Bizarre Amazon Product Reviews Part III

Bizarre Amazon Product Reviews Part III

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Bizarre Amazon Product Live Reviews!!

Bizarre Amazon Product Reviews Part III. Amazon has everything, so of course, some of that stuff is going to be very strange. Today we’re going to look at some of that strange stuff, join by Katie and Trap; they’re going to help figure this stuff out, we’re going to decide. Suppose it’s stuff that we would want to buy or throw away. We have a little gift bag representing good products like four or five stars in our opinion or bad products three and under you throw them in the trash for your holiday shopping.

They look out black Friday, and you know the Christmas your holidays Are coming up soon. What’s good to mention is black Friday more than Thanksgiving. This Friday, I wouldn’t say I like that I don’t think trampled in a Walmart that’s an aisle like waiting in a line at 3 a.m., Well, let’s get into it. Our first product is a “face slimmer”, now I don’t know how it works, but this will slim your face. I get something out of plastic, alright, got it.

Now the next 30 minutes just going to be like struggling; it looks weakly against plastic. I swear I work out; guys can’t get it open. It seems very sexual, right? We can acknowledge the elephant in the room like, do we need I don’t know if we need such wet lips because this goes in your mouth. Is that how this works? I think so, and what is the idea? Honestly, it seems your face I think this is just like a regular thing oh definitely sweet, oh my god, this looks comfortable. Are you comfortable you look? You can even tell you have it on, oh.

I guess I don’t understand well. What the point of this is it Slim’s your face okay for 3 minutes a day probably should have washed this guy. Yeah, it’s got a little plastic residue that’s good; yeah, for 3 minutes a day, I think you put it in your mouth, and it’ll be wonderful warmer’s of your mouth because the muscles loosen it effectively makes your face slimmer it. I get like I don’t fully understand.


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