UNC Business Essentials: Program Overview

UNC Business Essentials: Program Overview

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UNC Business essentials

The UNC Business Essentials online business certificate program provides the business skills and knowledge necessary to pursue their career goals. This video features an overview of the Business Essentials program.

Do you want to increase your knowledge of the business? Do you want to stand out from all of their job candidates? Do you have a non-business degree? If yes, then the UNC business essentials program is for you. UNC business essentials give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to prepare for your career and enhance your job prospects. This rigorous program created by UNC Kenan-Flagler business school and designed by faculty experts allows you to study from your hard drive or via the internet.

So that you can study anytime anywhere through the use of online classroom technology the unc business essentials program covers six areas of business the program is designed to provide applicable knowledge on business topics such as marketing segmentation sound financial decision making, effective communication, and the impact of the global economy to complement your existing education or experience navigating through a course is easy using the navigation menu lesson buttons and the previous and next buttons worried about being alone or getting lost during the course don’t be the discussion boards in each unit give you access to to a course tutor who will answer questions promptly the discussion board can also be used for group discussion.

Each course incorporates a variety of lesson types this is a narrated PowerPoint where a subject matter expert will explain a specific business topic hands-on activities give you the opportunity to put your new knowledge to work and allows you to communicate in the language of the business end of unit graded quizzes allow you to test your knowledge as you progress through the course the final exam is graded and covers all the material in the course a grade book is available for each course.

So you can quickly check your progress so whether you’re a current student a graduate or a non-business graduate student business essentials gives you both the knowledge and the competitive thing you need to prepare for your career and enhance your job prospects success completion of the program allows you to reference the unc business essentials certificate from Kenan-Flagler business school on your resume whether you’re looking to set yourself apart jumpstart your career or just speak the language of business unc business essentials provides the knowledge skills and confidence so you can be ready for your chosen career path for more information visit WWE Divas miss essentials com or email unc business essentials at unc.


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