How To Be A Digital Nomad in Maderia, Spain

How To Be A Digital Nomad in Maderia, Spain

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What Makes Maderia, Spain a Fantastic Location for Digital Nomads?

Madeira is a group of Portuguese islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean simply under 400 kilometers (250 miles) north of the Canary Islands. Madeira sits in the area called Macaronesia and is just 520 kilometers (320 miles) west of Morocco.

The lovely Portuguese island chain is a nature fan’s paradise and has plenty of natural marvels. Madeira’s volcanic island has attractive black sand coastlines as well as drop-offs, making it a wonderful location for divers in the crystal clear waters.

A neighborhood language is a kind of Portuguese, and you will locate many residents in the city who can talk several languages such as English as well as Spanish. The currency on the island is Euro.


  • ⭐ Nomad Friendly 90% 90%
  • 👍 Value for Money 85% 85%
  • 👶 Family Score 75 Good % 75 Good %
  • 🖥 Workspace 95% 95%
  • 📡 Internet 50 🙂 Good: 6Mbps (avg) % 50 🙂 Good: 6Mbps (avg) %
  • 😝 Fun 70 Good % 70 Good %
  • ⛅️ Temperature 80 🌞 Nice: 20°C (feels 21°C) % 80 🌞 Nice: 20°C (feels 21°C) %
  • 💦 Humidity 51% 😊 comfortable% 51% 😊 comfortable%
  • 💨 Air quality (annual) 80 🌱 Great: 34 US AQI% 80 🌱 Great: 34 US AQI%
  • 👌 Safety 90 great% 90 great%
  • 👮‍♀️ Lack of crime* 90 great% 90 great%
  • 🤝 Lack of racism* 60 okay% 60 okay%
  • 🎓 Education level* 50 good% 50 good%
  • 💰 Income level* 50 low: $1,637 / mo% 50 low: $1,637 / mo%
  • 🙊 English speaking* 80 great% 80 great%
  • 🚶 Walkability 60 okay% 60 okay%
  • ✌️ Peace (no pol. conflict) 70 good% 70 good%
  • 🚦 Traffic safety* 60 good% 60 good%
  • 🏥 Hospitals 90 Great% 90 Great%
  • 🖥 Places to work from 100 Great% 100 Great%
  • 📶 Free WiFi in city 95 great% 95 great%
🌍 Continent Europe
⏱ Average trip length 28 days
⛅️ Weather (now) Comfy (69%)
🔌 Power 230V 50Hz
🏧 Suggested ATM take out: EUR 100 = USD 108
💳 Cashless 💳 Yes, cards OK almost everywhere
♻️ Return rate 👍11% of visitors return
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 GDP per capita* $19,750 / year
⛪️ Religious government Non-religious
🚩 Country Portutal

July and August are the best months to go on holiday or travel to Madiera. During these month temperature is at around 22°c and an average of 341.6923 hours of sunshine in a month. March and February are the coldest months with the temperature at around 15°c.
Funchal, the capital of the Madeira region of Portugal, is a beautiful city set in a natural amphitheater valley, backed by mountains and fronted by a turquoise sea. Known for its lush green scenery, high-class restaurants, and whale watching opportunities, tourists find Funchal to be a year-round destination, as it does not have an extreme climate – it gets warm, but not too hot, and cool, but not too cold, with moderate rainfall.


Funchal, Madeira weather forecast hourly

🎸 Metal music+244% 🇩🇪 Speaks German+233%
🟨 Blonde hair+197%  
🇷🇺 Speaks Russian+193% 🏓 Table tennis+185%
🎧 Drum & Bass music+156% 🧑‍ Short hair+139%
🧖 Sauna+127% 💆 Massage+116%
💬 Twitter+110% work🏃 Sports+107%
👶 Parent+103% 🤖 Android+98%
🏋️‍ Weightlifting+92% 💬 Telegram+90%
🧠 Open-minded+84% 💬 Whatsapp+84%
🤲 Empathy+81% 🎸 Rock music+76%
💵 Cost of living for nomad $2,279 / month
💵 Cost of living for family $2,339 / month
🏠 1br studio rent in center $377 / month
🏨 Hotel (median price) $920 / month
🏡 Airbnb (median from 48 listings) $3,199 / month
🍛 Dinner $7.54
🍺 Beer (0.5L) $3.77
💰 Estimated tax on $50,000 $21,514
💰 Estimated tax on $250,000 $145,334
🏢 Coworking $86 / month

Finest Areas
Depending upon where you intend to remain on the island will figure out the best neighborhood to stay in. It will also depend on the experience you are trying to find. Being a generally based city, Funchal will undoubtedly be a significantly different experience from being based in a town with citizens.

Found in the south of the island, the largest city is Funchal, a residence of Old Portuguese colonial design, a dynamic center, and many activities. The town has an old town area, with the 16th-century Gothic Cathedral and far more. This is the place to be for the history and the culture of Madeira.

Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz used to be a small coastal town with its very own port from the 15th century. It lies simply northeast of Funchal, implying it is close to the international flight terminal. It is popular with European site visitors, especially families, as the community is excellent for youngsters. There is a great deal to do in the location, from visiting historic churches to a day out at the aqua park.

This is just one of the island’s most popular destinations as it has a few of the very best coastlines on the island. In 2008, hundreds of tonnes of white sand were imported from Morocco, and also the very first ‘white sand beach was formed on this island. The Machico River is nearby, as well as the surroundings are braided with rich plants and beautiful woodlands. There are several bars and restaurants in the area, with an attractive promenade along the waterfront. This is an excellent area for someone who intends to be a little outside the city but still within a great range of facilities.

Jardim do Mar
. This is a web surfer’s paradise, equated in English to mean Yard of the Sea. If you are concerning Madeira for the watersports after that, Jardim do Mar is an excellent area to be based. Located on the southwest shore of Madeira is this rather village by the sea.

This is the oldest town on the island, as well as it materializes as a little remote fishing town on the eastern shore of Madeira. This is an excellent place to be based if you like hiking and being in more backwoods.

Ponta do Sol.
This is the location for beach enthusiasts, and it is located in the south of the island. The area comprises attractive seafronts with pebble coastlines and gorgeous palm trees that line the promenades. This is a beach enthusiast’s paradise as there are four preferred beaches for relaxing, which are Anjos, Lugar de Baixo, Madalena do Mar, and Ponta do Sol. It is likewise residence to the first Digital Wanderer Village, a concept developed and tested in 2021.

Camara de Lobos.
Located just a couple of kilometers from Funchal, this is the ideal place for someone who takes pleasure in even more of a loosened-up ambiance yet is within an excellent range to the city for periodic go-to.

Locate a Home in Madeira.
Finding an apartment in Madeira can be tricky as it is a reasonably small island which suggests that alternatives can be restricted. There are the main areas where digital nomads remain, such as Funchal, as it is the resources city, or in the new digital wanderer towns.

If you are searching for an exclusive electronic wanderer experience, then the ‘Digital Wanderer Town’ at Ponta Do Sol, Santa Cruz, or Funchal may be perfect for your stay. As a result of the hit in the tourism sector in 2020 from the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of digital wanderer business owners approached Madeira with a proposal to repurpose some hotels on the island. The concept was to turn existing hotels struggling with lack of organization right into coliving places for digital nomads. The job was a success, helping many regional businesses keep afloat and accommodating the principle of a digital wanderer town.

The apartment or condos on the deal on their website often tend to accommodate 2-4 nomads, so you can get a great deal if you can partner with various other wanderers. For instance, you can get an apartment to suit four guests in Ponta Do Sol for around USD 1070 monthly. When split in between 4, this is a great deal. In Funchal, you can locate small apartments for up to 2 individuals for around USD 900 monthly. Finally, at the third location of the digital nomad town, Santa Cruz, you can find houses as low as USD 1000 per month.

The best means to locate an apartment or condo is by using the internet search engine or asking around the electronic wanderer neighborhood. Web sites such as Air Bnb and are a terrific place to begin as you can obtain an approximation of average expenses on the island.

There are standard ways to find holiday accommodation; with Air Bnb and; nonetheless, you may pay a higher rate using these as property often tends to be targeted at high-paying vacationers. Nevertheless, it is still feasible to find someplace wonderful to stay as your go-to. Also, if you have a slightly higher spending plan after that, this can be a terrific method of protecting something superb. For example, the typical cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Funchal will undoubtedly be about USD 2,000 monthly.

Various other popular internet search engines are as well as These often tend to have somewhat more affordable holiday accommodation alternatives and can commonly cause a much more local experience. You will be able to discover, for example, a small apartment in Funchal for around USD 800 per month. It may not be close to the town hall, so you may require a bicycle or be willing to take a long walk. However, it may be worth it if you want to be located outside the center and spend less.

Another method of discovering an apartment is using one of the even more localized rental websites such as,, and idealistic. Pt. These websites will typically have even more long-term leasing alternatives that accommodate electronic nomads. Prices can differ substantially depending upon what you are searching for. However, locating a studio apartment for around USD 600 each month in the Funchal area is feasible.

✅ Very safe ❌ Hospitals are bad
✅ Fast internet ❌ Many people smoke tobacco
✅ Lots of fun stuff to do ✅ Warm all year round
✅ Good air quality on average ✅ Nomad List members liked going here a lot
✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round ✅ Spacious and not crowded
✅ Very easy to make friends ✅ Very easy to do business
✅ High quality of education ✅ Roads are very safe
✅ Great freedom of speech ✅ Democratic
✅ Everyone speaks English ✅ Very safe for women
✅ Family friendly ✅ Very friendly to LGBTQ+

Work in Madeira

Madeira is becoming a hotspot for digital nomads, as well as depending on where you intend to be based; you will certainly have the ability to locate centers to fit your demands. In 2021, the Regional Federal government of Madeira created a tester project called Digital Nomads Madeira Islands, with the major idea being to bring in electronic nomads to Madeira by supplying a distinct experience in the form of what is titled the Digital Wanderer Village.

The principle is to give living, coworking, and community to digital wanderers on the island. The task began in February 2021 and was on a test until June 30th, 2021, to see if it was attracting the digital nomad neighborhood. Adhering to the success, even more, electronic nomad towns are opening across the island, as of the summer season of 2021, there are three areas. Below is a summary of each place and what gets on offer.

The Digital Nomad Community.

Remote-based experts will instantly group in the direction of the Wanderer’s Town of Ponta do Sol. The town features a dedicated co-working hub inside the John Dos Passos Cultural Centre. Presently, the area boasts around 22 work desks and chairs inside, while covered seats are additionally offered exterior.

The co-working space is currently operating under the social distancing and Covid-19 laws of the island. Remote employees using the space will certainly require to operate in changes. While the area might originally be a concern, the structure is well furnished. The Wi-Fi is rapid, and you also obtain accessibility to a printer and also a very useful coffee maker.

We have returned from a journey to Funchal in Madeira. It is a charming exotic island in the middle of the sea. We remained at the Melia Madeira mare resort, and also it was beautiful. A modern contemporary hotel just recently opened up with a friendly team. The only problem is a tremendous 30min walk to the central Funchal community. There are some charming locations to consume, and also would certainly recommend the L’osteria on Rue Casa Branca. We scheduled our excursions with ‘pleased days tours’; they were reasonably valued and friendly. I would most definitely recommend a journey to Madeira.


Food in Madeira

1. Espetada Madeirense
The “Espetada”, made with beef dices in a laurel skewer and also grilled on wood or charcoal. Lots of restaurants have tables with iron frameworks applied in the facility, to hang long laurel skewers in which broil the meat items. To accompany the meal, the locals recommend the Fried Maize “Milho Frito” and also Bolo does Caco, traditionally baked on a floor tile or slab over a fire. The restaurants “Polar”, “Lagar” or “Santo António” in Câmara de Lobos are some of the most popular dining establishments to consume a good espetada.

2. Filete de Espada (Scabbard Filet).
The most common fish of Madeira Island is the black scabbard fish “Espada”, which swims in deep waters as well as has a terrifying look, at least when seen out there. However, it is likewise extremely delicious, especially when prepared the “Madeiran Means”, with passion fruit and banana sauce. The restaurant “Casa Madeirense “, “Classico” or “Doca do Cavacas” in Funchal as well as also the Dining establishment “Preia Mar” in Madelena do Mar (Ponta do Sol) or “Maré Alta” (Machico) are several of one of the most popular restaurants for a wonderful “Espada”.

3. Lapas (Limpets).
A Madeiran specialty, much appreciated by citizens and visitors. The limpets “Lapas” are cooked upwards in a frying pan of their own as well as their taste raises when splashed with fresh lemon and also butter. The common Bolo do Caco is a terrific accompaniment to this snack. We can recommend some Restaurants around the island to try these “Lapas” such as “Barqueiro” (Funchal), “Portinho” (Jardim Do Mar), “Muralhas” (Caniçal), “Poita” (Madalena do Mar), “Maré Alta” (Machico) or “Many” (São Vicente).

4. Prego no Bolo do Caco.
The “Prego” (steak sandwich): grilled steak, offered on traditional Madeiran Bolo do Caco. The ‘Unique Prego’ includes lettuce, tomato, pork, and cheese, often served with french fries. An economical and exceptionally popular dish for lunch. Our recommendation to eat the Best “Prego” is in Ribeiro Frio at the “Faísca” Restaurant or “Abrigo do Priest” at Carreira’s dining establishment and, if you are checking out Porto Santo Island, take a stop at “Escorpião Pub” or “João do Cabeço” where you will additionally have a superb standard Prego!

5. Picadinho.
The “Picado” or “Picadinho” is a conventional Madeiran dish and consequently prepared in mostly all of the restaurants of the area. It is commonly prepared with beef cut into small dice, fried, and also experienced with garlic and pepper. The “Picadinho” is normally offered on a plate being shared by several individuals, who dig in with a toothpick or a fork. You can still find “Picado” made of octopus and also squid, although the dish and also discussion are a bit various. Our sugestions for restaurants to consume a “Picadinho” are: “Caravela” (São Vicente), “Virgilio” (São Vicente), “Beer Garden” (Funchal) as well as “Vila Bela” (Porto da Cruz).

This is a real gem in the Atlantic sea. If you´re trying to find remarkable natural marvels, friendly individuals, good food, and an overall feel of tranquility, this is the area to check out. If you´re a nature enthusiast, you´ll feel comfortable here.


Things to do.

Walk Madeira: Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo.
Stroll up to the acme in Madeira– the Pico Ruivo peak. Take pleasure in stunning sights, honor winning overviews, and also a stunning stroll past volcanic rock embellished with lava blood vessels, jagged tops as well as amazing flowers!

The sun climbs over your hotel as you set out on your walking scenic tour experience. Leaving from the conveniences of your area in Funchal on the Madeira Islands, we’ll drive you approximately the third greatest height in Madeira– the spectacular Pico Arieiro.

You’ll drink coffee or a drink on your means up to the base of the top, watching out whatsoever the stunning elegance this area has to offer. As we head from water level approximately the base at 5,964 feet (1818m), you’ll pass beautiful plants and animals. Finally, we’ll start our mighty stroll up the mighty Pico Arieiro up to the highest point on the island, the Pico Ruivo height at 6107 feet (1862m). Finally, we’ll walk to Teixeira where you’ll be easily moved back to your resort.

And naturally, no day of walking is total without a drink at a conventional bar, so we’ll make certain to stop at one with a magnificent view to appreciate the closing of your day!

Full-Day Skywalk & Porto Moniz Volcanic Pools.
Swim in the natural volcanic pools at Porto Moniz, check out among Portugal’s 7 marvels the Fanal Laurisilva woodland, see stunning waterfalls, appreciate the biggest plateau at Paul da Serra and the highest possible Sea Cliff of Europe at 589 meters. with its glass flooring.
Depart from Funchal and head in the direction of San Vicente along the north coastline. Check out one of the most renowned perspectives, where you can watch out for Porto Santo Island in clear weather. You will additionally be able to see the falls appearing like a bride’s shroud, called Veu da Noiva.

Next off, stop at the natural volcanic pools in Seixal, where you can swim in crystal waters. Also go to Porto Moniz’s lava pools and Paul da Serra, the biggest plateau on the island at virtually 1500 meters high. This stunning place supplies magnificent sights and also is an optimal spot for lunch.

Go to Fanal, among the 7 All-natural Wonders of Portugal full of centenary trees. As the last stop, go to Cabo Girão, the greatest sea cliff in Europe and also the 2nd greatest in the world. Check out the suspended glass flooring point of view. Lastly, go back to your holiday accommodation.

Madeira: Best of the East Trip from Funchal.
Discover the eastern parts of Madeira on a full-day scenic tour from Funchal. Head into the mountain of the Pico do Arieiro and see characteristic thatch roofing homes. Pick up lunch in the community of Santana as well as continue to the Penha d’Águia in Porto da Cruz.

Depart from the meeting point at Funchal’s Lido or take advantage of a free resort pick-up in picked areas. The very first stop goes to the lovely viewpoint of Terreiro da Luta, situated a couple of kilometers outside Funchal.

Next off, drive towards the mountain of Pico do Arieiro. At an elevation of 1,818 meters, the third highest possible peak on the island offers awesome views. As soon as you’ve been to the highest drivable optimal in Madeira, head back down through woodland on the way to the shore. Admire several of Madeira’s typical straw-roof houses, pass quiet villages and obtain spectacular seascape views. Reach the very eastern factor of the island for some outstanding scenic views of the north and also southern coastlines.

Discover the preferred beginning point for the Levada strolls, Ribeiro Frio, on the north slopes of the island. See fascinating trout swimming pools and also initial plant life. Madeira was once completely covered by Laurissilva woodland, a relic from ancient times.

Stop for lunch in Santana, identified by its little, thatched triangular residences. Past Portela goes in the direction of Ponta de São Lourenço, located in the eastern part of the island. This is an area where a great mix of rocks, sea, and also nature is incorporated.

The last community to be checked out is Machico, a sight point where you can examine the bay and the gold sandy coastline.

Madeira Island: Swimming with Dolphins.
Make memories that will last a lifetime as you swim with dolphins in their all-natural environment. Learn more about these fascinating creatures, and also rise close as well as individual with them as you swim together with them in the crystal clear waters of Madeira.
In the crystal clear waters of Madeira Island, swim with dolphins in their all-natural environment. With aid from an expert team of guides and also divers, discover the certain approach strategies needed to communicate with these exceptionally intelligent creatures.


Other than that, the project is proactively looking towards increasing right into more buildings in the town and other areas on the island!

The resources city additionally flaunts a co-working area that passes the name of Cowork; they’re also prepared to invite electronic wanderers for those that prefer working in a shared workplace. If you want to take pleasure in a stunning view while you work, the Style Centre Nini Andrade Silva is currently formally a working coffee shop area!

While in Santa Cruz, electronic nomads can access the Working Area by HubRemotely after reserving their spot for a day or an entire month!
In addition, you can function from some of the many coworking rooms in Madeira, where you will likely satisfy other digital wanderers.

Connecting with various other remote-based experts while you remain in Madeira is simple. The town of Ponta do Sol is tiny and securely knit, as well as the primary social center has plenty of remote working spaces.
You’re additionally most likely to face remote-based experts all over the island since individuals from around the globe want the job. Presently, more than 2,000 individuals from areas such as Africa and also Asia are registering their interest via the Start-up Madeira website.

After registering their passion via the website, all those interested are added to a Slack neighborhood, which is active. This permits digital wanderers to link and locate potential flatmates also!
That’s not the only thing that the Slack community provides. Digital nomads likewise obtain accessibility to housing ideas and are kept up today with local COVID-19 constraints.

In addition to the Slack community, electronic nomads will certainly likewise obtain exclusive invites to occasions that Startup Madeira arranges. These events are an additional great way of reaching connect with various other similar remote employees around the island.

We remained at the Albergaria Dias Hotel for two weeks in March 2009. Madeira is well worth going to for the climate, remarkable yards, fascinating strolls along the Levadas, friendly and inviting residents, and the absence of anti-social holidaymakers. On the negative side, we found it very costly to dine in a restaurant and arranged to go around the Island, while helpful and well run, were likewise expensive. Instead of using the cable car, it is much cheaper and relatively easy to use the neighborhood bus solution.


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