Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Maui

Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Maui

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Hawaii is blessed with many lovely natural marvels, from volcanoes to coastlines. That’s why we made a listing of the very best beaches in Honolulu. Maui, the second-largest Hawaii island, boasts stunning coastlines perfect for snorkeling, swimming, or searching.

The sand is unique colors, not only white or gold but there are also red and black sand beaches. You would surely enjoy your vacation in a place where it’s heaven on earth, Maui.


Travelers group to Maui for its bounty of gorgeous island coastlines. The large shores of Wailea Coastline and Kaanapali Beach are classics that should not be missed, while smaller Napili Bay Coastline and Hookipa Beach Park are much better for those looking for a more subtle experience. Whether your coastline design allows it or little, you can not leave this Hawaiian island without visiting Waianapanapa State Park. This safeguarded location flaunts striking black sands and lush tropical foliage.

Best Beaches in Honolulu, Hawaii - Top 10 Beaches in Honolulu

Like most Hawaiian Islands, it’s best ahead right here from December to August, when the temperatures are excellent. April to October are completely dry seasons also. Peak season is springtime break in the United States or gold week in Japan, mostly March or April. In September, there is an Aloha Event additionally. You may come anytime you feel it’s best for you; Maui will certainly welcome you with a heartwarming Aloha.

Here are the best beaches in Maui, Hawaii

1. Makena Beach State Park

With 165 acres of nature, beaches, trees, and a dormant volcano, Makena State Park is a fantastic spot to be in Maui. One of the best beaches in Maui is located here, Makena Beach. It is 2.4 kilometers of white sand and crystal blue waters. There may be times you can’t swim or snorkel as the waves are a bit rough, and shore break is dangerous; listen to the lifeguards to keep safe.  However, you can enjoy other beach activities like sunbathing, beach volleyball and a Hawaiian themed party on Sundays. It’s a marvelous place to be!

Best Beaches in Maui, Hawaii Top 10 Beaches in Maui

2. Ho’okipa Beach Park

This legendary spot is best for water activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, and many more. It’s also a great place to snorkel as you would definitely see sea turtles. The current can be a bit strong, so always be careful swimming or doing activities. You could still enjoy the beach by walking at the tide pools, sunbathing, or just people-watching. Ho’okipa Beach is one of the best beaches in Maui; you would love this beach park.

Best Beaches in Maui, Hawaii - Top 10 Beaches in Maui

Overview of Ho’okipa Beach Park 

Hookipa—the Windsurfing Capital of the World—hosts a large surfing community where you can find the sand dotted with black rocks. The beach boasts unsurpassed views of Maui’s craggy central coastline and lush West Maui Mountains. Sunbathing, beach walking, picnicking, turtle watching, and surfing are all popular activities at Hookipa.

Hookipa Beach’s mornings are the optimal time to enjoy its beauty. If you come in December, you can watch surfers doing tricks on big waves and enjoy some breathtaking sunsets. Also, keep an eye out for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that often bask in the sun on the shoreline. Hence, so many see it as the turtle beach park

Getting There- Ho’okipa Beach Park 

From Kahului, take Highway 36 for about six miles, and turn left when you approach the sign. You will find the beach on your left. You will soon come across the Lookout, which will take you to the beach. For parking, continue up the road and make a left into the parking lot from the park. 

Essential Tips for a Ho’okipa Beach Park  Visit

Ho’okipa means “hospitality,” but large waves, dangerous rip currents, and crowds of strong surfers make this beach a challenge for most. We recommend paddling out with a local to ease your way into this break. If you wish to venture out on some of the world’s largest waves, make sure you have the experience and know-how for paddling. If you don’t know where the waves break, ask a local or the on-duty lifeguard about the rip tides.

Ho’okipa Beach Park Amenities

This beach offers several comforts to make your experience here great. First, you can find free parking, shady areas, and a pavilion. 

Other amenities include: 

  • Several covered pavilions with picnic tables and BBQ grills
  • Freshwater showers
  • Restrooms
  • Lookout above the park
  • Lifeguards on duty from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

3. La Perouse Bay

Hike on the Hoapili trail and discover La Perouse Bay, one of the best beaches in Maui that is filled with basaltic lava, archaeological sites, and home to many endemic marine creatures. You can see tide pools where you can see tiny creatures. It’s also a great place to snorkel; however, ask the lifeguard in case there are shark sightings. It’s a bit of a challenge to come here with lava rocks, but the scenic beauty of this place will make your adventure worth it.

Great view from the shore of La Perouse Bay

Haleakala’s last display can be seen on Maui’s southeast shore at La Perouse Bay. Scientists estimate that in 1790 Haleakala erupted to form the jagged lava rock coastline. Now there is a monument and ruins of Hawaiian natives who made their home on the sharp a’a lava rock. La Perouse is the end of the road, literally, in south Maui. It is located at mile marker 7 at the very end of Makena Alanui Road. From Kihei take Piilani Hwy south to Wailea. Turn right on Wailea Iki road and bear left on to Wailea Alanui Road which turns into Makena Alanui. Look carefully around you as you drive between mile markers 5.5 and 7. On either side, you should see fields of a’a littering the landscape.

Just past mile marker 6.5 look mauka (mountain side) and you can see where the lava spewed forth from Kalua o Lapa cinder cone. Once you reach La Perouse Bay you may have to park on the road. Make sure not to park on any lava rock as it can ruin your day with a flat tire. (Trust us we know.) You can walk through the lava and explore the sea estuaries. This is a favorite place for dolphins and local fishermen.  Make sure to wear sunscreen and be prepared for a lot of wind. 

4. Keawakapu Beach

Want to spend time on a beach that’s not overcrowded, and you could swim and snorkel? Well, Keawakapu Beach is one of the best beaches in Maui and has all those three. There are public showers but no restrooms. When you come here, you might want to bring your snorkel gear as there are many corals, and you might see turtles, too! Enjoy the perfect combination of sand, sea, sun, and shade.

Best Beaches in Maui, Hawaii - Top 10 Beaches in Maui

Keawakapu Beach is located in South Maui, between Kihei and Wailea, at the end of South Kihei Road. This beautiful white sand beach, which runs along a fully developed coastline, is approximately 0.7 miles long and offers opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, or just catching some sun on the shore. Snorkeling is best on the right-hand side of the beach.

This beach is often less crowded than many of its nearby counterparts, likely because so much of the shoreline is developed as a large residential community, and that development obscures the presence of the beach – keeping it a secret from most visitors.

While the beach typically offers excellent opportunities for swimming (no lifeguard is present, however), during times of large swells or high surf – we’d advise staying out of the water. If the wind picks up along the shoreline, you can also occasionally get sandblasted, so be aware of the weather if you’re planning a visit.

A half-mile offshore there is an interesting artificial reef composed of old cars, tire modules, and concrete slabs, that were dumped here in the early 1960s. Divers frequent this area to observe the artificial reef, not only to view the assortment of fish that call the reef home, but the reef also benefits the shoreline by providing protection from large swells.


Spectacularly beautiful and only a mile-long, Ka’anapali Beach commands everyone’s attention. This beach hosts the most luxurious hotels in town. Additionally, the beach serves a plateful full of activities such as hiking, sailing, swimming, and sunbathing, making it one of Hawai’i’s top beaches.

Overview of Kaanapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach includes soft, golden sand and gorgeous water. Along this stretch of coast, you find many hotels flanking the beach. Ka’anapali Beach harbors endless opportunities for water sports lovers. Black Rock slices across the beach and is a popular spot for snorkelers and scuba divers to earn their certification. Other options for water play include parasailing, windsurfing, and jet skis. 

Head to Black Rock, at the north end of the beach, for a boat tour of the marine life in this area. Plus, visit the booths on Kaanapali Beach, where you can sign up for snorkeling, boat excursions, kayaking, sailing, the Sheraton Luau, surfing lessons, and water equipment rentals.

Getting There-Kaanapali Beach

Ka’anapali is located only a few miles northwest of Lahaina Town.

Essential Tips for a Great Kaanapali Beach Visit

During the high tourist season, public beach access is difficult. Tourists must pay to park in a secure lot. The best time to find a parking spot is early in the morning. Furthermore, leave your valuables at your hotel and not your car when visiting the beach. Thieves gravitate to these tourist spots for easy picking.  

The surf can sometimes get rough in winter months, and lifeguards will post red flags if the water is too dangerous to enter.

Kaanapali Beach Amenities

The hotels, resorts, and golf courses provide specific amenities like restrooms and showers. 

If you only take one photo of a beach while you are visiting Maui, may it be this one.

Have Fun at Kaanapali Beach

Family Activities at Kaanapali Beach

Spend your time relaxing on Ka’anapali Beach. Named “America’s Best Beach,” this popular destination has something for everyone. Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, just relaxing on the sand, or taking a stroll along the beach walkway.

Kaanapali Beach Activities

Snorkeling:  Places to snorkel around the island include Ka’anapali and Black Rock.

Cliff jumping: Ka’anapali Beach is a favorite cliff jumping site for locals and visitors alike! Head to Black Rock cliff.

Catamaran tours for whale-watching: Whales in winter flock to the shallow waters around Ka’anapali, making it one of the best places on Maui to whale watch. Catamaran tours launch from Ka’anapali Beach will take you up close to whales in the winter months.

Sunset:  At Ka’anapali Beach, you can watch the sun settle behind Lanai, with views of the green flash visible in clear skies.

Shopping: If you want to shop in Maui, don’t miss Whalers Village mall. This shopping center features Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and more and several jewelry stores, an ABC Store, kiosks, and specialty stores!

Play Golf & Tennis: Golf enthusiasts will want to swing away at the Royal Ka’anapali and Ka’anapali Kai courses, which offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch provides an unforgettable experience for tennis enthusiasts.

Nightlife: In the evening, Ka’anapali features a range of dining and shopping options. Whether you want to hear some live entertainment or buy souvenirs from Whalers Village, the choices are endless.
 Nearby Attractions and Sights

Honolua Ridgeline Hike: For all hikers, you will certainly enjoy this trek! This easy to moderate hike offers great overlooks of the area’s stunning terrain. On tour, you will discover Maui’s ecology and culture. The trailhead departs out of Napili,  a quick jaunt away from Kaanapali. . The trek leads to Honolua —a region famous for its waves and rich Hawaiian history.

In this intimate hike through one of West Maui’s most scenic wildernesses, a team of passionate naturalists will lead you on an intimate journey across striking vistas and incredible flora and fauna, where you’ll learn about Honolua’s cultural and environmental importance.


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Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Kauai

Best Base for Kauai Beach Hopping Kauai isn’t too big—you can drive from one side to the other in a few hours—so you could base yourself in one location and travel to your chosen day trip. However, we wanted to avoid long drives and have the best of both worlds, so we...

Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Kauai

Best Base for Kauai Beach Hopping Kauai isn’t too big—you can drive from one side to the other in a few hours—so you could base yourself in one location and travel to your chosen day trip. However, we wanted to avoid long drives and have the best of both worlds, so we...

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