The Brazilian city of Porto Alegre is the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul and one of the biggest settlements in the south of the nation. Consequently, Porto Alegre is ranked initially in the nation’s requirement of living.

A tropical environment controls the city’s area. Simply 10 kilometers from the city’s line is the existing global airport of Salagada Filya.

The city is thought to have been established in 1772. However, Porto Alegre obtained city status in November 1822 by individual decree of the first Brazilian emperor Dom Pedro I.

First, Port Aguirre was founded as an established fortress by the lake to protect the safeguard and security of the townspeople of Viamana. Over the years, the city has broadened significantly and moved out of its borders.

Historical structures have increased in the city as a pointer of previous occasions and previous centuries. Its frame was made in Britain and is currently put together at the website in Porto Alegre.

The city’s primary market is housed in a historical structure dating back to 1869. The City Hall is housed in a 1901 neo-classical architectural structure developed by Louis Colosse Comte.

Visa to Brazil

Brazil does not have a particular digital nomad program. Instead, Brazil enables a 3-month stay in the area with a routine passport, extended later.

Keep in mind that you’ll require to provide an exit ticket when onboarding your plane/crossing the border into Brazil. However, an inexpensive bus ticket will do, a few of which can even be completely reimbursed when you cancel.

Discovering the main Brazil sites for visas and immigrant relationships can be difficult, specifically if you do not understand Portuguese.

This thing is crucial; you require to get it right before you end up being a digital nomad in Brazil.

Thankfully for you, I have discovered the main sites you require to bookmark to have the most upgraded details about migration policies in Brazil.

I will highlight the important things you require to think about later, nevertheless as a summary; these are the three pages you must save for examining migration policies and visas as a digital nomad in Brazil. All in English, a main federal government summary of what visitors require to Brazil. (It’s a great location to begin due to the fact that you have a basic summary).

Website Consular: Official consular Brazil site for immigrant relationships, some parts in English; here, you will discover the upgraded comprehensive details and visa requirements.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Official site to discover the present application for a Brazil visa.

Finest Food To Try In Brazil.

Brazil has a grand variety of food meals, the very best food differs based upon the area you go to.

If you live in Brazil, there are common plates you have to attempt to call yourself a real Brazuca (somebody born in Brazil).

The finest meals you can’t miss out on while living in brazil are.

1. Feijoada.

Feijoada is the Brazilian black bean stew and is the nationwide meal.

It is made with a mix of black beans, various cuts of fresh pork, and beef.

It is served with white rice, manioc flour, sausages, salad (generally tomatoes and onions), and orange pieces as a side meal.

This is a lengthy meal that can use up to 24h to make, so it is challenging to produce.

Do not feel prevented if you desire to attempt this meal; you can go to Casa da Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro and consume a scrumptious Feijoada!

Keep in mind: The bulk of dining establishments serve it on Saturdays or Wednesdays.

2. Cachaça.

Cachaça is an alcohol made from fermented sugarcane juice and is among the most liked drinks of Brazil, together with coffee!

Cachaça is utilized to make the nation’s nationwide mixed drink, caipirinhas (made with sugar, lime, and cachaça), and has two ranges: unaged and aged.

The unaged variation is the most inexpensive and most utilized. Furthermore, it is the fastest cachaça to produce, while the aged variation can use up to 12 months+ to produce; thus, it’s a premium and more costly choice.

If you desire to consume conventional Brazilian meals and have beverages with cachaca on them (consisting of tasty caipirinhas), inspect this fantastic bar in Rio de Janeiro: Bar Astor.

3. Brigadeiros.

Brazil’s nationwide chocolate truffle, brigadeiros are little chocolate balls made from easy active ingredients: condensed milk, cocoa powder, chocolate sprays, and butter.

This ruined dessert was first developed in Rio de Janeiro as part of a political campaign to support Eduardo Gomes, a governmental prospect, in 1945.

This dessert goes beyond politics and now is enjoyed all over the nation as the nationwide dessert.

If you wish to attempt this sweet chocolate mini dessert, and immediately take a trip to a paradise of chocolate (without regret!) Go to Maria Brigadeiro in São Paulo!


In Porto Alegre, which is extremely near the southern border with Uruguay, you’ll discover the four seasons. Cities like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, being fairly main, provide a great middle way.

Bear in mind when preparing your journey: remaining in the southern hemisphere, the summertime is December– February, and the winter season is June– August.

Variety of cultures.

Huge Brazilian cities are frequently a melting pot of cultures where many ethnic cultures live together. Along with Brazilians, who are a stunning mix of white, black, and native, other groups have various backgrounds or citizenships.

In Brazil, a great deal of life takes place on the streets. Outdoor markets, celebrations, performances are quite typical. In addition, there are extremely intriguing museums, and the art scene is wonderful.

How to Rent a House in Porto Alegre.

Porto Alegre is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern state in Brazil. The city, together with its sophisticated location, has 2 million residents.

The city has lots of unique communities and suburban areas. In general, ex-pats pick Bela Vista, Boa Vista, Moinhos de Vento, Tres Figueiras, and surroundings, who choose to reside in apartments, condos, or townhouses near the Pan American School, Brazilian schools, going shopping malls, golf club, and the airport.

” Zona Sul,” the southern part of town: Vila Assuncao, Tristeza, Vila Conceicao or Ipanema are picked by those who take pleasure in residing in bigger homes with a swimming pool, gardens, a lovely view of Guaiba lake, and distance to water sports clubs despite the fact that it’s further from the downtown location (12 to 25 km). There is great public transport and school buses to these locations.

Porto Alegre uses a range of real estate alternatives for leasings, from elegant 4-suite townhouses with modern-day security and upkeep services to supplied and unfurnished homes and apartments or condos of various sizes, designs, and costs. Rental rates are thought about high, and there is likewise a condo cost and IPTU (city taxes); however, we constantly attempt to work out rates and enhancements.

The agreements are excellent for 30 months, and there is a 3-month fine for breaking it. For this factor, we recommend that our customers consist of in the agreement a provision enabling them to offer one month’s notification after the 12th month in case they desire to move someplace else.

Digital nomad centers, networking.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll discover the greatest digital nomad neighborhoods in huge, contemporary cities. A few of those can be called ‘digital nomad centers’: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte. In addition, some areas have terrific co-working areas– you’ll discover them on Coworking Brazil or Coworker.

Concerning after-work occasions in these cities, a few targets link digital nomads. For a start, we encourage you to look at this Facebook page for Digital nomads in Brazil and the Digital nomads United group on Meetup.

Another fantastic occasion is language practice meetups, where you can satisfy residents and other ex-pats and practice your Portuguese. Our all-time preferred source of pals in Brasil: Couchsurfing. This tourists’ neighborhood organizes routine and irregular meetups for residents, ex-pats, and tourists to fulfill.

Lodging in Brazil for digital nomads.

Real estate services, particularly for digital nomads, have currently entered Brazil. For example, nomad Stays homes in São Paulo, and Selina has opened a digital nomad hostel in Rio de Janeiro. Otherwise, Airbnb stays a great alternative.

Associated with the subject of real estate, an idea that I typically encounter: request for a web speed test from your lodging host before scheduling the location. Unfortunately, the web is not excellent all over, even when the proprietor swears he’s got the very best in the area.

Quality of web.

Let’s talk a bit more about the web.

Brazil ranks at the 49th location worldwide concerning web speed, according to a report by Speedtest. Maybe this does not sound too appealing, however throughout our remain in 2019; we never had any concern with web speed throughout the nation. Ever since (throughout the COVID-19 pandemic), both wifi and mobile web speed have increased, and 5G will quickly be presented to the nation.

The best web speed cities are São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasília. The fastest broadband is from Vivo; the mobile web is from the phone operator Claro.

What to do at the weekend.

Life as a digital nomad isn’t just working work, so now comes the very best part: how to delight in Brazilian life! (We assured you samba, caipirinha, sandy beach– keep in mind?) First, of course, leading regional activities (in our modest viewpoint) are.

  • Dancing forró or samba; both of these dances are nationwide favorites. The very best is to either try to find a dance school to take some lessons or simply strike a forró/ samba social celebration– they typically have a mini-lesson before the celebration so you can get up to speed.
  • Go to a bossa-nova performance: it’s practically required for music fans to take pleasure in the most popular Brazilian music design right at its birthplace!
  • Delight in beach-life with a caipirinha in your hand; they’re typically offered straight on the beach. Coconut water is our preferred non-alc option.
  • Go Surfing.
  • Check out the remarkable nature around your city; here’s a little assistance with our post about the very best walkings in Brazil.
  • Understand Brazil through its numerous museums; my favorite is the Fine Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro (in Portuguese).

Digital nomad insurance coverage.

I recommend you get insurance coverage before you begin taking a trip. Health centers or basic first aid expenses can be high, and thefts can occur worldwide. World nomads and Safetywings are the greatest names in digital nomad insurance coverage.

Living Expenses List for a Digital Nomad In Brazil.


If you do not head out to consume and prepare your meals, you can anticipate investing in between $86.54 to $122.86; this would be for someone 2400 calorie grocery wish list that includes standard food such as eggs, beef, bread, rice, veggies, fruits, and so on.

Dining establishments.

Dining establishments’ costs will differ based upon the city you reside in; in São Paulo, a meal in a modest dining establishment can cost $5.54, while in a mid-range dining establishment, a three-course meal for two might cost $27.72.


Typically, one-way tickets to utilize the regional bus expense around $0.81, a regular monthly pass between $37.79 to $46.20, and a taxi between $0.89 to $1.25 for 1 km.

If you are preparing to lease cars and trucks, consider that one gallon of fuel would cost between $2.98 to $3.04 approx.


For one individual, you can anticipate investing between $47.76 to $49.20 on month-to-month energies if you reside in a 900 sq ft (85 sq mt) home.

These expenditures would consist of: electrical energy, heating, cooling, water, and trash services.

Usually, a regular web monthly strategy of 8 Mbps can cost you around $14.

Brazil internet service providers.

Relating to Brazil internet service providers (ISPs), to assist you in selecting which service is best for you, I noted the fastest ISPs in Brazil in 2020 according to a typical prime-time show speed test made in 2020.

  • Vivo Fibra.
  • Claro Fibra.
  • Oi Fibra.
  • Algar Fibra.
  • Claro Net Virtua.
  • TIM Live Ultrafibra.
  • TIM Live Ultra.
  • Algar Cable/ DSL.
  • Vivo Internet.
  • Oi Internet.
  • Fastest ISPs.

Now, to discover the present fastest web service provider, I would suggest looking at this speed test website, where you can evaluate the fastest service providers in each city.

Lease Per Month.

A 1 bedroom house in a centric location would cost between $258.74 to $433.88, while it might cost $174.34 to $275.96 outside the city.

You can lease a whole apartment or condo with wifi for two visitors and one bedroom for $418 per month in Sé, a main historic area in São Paulo.

On the other hand, if you lease in a less centric district in São Paulo, such as Butantã, you might anticipate paying $221 monthly for a one-bedroom apartment or condo.

Fitness center Membership.

If you are an active digital nomad in Brazil who enjoys great physical fitness exercise, health club subscriptions are a need!

If you participate in this classification, anticipate investing $21.76 to $24.80 each month.

Why pick Brazil as a digital nomad?

Here are the leading aspects to think about when deciding whether to work from another location in Brazil or not.


It’s a big nation with many various landscapes and cultures to find.

  • Locations vary for various expectations and spending plans: cooled beach towns with a low-cost way of life or huge cities with many occasions and cultural possibilities.
  • In huge cities, there’s a substantial digital nomad and ex-pat neighborhood.
  • Providers for digital nomads (like co-working areas) exist and are growing; as we compose, Brazil has begun catering for digital nomads; for instance, Rio has begun a reward program to draw in remote employees, and a growing number of chances are anticipated to turn up.
  • Residents are exceptionally friendly and useful, even if you do not speak Portuguese (they will teach you).
  • There’s an everlasting summer season: most of the nation delights in a warm tropical environment.