Getting Started in Airbnb Experience Hosting: Your Quick Guide to Success

Getting Started in Airbnb Experience Hosting: Your Quick Guide to Success

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Venturing into the world of Airbnb Experiences offers a unique opportunity for individuals to showcase what they love about their city, their culture, and their hobbies to travelers from around the globe. As an Experience host on Airbnb, you’re not just opening up your home but rather an entire world of activities, tours, and personalized events that guests can partake in. This platform allows you to share your expertise and passions in a way that transcends traditional hospitality, aiming to connect people and create memorable moments.

To start, the process involves creating a captivating profile that resonates with potential guests, designing experiences that are both authentic and engaging, and setting clear expectations through accurate descriptions and pricing. Once these foundations are established, the focus then shifts to delivering exceptional service, understanding the needs and preferences of your audience, and refining operational logistics to ensure a smooth experience for both hosts and guests. Balancing the creative aspects with the business savvy required can be a substantial undertaking, yet the rewards of becoming a successful Airbnb Experience host can be enormously gratifying.

Key Takeaways

  • Sharing personal passion and expertise is central to hosting an Airbnb Experience.
  • Strong profiles and well-designed experiences are crucial for attracting guests.
  • Delving into audience preferences and perfecting service delivery can enhance business growth.

Getting Started with Hosting

Becoming an Airbnb Experience host calls for individuals who have a knack for sharing their passion and expertise with others. Step one in the journey involves a comprehensive understanding of the application process and the quality standards required by Airbnb. To initiate the hosting experience, one must first create a captivating listing that conveys the uniqueness and value of their offering.

Before submitting an experience, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with the guidelines. Airbnb’s criteria ensure that all experiences are safe, accessible, and of high quality. Aspiring hosts need to be at least 18 years old and able to pass a background check to maintain the community’s trust.

The submission process includes outlining your experience in a detailed form or via a short video – especially if it’s an online experience.

Here’s a quick checklist to help potential hosts get started:

  • Age and Checks: Confirm you are 18+ and ready to undergo a background check.
  • Quality Standards: Review Airbnb’s quality standards thoroughly.
  • Unique Offering: Develop a unique experience idea that highlights your passion and knowledge.
  • Compelling Listing: Craft a listing that includes high-quality photographs and a clear description.

By adhering to these steps, one can navigate the application process smoothly and emerge as an Airbnb Experience host, ready to offer travelers a slice of their world.

Creating an Engaging Profile

When setting up an Airbnb profile as an experience host, it’s crucial to present a clear, authentic image of oneself and the services offered. A high-quality profile photo establishes trust and should ideally reflect the host’s personality. First impressions matter, and an inviting picture can be the first step to attract potential guests.

A host’s bio is more than just background information; it’s a chance to connect with guests. Airbnb experience hosts should communicate their passion and uniqueness by detailing their services, skills, and motivations. Including personal touches, such as interests or hobbies, can make a profile stand out and resonate with guests who share similar passions.

Verifications are part and parcel of a trustworthy profile. Airbnb provides a verification badge to add credibility once hosts complete the required steps, signalling reliability to guests.

A successful profile also contains a compelling narrative about what guests will experience. Describing past guest reviews, even if brief, can provide social proof of a wonderful experience awaiting future guests.

Tips for an Engaging Profile
Use a high-quality, friendly profile photo.
Craft a bio that showcases your unique hosting style.
Highlight your passion and what motivates you to host experiences.
Showcase your verifications to build trust.
Incorporate reviews to validate your hosting quality.


By adhering to these elements, experience hosts can create an attractive and effective profile that not only conveys professionalism but also a warm welcome to potential guests.

Designing Your Experience

When crafting an Airbnb Experience, hosts must consider activities that showcase their unique skills and passions. For instance, an art workshop should not only teach techniques but also share the cultural significance of the art form. Similarly, a cooking class can offer more than a recipe; it embodies the tradition behind the dish and the story of its ingredients.

Tours need to be more than sightseeing excursions. They should immerse guests in the local environment, giving a taste of the area’s history and contemporary life. Anecdotes and personal insights elevate a mere walk into a memorable journey.

A successful yoga session combines the serenity of the practice with the surroundings, be it a peaceful garden or an urban rooftop with a view. The setting should complement the theme, enhancing the holistic experience.

The theme of an experience is its soul. Whether it’s a mystery-themed scavenger hunt or a night of jazz under the stars, the theme ties every element together, creating a coherent and captivating event.

Language offerings need to be clear from the outset. If an experience is available in multiple languages, this should be prominently stated, ensuring guests can fully engage.

Here is a brief format guide for designing an experience:

  • Theme: Core idea driving the experience.
  • Activity: What participants will be doing.
  • Story: Personal or cultural narratives to share.
  • Location: The setting for your experience.
  • Duration: Length of the experience.
  • Language: Available languages for the experience.

Hosts should remain authentic and passionate, focusing on what makes their offering special. Stay clear of overpromising; rather, highlight what guests can realistically expect. This approach ensures a solid foundation for an Airbnb Experience that resonates with travelers seeking authenticity.

Pricing and Fees

When setting up an Airbnb Experience, hosts must determine a competitive price that also covers their costs. The service fee that Airbnb charges Experience hosts is typically 20% of the price. This fee includes the cost of processing payments and customer support. Hosts should include this fee in their pricing strategy to ensure profitability.

Commission fees are another aspect to consider. These are included in the service fee and represent the portion taken by Airbnb for using their platform. Hosts receive their payment minus this 20% commission. It’s essential to factor in these fees when deciding on the final price of the Experience.

To clarify, here’s how the fees work:

  • List Price: The amount guests pay.
  • Service Fee (20%): Deducted from the List Price.
  • Hosts’ Earnings: The List Price minus the service fee.

Tips for Price Setting:

  • Assess all costs (equipment, transportation) before setting prices.
  • Consider offering discounts to attract guests, especially when launching a new Experience.
  • Monitor the performance and adjust pricing as needed.

It is important that hosts remember these fees when creating their Experience to maintain transparency with guests and to ensure the Experience is both rewarding for hosts and enjoyable for guests. With a clear pricing strategy, hosts can create successful and memorable Experiences.

Preparing for Online Experiences

When preparing for hosting online experiences on Airbnb, potential hosts should first focus on identifying their unique expertise or interest they wish to share. A high-quality, reliable set of equipment is essential, including a stable internet connection, a webcam, and clear audio capabilities.

Equipment Checklist:

  • Strong internet connection
  • HD webcam
  • Microphone
  • Lighting

Once the technical setup is secured, crafting the experience comes next. Hosts should design their online offering to be engaging and interactive, taking advantage of the digital format to connect with guests around the world. It’s important for hosts to create a clear structure for their experience, setting out what guests can expect and how they will participate.

First steps involve:

  1. Defining the experience theme
  2. Structuring the session
  3. Planning the interaction points

In terms of promotion, hosts must ensure that their listing compellingly represents what guests will experience. High-quality images, a detailed description of the activity, and information about the host’s background contribute to an attractive listing.

Airbnb provides resources to help new hosts in getting started with online experiences, including tips for creating a five-star experience and setting up a standout listing. Transparency about the schedule, price, and any necessary preparations or materials guests might need is crucial.

Before launching, hosts should conduct a trial run to test their equipment and the flow of the experience. This is an opportunity to adjust pacing, troubleshoot any technical issues, and refine the content based on feedback from friends or family.

In summary, preparation combines selecting the right equipment, developing a compelling and well-organized session, and presenting a detailed, engaging listing for guests seeking unique online experiences.

Marketing Your Experience

To effectively market an Airbnb Experience, hosts should start by optimizing their experience page. This is crucial to attracting bookings. They can enhance their listing by including high-quality photos and writing clear, descriptive titles and detailed descriptions that highlight the uniqueness of the excursion. The use of keywords relevant to the experience ensures visibility in search.

Social media platforms serve as powerful tools for promoting experiences. Hosts can share their listings on these platforms to reach a wider audience. Additionally, engaging in local tourism networks can help spread the word about the service offered.

Incentives can be a compelling way to attract initial customers. Hosts may consider offering discounts or special pricing to friends or local community members to kick-start their booking momentum. Word-of-mouth from these early customers can be a strong endorsement, encouraging others to book.

A key aspect of marketing involves requesting reviews from guests after they have attended the experience. Positive reviews can significantly boost the credibility of the offering, making it more appealing to potential guests.

Effective communication should not be overlooked. Ensuring prompt and professional responses to inquiries signals reliability. This builds trust and can lead to repeat customers and referrals.

Lastly, alignment with travelers’ interests can guide the creation of experiences. Hosts should remember that guests seek authentic and memorable activities. Creating offerings that cater to diverse interests will help in attracting bookings from various traveler demographics.

  • Create an enticing and detailed Airbnb listing with high-quality visuals.
  • Utilize social media and local networks for exposure.
  • Offer discounts to early bookers to encourage participation.
  • Encourage reviews to build trust with potential customers.
  • Be responsive to inquiries to demonstrate reliability.
  • Tailor experiences to diverse interests to widen appeal.

Delivering Outstanding Service

When embarking on the journey as an Airbnb Experience host, delivering outstanding service is pivotal. A 5-star experience is crafted through anticipation and exceeding guest expectations. The host must provide an engaging, memorable venture that resonates with their guests long after it’s over.

Key Principles for Excellence:

  • Personal Touch: Each experience should tell a unique story and connect with guests on a personal level.
  • Professionalism: Hosts must demonstrate a high degree of preparation and expertise.
  • Safety First: Upholding strict health and safety standards ensures everyone’s well-being.

To delight guests, hosts should infuse their experiences with local insights and exclusive opportunities that aren’t readily available elsewhere. This not only gives the experience a unique flavor but also offers guests an authentic glimpse into the culture and locality.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Effective Communication: Providing clear instructions and staying responsive to guest inquiries.
  • Host Preparedness: Ensuring the experience is well-organized and executed seamlessly.

Responsible hosting also encompasses meeting all regulatory requirements and fostering a sustainably-minded environment. Hosts have a duty to ensure that their experience, while enriching, does not negatively impact the community or environment.

Health and Safety Measures:

  • Adhering to local COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Providing necessary safety equipment.

A host’s dedication to these parameters not only enhances guest satisfaction but also reinforces the integrity of their offering. Successful hosts understand that excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Operational Logistics

When an individual starts hosting an Airbnb Experience, logistical planning is crucial. It involves clear communication, understanding accessibility concerns, and determining maximum group sizes. They should ensure that all details are meticulously organized to facilitate a seamless experience for guests.

Communication is the backbone of operational logistics. Hosts must provide detailed information before the experience begins, including meeting points and necessary items. Prompt responses to guest inquiries show professionalism and help build trust. Resources like logistics and communication can be instrumental in enhancing this aspect.

In terms of accessibility, it’s important for hosts to consider how guests with varying needs will access the experience. This includes transportation options and the physical accessibility of the venue. A host should outline any accessibility features or limitations within the experience’s description.

The maximum group size plays a pivotal role in how an experience is managed. Hosts must balance personal attention with efficiency. Smaller groups might offer a more intimate and customizable experience, while larger groups require streamlined operations to ensure everyone’s needs are met and the experience runs on schedule.

Key Consideration Description
Communication Quickly and effectively relay important details and updates.
Accessibility Ensure the experience is approachable to guests with varying needs.
Group Size Choose an appropriate size to maintain quality and interaction.


Each step of the way, a host should align their strategies with the Airbnb Experience principles, underpinning every operational decision with the intent to create memorable and hassle-free experiences.

Growing Your Business

When venturing into the realm of an Airbnb experience host, it’s essential to approach the growth of one’s business strategically. The initial phase often includes creating a stellar listing with clear and compelling details about the experience offered.

Tour and activity companies seeking expansion within the Airbnb platform, can benefit substantially from promoting their experiences effectively. They should utilize both Airbnb’s built-in promotional tools and extend their marketing efforts through social media channels and local tourism partnerships.

To further grow their hosting business, hosts should consider:

  • Expanding the Experience: Offering additional unique activities can make an experience more attractive.
  • Smart Pricing Strategies: Implementing competitive pricing and dynamic pricing techniques, considering the demand peaks and troughs can be very beneficial.
  • Guest Engagement: Excellent communication and personalized touches can lead to higher ratings and more referrals.
  • Quality Assurance: Consistently delivering high-quality experiences ensures guest satisfaction and can yield repeat business.

For those who may not have the bandwidth to manage all aspects of their experiences, partnering with a Co-Host could be a worthwhile consideration. A Co-Host can assist in the management tasks and potentially help in accelerating business growth.

Moreover, hosts should pursue continuous improvement based on guest feedback and stay informed about trends in the Airbnb experiences market to adapt their offerings accordingly.

Understanding Your Audience

When starting as an Airbnb Experience host, it is critical to understand what potential guests are searching for. They may be looking for unique cultural experiences, opportunities for meeting new people, or activities that align with specific interests such as nature and outdoors, sports, history, or nightlife.

Demographics and Interests:

  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Guests often seek to immerse themselves in the local culture. Experiences that provide historical insight or facilitate participation in traditional practices appeal to this group.
  • Outdoor Adventurers: Nature and outdoor activities attract those who prefer experiences like hiking, birdwatching, or watersports.
  • Social Butterflies: A segment of travelers focus on meeting new people. Experiences that promote social interaction, such as group classes or tours, are especially attractive.

Guest Preferences:

  • Interactive Activities: Many guests favor engaging experiences over passive sightseeing. Interactive cooking classes or art workshops, for example, are in demand.
  • Authenticity: Authentic, local experiences that can’t be found elsewhere are highly valued. Aim to offer something that stands apart from the standard tourist offerings.
  • Nightlife: Spirited travelers might be interested in nightlife explorations. From local music scenes to unique bars, these experiences can provide an insider’s view of a city’s evening ambiance.

Research and Adaptation:
Knowing the audience requires research and adaptation. Hosts should:

  1. Explore more topics and niches to meet diverse interests.
  2. Continually seek feedback to tailor experiences.
  3. Stay informed on trends in travel and hospitality.

By comprehensively understanding the varied preferences and interests of potential guests, hosts can create memorable and sought-after Airbnb Experiences.


When embarking on the journey as an Airbnb Experiences host, they must harness their passion to create engaging and memorable events for guests. Successful hosts recognize that a well-crafted experience isn’t just about the activity, but also about connecting with guests on a personal level. They find that success entails consistency, responsiveness, and a willingness to adapt to guest feedback.

Tips for success include maintaining high standards for the experience, ensuring safety, and communication clarity. Those who excel in the Airbnb business often:

  • Develop unique, high-quality experiences
  • Set competitive prices while factoring in costs for sustainability
  • Use compelling visuals and descriptions to sell their experience

Profit and income from hosting Airbnb Experiences can be significant, but it is not guaranteed and varies greatly. It depends on the quality and demand of the experience offered. Hosts should continuously monitor their performance, seeking ways to improve and tap into the potential of the Airbnb platform.

In sum, becoming an Airbnb Experiences host can be a fulfilling and potentially lucrative endeavor for those who are committed to providing excellent service while sharing what they love.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries prospective hosts may have, providing them with essential information on starting and operating an Airbnb Experience.

What are the requirements to become an Airbnb experience host?

To become an Airbnb experience host, individuals must meet certain quality standards, provide a unique activity, and adhere to the community and safety guidelines set by Airbnb. They may also be required to provide additional documentation such as licenses or insurance, depending on the experience offered.

How much does it cost to get started as an Airbnb experience host?

Starting as an Airbnb experience host typically requires little upfront cost beyond preparing the experience itself. Hosts should ensure they have all necessary equipment and resources to provide their experience. Any costs will vary depending on the nature of the experience.

What fees are involved in hosting an Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb charges hosts a service fee for every booking made. This fee is a percentage of the price of the experience and is automatically deducted from the host’s payout.

How can I host a successful and memorable Airbnb Experience?

To host a successful and memorable Airbnb Experience, hosts should focus on crafting a unique, engaging activity, and providing exceptional hospitality. Attending to guests’ needs and sharing local insights can significantly enhance the experience. Hosts can access tools provided by Airbnb’s Resource Center to attract more guests and create standout experience pages.

How can an Airbnb experience host introduce themselves effectively to guests?

Airbnb experience hosts can introduce themselves effectively to guests by creating a compelling bio on their Experience page that highlights their expertise, passion, and local knowledge. The introduction should communicate the host’s personality and build trust with potential guests.

What are the expected earnings for an Airbnb experience host?

Earnings for an Airbnb experience host can vary widely based on factors such as the type of experience, location, pricing, frequency of hosting, and guest demand. Hosts set their own prices and should consider the value of their offering as well as market conditions when determining pricing.



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