This list is a list of problems driving digital nomads crazy. It will help you to determine problems digital nomads face frequently. Use it to help you face the problems of a digital nomad. Use it when you need some guidance on the problems a digital nomad encounters.

  1. Too Many Shiny Objects… and Not Enough Time
  2. Sick? Not If You Want to Get Paid!
  3. Noise, noise everywhere!
  4. The Eternal Travel Dilemma: Packing Too Much, or Too Little?
  5. Always Missing Out (While Having the Time of Your Life)
  6. Work Becomes Play
  7. Nobody Can Relate to Your Nomad Lifestyle Nightmares
  8. Comfortable? Sorry, Time to Move.
  9. Nobody (Really) Understand What You Do (Not Even Your Family)
  10. So… We’ll Stay in Touch on Facebook, Right?