How to be a Digital Nomad in Palermo, Italy

How to be a Digital Nomad in Palermo, Italy

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About Palermo

Palermo is the capital of Sicily and one of the earliest cities in the area. With numerous various societies ruling Palermo, it’s established an extremely cosmopolitan and multicultural character.

Sicily’s capital has long been house to luxurious rulers and programs through the lovely castles inhabiting the city. The castle Ziso was built in the 12 century for William the First; however, it has now been transformed into the city’s Islamic Museum.

Palermo does have an unfavorable association with criminal activity, thanks in big part to it being the head office of the Sicilian Mafia. However, this has little impact on travelers or digital wanderers who have no monetary interests in the city and are therefore not susceptible to extortion and corruption.

Airplane silhouette landing in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. City arrival with airport direction signboard and sunset in background. Trip and transportation

Digital Nomad Accommodation in Palermo

Palermo is perfect for digital wanderers as it is significantly compact (you can quickly stroll to all of your preferred dining establishments, markets, and home entertainment places), and it’s reasonably affordable. In addition, compared to other cities in Italy, Palermo has a lightning-quick web, something that’s unforeseen for an island station like Sicily.

English is rather typical, however, less so than in cities like Florence or Rome. Coworking areas are sad, not that typical. There are just a few, so competitors are low, and the need is high.

How to Find Housing as a Digital Nomad in Palermo

PALERMO, ITALY: Old city streets ith stray dog and people walking around markets and stores of historical center on 10 October, 2019. Sicily is Italian region with highest number of expatriates

Discovering the ideal lodging in Palermo as a brand-new digital nomad can be demanding, and even as a veteran nomad, lengthy and tiresome.

It’s important for any digital nomad, though, as the location you momentarily call house will be something to provide you with a sense of convenience and the possibility to unwind and relax after a long day.

Thankfully, it does not require to be made complex– you simply require to understand where to look.

You can search listings for Palermo on websites like Craigslist or, although it may take a great deal of time (and e-mails sent out to random individuals) to, in fact, discover what you’re trying to find. Platforms like Airbnb can be enough; however, they’re preferable for much shorter getaway stays and do not always provide lodging developed for digital wanderers and remote employees.

We recommend beginning with a digital nomad real estate platform, like Anyplace.

Anywhere is a real estate market for digital wanderers, remote employees, and anybody searching for a more daring and satisfying life. Digital wanderers produced it, and they had the essential elements, such as rapid WiFi, place, and coworking areas, in mind.

And due to the fact that it’s a platform developed for digital wanderers, we understand how vital liberty is for the way of life. That’s why our residential or commercial properties in Palermo are readily available on flexible terms, so you can remain on a month-to-month basis without needing to sign a long lease.

Anywhere was Built Specifically for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

Just about anywhere offers the very best of both worlds for digital wanderers searching for lodging in Palermo– you’ll discover a series of economic systems, all readily available on month-to-month agreements. In addition, every space in Palermo is provided with energy and WiFi currently established, enabling you to delight in a problem-free experience where all you require to do is show up! And with the majority of the residential or commercial properties on the site, you’ll get weekly or perhaps everyday house cleaning, too.

How does it work? It’s simple– select Palermo, the dates you require, and space right on the site and app, and book with a click of a button.

No trouble

Discover a co-living area, apartment or condo, or hotel space in Palermo, and after that, book.

No long leases

Flexibility is very important for digital wanderers, so ignore ever needing to sign a long lease. Our homes in Palermo are offered for 30+ days. After that, remain as long or little as you’d like– down to the day.


All energies and WiFi are consistent, established for you, and are all set to go.

House cleaning

If you select a location in Palermo with housekeeping, your space will get cleaned up every day or week.

No property owner

Less is generally more as a digital nomad, which consists of not having a property owner. Simply require to move into your brand-new location– we manage the rest for you.

Move-in today- or any day

Look for a space on Anyplace in Palermo that matches your digital nomad itinerary. Select the place you desire and key in the specific dates you’d like a space for.

Leave or extend your stay.

Handle your stay online, so if you recognize that you’d like to extend the length of time in an area, you can do it with a click of a button.

Shopping Around for Digital Nomad Coworking Spaces

Although you have the alternative to work from your house or a regional café, your occupation may need a devoted office and an expert work setting. No concerns, Italy is a popular digital nomad location, and as such, it boasts many coworking areas in every city.

This is a city gem every digital nomad and millennial needs to go to at least as soon as in a lifetime. Head over to Copernico Milano Centrale (Via Copernico, 38) or Cowo Coworking (Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 22), or other coworking centers spread around the city to experience the energy of Milan’s digital nomad culture.

Working while Exploring the Countryside

It would not be an Italian experience if you weren’t to check out the nation’s brilliant natural and historical gems. Plus, remember that this nation is the birthplace of the Roman Empire. Finally, it would be a sobbing embarrassment if you were to lose out on the historical landmarks dotting the countryside, where you can discover a few of the very best locations to reside in Italy.

One of the finest methods to go to charming historical towns is water. Specifically, the high-end barge hire offers many benefits such as premium Italian meals, white wine, and comfortable lodging making your journey a remarkable experience. And keep in mind, Italy is more than simply Rome and the Colosseum.

The Wonderful Markets of Palermo

PALERMO, SICILY, June 27, 2019: Il Capo market in Palermo, Sicily. Variegated market stalls. This is one of several popular street markets in Palermo.

Within a couple of minutes stroll, we have two pastry shops and two greengrocers, one that likewise has whatever else we require consisting of lots of kinds of pasta (purchasing spaghetti has never been so complicated) and a cheese counter.

The greengrocers offer more than simply fresh veggies and fruit; they likewise have lots of olives, prepared potatoes, green beans in huge tubs of water, and newly roasted onions and peppers– Italian benefit food.

However, the most inexpensive location for us to go shopping is among Palermo’s ancient markets– Ballarò is the greatest; however, Capo is better.

They are both bazaar-like labyrinths of stalls down narrow patched streets with stacks of aubergines, cherry tomatoes, chiles, peaches, grapes, amazing meter-long Cucuzza zucchini, and as we get closer to the winter season, massive heads of pale green cauliflower (confusingly called broccoli here), their dark green leaves disposed of.

The suppliers do not like you to touch the fruit and vegetables, so it’s great practice for our Italian to request whatever we require. Shopping is a leisurely, individual experience here.

Checking out Palermo’s Streets

The Historic Center Of Palermo, Via Bara All'olivella

If we do not take the afternoon off, we attempt to complete work by 4 or 5 pm and go out into the rekindling city.

There are many churches, museums, and palaces to check out; however, we choose to simply roam through the labyrinth of streets in the old town.

It has taken some time to peel back Palermo’s layers, see past the hectic streets and rotting structures, and find water fountains and piazzas and century-old banyan trees in gardens. Surprises like a street of vibrant hand-painted carts and rickshaws, which we later found, were artist Franco Bertolino’s workshop, the 5th generation of standard Sicilian cart painters.

It was a shock to turn a corner and discover the apse of Palermo’s enormous Cathedral, with its Arabic geometric patterns and castle-like structure.

It’s the most uncommon Catholic church we’ve ever seen.

The collection of architectural designs shows the city’s history. The Normans developed it in 1185; many additions have been made over the centuries, and it now mixes Norman-Arab, Gothic, Spanish, Baroque, and Neo-classical designs.

Supper is consumed late here, so to keep our British stomachs going, we may have an afternoon gelato at Antico Caffé Spinnato or periodically an aperitivo.

Alcohol is constantly served with treats in Italy, so the nuts, crisps, olives, and other treats with our glass of white wine aid tide us over.

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