Physical products: Review Hunt Case Study

Physical products: Review Hunt Case Study

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Physical products: Review Hunt Case Study

Imagine it, physical product, virtual gathers, group unboxings, content creation around it, remixed into a good marketing piece for the brands (great for Kickstarter). Let’s hope we can support physical products shortly on the review hunt! 

To do a case study for physical products and even though review hun doesn’t support physical products yet. I think he’s important to bring it up so that anybody who steps through this free course for review hunts to find out a little bit about the product, what decentralized brand advocates, and what influences are it is like paying people in cryptocurrency in tokens.

I thought would do one for what see a lot of people buying is things like on Kickstarter or physical products that people kind of swell around on Pinterest or Instagram. So obviously, we don’t support physical products yet.

Still, the review hunt could do that if we had a more significant relationship with a particular brand, some Kickstarter project took off and ended up with like millions of dollars.

Now they’re looking for a way to cultivate that audience using cryptocurrency tokenization of their audience in terms of getting them involved keeping them on board, supporting them through discord and various channels, and then paying them in tokens in cryptocurrency for their attention.

Basically, you tend to have like a one-shot deal with Kickstarter’s like people want the product but see it, buy it, and then go away. They use it, and they don’t engage until you push them another kickstart a newsletter for the next one.

cultivate that audience using cryptocurrency

In contrast, it would be nicer to have those people around as part of the R&D development cycle instead of relying on people feeding back. You know this would be good, or could you change this or things on Twitter that get put out there but doesn’t necessarily get factored into the next version of the product.

So thought of a few things that might be useful for physical products if and when we do support them viewing parties where everybody unboxes them at the same time we have live streaming video streaming tools these days we have like things like zoom and jitsi and appear in all of these tools are great for doing video conferencing and video chat.

I think it would be chaos to have a small group of 8 people from different backgrounds. Maybe you have somebody who’s a nurse and somebody who’s a cab driver, uber driver something like that photographer, videographer lots of other people with different needs different lifestyles.

Maybe you have let’s take an example of you know some of the big successful Kickstarter campaigns with the backpacks right. Everybody’s gonna utilize that backpack in different ways. What would be cool social media for me personally to watch does not have to manage multiple YouTube reviews?

Be able to watch one viewing party video with eight different people from 8 different backgrounds, all unboxing the product while having somebody you can even have somebody from the team in the room, so one of the eight people is actually from the group.

Then that person walks people around the product and listens to their feedback.


Review Hunt case study | advanced case study

All right final videos series of all I’ve done app maker physical product web app awareness all little kind of case study little tips for building out your quest on review hunt this one is about something that we currently don’t do but I hope we do and mainly to give you a bit of an idea of where potentially review can go in the next 6 to 12 months.

So this is around like advanced case studies and I think it’s an area that’s often overlooked and can bring the most impact to a product so advanced case study I’m gonna put I’m gonna break this down into five parts of the quest I didn’t do those with the other ones that make physical products but I wanted to do it with this one.

So I felt like it was this one kind of spoke to me resonated with me more because I think this is where social media marketing content marketing should go to especially for people who’ve got an incredible product so you put something out on Kickstarter or you have you know to fund for your startup for the next a year.

And you’re looking to really hit the road running with it so this one  I did around direct group testing so exclusively picking the people you’re gonna work with one of the features that will be coming to review hunt that is in development they’ve actually.

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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” -Henry David Thoreau.
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” -John D. Rockefeller.

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