Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Maui Island

Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Maui Island

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Accordingly, Hawaii is blessed with many lovely natural marvels, from volcanoes to coastlines. That’s why we made a listing of the very best beaches in Honolulu. Also, Maui, the second-largest Hawaii island, boasts stunning coastlines perfect for snorkeling, swimming, or searching. The sand is unique, white or gold and red and black sand beaches. Digital Nomads in Maui Island is the place to start, the good thing about living as a digital nomad is the lifestyle. You would surely enjoy your vacation in a place where it’s heaven on earth, Maui.

Travelers group to Maui for its bounty of gorgeous island coastlines. The extensive shores of Wailea Coastline and Kaanapali Beach are classics that should not be missed. At the same time, the smaller Napili Bay Coastline and Hookipa Beach Park are much better for those looking for a more subtle experience. Whether your coastline design allows it or minor, you can not leave this Hawaiian island without visiting Waianapanapa State Park. This safeguarded location flaunts striking black sands and lush tropical foliage.

Although, like most Hawaiian Islands, it’s best ahead right here from December to August, when the temperatures are excellent. April to October are also arid seasons. Peak season is springtime break in the United States or gold week in Japan, mainly in March or April. Additionally, in September, there is an Aloha Event. You may come anytime you feel best for you; Maui will certainly welcome you with a heartwarming Aloha.

Scenery At Kaanapali Beach In Maui Island, Hawaii

Top 5 Best Beaches for Digital Nomads: Maui

1. Makena Beach State Park

Lifeguards are stationed at Big Beach at Makena State Park. Towers are located at the Big Beach I entrance and the Big Beach II entrance. The posted hours of operation are 8 am to 4:30 daily. Location: South Kihei Road, Makena.

Makena State Park has two famous beaches: Big Beach and Little Beach. Big Beach, a white sand beach approximately 3,300 feet long and 100 feet wide, is bordered by fingers of lava to the southeast and by Puʻu OlaʻI, a volcanic cinder cone, to the northwest. Big Beach has a steep foreshore from high surf that periodically strikes the beach.

Little Beach is a small cove with a wide, white sand beach between two lava points on the seaward side of Puʻu Olaʻi. Meanwhile, the ocean bottom fronting the beach is a shallow sandbar with a usually gentle shore break. A short foot trail leads over the lava point that separates the two coasts. The lone amenity in the 160-acre park is a paved parking lot open only during daylight hours.

Activities At Makena Beach State Park

  • Swimming – this time, both beaches boast exceptional swimming and are famous for inclined shorelines. This develops a significant shore break, making it perfect for skimboarding, bodyboarding, and body browsing. That being stated, ensure to take care when swimming here, as the ocean is very effective. Focus on published indications about sea conditions when you see them.
  • Snorkeling & Diving – so far, there are plenty of snorkel places on the edges of the coastlines. La Perouse Bay is a three-mile drive down the shore and one of our Top 4 South Maui Diving Areas. You’ll likely see numerous variants of tropical fish, turtles, and, if you’re fortunate, dolphins.
  • Hiking – The major treking route in Makena Coastline State Park revolves around the Pu’u Olai Volcano Cinder Cone. Attempt the Pu’u Olai Cinder Cone Route for a two-mile trip to the top.

Tip: On the positive side park has a snack bar but no drinking fountains, so bring mineral water and treats.

Makena State Park beach, Maui island, Hawaii

2. Ho’okipa Beach Park

This legendary spot is best for water activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, and many more. It’s also a great place to snorkel, as you would see sea turtles. The current can be a bit strong, so always be careful swimming or doing activities. You could still enjoy the beach by walking at the tide pools, sunbathing, or just people-watching. Ho’okipa Beach is one of the best beaches in Maui; you would love this beach park.

Overview of Ho’okipa Beach Park

Together with Hookipa and the Windsurfing Capital of the World, it hosts a large surfing community where you can find sand dotted with black rocks. The beach boasts unsurpassed views of Maui’s craggy central coastline and lush West Maui Mountains. Sunbathing, beach walking, picnicking, turtle watching, and surfing are popular activities at Hookipa.

Moreover, Hookipa Beach’s mornings are the optimal time to enjoy its beauty. If you come in December, you can watch surfers doing tricks on big waves and enjoy some breathtaking sunsets. Also, keep an eye out for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that often bask in the sun on the shoreline. Hence, so many see it as a turtle beach park.

Getting There- Ho’okipa Beach Park

Take Highway 36 for about six miles from Kahului, and turn left when you approach the sign. You will find the beach on your left. You will soon come across the Lookout, which will take you to the beach. For parking, continue up the road and make a left into the parking lot from the park.

Essential Tips for a Ho’okipa Beach Park Visit

Ho’okipa means “hospitality,” but large waves, dangerous rip currents, and crowds of strong surfers make this beach a challenge for most. We recommend paddling out with a local to ease your way into this break. If you wish to venture out on some of the world’s largest waves, ensure you have the experience and know-how for paddling. If you don’t know where the waves break, ask a local or the on-duty lifeguard about the rip tides.

3. La Perouse Bay

Hike on the Hoapili trail and discover La Perouse Bay, one of the best Maui beaches filled with basaltic lava and archaeological sites and is home to many endemic marine creatures. Since you can see tide pools where you can see tiny creatures. It’s also a great place to snorkel; however, ask the lifeguard if there are shark sightings. It’s a bit of a challenge to come here with lava rocks, but the scenic beauty of this place will make your adventure worth it.

Haleakala’s last display can be seen on Maui’s southeast shore at La Perouse Bay. Scientists estimate that in 1790 Haleakala erupted to form the jagged lava rock coastline. There is a monument and ruins of Hawaiian natives who made their home on the sharp a’a lava rock. La Perouse is the end of the road in south Maui. It is located at mile marker seven at the very end of Makena Alanui Road. From Kihei, take Piilani Hwy south to Wailea. Turn right on Wailea Iki road and bear left onto Wailea Alanui Road, which turns into Makena Alanui. Look carefully around you as you drive between mile markers 5.5 and 7. On either side, you should see fields of a’a littering the landscape.

Rocky Coast Of La Perouse Bay In Southern Maui

4. Keawakapu Beach

Want to spend time on a beach that’s not overcrowded, and you could swim and snorkel? Well, Keawakapu Beach is one of the best beaches in Maui and has all three. There are public showers but no restrooms. When you come here, you might want to bring your snorkel gear as there are many corals, and you might see turtles, too! Enjoy the perfect combination of sand, sea, sun, and shade.

Keawakapu Beach is located in South Maui, between Kihei and Wailea, at the end of South Kihei Road. This beautiful white sand beach, which runs along a fully developed coastline, is approximately 0.7 miles long and offers opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, or just catching some sun on the shore.

Above all, snorkeling is best on the right-hand side of the beach. This beach is often less crowded than its nearby counterparts because so much of the shoreline is developed as a large residential community. That development obscures the presence of the beach – keeping it a secret from most visitors.

While the beach typically offers excellent opportunities for swimming (no lifeguard is present, however), during times of large swells or high surf – we’d advise staying out of the water. If the wind picks up along the shoreline, you can occasionally get sandblasted, so be aware of the weather if you’re planning a visit.

5. Kaanapali Beach

Spectacularly beautiful and only a mile long, Ka’anapali Beach commands everyone’s attention. This beach hosts the most luxurious hotels in town. Additionally, the beach serves a plateful full of activities such as hiking, sailing, swimming, and sunbathing, making it one of Hawai’i’s top beaches.

Overview of Kaanapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach includes soft, golden sand and gorgeous water. Along this stretch of coast, you find many hotels flanking the beach. Ka’anapali Beach harbors endless opportunities for water sports lovers. Black Rock slices across the beach and is a popular spot for snorkelers and scuba divers to earn their certification. Other options for water play include parasailing, windsurfing, and jet skis.

Head to Black Rock, at the north end of the beach, for a boat tour of the marine life in this area. Plus, visit the booths on Kaanapali Beach, where you can sign up for snorkeling, boat excursions, kayaking, sailing, the Sheraton Luau, surfing lessons, and water equipment rentals.

Essential Tips for a Great Kaanapali Beach Visit

During the high tourist season, public beach access is difficult. Tourists must pay to park in a secure lot. The best time to find a parking spot is early in the morning. Furthermore, leave your valuables at your hotel, not your car, when visiting the beach. Thieves gravitate to these tourist spots for easy picking.  The surf can sometimes get rough in the winter, and lifeguards will post red flags if the water is too dangerous to enter.

Have Fun at Kaanapali Beach

Family Activities at Kaanapali Beach, spend your time relaxing on Ka’anapali Beach. Named “America’s Best Beach,” this popular destination has something for everyone. Enjoy snorkeling at first, scuba diving, relaxing on the sand, or taking a stroll along the beach walkway.

Kaanapali Beach Activities

  • Snorkeling:  Places to snorkel around the island include Ka’anapali and Black Rock.
  • Cliff jumping: Ka’anapali Beach is a favorite cliff-jumping site for locals and visitors alike! Head to Black Rock cliff.
  • Catamaran tours for whale-watching: Whales in winter flock to the shallow waters around Ka’anapali, making it one of the best places in Maui to whale watch. Catamaran tours launched from Ka’anapali Beach will take you up close to whales in the winter months.
  • Sunset:  At Ka’anapali Beach, you can watch the sun settle behind Lanai, with views of the green flash visible in clear skies.
  • Shopping: If you want to shop in Maui, don’t miss Whalers Village mall. This shopping center features Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, several jewelry stores, an ABC Store, kiosks, and specialty stores!
  • Play Golf & Tennis: Golf enthusiasts will want to swing away at the Royal Ka’anapali and Ka’anapali Kai courses, which offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch provides an unforgettable experience for tennis enthusiasts.
  • Nightlife: In the evening, Ka’anapali features a range of dining and shopping options. Whether you want to hear some live entertainment or buy souvenirs from Whalers Village, the choices are endless. Nearby Attractions and Sights
  • Honolua Ridgeline Hike: You will undoubtedly enjoy this trek for all hikers! This easy-to-moderate hike offers excellent overlooks of the area’s stunning terrain. On tour, you will discover Maui’s ecology and culture. The trailhead departs out of Napili,  a quick time away from Kaanapali. The trek leads to Honolua —a region famous for its waves and rich Hawaiian history.

Scenery At Kaanapali Beach In Maui Island, Hawaii


  • 🌟 Total score 88% 88%
  • 🛍️ Quality of life score 88 Good% 88 Good%
  • 👪 Family Friendly Score Good% Good%
  • 💰 Cost of Living 😙 Affordable: $1,300 / mo% 😙 Affordable: $1,300 / mo%
  • 🖥️ Internet 😃Fast: 25Mbps (avg)% 😃Fast: 25Mbps (avg)%
  • 🌴Adventure 90% 90%
  • Temperature 21°C% 21°C%
🗺️ Island Maui 🏳️‍🌈 Country United State
✈️ Average trip length 📅 3 days 🖥️ Internet speed (avg) 🚀25 Mbps
☀️ Weather (now)
🌞 Perfect: 25°C°F
💨 Air quality (now)
🌱 Great: 62 US AQI
🔋 Power 230V50Hz 🚖 Best taxi app* CB Maui Taxi


Weather in Maui

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Maui

The climate in Maui is warm, muggy, windy, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 65°F to 88°F and is rarely below 58°F or above 90°F. Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Maui for hot-weather activities is from late May to late September.


In Maui, the average percentage of the sky covered by clouds experiences mild seasonal variation over the year. The more straightforward part of the year in Maui begins around December 8 and lasts for 4.3 months, ending around April 18. The most apparent month of the year in Maui is August, during which, on average, the sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 76% of the time. The cloudier part of the year begins around April 18 and lasts for 7.7 months, ending around December 8. The cloudiest month of the year in Maui is October, during which on average, the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 41% of the time.


A wet day has at least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. The chance of wet days in Maui varies throughout the year. The wetter season lasts 6.4 months, from October 12 to April 23, with a greater than 14% chance of a given day being a wet day. The month with the wettest days in Maui is January, with an average of 6.4 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The drier season lasts 5.6 months, from April 23 to October 12.

The month with the fewest wet days in Maui is June, with an average of 2.1 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. Among wet days, we distinguish between those that experience rain alone, snow alone, or a mixture of the two. The month with the most days of rain alone in Maui is January, with an average of 6.4 days. Based on this categorization, rain alone is the most common form of precipitation throughout the year, with a peak probability of 22% on January 14.


To show variation within the months and not just the monthly totals, we show the rainfall accumulated over a sliding 31-day period centered around each day of the year. Maui experiences some seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. The rainy period of the year lasts for ten months, from July 15 to May 25, with a sliding 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches. The month with the most rain in Maui is March, with an average rainfall of 1.8 inches. The rainless period of the year lasts for 1.7 months, from May 25 to July 15. The month with the least rain in Maui is June, with an average rainfall of 0.3 inches.

Best Time of Year to Visit

To characterize how pleasant the weather is in Maui throughout the year, we compute two travel scores. The tourism score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Maui for general outdoor tourist activities is from early November to late September, with a peak score in the second week of February.

List of the pros and cons of living in Maui


Stunning Charm of Nature

Do you envision awakening to the magnificent ocean views? That is just one of the things you can take pleasure in while residing in Maui. Many places in Maui are only a few mins from the ocean. You’ll discover stunning coastlines where you can swim, snorkel, browse, or kick back under the sun. The exotic greenery, as well as vivid flowers, are spectacular. And also, if you reside in an oceanfront home in Maui, there’s absolutely nothing even more relaxing than listening to the noise of the waves collapsing against the shore as you drift to rest every evening.

Marvelous Weather All The Time

Maui is absolutely heaven by every means. It has a beautiful climate always, with a good breeze from the professional winds to keep you feeling rejuvenated. Many locations appreciate sunny weather conditions, especially in the Southside of Kihei, Makena, Lahaina, Napili, Wailea, and Kaanapali. But if you want to experience some rain, you can stay in the towns of Hana or Haiku, as these are the wettest areas in Maui. The island may be more relaxed in wintertime however it doesn’t make snow, except periodically on the summit of Haleakala. So, if you want to escape the severe winter weather conditions, Maui is undoubtedly the best location.

Stunning Neighborhood Culture as well as Friendly People

At the same time, the culture of Maui is an ancient mix of one-of-a-kind practices and ethnic impacts. Its culture is what makes the island much more special. The island’s neighborhood society affects everything, from language and religious beliefs to customs and foods. Moreover, moving to Maui implies you will be welcome with open arms. One of the most widely known Hawaiian custom-mades is the provision of bouquets, a welcome motion, and a way to use friendship.

Safe Place to Live – Maui is usually secure for locals and vacationers

Unlike other places, Maui does not need armed soldiers to protect the flight terminal or patrol its busy streets. The island invites millions of visitors each year, and most of those who come here experience nothing more distressing than taking care of a sunburn. Of course, criminal activity does exist; however, the illegal activity rate is usually lower compared to several other areas in the US.


High Cost of Living

In short, all the excellent aspects of residing in Maui featured a rate. Compared to other cities in the United States, Maui’s living cost is usually higher. Whether you intend to acquire or lease, the prices of Maui home buildings and condos tend to be more fantastic. Yet if you like transferring to the island, you might be able to get a good deal if you talk to a Maui real estate representative. We’ll help you seek a Maui property within your budget plan when you speak with us.

Food Can Be Costly

In this case, one more aspect to consider when transferring to Maui is the cost of food. Virtually every little thing needs to be sent to the island, and the logistics can add to the price of much food things. This applies to those things you buy at the supermarket and all various other ingredients that are not in your area expanded. If you come from a state or city where the rates of food products are cheap, you might be stunned at how much you could spend on your food in Maui.

Beginning an Organization Can Be Difficult

If you open up an organization as soon as you transfer to Maui, you may find it tougher to prosper. Of course, this will depend on the sort of company you run and a few other factors; however, starting a company here can be a challenge. If your company is in a managed sector, you will undoubtedly have to take care of lengthy streams of bureaucracy to register it. And also, once you start running, you must function hard to make the trust fund and respect the neighborhood area.

Minimal Profession Opportunities

If you plan on taking up tasks when you transfer to Maui, you may discover it challenging to find the job you want. And also if you do, the pay could be less than what you are used to. That’s because the ordinary wage in Hawaii is listed below nationwide averages. But you will have a more significant opportunity of getting a well-paid task if you operate in the tourism industry since that’s the island’s primary source of the economic situation. There are various other careers to think about. However, you’ll find it easier to get a tourism-related profession.

What is the cost of living in Maui

As a remote island archipelago where numerous consumer goods must be delivered from other locations, Maui’s high cost of living is widely known. And like much of the remainder of the country, the rising cost of living has driven the price of surviving the islands even higher.

Housing expenses in Maui

Similar to numerous other locations in the nation, realty sales are a hot touch in Hawaii right now. According to Locations Hawaii, the typical rate of homes in December 2021 was $1.06 million, a 22 percent increase from 2020. The past six quarters have been the busiest in Hawaii’s real estate market, with some customers becoming part of acquisition agreements without seeing a residential property. Skyrocketing house prices are driven by various aspects: record low supply and two years of low home mortgage prices.

Things to See and Do in Maui

Fun Things to Do in Maui

  1. Snorkel through Turtle Town Seriously, how could you not visit a place called ‘Turtle Town’? True to its name, this strip of coastline, centered at Maluaka Beach, is known for its high population of Hawaiian green sea turtles. There’s arguably no better place to snorkel than here, surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s most beloved creatures.
  2. Do a rainforest waterfall hike – In time, with countless trails covering its sky-high mountains and dense rainforests, Maui is a hiker’s paradise. Ascend the Haleakala crater on foot, traversing the rolling hills of the upcountry, swim at the base of waterfalls on the east, or discover ‘The Seven Sacred Pools’ hidden in the dense bamboo forest of Ohio Gulch — whatever you’re trekking route, a great time is guaranteed.
  3. Saddle up for a horse riding excursion – If you’ve already ticked hiking off the list, take family-friendly exploration to another level by jumping on a trusty steed! Led by real ‘paniolos’ (Hawaiian cowboys), horse riding adventures take guests through the island’s rugged and expansive wilderness, with spectacular sights of the Pacific Ocean and Hawaiian countryside from start to finish.

Black And White Commerson Dolphins Swimming In The Turquoise Wat

Why do you need to find housing and office space in Maui

As you navigate through the housing and office search process, it is important to recognize that many different agencies handle property listings and viewing appointments. In addition to individual properties, most properties are divided into several different sub/branches of an agency. Thus, you need a single platform that highlights all these listings and appointments to find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily.

Main Benefits of Using Anyplace

  • The platform notifies you of nearby listings that may match your needs. The platform of Anyplace provides a convenient method of identifying property listings and viewing appointments. The platform informs you of property and service updates and creates an account that allows you to receive email notifications when new properties are published.
  • Use the platform to book a viewing appointment at a time that suits you. The platform provides the option to view properties and book appointments at a time that suits you. This lets you find how much other customers are paying for a property or service.
  • It adds a new dimension to property listings, with detailed descriptions and beautiful imagery. The platform provides extensive listing details that help you make informed decisions when choosing between multiple properties. If a listing is of interest, you can add it to your account and receive email notifications when other relevant properties are published.
  • The platform allows you to create an account to save your preferences and favorite listings. The platform helps you save time by managing all of your favorite listings in one place and providing notifications whenever there are updates or changes, as well as the ability to set up complete email notifications when new properties go on sale.
  • Know about changes that may affect your search. The platform provides an option to sign up for an emailed newsletter that reminds you of any changes to be aware of them and make the most informed decisions possible on your search.

Things to Remember

  1. The platform lists property inventory from multiple agencies. It is important that you know your requirements and interests before you start searching for houses or offices and how much you are willing to spend and what size you are looking for.
  2. In addition to the list of properties and viewing appointments, the platform includes useful information regarding maintenance and finding neighborhood facilities. Despite it being an incredibly useful platform for a digital nomad, it is important to remember that the platform does not handle any transactions within itself, nor does it handle payments in a property bidding process; all payments must be handled directly with third parties.
  3. The platform may list rental properties, but it does not include commercial property listings. You must seek a real estate agent or another relevant professional to help with commercial or industrial properties.
  4. The platform does not provide any services, nor can it assist with such purchases as mortgages and escrow accounts. Professional help is required for such transactions. The platform provides this information on the properties that it lists. However, suppose you require assistance in procuring property. In that case, you must contact a real estate agent or other related professionals to help you find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily! To learn more about click here now.

Monthly Rental




The entire Maui Island is quiet and beautiful, and there is no shortage of scenery. The beach is noisy and lively, the harbor is quiet in the morning, fairy mountains surround the sea, the trees are shaded during the journey, the scenery in the mountains and forests is unparalleled, and the night is quiet and warm, very suitable for vacation and rest.

There are beautiful beaches, and volcanoes; you can watch sunrise and sunset, you can play all the attractions without renting a four-wheel drive, you can also choose Ruo Beach Dinner at night, generally play 3-4 day.

Maui keeps its original Hawaiian landscape. If you go to Trading Island, you must go to Hana Highway, rent a convertible sports car and experience the pleasure of driving along the road. But it often rains in the rainforests.


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