How To Advertise And Market On Facebook For Free

How To Advertise And Market On Facebook For Free

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How To Advertise And Market On Facebook For Free


How to advertise & Market on Facebook for FREE

For today’s video, we will talk about Facebook Advertising and how to advertise and market on Facebook for free. We talk about the last time in the previous video about how to pay for apps and how to get the best traffic.
I will show you how to do it for free and how to market and advertise your small business on Facebook for free.

Here are the top ten tips.

1.Invite your friends and family, everybody you know, make them share it easily, and get hundreds of likes on your fan page simply by having your friends, family, and everybody.

2. Open a new tab and look up Oodle Marketplace. This is run by Facebook directly off of the Facebook link. Obviously, it will have one of your cities. Once you click on it, you can see there’s a ton of little sections just like Craiglist or anything else, vehicles, cars, all rentals merchandise you can click on it. People post their stuff for sale really great place to advertise anything you have for sale.

3.Link your Facebook page everywhere; make sure it’s on your website. People can get to it quickly. Make sure you link of all your things everywhere.

4.Join as many groups as you can. Groups are probably the single most important you gonna do on Facebook. Starting with your personal page, your going to join all these groups. If you have never been in a group or don’t belong in a group, just search your city at the top. It will be going to give you all the results, post people, photos, pages, places.

5.Pid advertising- this about free advertising by still recommend you always pay the dollar for Facebook advertising at least one dollar a day, 30$ a month.

6.Create a Facebook store if you have products for sale. That’s a really great way to advertise your products. You can even put your services with a Paypal.

7.Update your Facebook page at least three times a day. People don’t want to come and not be able to see anything you can see here. We have news stories.

8.Use news stories from popular websites. It is important people want to see these stories, and they’ll come to you.

9.Make Videos and pictures on your post. Instead of just doing a post, do videos and pictures. It gets people’s attention.

10.If you want to get more fans and you want to get more followers and people looking at it, you need to do a giveaway. So giveaways contest will get you more likes and more fans.


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Create a Facebook store if you have products for sale

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