Jason Nazar, Founder, and CEO of Docstoc take on a broad topic that most people over-complicate: starting and running a successful business. He breaks entrepreneurship down into various simple ideas, insights, and self-reflections that will help you get started and follow through with your business. Selling Physical Products

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For more information and resources, be sure to check out. There you’ll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. So where can you sell products online we’ve talked about this as well toAmazon eBay Magento Shopify VolusionGoogle Checkout PayPal once you get your products these are easy ways that you can get up and start using them and selling them the other thing that you want to do once you get your prototype made is that you want to get feedback on it. Selling Physical Products

You may think that’s the best laptop cover you may think it’s a great color and material and everybody wants to use but you want to get feedback or folks before you invest the next much larger set of money to build out a large product SKU get feedback from a hundred potential customers and if those hundred potential customers more than 75% of them are saying yes I’d want this product then you know you’re onto something you also from those potential customers want to find out what potential pricing you want to have for the products you want to serve them and say would you pay five to ten dollars so that you pay ten to twenty dollars you pay $20 to $50 find out from them how much they’re willing to pay Videolytics.


Tips to Avoid Over-Selling

WP Elevation co-founder Troy Dean offers tips on how to avoid overselling to a new client. He recommends selling a discovery session or prototype first so you can figure out what the client’s specific objectives are before you try to have them commit to a broader proposal. Troy Dean an online marketing speaker, coach, and consultant who specializes in helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the Internet to attract new customers and build their communities. Selling Physical Products

Overselling Shows that You’re Out of Touch

You’ve heard it described many different ways: “show up and throw up,” “data dump,” “give ‘em the pitch,” etc., which are all ways to say oversell. And what this tells your customer is that you don’t “get” them. Not only is this sales mentality out of date, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to turn off your customer – and worse yet – risk losing any future sales opportunities. Selling Physical Products

Overselling can change the entire dynamic of the sales process. Through research and observation, Janek has identified three major pitfalls when it comes to over-selling:


Selling Physical Products

“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.”  Ann Handle
“Content is King but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house!” Mari Smith
“Marketing is telling the world you’re a  rock star. contact marketing is showing the world you are one.” Robert Rose

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Tips to Avoid Over-Selling