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In this video, I’m going to reveal to you how a billion-dollar company.

Actually, a 20 billion dollar company is utilizing affiliate marketing in order to generate some revenue stay tuned, all right.

Hey, what is up, guys? ODI reproductions here It’s been a while. I’ve been working hard on my business like any good entrepreneur should be doing.

 I hope you guys are doing the same for anyone who is working on your goals for 2018. I hope you guys are crushing it and staying on progress.

Track if you haven’t written down your goals for 2018.

Step 1

You need to write down your goals and actually take a pen and paper and write them down. I promise it makes a huge difference between just thinking about something instead of, you know, putting it into existence.

Okay, so before we get into the video, I want to give two quick updates for anyone who’s missed the last couple of videos I announced the launch of my brand new free affiliate marketing 101 mini-course.

 If you guys want to join, that link is in the description below. Sign up today; all you need is your email address, and you get an instant access update.

 Step 2

I just started to do an affiliate marketing live training where I revealed my personal 5 step formula for affiliate marketing success in 2018 and beyond.

So I’m talking about how to create a future-proof affiliate marketing business that is going to stand the test of time, and that’s going to continue to earn you passive income for months.

If not years to come like I’ve been able to do so, anyways, let’s get into the video today, the subject of today’s video. As I said in the introduction is now a billion-dollar company that is utilizing photo marketing to generate some revenue and actually the company we’re talking about.

Building my first business

It is a twenty billion-dollar company, and you know I want to say before we get into this. I know that people who are watching this, including myself we are not running billion-dollar companies over here. 

But the purpose of this video is to show you how a company that’s all the way at the top is utilizing it for marketing, and maybe this could give you ideas for how you could implement full marketing into your current business model.

 Whatever that may be, whether you do social media marketing agency whether you know you do Amazon FB. whether you do any other form of you know the business you can implement affiliate marketing as a secondary or you know even a third source of income in addition to your main source of revenue.

 So anyway, without further ado, let’s jump right into it. The company that we are talking about today is called we work, and if you’ve never heard of we work, basically, we work the leader in creating co-working spaces now if you’re unfamiliar with what co-working is basically.

 This is a genius model, by the way, are they take an office space right they take maybe a floor on Let’s say you know high-rise building 40 floors they take an entire floor and they chop it up into individual offices.

 So that more than one or two companies can actually, you know, work from that floor so by dividing up the office space and creating many offices private offices share desks it allows multiple companies and individuals to basically use the same space as their office space.

And it’s a shared office space you know at its Core now. We work, you know, they have office spaces that are bigger, you know for 6 to 8 to 10 to 20 people that are more like a real office.

 Then they have office spaces that are literally just for one or two or three people, and then they have shared communal tables where multiple, you know, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote employees can work.

 So we work over the last few years alone has grown into this crazy twenty billion-dollar company, and they are a unicorn company, so how are we work for a billion-dollar company.

 Who you know their main source of revenue is getting tenants to lease their office spaces? How are they using affiliate marketing and you know this is so genius. 

When I realized this, so I’m just going to hop into

work services store

my phone real quick, all right, so here we are on my phone, and as you can see, this is called we work services store so find exclusive offers on services and software for an operational boost so what’s amazing about this is this right here I knew from the get-go that this was all affiliate marketing.

 because basically what we work is doing is they are offering deals and

incentives to sign up for all these services that you know entrepreneurs and companies, and business owners can use.

Such as Amazon, you know s3 are Amazon Web Services I should say slack they even have an office, you know, Microsoft Office 365, etc., etc. so as you can see, all these different categories literally offer dozens upon dozens of products and services if we just go into HR this.

 It might be interesting if we look at this so oh, as you can see, there’s up to work you get a hundred dollars off if you order the job of off up work you know you got all these other ones right here, and you can just scroll down, and there’s so many you have HR services.

 Which is super important for, you know, companies and startups to keep things you know running there’s just there’s so much so basically what we’re looking at right here is this is affiliate marketing. 

Because first of all you know we work they aren’t just showing you all these companies for free if they are showing you a company right here there has to be some incentive for them to do that and the incentive is you know these companies, and we work they probably have some sort of private partnership in the background.

where it’s like, hey if you refer someone to us as you can see with Amazon Web Services that you get a thousand dollar credit if you sign up through them, you know if someone signs up through we work you know we’ll give them a thousand dollars in return you know to acquire that customer, and then we work will probably receive some sort of Commission as well and you know it all works out because basically

Something like Amazon Web Services, the reason they’re willing to give a thousand dollar credit is that in the back ends. When a customer uses Amazon Web Services for, let us say, you know, a year so 12 months, they use it for two years, three years, five years, ten years.

They keep renewing and renewing and growing and expanding their plan as they use more and more data than basically, Amazon’s going to make thousands of dollars in return.

 Even though they’re giving away a thousand dollars, to begin with, and Plus, you know Amazon owns the web services you know I mean they own the servers they own the company, so for them to give away, you know, a thousand dollars in credit, not a thousand dollars in actual cash it doesn’t cost them much of anything you know.

 I mean, but at the same time, if they get a customer for life that customer is a part of, you know, the Amazon Web Services for ten years 20 years, then they’re going to be making tens of thousands of dollars in return so anyways.

 I just want to show you guys this because I thought it was super

interesting how we work is offering all these services literally dozens upon dozens, and if you sign up through them, you know that we work getting some sort of Commission, some sort of monthly recurring revenue they’re getting something out of it because they aren’t just offering something for nothing. 

You know, I mean, and they didn’t just come up with these companies randomly, I didn’t just get a list together, and we’re like, alright, you know we’re going to start promoting these guys for no reason.

 Because you know in business, you know you give what you get, so anyways hope you guys enjoy that example. Hey taco, say hi to the people taco they miss you damn is she so moist, let’s show them how big you got let’s show you how to let’s show them.

 How big you got oh alright, so I hope you guys enjoy that it’s just a quick little video quick little example, but basically you want to take the lesson from here, okay so we work for 20 billion-dollar company.

 They are promoting all these other companies now you know a lot of people. They shy away from promoting other companies, other people, other individuals, but this is how things work. You know when you’re up there, you want to have allies, you want to have partnerships. 

marketing business model

You know I mean, and we work doesn’t compete for with a company like, let’s say, slack that does message software, probably most of the people who work within we work. You know their company uses slack in order to communicate with their team.

 You know we work isn’t trying to compete with them, and if anything, if both slack and we can benefit from each other, you know having shared members shared customers between the two, then it benefits both brands because both brands are making money.

So they wouldn’t mind, you know, referring you to slack if it means they’re going to get commissions in return, so affiliate marketing again as I believe so much in the field of marketing business model because it’s a win-win for everyone, it’s a win-win for both companies it’s a win-win for the consumer for the customer because first of all, we work in co-working.

 It’s such a great idea, to begin with, you’re going to save money you’re going to get a nicer cleaner office, and perks like in we work they have like beer on tap and free drinks, and you know all this cool stuff, and with slack.

They have amazing messaging software that’s way better than Skype, the company. I used to work for when I worked in nine-to-five a couple of years ago, we transitioned from Skype to slack, and it was a huge difference even though.

You know it’s just messaging you know I mean, it’s just private messaging but with slack, you’ve got all these cool features, and it really did sort of like up the productivity, and the seamlessness allowed us to integrate things as you know, zoom video chat and stuff like that, so it’s really cool, so anyways.

 I’m going to stop talking now figure out ways where you can promote other services, so if you’re a social media marketing agency, I’m sure there are a ton of affiliate offers and services.

That you can offer your client in order to boost either their business or to boost you know the promotion of their business or, let’s say, get them to start creating landing pages using something like click funnels so that.

They can get higher conversion rates. They can generate leads easier rather than just having the plain old boring website, so yeah, and you know, by the way, I hope you guys watch that Russell Brunson three million dollars generated in ninety minutes presentation.

 He did a growth con too, you know, grant Cardone’s event. I hope you guys check that out because that was some mind-blowing stuff right there from someone. Who also is the owner of the company that’s evaluated at a billion dollars, so taco stops well, I think my shoelace is off. 

What are you doing, little guy? Okay, I hope you guys enjoy this is just a quick video for today; I’m going to be hitching hitting you guys with some more content back to back to back to back.

I’m coming back, you know I got a lot of stuff I want to show you guys. I’ve just been working. That’s behind the scenes, but you know, just know that I’ve been working I’ve also been taking time off to just you know, enjoy the life that’s a life a passive income I mean, what can I say so catch you guys in the next one peace.


“This above all: to Thine own self be true.”– William Shakespeare

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”– Plato

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”– Robert Frost

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