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Amazon FBA Coaching Session

Discover how to build your own profitable Amazon FBA business from home as a complete beginner in this upcoming live stream with Tatiana and Stefan!

The Amazing Selling Machine is the online course that taught Tatiana step-by-step how to build her eCommerce business. It’s the #1 Amazon online training program and recommended as the best way to get started.

Amazon FBA Coaching Session With Tatiana Stefan

I’m Tatiana and this is Stephan my partner and so we’re actually streaming on both of our channels right now so we originally gonna do it separately but we thought why not join forces we can help reach more people answer more questions and we thought maybe you’d benefit from both of us being here because we have very different perspectives and when it comes to the Q&A session of this live stream. We’re gonna have different answers to offer you and so we’re really excited to be here today you get double for the price of one but it is the first time we’ve ever streamed on both channels at the same time from one camera so hopefully, everything goes smooth.

Hopefully, you guys can hear us and see us and there’s no lag or anything like that so give us a thumbs up yes guarantee it’s okay just so we know so we can continue moving on I’ve been seeing your guys’ comments on the live chat thank you so much if you are just joining in please tell us your name where you’re coming from it’s so cool how we can connect from all over the world Steph and I are in Panama right now in Central America but also if you wouldn’t mind I’d love to know maybe share with us something a bit more personal maybe why are you starting this journey of building an online business.

What does it mean to you what do you wish to achieve through this I’d love to read your answers yes I got two chests going on right now there are lots of you know messages that are coming in so we got people here from Florida we’ve got letcha Lanchester Miami to reheat from Philadelphia Stefan from Dubai got someone georgette from New Orleans Christina from Hungary we’ve got it’s moving so fast to can barely see the names Roshan from Scotland we’ve got granny from New Mexico Eileen from Australia amazing Jill galena from Montenegro some we’ve got Gabriela from Florida you got harissa from Toronto everywhere all over the world.

Amazon FBA Coaching Session

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to be here we don’t take for granted that you’ve dedicated your time to be here with us today and our goal anytime that you know take up or consume any of your time is we want to over-deliver we want to make this stream for you answer your questions support you and building your business we’re not sure where you are or how you guys found us or what brought you here we think all here together because you want to find out ways to build a business online specifically with Amazon and we understand that there’s a lot of people from all over the world.

Some of you might have been following us for a long time some of you might be brand-new just found us on YouTube found our YouTube channels, wherever you are that’s perfect we really want to tailor this stream for everybody and cater to everyone as much as we can and so what we kind of thought is well first kind of share with you a little bit of context of how selling on Amazon works if you’re brand new to it.

I know some of you might already know already watch some of our videos but we do understand there’s a lot of people that might be brand new beginners and we want to provide the foundation and the overview of how this business model works and the opportunity that’s available then we’ll dive into your questions so if you have questions for us we’re gonna please ask that you maybe wait a little bit because we can’t talk sometimes and look at all the chat at the same time but right now we’re really excited to share this with you guys because you notice you guys know from our YouTube channels and what we’ve shared building an online business has changed our lives when we look at everything that we’ve done in our lives.


Steps to Starting an FBA Business and Creating an FBA Business Plan

1.Step One: Create an Amazon Seller Account.
2.Step Two: Pick Your Niche.
3.Step Three: Research Products.
4.Step Four: Establish Your Product Sourcing.
5.Step Five: Establish Your Brand.
6.Step Six: Create Your Product Listings.
7.Step Seven: Marketing Your Product.

FBA Business and Creating an FBA Business Plan

The Six Figure Success Academy Review: What is Six Figure Success Academy?

In a nutshell, Six Figure Success Academy (SFSA) is a program that shows you how to leverage webinars to make money online. Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda are the creators of SFSA. They have spent countless hours perfecting this product just for you.

Do you ever dream of working beyond your cubicle? Working anytime and anywhere? What about making money while you sleep? SFSA is designed to do just that. If you don’t make money, Six Figure Success Academy promises to give you a full refund and double your money back, be sure to check the fine print on how to qualify.

How do you make money with this course?

The business model for Six-Figure Success Academy is quite simple:

– Step 1: Find someone who has an online course, there are literally hundreds if not thousands out there.
– Step 2: Partner with course instructors.
– Step 3: Promote course products to buyers with SFSA’s state of the art webinar template.
– Step 4: You make a commission by helping course instructors reach new buyers that they never knew existed in the range of $250-$500 per sale.

But wait a minute? Isn’t Six Figure Success Academy just another course on affiliate marketing?

I’m not going to beat around the bush. At its core, yes. The interesting pivot or spin if you will, is that you will be partnering with course instructors to promote their online education products. Based on research, in 2017, the online education market was $159 billion, by 2023, it will balloon up to $286 billion. Wouldn’t you want a piece of that pie now? And watch it grow even bigger in the future?

The beauty is that you can partner with multiple instructors and promote various products. Wouldn’t it be nice to see multiple $250-$500 transactions coming into your bank account? Even while you sleep?

Who is the targeted audience for Six-Figure Success Academy?

There are 2 audiences that SFSA targets. Primarily it is targeted to beginners who have little to no experience in digital marketing. The template, scripts, and systems are set up to be fool-proof and easy to use along with step-by-step instructions. Intermediate or advanced users may find this frustrating because it might move too slow for them.

A secondary audience that SFSA focuses on are marketers who have small successes in digital or affiliate marketing ranging from $500-$1,000 per month in profits. If your online business is stagnant, SFSA can help take you to the next level of success in your journey to financial freedom.

What will I learn from Six Figure Success Academy?

Six-Figure Success Academy is broken down into 6 weeks:

– Week 1: Crash course in webinars.
– Week 2: Partner with people like “Bob”.
– Week 3: Create your “money maker”.
– Week 4: Preparing for maximum success (setup).
– Week 5: Generating $1,000 payments on demand.
– Week 6: Optimize and scale.


Based on my research, SFSA looks to be a rather solid academy on how to build a scalable and replicable online business. When executed correctly, SFSA can help you create various opportunities to sell to your customers through webinars, cross-sell, and up-sell. Ultimately, you will achieve what most rich people have done for themselves and that is to create multiple sources of income stream for yourself.

Remember this product comes with a 30-day money-back, so it’s no risk on your end if it doesn’t work out. Like with all purchases, be sure to read the fine print on refund policy and etc.

If you need further convincing that digital marketing is right for your business, get in touch with us. At Crucial Constructs, We’re willing to listen to you and answer your questions. Contact us today!.


“The future of content marketing is in your hands.” – David Hahn
“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” – Bryan Eisenberg
“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis




Learn More about Six Figure Success Academy here: Click Here Now!




Learn More about the Academy here: Click Here Now! 

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