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Amazon FBA Courses

Amazon FBA Courses: Who are you Learning Amazon?

Who are you learning Amazon FBA from? Who are you buying an Amazon FBA course from? Are you learning it from someone who is good at growing a social media following? Or are you learning from someone who is actually BUILDING an Amazon FBA business?

So many people Teach Amazon FBA on YouTube but never show their numbers! Then they launch an Amazon FBA course charging thousands of dollars where students get no result. I’m all for investing in education. I buy courses, books paid training on a monthly basis to better myself.

Amazon FBA courses didn’t receive any value and cannot answer this one simple question what’s going on guys my name is Tom I’m currently an Amazon FBA seller we have two brands and we’re doing about $120,000 per month by the moment and the mission is to sell our business next year for seven figures so that’s something you’re interested in make sure you subscribe to this channel where I’m very transparent about my business and give you all the latest tactics hat secrets all that stuff alright we gotta talk about something here, So I’m launching a Bootcamp on April the 1st right so the Bootcamp is gonna be six weeks.

I’m gonna teach you guys everything there is to know about Amazon FBA what helped me to go from zero to 120 thousand dollars per month and I’m trying to get people to sign up for this right but obviously, people are gonna have objections that are very normal however the biggest objection I first so far was this and it blows my mind well Tom I took this other FBA course and the person that was running the course promise me this is not and I didn’t really get any value in a bit how is it’s gonna be different so the very first question I asked him is how much money is the person I was telling the course doing per month on Amazon.

The person that bought the course the student none of them knows the answer to say whoa I never I don’t know their YouTube is really good and they provide really good content so I just bought the course, guys, like let me explain this way there’s something there’s a difference between teaching someone how to do something versus actually doing it so for example. I can tell you right now that if you’ve never gone snowboarding before Hey look snowboarding is really easy you gotta buy this and this and then you got to put your boots on the strap it in goes on the hill stay low stay balanced going at toe edge going to heel height and you on the snowboard it’s a completely.

A different experience than what I’ve just told you to have to learn it yourself your body has those absolutely this is absolutely no different than building an Amazon FBA business building an Amazon FBA business versus teaching someone how to build mountains on a big business it’s completely different so if you are going to buy a course if I was gonna buy a course I would only buy a course for two things. number one is if the course teacher has a proven track record on Amazon FBA and that’s literally the first question I’ll ask the teacher I said hey look you’re charging a thousand track record with actually building Amazon ib8 businesses number two is I will judge them by their students hey you know what I don’t really have an Amazon eBay business but I’m really good at teaching and my students have been getting really really good results would you like to see.

Amazon FBA Courses

I would like to see the testimonials I like to see how your students have done since that you roll the scores and since they got out of the course so if you don’t know those two things if you don’t know how much the course teacher has done on Amazon FBA and you don’t know if they have good testimonials I’m not talking about just a couple testimonials there should be a fairly amount of there should be a large number of students that are coming out of the course with a success rate right so let’s say for example 100 people mean groans, of course, what do you think of fair success rate it’s 50% 60% 70% so 30% of students maybe they gave up they just picked the wrong product and they just you know the McGill on Amazon but 70% of people saw some sort of results.

But it’s just one two three five percent that’s extremely low that means 95 percent of people that you’re rolling the courts didn’t get anything out of it so like guys here’s the thing is I am building an Amazon eBay business I respect the people that are actually building Amazon businesses and spending time to build our Amazon at bait businesses and then teaching others how to do the same so look before you buy a course or a boot camp but warrant any sort of paid material just know who’s just know it’s teaching it that’s it’s not magic who’s teaching it are they a good teacher or they could do it because I would personally love to learn from someone who’s doing it than just gonna teach it because like I said going back to a snowboarding example it’s completely different.

So now I’m gonna take this office you need to actually pitch you on the bootcamp so here’s the thing is we’re starting this boot camp if you watch up to this certain point we’re starting this boot camp on April the first Sunday we’re not allowing anybody to join your time your time with advertises before on YouTube Facebook anytime now if you didn’t join it’s your fault this boot camp is going to be six weeks every single week when I had a topic balls to the walls right we’re gonna go really really deep into this topic we’re gonna do a live Q&A every single Sunday night at 6 p.m. to say the good time that’s gonna be recorded so that everybody else can watch maybe they’re from the UK where they’re working or whatever it might be we’re also gonna have industry experts to come on to this boot camp and actually teach us everything they know about that one particular topic and of course that’s gonna be recorded as well blood guys six weeks two instructors a hundred students so that you can get that 101 touches 101 feel any questions that you guys might have posted in the group .

But I always do my due diligence when choosing the right mentor. If you are going to take an Amazon FBA course, make sure the person who is teaching the course has earned his/her right to teach. You should be too!



 Should You Buy an Amazon FBA Course? ( Honest Review)

An honest review of whether you should buy an Amazon FBA Course. This video is completely impartial as I do not sell or promote any Amazon FBA courses. This is my honest opinion of the PROS and CONS of buying an Amazon FBA Course.

Many new Amazon sellers consider buying an Amazon FBA course for beginners as it can be a very efficient way of learning how to sell on Amazon. If you have a suitable budget then investing in an Amazon FBA course can be a great way of learning how to make money on Amazon quickly.

Although the equivalent of a Free Amazon FBA course is available via YouTube, Google, and the Amazon Help pages, it is still difficult to learn things in the correct order and also know which advice is worthwhile.


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