How to Add Review Form & Rating Star to Shopify

How to Add Review Form & Rating Star to Shopify

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Add Review Form & Rating

Integration with Product Reviews: How to add Product Reviews app code to your store design with GemPages

The reviews when your product has them if you haven’t had any reviews yet the word no reviews will display if you want to display ratings star on a product page or collection page let’s move to part two ad review score badges to your product page or collection pages similarly.

To add review score badges to your product page or collection page you can use liquid element two right under your product title and then right-click on it choose to edit HTML and then add your custom code in the same help document link.

Which I’ve attached in the description below you similarly you can use a liquid element with the same code in a collection inside the product lists module just drop the liquid element right under your product title and then right-click on it choose to edit HTML.

Then add your custom code so now you have successfully added a review form and review score badges to your product page and collection page as we see here with product review apps you can give customers that extra push they need to trust your online shop and complete their purchase to get the latest tutorials and tips for your store design with gem pages.


Introducing Hero Banner: GemPages Tutorials

We’ll see how to create a Hero Banner on your page by using the Hero Banner element in GemPages editor in this episode of Getting Started with GemPages 👇 You will learn:

1) What is a Hero Banner and why it has a huge impact on your web design & conversion.

2) How to create Hero Banner in GemPages and add elements into it. Add Review Form & Rating

3) Customize its look & feel, then make it more beautiful with advanced design & settings.

Today you’ll learn about one of the most basic elements in gym pages hero banner, So what is a hero banner in web design the hero banner is a powerful aspect of your customer’s journey that reflects what your page is about this is a big wide section at the top of the website includes a large image catchy slogan and maybe a button that is effectively tempting your customer to click on and leads them to your signup form or a specific section or page in gym pages editor.

Hero banner allows you to create this section much more quickly an effort saving let’s make a test on how to use this element for your page design let’s see the basic test section that we’ll design today first let’s use a row to contain the hero banner inside a set full-width row then drop a hero banner into this row hero banner contains an image and a blank field inside.

It so that you can drop an element into this field in our design today we’ll add text and button, for instance, to change this background image upload your own image here if you want the visitors to come to another link via this hero banner. Add Review Form & Rating

Paste a URL into this field or click the pic link to choose the specific action for this link such as page collection products article scroll to a specific section or a contact you can turn on the fixed mode in case you want to display the hero banner box based on the background image dimension let’s choose the effect option.

There is an option to zoom the hero banner when you move the mouse on it if you set zoom then this hero banner will hover when you move into this area set your overlay color if you want to create transparency for this image.

I will make an example with black color then edit the opacity now let’s drop text and heading into this hero banner first you drop the row element into this blank field to easily group the elements in this field drop the necessary elements into this field we’ll add a heading.

First, edit your text by clicking on it edit your heading font style in the settings panel you and in the quick taskbar above it you add a text block similarly you drop it into your page then edit your text content font style, etc you and the last element in this section is the button below the short paragraph. Add Review Form & Rating


Add Review Form & Rating

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