Scrum Hybrid Model to Launch Physical Products

Scrum Hybrid Model to Launch Physical Products

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Physical Products the photography
Our introductory scrum hybrid training for physical products and explain how we’re going to start doing things starting at the beginning of next week our starting Sunday night. Some products will get saturated quickly on Amazon.

So you are, your advantage will be to be out first and get solidified first in the search rankings, so you get there before everybody else, so you’re the top dog, and so launching products quickly is a big part of that and getting it out and getting it done.

Getting it on Amazon as quickly as we can and efficiently as we can and revenue like you can estimate the number of SKUs that you need to hit specific revenue goals.

You can say you know 10 SKUs will give us an extra $50,000 of revenue, uhh, so more SKUs equals more money. We’ll hit our goals. (achoo! excuse me.)  Alright, so, how are we going to launch more products and launch them quickly and use this new full-time team that we have put together.

Well, first we got to talk about how we’re gonna organize these tasks. We have housekeeping tasks, we have slack jobs, and we have teamwork project and scrum tasks. So, the housekeeping tasks are daily uhh, the daily work that’s part of your positional contract so for.

For the customer support people, it’s gonna be like support emails, feedback monitoring. Then you know, Physical Products like listing optimizations for Aerith’s uhh sales monitoring uhh for what’s that part is but you, you know it’s kind of in everybody’s uhh contract about what type of thing they do every day.

Then the slack tasks are more kind of like, hey, I need help with this. It’s the team asking you for something, it’s me asking for something, it’s Peter asking for something, or it’s uhh one of you guys asking each other for something uhh that needs to be kind of done quickly and to get so everybody can get their work done so that’s kind of like uhh the one-off tasks that are kind of simple and unscheduled and then that is needed by the team.

And then we have teamwork project tasks and scrum tasks, so our scrum tasks are going within teamwork projects, and uhh, these are more structured long-term projects. Occasionally we’ll throw in an urgent item in there or something. Hence, you got to keep an eye on it through your email and just by reviewing your teamwork projects’ tasks.

But these are things like multi-employee projects, market data research, product development, product launches expansions into other sales channels, so we’ll go through a little bit more about how we’re gonna use it for a scrum.

product launches expansions into other sales

So, what is scrum? Scrum is a project management framework kind uhh it’s based on the whole agile methodology, which is being able to adapt to things quickly and not have these big product releases that take months and months to do. Then you’d only figure out if it’s done right at the end of the project.

So it’s very uhh flexible, and we can do things quickly, and the way we do that is by using small teams. We have a team of six or seven right now, uhh that have the cross-functional ability.

So people uhh our team will be able to perform multiple tasks so uhh you know one team member can perform the tasks of another team member and you know it’s everybody’s responsibility to get the jobs done there’s gonna be some people who have you know very uhh narrow skill set that other people like Physical Products the photography and can’t do.

And some of the product uhh graphics and things like that, but you know in general we want to help each other learn how to do each other’s jobs uhh so we can all work on any individual tasks. Hence, scrum uses Sprint’s, which is a focused period of time to complete any charges designated to be completed during that sprint.

So our sprints we’re gonna start with one-week sprints which we will have a sprint to-do list. Our primary focus during that time is to be all over that to-do list. Like everybody is trying to get that to-do list that Sprint to-do list. We want everything in that list done by the end of a week’s clawing or scraping. Physical Products?

We’re helping each other get that done because it’s a team effort, and everybody’s responsible for getting that done now. We may not always get it done. Still, we want to strive for you know strive for getting everything done, and the players of our scrum team are the product owner who will be me.

And I’ll explain more about that later the scrum master, which is going to be Amit, and the team members, uhh scrum master and team members, are kind uhh of the scrum master I’m going to include as a team member also.

So you can say you know 10 SKUs will give us an extra $50,000 of revenue, so more SKUs equals more money we’ll hit our goals. Hence, how will we want to launch more products and launch them quickly and use this new full-time team that we have put together well? First, we got to talk about how we’re going to organize these tasks.

We have housekeeping tasks, and we have slack tasks, teamwork projects, and scrum tasks, so the housekeeping tasks are daily the daily work that’s part of your positional contract.


Scrum Development Process

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Launch more products and launch them quickly

the housekeeping tasks are daily the daily work


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