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Social Media Strategist, Sarah Mincher, presents 12 Twitter marketing tips to grow and optimize your small business Twitter account.

Are you the owner of a small business? Are you planning to create your own online business soon and need new ways to expand your horizons and get noticed as a brand within your industry? Do you know how strong social networks are nowadays, but you don’t know how to manage them in a professional environment? Have you opened a company profiles on Twitter, but you can’t reach the audience you want, and your number of followers is low and barely generates extra income? If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t worry? Because below, we will explain everything you need to know to get the most out of your business Twitter account.

It is not necessary to remember the delicate and unprecedented situation in which we have been living for more than a year due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, which has not only made necessary massive digitization by companies used to carry much of their work in person but exponentially increasing our need to resort to social networks to grow our businesses, whether large or small. And what are the ideal social networks for this work; Twitter and Instagram, although through this article, we will only talk about the first one and how an entrepreneur should learn to use it.

Woman using social media app“Twitter is the social network of celebrities and gossip,” which is one of the most recurring statements that have been made about this social network in the last decade, and the truth is that it is not without reason. However, although social networks, and especially Twitter, have a tremendous social and media function for society and we often get lost among the significant controversies that arise through its famous tweets and Trendic Topic, it is also a tool for the future for millions of companies seeking to broaden their horizons and make themselves known to a younger audience.

The problem? The problem is that most people first learn to use this social network to entertain themselves or share their daily lives and never get to learn or know the other resources that Twitter has for professionals. Sharing personal photos, memes about animals, political thoughts, or making daily reflections on any trending topic that week is the norm (and that’s fine because even if you have a company, you also have a social life and need to work on it). Still, it takes us away from our main objective for the future: to grow as a company and increase the notoriety of our brand in the online format.

For several years now, society has been completely immersed in the virtual experience, something that has been accentuated by the pandemic and has meant that practically everything can be done online through a social network or a web page: buying clothes, buying food, registering for a monthly newspaper subscription, buying designer jewelry, buying handicrafts, contracting psychology services, etc.

In short, everything that used to require getting dressed and going out on the street can now be done with the help of a computer or smartphone. Over time this trend will become more and more widespread, so it’s worth learning how to use networks and all their resources to start benefiting us as professionals and relaunch our career. And that’s what we will do next, give you the best tips to use Twitter for your company and explain the reasons why starting to use this social network more will always be a good idea.

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The best tips to get the most out of your Twitter account as an entrepreneur

Why it’s a good idea to open a Twitter account as an entrepreneur

Still not sure how effective Twitter is for your business? Are you a traditional person who has been running your business in person all your life, and you’re a little bit afraid of social media and online resources? Do you need real evidence to convince you to take that first step towards the digitization of your company and revitalize your brand through Internet resources? Don’t worry because before starting with our essential Twitter tips guide, we will give you a list of reasons that will help you believe everything we tell you here.

Take note!

The data don’t lie

If what you need is empirical data to prove the effectiveness of this social network in the professional field, here it is:

  • More than 50% of users claim to search Twitter for special offers and discounts from their favorite stores.
  • The majority of regular consumers of a brand claim to use this social network to keep abreast of all their news without going to the physical store and acquiring new products more quickly online.
  • More than 30% of respondents explain that they go to a major brand’s Twitter feed to see its latest posts simply because they like it. Watching the products they like to buy through this social network encourages their consumption and increases the likelihood that they will buy again in the future if they continue to view their products through posts regularly.

Its mobile format is ideal for companies.

Woman Hands using iPad pro with icons of social mediaSince its founding in 2006, the integration of the Twitter application on all smartphones is absolute and with every intention in the world. Being able to connect with all your followers through a single application, quickly and securely, and with real-time information on the different age, gender, and regional groups that make up your audience is a real revolution at the business level.

Small businesses that have an open account on Twitter appreciate the fact that the application provides them with a detailed map of their followers, using all this information to improve their advertising campaigns and redesign their products according to the audience that is most interested in them. Knowing all that without using a computer is incredible; it is an essential business resource for today’s times. There is no doubt about it.

It is valid for any company.

Some people think that only a certain type of company can promote themselves through social networks like Twitter, but nothing could be further from the truth. On Twitter, just like on Instagram or Facebook, all businesses have a place and can develop their business activity without problems: retail jewelry sellers, tire stores, or a veterinary clinic. Whatever your type of business on this social network, you can make it grow without obstacles.

Because it is easy to use and has a direct language

This is possibly the best reason why any business owner should start considering opening an account on Twitter: the messages generated on this social network are short, direct, and clear. Unlike what happens on Instagram and Facebook social networks, where users create much more extensive content through long texts, stories, hashtags, and icons, we have a limited number of characters to use in each tweet on Twitter.

In that small space that the social network provides us, we can use a very popular term to draw the attention of a certain sector, talk about a topic that at that moment is trending topic and thus increase our visibility in general, tag a particular person or put a couple of words as the caption of a good photo. And although this fact may seem inconvenient at first, the reality is that it is very beneficial for reaching a specific audience and creating a clear and easy to identify corporate image.

Do you want to create a simple but catchy advertising campaign that your audience can quickly remember and share with their friends? Then don’t hesitate to open a Twitter account with your company name and start digitizing your brand!

12 Essential tips for using Twitter in the business environment

1.Make a smart list of objectives and create your business strategy

Twitter Paper Logo Lies With Envelope Full Of Dollar Bills 85% of the surveyed users who use Twitter daily and who consume all kinds of content on this social network say that when one of their favorite brands is on Twitter and allows them to interact with its developers, they feel more confident and their desire to consume all the products that brand launches in the future increases.

Knowing this and seeing that it is evident that your company’s presence on Twitter will always be beneficial, the next big question you will have to ask yourself is: what do I want to achieve with Twitter in my business? What are your goals? Have you developed a specific business plan for your presence on this social network? Do you want to use Twitter to launch all your new products, or do you want to use its tools to socialize with your customers? Only you have the answer, and you should have it soon because not having a business plan is not having anything.

Many entrepreneurs decide to take advantage of the proximity and speed of this social network to turn it into their support for customer service, allowing their followers to make all kinds of inquiries about their products or to process common operations when you have an online store such as returns or product changes. Whatever use you want to give to Twitter, you should plan it well to save a lot of time and increase your effectiveness in the short term within this platform.

The clearer your strategy is, the better you will connect with your audience, and the better your business will perform overall. So, sit down and think about what you want (if there is more than one of you in the company, meet with them) and take the time to create a unique business strategy customized to your brand. You will thank yourself in the long run, and it will make a difference.

2.It is vital that you set up your profile properly and consistently

It will be of little use to make an effective business strategy for Twitter if your profile is poorly done and the image it projects to the public is not consistent with your brand’s philosophy. What is the first thing we remember as consumers? The name, the logo, and surely the brand slogan. Suppose we do not know how to integrate these three things correctly into the social network. In that case, we will not be able to make any progress, so be very careful when configuring these basic aspects of the profile if you want to succeed.

As profile picture, it is always advisable to use the official logo of the company, a high-quality image with striking colors, well defined and easy to read letters (it is important to remember that the profile picture is three times smaller, and it isn’t easy to read in them) and that it is pleasant to see for the viewer. There is a rule within the designers’ guild for designing any kind of logo and slogan: If it catches your eye and looks nice the first time you see it, you will always remember it. Therefore, try to make an effort to create a quality logo so that later when you place it on your Twitter profile, it will catch the public’s attention quickly.

On the other hand, Twitter, following Facebook’s steps, also allows its users to have a profile header that complements the profile header. As it happens on web pages or in newspapers, the header has a larger size than the user photo and is made to stand out and show additional information to our followers about our company. We as experts recommend not to use the company logo again and thus bring more dynamism to the profile, being the ideal that in the header you introduce part of your slogan with striking and easy-to-read letters. Aesthetically it works very well and will make your company profile much more complete.

Another aspect in which you will have to make an effort is to create a biography of your company that is effective, and that has the hook in just 150 characters that the social network gives you to present yourself to the world. Using a good slogan and some interesting information about the company always works and inspires confidence: the years the company has been in business, your main services, the values that define you as a company and that make you different from the rest, etc.

Finally, we should also add a link to our company’s website or store so that our followers can access it directly from our profile. This resource will make your profile look much more professional and increase your visibility in the main search engines. The algorithms of search engines such as Google reward the combination of web resources, and introducing hyperlinks through the major social networks is a safe bet to gain online popularity. Don’t forget this.

3. Analyze the competition and follow their example to take your first steps

Women using Laptop open Twitter applicationDo you feel overwhelmed with the amount of data we are giving you? You have never opened an account on a social network before, and you have no idea where to start your virtual adventure? Do you know many people who have decided to digitize their business, but you don’t feel able to follow their steps? If you feel this way, don’t despair because there is an infallible trick to take away your fear and start getting ideas: analyze the competition, look at other accounts similar to yours and try to copy everything they do.

Please don’t feel bad about imitating others to get results in your profile; the most basic form of human learning is based on imitation: we learn to speak from the words we hear our parents say, we walk imitating those who walk next to us, we sing imitating the tone of other people who already know how to sing, and so on with everything. Why would it be any different with social networks? Look for your main competitors within the sector and analyze their accounts; if they have been successful with this strategy, surely you can be successful too.

Look at the posts they publish, the hashtags they use, and even the number of times per week they publish new content. Do they generate more traffic by creating purely audiovisual content, or what moves people to the conversations and polls to give their opinion directly? Carefully analyze all this data and start creating your business strategy. This way, you will become familiar with how the social network works, and you will begin to connect with your audience more easily.

4. Publish regularly based on a content calendar

The algorithms of social networks keep changing every year; initially, it was relatively easy to grow on Twitter and start getting followers regularly using all its resources. However, with the rise of all social networks and the disproportionate growth of business profiles that seek to make money from their popularity in networks, becoming popular in any social network is much more complicated, and we will have to invest much more time and effort in them to achieve our goals.

The best way to keep our profile active and get our followers to follow us constantly? Posting regularly with interesting content every week. However, we all know how difficult it can be to be consistent on a social network, especially if we have a business to run and a family life requiring our attention. The solution? Create a content calendar to help us plan our publications and their content.

Calendars will help us better plan the week, avoiding wasting time having to think about what to publish each day. Plan at the beginning of the week or month all your contents, and you will save yourself many headaches. It doesn’t fail!

5. Involve experts in your industry to engage your audience

Twitter is famous for creating discussions that go around the world in just a few hours. Want your audience to visit your profile for more than just a pretty picture or an eye-catching video? Create interesting conversations by tagging professionals in your industry and inviting them to give feedback on your work. Do you have a company that specializes in selling vegan cosmetics? Tag famous profiles on this topic so that they can see your products and share their opinion with their followers.

This resource is a simple and effective way to create a chain effect that will increase your brand’s visibility and will surely win the favor of many skeptics who did not quite believe in it. Social networks love great conversations and abhor monologues, so now you know: share and make your company the best debate!

6. Use hashtags wisely

Social Media DoodlesHashtags are the best resource we have to increase our visibility on a social network. However, most people do not know how to use them and use them only to hurt them. Putting hashtags in each of our publications is a good idea? Yes, of course, but not just any hashtag.

For example, if your company is dedicated to the sale of pet food, you should first investigate the most popular hashtags on this topic to get the most out of each of your publications. In this way, you will ensure good visibility of your profile and increase your popularity progressively because hashtags are a double-edged sword; if you do not know how they work, they will have the opposite effect, and you will never reach your goal.

7. Use different lists to organize and polish your feed

Do you find it impossible to have an organized and polished feed where all the topics can be easily seen? Then it would be best if you tried using some of the lists that Twitter offers to business owners to organize their feeds and get a much more professional and attractive appearance for the public.

As we have said throughout the article, Twitter has not stopped improving its features so that small business owners can benefit from their social network and have created lists of all kinds of topics to make organizing your profile much easier: create a list for the most influential people, for the most interesting topics, for your main competitors. Lists are the solution!

8. Increase your engagement with Twitter: invite your followers to be more participative

Some people say that the best social network to connect with your followers is Instagram, but that is false. On Twitter, you can also conduct surveys just as effectively to connect with our followers, get to know them better, and allow them to express their opinion more directly through multiple-choice questions. In this way, we will be increasing our engagement with the platform simultaneously that we know more about the opinion of our followers, which is always important to guide our future work and know what we should improve.

9. Increase your visibility through payment options

One of the best options to increase your number of followers quickly and safely is to use paid ads that social networks like Twitter offer us. And although many people are against having to pay to get followers on Twitter (since a few years ago, it was unnecessary because of the little competition there was), using paid resources is the best strategy available to companies to become visible and get customers.

On Twitter, we can choose to use promoted tweets or Twitter ads; the first is perfect if we want to promote a specific campaign on a very specific topic that we want to have a lot of visibility. On the other hand, Twitter ads are perfect for getting a lot of visibility and followers through our publications. The truth is that they are very affordable paid resources with which we will always come out ahead, whatever our objective may be.

10. Keep track of your performance

The first thing we have recommended you to do to start your business adventure on Twitter is to establish a clear list of goals about what you want to achieve. The second thing you will have to do after knowing your goals is to monitor their performance. Twitter and other social networks allow business profiles to keep a daily control of the performance of all their publications, allowing them to know if their profile has the expected reach or not.

With the weekly monitoring of the performance of all your publications, you will be able to find out what your followers like the most, the topics with which they interact the most and what does not arouse their interest, and what you should stop publishing. The data provided by Twitter statistics are the best tool you will have to find out if your project is working or not. Use them, and don’t stop trying to improve every day!

11. Don’t be afraid to modify your marketing strategy

Marketing on InternetAlthough we have already told you that it is very important to create an effective business plan on Twitter for your small business, it is also important to know that plans are not definitive. After a while, they do not give us the expected results; we can change them. Use all the resources we have explained, check your statistics periodically and if the plan does not work, change it and improve it until you get what you want.

12. Combine your social networks

It may sound strange to you that to grow your Twitter profile, you have to use other social networks, but as we mentioned before, all social networks are connected, and if you combine them, you will increase your visibility. Do not hesitate to share all your publications through all your profiles and include direct links to your Twitter profile in all your publications and Instagram stories; it is a simple way to advertise without investing a single dollar in it.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

John D. Rockefeller

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

Thomas Jefferson



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