How to be a Digital Nomad in Tenerife, Canary Islands

How to be a Digital Nomad in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife is a wonderful, bright, emerging Digital Nomad hotspot. As one of the only locations that remained open through the COVID lockdowns Europe-wide, Digital Nomads from all over gathered on this Island. With its inexpensive expense of living, everlasting spring weather conditions, mountains & beaches at your doorstep, Tenerife deserves to set yourself up in.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, to the West of Africa, Tenerife belongs to the ‘Canary Islands’– an island chain owned by Spain. It is the most inhabited and biggest Island, with nearly 1 million irreversible locals and 5 million travelers going annually. The Island is big enough to be served by two airports, to serve both the North and South of the Island.

The Island capital– Santa Cruz de Tenerife, lies at the top of the Island– and perhaps, Tenerife’s ‘more conventional side. Tenerife North is occupied more by long-term locals and has several towns comparable to the Spanish mainland. Tenerife South is catered more to travelers, where English is more present, and the bigger resorts lie.

Mount Teide is situated in the center of the Island, within its own UNESCO National Park. Its place and large size make it a hotspot for visitors and hikers and likewise describes the large natural distinctions within the Island.

North Tenerife is rainforest-like, with mountains of green. However, you discover many more travelers and locals flock to the south of the Island, desperate for that all-year Spring weather condition that Tenerife is popular for.

Tenerife uses rich forests, unique animals and plants, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, lovely shorelines, and magnificent beaches. Tenerife is most likely among the last European paradise islands. Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands and is a fantastic location to take a trip.

With its inexpensive expense of living, everlasting spring weather conditions, mountains & beaches at your doorstep, Tenerife is for a Digital Nomad to invest his time in this Island. Tenerife is a wonderful, bright, emerging Digital Nomad hotspot.

With this little intro, let’s delve into the blog site, “Life As a Digital Nomad in Tenerife, Canary Islands.” This blogsite will inform you of different factors and consider Digital Nomads in Gran Canaria.

Woman hiker watching beautiful costal scenery. - Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. coast view, mountain Anaga

What airport do you fly into for Tenerife?

Tenerife South Airport, likewise called Tenerife South– Reina Sofía Airport, and Tenerife North Airport are the two global airports found on the Island of Tenerife.

If you require the finest International Airlines to book flights to the Canary Islands of Tenerife, utilize IBERIA.

Nowadays, online flight scheduling ends up being a simple alternative for numerous. If you familiarize the “Best Apps and Platforms for low-cost flight ticket reservation,” it will conserve your money and time.

As online flight ticket scheduling ends up being simple, online frauds likewise end up being more simple. To avoid this trap, we have created a blog site on “Online travel booking frauds and how to prevent them.” Having a look at this blog site will conserve your tough-generated income.

Uber is the very best taxi service in Tenerife, and utilize it anywhere instead of buses if you require more personal privacy.

Tenerife Visa

Spain owns Tenerife, making it part of the Schengen European Union. If your house nation is likewise a part of the Schengen, entry includes merely getting here in the nation with your National ID card or passport.

If you’re not fortunate sufficient to be part of the Schengen, entry into Tenerife is a bit more complex. A traveler visa is granted upon entry which provides you 90 days within the Island.

Most nations have an embassy or consulate on the Island– with 90% of them situated North in Santa Cruz. With COVID altering the status of Visa applications every day, it’s finest to call your Embassy straight. If you ask about your initial nation of home in their Tenerife area, they need to have the ability to assist you.

Trainee Visa

If you wish to register in classes– i.e., Spanish language courses, and want to carry out 20 hours weekly, you can make an application for a Student Visa while on the Island. It would be best to reveal that you do not have a rap sheet, which you have the funds to sustain yourself while you research study. You are enabled access to Spain’s health care system with this authorization.

Momentary Residence Visa/ Permit

A short-lived home license stands for approximately five years from concern. To get among these, you require to acquire rather a great deal of files, consisting of evidence of earnings, passport, medical insurance, and leasing or home agreement.

Due to the ever-altering nature of COVID and Brexit in 2021, requirements for documentation and consultations are altering daily. Therefore, we suggest seeking advice from straight with your initial nation’s Embassy for the requirements and consultations you will require.

Culture and Food in Tenerife

Tenerife, Canary islands, Garachico - 2020.01.06: Buenavista del Norte. Romeria,

Spain owns Tenerife, so the standard custom-made of the mainland have moved over to this Island, along with some initial cultural distinctions.

The Spanish culture prevails in the Island’s little towns, with architecture among the main points you see. Residences are often one story, with thick walls and brilliant colors. Many houses, dining establishments, and bars have indoor yards and great deals of shade to secure from the year-round sunlight.

The Island’s museums are found up North, and after a couple of days up here, you can check out the abundant history of the Island by visiting them all. In addition, North Tenerife hosts the greatest feast carnival in February– the ‘Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.’

Tenerife Carnival

The Carnival is considered the 2nd most significant and worldwide acknowledged, just after Rio de Janerio, which is kept among Tenerife’s sis nations, Brazil. The Carnival lasts nearly two weeks long, with intense colors, celebrations day and night, and numerous cultural customs.

Along with the primary Carnival in February, Tenerife hosts 500 comparable events each year. They are dotted around the Island and commemorate various things; nevertheless, all have something in common- to the celebration!

Tenerife’s standard food is Spanish-affected, with meals like Tapas, Paella, and Sangria. Many dining establishments provide unique offers on numerous Tapas meals or integrated ‘meal offers’ with Paella and Sangria.

Tenerife has many banana plantations around the Island, a few of which you can go to. Bananas are the most typical and most affordable fruit offered, and you can likewise acquire Apples, Oranges, and lots of other vegetables and fruits from grocery stores. Numerous are in your area grown and tasty.

Tenerife Nightlife

As Spain owns Tenerife, numerous Spanish nightlife practices have transitioned over to this Island.

Aperitivos are little nibbles, taken pleasure in over beverages. Many locations offer this free, with one aperitivo per round of beverages.

Consuming out prevails in Tenerife, and supper can be delighted in most outside dining choices together with the beach or in the towns. Then, after a couple of hours of consuming, it’s time to dance the night away with a complete stomach! Nightlife begins at 12 am, and clubs do not close up until 7 am.

There are various nightlife alternatives on the Island, from live music to cabaret programs, clubbing or karaoke bars. Many locations do not charge a cover charge and beverages are well priced, from EUR1 for a pint of regional beer to approximately EUR8 for a specialized mixed drink. Due to a large number of nightlife choices, if you look hard enough, you can discover some fantastic 2 for 1 mixed drink offers or free shots.

The most popular part of the Island to go out is Los Cristianos and Las Americas. The popular ‘Veronicas’ strip hosts the majority of late-night locations with pumping music and jam-packed dance floorings. Due to the warm nature of the Island, there is no gown code, and you are typically motivated to sit outdoors.

If picking out in Tenerife, be careful of the sellers lining the streets. Illegal drugs are prohibited in Tenerife, and buying these might land you in some major hot water.

The weather condition of Tenerife

A scenic panorama of misty Anaga Mountains in the northern Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

General Weather Conditions in Tenerife

It is windy and mainly clear all year.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The summertimes are warm, damp, and arid;

The winter seasons are long, comfy, and dry;

Throughout the year, the temperature level normally differs from 59 ° F to 82 ° F and is hardly ever listed below 55 ° F or

above 88 ° F. Best Time to go to in Tenerife

For the greatest temperature levels, the best time to go to Tenerife is between June and September. However, the subtropical environment provides sunlight throughout the year, and the winter season is similarly popular with visitors.

The most popular month of the year is August, with a typical everyday optimum of 31 C and a typical low of 22 C.

One of the finest parts of Tenerife is probably its everlasting Spring environment. Tenerife has made its track record within Europe as an all-year-round area to go to or live in.

Tenerife’s minimum and optimal yearly typical temperature levels have to do with 15ºC (59 ° F )in the winter season– December through to Jan and 24ºC (75.2 ° F )in Summer– June through to August. However, in Summer, the temperature can often reach the high 30’s, so be prepared for some blistering sun!

Usually, the closer you head to the center of the Island– towards Mount Teide, the more unforeseeable the weather condition ends up being. As the elevation increases, the temperature level cools, and in the winter season, periodically, you will see snow at the top of the mountain.

If the sunlight is what you’re heading to Tenerife for, remain south. There is plenty of time for a swim in the early morning and a sundown beverage in the afternoon at one of the lots of beachside bars!

Web speed in Tenerife

The typical real-world speed users will see in Tenerife is 40.51 Mbps.

Finest Internet Provider in Tenerife

Movistar (Telefónica) is the finest on the Island.

20 to 40 Euro each month.

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is presently the most sophisticated broadband connection innovation on the marketplace, supporting high-speed Internet surfing, high-definition tv, and online video gaming with 600 Mbps efficiency.

The expense of living in Tenerife

Beauiful view on La Orotava village, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you feel travel is for riches, then have a look at this blog site, “How to take a trip to the world free of charge or inexpensive (Even Get paid).” You will comprehend that you do not require a huge bank balance to trip around the world.

If you make around $1000 monthly and feel crazy about taking a trip, then there is a golden chance of nations specifically for you. Click this piece of detail, “32 finest nations to deal with $1000 each month”.

Tenerife is a very budget-friendly island, with lots of chances to make your income stretch far. This is because so many of the activities to fill your days can be free– every beach is free to go to, strolling the boardwalk along with is free, and ocean swimming is likewise offered, without needing to pay a single cent.

A household of 4 approximated regular monthly expenses are simply over EUR2000, while a bachelor’s expense is nearly EUR600. This is not taking into consideration lease expenses. Leasing a one-bedroom apartment or condo expenses anywhere from EUR400-EUR600 monthly, depending upon where you select to live.

A meal in a dining establishment is around EUR10, with the more glamorous choices costing around EUR50 for 2. Pints of regional beers can be discovered for EUR1, and a cup of coffee less than EUR2.

If selecting for paid home entertainment, physical fitness clubs cost around EUR35 for a regular monthly pass, and leasing on a court (i.e. tennis) has to do with EUR15 for an hour. A movie theater ticket will set you back EUR8.

A week’s worth of groceries can cost around EUR20, with lots of alternatives to conserve even further on that, by going to LIDL and buying your vegetables and fruits in your area. In general, the expense of living in Tenerife is extremely comfy.

Naturally, due to the low cost of living, wages are typically shown in this, with the typical Tenerife regional earning simply over EUR1000 a month. Therefore, if selecting to live and operate in Tenerife, you will require to take the smaller-sized incomes into a factor to consider.

Physical fitness and Health

Tenerife has year-round Spring weather conditions. This indicates it’s generally warm and dry, with many sunshine hours to get physical!

Tenerife’s primary type of workout comes from the water. However, as the Island has numerous slopes, cardio fans often visit the courses, delighting in the sea air while getting their hearts pumping.

If you choose with more of a view, Tenerife has lots of mountains for trekking, the well-known being Mount Teide, which takes a massive 12 hours to climb up. There are over 100 walkings on the Island, from simple to professional levels. If you want to walk, do some research study into the path and guarantee you are well prepared.

Together with the outside activities, which likewise consist of beach volleyball, outside health clubs, and yoga, the Island likewise has plenty of indoor health club centers for public usage. The most popular is ‘Activate Sports Club,’ situated in Costa Adeje, on the south of the Island.

Is health care totally free in Tenerife for immigrants?

All EU and European Economic Area (EEA) nationals listed below retirement age who go to Spain for a brief vacation are entitled to totally free or reduced-cost emergency medical health care and treatments at all Spanish public medical centers and healthcare facilities on the production of a legitimate European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Tenerife is a daring island, with sports and outside activities aplenty. In addition, Tenerife has 5 significant health centers in both the North and south of the Island.

Medical centers and chemists can be determined by the green + sign, typically situated at check-in in front of the place. Many healthcare facilities and medical centers have personnel who speak both Spanish and English nevertheless if you’re searching for your native language, it’s finest to consult your Embassy to point you to the ideal instructions.

If your house nation is part of the European Union, it’s suggested you get an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). If your nation is not part of the European Union, enough travel insurance coverage policy needs to cover you for many medical expenses on the Island.

In general, taking part in any difficult activity on the Island, you will be anticipated to sign a security arrangement before beginning. The personnel responsible for your security need to be certified and trained to manage emergencies, assisting in intensifying it to health specialists if the injury is severe.

As an expat, you can secure free state health care if you are:

1. A citizen in Spain who operate in work or self-employment and pays social security contributions;

2. Residing in Spain and getting specific state advantages;

3. Remaining briefly in Spain and having an EHIC card.

Coworking and co-living areas in Tenerife

1. Coworking in the Sun

Work, check out, and celebrate together with digital nomads, internet marketing trainees, Spanish students, and other similar individuals from all over the world.

2. Cowork Surf

Discover a neighborhood near the waves that fit you. We’ve got coliving and coworking areas near a few of the very best browse beaches, breaks, and reefs this stunning world needs to offer. So get on that airplane, bike, bus, or horse and gallop over with your board under your equipment.

Residing in Tenerife

Tenerife Transportation

Navigating Tenerife is easy, as the Island has gotten in touch with modern-day highways and an excellent public transportation system.

The buses in Tenerife are run by Titsa and are called ‘WaaWaas’ by the residents. Storage within the bus is restricted, and if you are boarding with big adequate products (like travel suitcases), anticipate the bottom of the bus to be opened by the chauffeur, where you have to buy hand save your cases beneath the seats.

The buses run regularly along the Island and are incredibly cost-effective– with flights costing no more than EUR3. You can get a Ten+ bus card from the lots of outlets around the Island. The card itself costs EUR2, which you then pack with credit in EUR5 increments from EUR5 to EUR100.

The bus schedule and paths are likewise revealed through Google Maps. You will require to tap your card on entry and exit from the bus, utilizing the readers offered.

5 finest locations to remain in Tenerife as a Digital Nomad

Sunset in Puerto de Santiago city, Atlantic Ocean coast, Tenerife, Canary island, Spain

1. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tenerife’s cosmopolitan, action-packed, contemporary capital is called Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is reasonably big. You can still efficiently stroll the city or utilize cable cars as an alternative.

Most fascinating websites like galleries, destinations, museums, and even hotels lie within a triangle-shaped location, making them both basic to discover and reach.

2. Puerto de la Cruz

European vacationer like Puerto de la Cruz, because it lies close to the Tenerife North airport, therefore, uses offers on flights to the continent.

The town has a myriad of hotels for a large called of cost together with sufficient dining establishments and bars to make this more tropical environments location of the Island intriguing.

3. La Laguna

Many manuals and visitors think about La Laguna to be the most stunning town in all of Tenerife. This historic town with its stunning architecture is an available outing out of Puerto de la Cruz or Santa Cruz, the capital today.

4. Los Gigantes

For a quieter area to invest your holiday, Los Gigantes is among the very best locations to remain in Tenerife.

The town is extremely suggested for pals, households, and couples if they take pleasure in the atmosphere and environment without the continuous action in the bigger resorts.

5. Puerto de Santiago

Another quieter location for tourists to Tenerife is Puerto de Santiago. Found on the peak of the west coast of the Island, several smaller-sized towns provide a more genuine experience of regional island life.

Jobs in Tenerife

As a digital nomad, you might discover time to get additional operations in Tenerife, along with your online work techniques. Tenerife is a tourist-focused island, with tasks routinely focused in this sector. Some tasks you can check out are:

Watersport Instructor. If you are a certified web surfer, angler, kayaker, or anything in between, you can teach residents and travelers.

Tourist Guide or Personal Driver. If you’ve invested a long time on the Island, you can think about being a tourist guide or an individual chauffeur for travelers.

Skipper. If you have a boat license, you can think about using individual ocean trips, fishing trips, or guiding the ferryboats between the islands.

Dining establishment Work. There are a lot of coffee shops, dining establishments, and bars dotted around the Island. If you have dining establishment experience, you can think about working as a waiter, bartender, chef, or kitchenhand.

Hotel Employee. Along the south of the Island are great deals of resorts, Airbnbs, hotels, and motels. You can think about working as a housemaid, concierge, front desk assistant, or hotel upkeep within these residential or commercial properties.

WiFi speed on Tenerife

The web is great on Tenerife and the Canaries usually, so you do not need to fret about this.

While remaining in various put in Tenerife, I routinely had faster speeds than my house fiber web on mainland Portugal.

The Canaries gain from having numerous undersea web cable televisions routing through them and having high-speed fiber web in nearly all established locations. However, I discovered that numerous locations had bad ADSL web, such as Punta del Hidalgo (in a remote corner) or in the mountains around the main crater. I discussed this just as I was looking for Airbnbs in more remote locations; the typical towns and cities have fantastic web.

Naturally, if you remain in lodging particularly targeted to digital nomads (like the co-livings and coworking workplaces pointed out here), you’ll be ensured of a fantastic connection.

4G/5G protection is likewise strong, essentially anywhere near civilization.

Coworking areas in Tenerife

There are adequate coworking areas in Tenerife. The main website of Tenerife Work & Play keeps a terrific list of them.

Working from coffee shops in Tenerife

If you enjoy working from coffee shops, you might discover your alternatives a bit minimal on Tenerife. That does not need to be a dealbreaker, obviously; however, you might discover the kind of coffee shops readily available might be a bit various from other nomad areas all over the world.

There are mainly 2 types of coffee shops on the Island. Not terrific to work from.

You might have some luck discovering a couple of laptop-friendly coffee shops in Santa Cruz or La Laguna; however, it’s not (yet) a prevalent phenomenon in the Canaries.

Finest Cuisines and Drinks to attempt in Tenerife.

Delicious traditional food from the Canary Islands called gofio escaldado, Gran Canaria, Spain

Conventional Canarian food can be explained in 2 words: basic and scrumptious. With the focus on freshness, daily Canarian meals make up of grilled meats or fish (tuna, parrotfish, Vieja, swordfish, sea bass), soups, stews, and veggies– a lot of which are remarkably hearty.

To understand more about the need to attempt conventional foods, finest desserts, finest dining establishments, finest breakfast, and breakfast area, finest regional fruits, and finest regional beverages with nightlife and clubs in Tenerife, we have a separate and intricate short article to kindle your food lover dreams with mouthwatering meals.

5 Things to do and See in Tenerife.

1. Invest a day (or a fortnight!) in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife’s North has actually seen big financial investment in the past couple of years, and this as soon as flourishing traveler city is on its way back to its previous magnificence– it was initially among the very best locations to check out in Tenerife. The regional neighborhood is eager to get that title back.

2. Go to Anaga Rural Park

The Island’s volcanic landscape supplies adequate trekking chances for active visitors, and Anaga Rural Park has a few of the very best hiking tracks in Tenerife. The park stretches over the mountains of La Laguna and Santa Cruz and is quickly available by car and truck. However, bring trekking boots since my guide was not impressed by my Converse.

3. See the cavern homes at Chinamada

If you’re interested in more uncommon tourist attractions in Tenerife, check out Chinamasa. It’s a small hamlet in the North of Tenerife’s Anaga range of mountains. Chinamasa is a house to a ‘troglodyte neighborhood’ that resides in a group of around 30 modernized cavern homes.

4. Check out ‘The Village At The End Of The World’

Taganana is another small hamlet in Anaga Rural Park that feels like a world far from the beautiful all-encompassing resorts in Tenerife’s south.

This concealed gem of a hamlet was cut off from the remainder of the Island– and consequently, the world– till the 1950s when a roadway was developed.

Even today, getting to Taganana isn’t simple: it includes a stomach-twisting drive on winding roadways.

Taganana suggests ‘surrounded by mountains in the ancient dialect of the Guanches, Tenerife’s initial occupants.

5. Lie on Tenerife’s golden sand beach

For visitors searching for an option to the Island’s black sand beaches, Playa de Las Teresitas is among Tenerife’s very best golden sand beaches.

Playa de Las Teresitas, Canary Island Tenerife, Spain





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