Create an Online Shopify Store 2021

Create an Online Shopify Store 2021

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Create an Online Shopify Store 2021

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners – Create An Online Shopify Store 2020

Online Shopify Store – Shopify review and Shopify tutorial for beginners! Create a Shopify store today!

Ever wanted to create your own online store? Well, you’ve clicked on the right video. In this video, I provide a step by step Shopify tutorial for beginners. This Shopify tutorial will guide you to having your own live E-commerce store ready to sell within the hour!

Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial – Part 1 – Finding Products (Niche)


What is Shopify?
– is a very powerful online tool that helps to streamline the process of selling in your own online store. No programming required!

By the end of this Shopify review, you will know how to…
– How to get a free professional theme for your Shopify store and install it right away
– How to customize your Shopify theme
– How to use Shopify’s card system to add your banking details so you can start selling right away
– How to use Shopify to add social media to your website
– How to add products to your Shopify store
– How to add a blog to your Shopify store

This Shopify Review is very easy to follow, a perfect Shopify tutorial for beginners 2018! You will know How to create an online store in minutes! 

How to Launch an Online Store: Set up a Shopify Store With Oberlo (~ 5 Minutes)

Decide On A Business Name

Picking a business name is essential, but don’t spend too much time on it. Think of something random and simple. For my women’s jewelry shop, I came up with: Utopia Jewelry, Blackwell Jewelry, and Forever Jewelry.

I recommend adding ‘store’ or ‘shop’ because you will need to find an available internet address (domain), and it’s easier to find an available one when there are several words in the name.

A useful tool for coming up with an ecommerce store name is the Oberlo Business Name Generator. You can add a keyword or two that you’d like to have in your ecommerce store name, and it will provide you recommendations. Then you can simply scroll through the options and select your desired business name and launch your business. 

oberlo business name generator

Not only is the Oberlo Business Name Generator free, but it’s also easy to use. That’s one less thing to worry about when starting your own business. 

Come up with a list of 10-15 brand name ideas. And make sure the name you end up choosing isn’t trademarked and has an available .com domain address. Dotcom domains tend to rank better in the search engines, and most professional brands use this domain extension as well. You can use Shopify’s Domain Name Registration tool to search for available .com domains. You can also check how much a domain costs, as well as buy and install one on your store. 

Create a Shopify Account

In the old days, you had to get a server, upload an ecommerce system to it, hire someone to customize it according to your needs, and pay to maintain it. It was expensive, time-consuming, and the final result was still a slow and ineffective website.

Thankfully, Shopify has simplified the process. You can create your ecommerce store in just a few clicks, and all of the server setup and maintenance is taken care of for you.

Go to, click ‘start your free trial,’ enter your store name, and create your shop.

how to set up a shopify store


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