You’d have to settle first on the particular niche you wish to write about and publish content regularly. That being said, blogging takes time and effort before it becomes a viable source of income. Numerous sites like WordPress and Blogger allow you to create your first blog site for free.

13. Try Contract Consulting

This might be related to number 7 in a way, but Contract Consulting is very much an industry in its own right. If you have any work experience in the corporate or financial sector: search online for job listings looking for a contract consultant. The work will likely be home-based, the contract might run for as much as 6 months, and your role will be somewhat like that of an advisor.

14. Take Online Surveys

You can actually earn money by taking surveys with sites like Cash Crate. Essentially, you’d be paid for product testing, taking surveys for research, and even forgetting someone else to take the surveys too.

15. Become an International Housesitter

There are numerous housesitting websites active online that you can utilize to get started. This option allows you to visit other countries for free and be paid to take care of other people’s houses while they’re away. You’ll be in charge of the cleaning and upkeep of the property when you’re housesitting, and meals are usually also paid for by the clients.

16. Try Pet Sitting

People love their pets and, when they decide to go on vacation, one of their main concerns is finding someone to care for them. As a pet sitter, your job would be to put those concerns at ease by taking good care of their furry companions either in your own home or the home of the owner as a pet and house sitter as well.

17. Become a Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper’s role is fun and simple: a business will pay you to shop at the store of the competitor to see where they are in terms of customer satisfaction. The business will then use your feedback to tweak its operations to stay ahead of the competition. This means you get to shop for free and get paid to do it. Look up some of the Mystery Shopping websites out there but keep in mind that not all are legitimate.

Become a Mystery Shopper

18. Become a Local Guide

If you know your location like the back of your hand, including its history and cultural significance, put that knowledge into good use and become a local guide. Take tourists or groups of students around and show them the sights and sounds of your area while also providing education on their importance to you or the community as a whole. This earns you income and increases tourism, and promotes the flourishing of the community’s businesses.

19. Look for Work in National Parks

Many national parks hire retirement-age individuals as guides and ambassadors to get the youth into environmental protection. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person and wish to impart some of it to the next generation, consider looking for opportunities in the nearest national park.

20. Become a Grandma for Rent

Sites like Rent a Grandma give older women a platform to rent their services out to families in need of their wisdom and care. The job descriptions vary depending on your preference, but it’s also a great opportunity to see the world and be around a family that needs a seasoned mind for guidance.

In Conclusion

There is no shortage of ways for you to earn money and/or augment your income. The possibilities are endless, and age should not get in the way of you fulfilling your ambition. All you need is to do it because the only action can create change in your life. Be brave in your later years because if you did the same thing tomorrow, that you did today, nothing will change. Muster up all the persistence and perseverance you can.

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20 Creative Ways to Make Money in Retirement

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy your golden years. But for many retirees, it can also be a time of financial uncertainty. If you’re looking for ways to make some extra money in retirement, there are a number of creative options available.

Here are 20 of the most creative ways to make money in retirement:

  1. Start a blog. If you have a passion for writing, you can start a blog and monetize it through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products or services.
  2. Freelance. If you have skills in writing, editing, graphic design, or web development, you can find freelance work online. There are a number of websites that connect freelancers with clients.
  3. Become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients from a remote location. This is a great way to use your organizational and time management skills.
  4. Take online surveys. There are a number of websites that will pay you to take online surveys. This is a great way to make some extra money in your spare time.
  5. Tutor. If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can tutor students online or in person. This is a great way to use your knowledge and skills to help others.
  6. Pet sit or walk dogs. If you love animals, you can pet sit or walk dogs for neighbors or friends. This is a great way to make some extra money and get some exercise.
  7. Sell unwanted items. If you have any unwanted items, such as furniture, jewelry, or collectibles, you can sell them online or at a garage sale. This is a great way to declutter your home and make some extra money.
  8. Drive for Uber or Lyft.** If you have a car, you can drive for Uber or Lyft. This is a great way to make some extra money on your own schedule.
  9. Deliver food for DoorDash or Grubhub. If you have a car, you can deliver food for DoorDash or Grubhub. This is a great way to make some extra money and see your city.
  10. Become a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers evaluate businesses by posing as customers. This is a great way to get free meals, products, or services, and you can also earn money for your time.
  11. Write product reviews. If you like to shop, you can write product reviews for websites or online retailers. This is a great way to share your opinions with others and earn some extra money.
  12. Blogging
  13. Proofreading
  14. Transcribing
  15. Teaching an online course
  16. Become a consultant
  17. Start an Airbnb
  18. Rent out your car
  19. Invest in real estate
  20. Start a side hustle

These are just a few of the many creative ways to make money in retirement. With a little creativity and effort, you can find a way to make some extra money that fits your interests and skills.

Here are some additional tips for retirees who are looking for ways to make money:

  • Consider your skills and interests. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Choose a side hustle or summer job that plays to your strengths and interests.
  • Think about your availability. How much time do you have to work outside of your retirement job? Choose a side hustle or summer job that fits your schedule.
  • Set realistic goals. Don’t expect to make a fortune overnight. Set small, achievable goals and gradually increase your earnings over time.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build a successful side hustle or summer job.

Retirement marks a significant milestone in a person’s life, signaling the end of the traditional nine-to-five work schedule and the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunities for leisure, personal growth, and perhaps even some additional income. While enjoying the well-deserved rest and relaxation is important, many retirees are also seeking ways to stay active and engaged while supplementing their retirement funds. One popular avenue for achieving this is through side gigs or side hustles.

When it comes to finding the best side gig or side hustle for seniors, several factors should be considered. Firstly, it’s essential to assess personal interests, skills, and hobbies. Leveraging existing expertise can make the side gig both enjoyable and financially rewarding. For example, if you have a passion for gardening, offering gardening services or starting a small-scale organic farming operation can be a viable option.

Another aspect to consider is flexibility. Many retirees prefer side hustles that offer flexibility in terms of working hours and commitment. This is particularly relevant when considering side gigs for evenings or planning for a transition to full-time work. For evening side hustles, options like tutoring, freelance writing, or becoming a virtual assistant can provide the necessary flexibility while allowing you to earn an income during the evenings.

For those aiming to eventually turn their side hustle into a full-time job, it’s crucial to select a gig that has growth potential and scalability. Starting a small online business, such as e-commerce, digital marketing, or content creation, can offer the freedom to work on your own terms while expanding your operations gradually.

Lastly, a side hustle with the potential to become a full-time job is an attractive prospect for many retirees. One such example is starting a consulting or coaching business in your area of expertise. By leveraging your years of experience, you can provide valuable insights and guidance to individuals or businesses, eventually transitioning into a full-time consulting career.

Ultimately, the best side hustle or side gig for seniors depends on personal preferences, skills, and goals. By assessing these factors and considering the flexibility, scalability, and potential for growth, retirees can embark on a fulfilling and financially rewarding journey during their retirement years.

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