How to be a Digital Nomad in Antigua, Guatemala

How to be a Digital Nomad in Antigua, Guatemala

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Colonial architecture in ancient Antigua Guatemala city, Central America, Guatemala

A Digital Nomad Guide to Antigua, Guatemala

Guatemala is a nation located in Central America between Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras. This stunning nation is covered in tropical jungles, volcanoes, and a spectacular range of mountains.

This ancient Mayan nation has much to provide, from unique plants to a few of the world’s rarest animal types, so it is a fantastic location for the nature fan. In addition, Guatemala is still an established nation with facilities and advancements simultaneously, which suggests it is simple to discover a genuine way of living throughout Guatemala.

The currency is the Guatemalan Quetzal, and it is called after their distinct bird type, the quetzal, which has ended up being a threatened type. The primary language in Guatemala is Spanish; nevertheless, you will discover numerous mountain areas have their languages, which originate from the Mayan language.

Antigua’s vibrant, colonial city is, without a doubt, Guatemala’s leading traveler destination. In addition, Antigua, Guatemala, is an excellent base for Central American digital nomads with laptop computer-friendly coffee stores, a popular co-working area, and reasonable Wi-Fi speeds.

Antigua is a traveler hotspot in Guatemala. Many visitors come here every day to see all that the city has to use, from its UNESCO World Heritage Site to various other destinations. In addition, the city is a fantastic base for digital nomads in Central America.

The cost of living in Antigua

The anticipated expense of living in Antigua will differ depending upon your choices, so you ought to look at alternatives to see what fits you finest. It is possible to reside in Antigua on an extremely low-budget plan since it is a low-cost location; nevertheless, if you like your high-ends or wish to take a field trip, the expenses will quickly accumulate.

For the supreme budget plan experience, $640 USD will suffice to reside in Antigua for one month. That is $240 USD for lodging at a hostel, $10 USD daily for food which is $300 USD for a month, and from this, you can purchase coffee whilst operating in cafés, and $100 USD for expeditions or high-ends.

$300 USD, which is $10 USD per day on food, strolling all over, and taking the periodic chicken bus will suggest little to no expense on transport and $150 USD on home entertainment and adventures. However, it might be possible to decrease this if you were to consume from the markets and street food on a routine basis as you can get meals for around $2 USD.

A budget plan of $15 USD per day for food, which is $450 USD for the month, $50 USD on transport and $200 USD on adventures and home entertainment, and then $50 USD for health club subscriptions and workout classes. You will have a comfy and extravagant stay in Antigua on this spending plan.

Antigua, Guatemala - 06 Mar 2011: The street in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Visa

Guatemala provides visa-free travel to a handful of nations, part of the Central American Border Agreement. If you do not have one of the passports discussed, it is recommended to call your embassy in Guatemala to discover your requirements as it is various for every nation.

As soon as you remain in Guatemala, it is possible to request a visa extension of 30 days if the application is made before your 90 days is up. You should send your application to the Migration Directorate in Guatemala City. Overstaying your visa or your assigned overall of days will lead to a charge fine which should be paid before you leave the nation.

If you require a traveler visa before entry, then a single entry visa will cost around $25 USD, numerous entries will cost $50 USD, and an organization visa will cost around $50 USD. Again, please check with your embassy for particular national info.

It is likewise possible to obtain a long-term visa for two years; nevertheless, the procedure is extremely complex, and you will require a Guatemalan guarantor with your application. The best method to get this is by discovering a task, and your company will look for you.

Work in Antigua

There isn’t a big choice of co-working areas in Antigua; however, there are some, and this is the location for the more unwinded little town ambiance. I purchased a regional SIM card with a phone business called Tigo, which was excellent because it likewise worked in Mexico and other parts of Central America.

Finest Places to Work in Antigua

Portrait of frowning young girl sitting with laptop at cafe. Displeased young Caucasian freelancer or student wearing white T-shirt sitting at table at sidewalk cafe. Problem or difficult task concept

Effect Hub

Antigua has two primary co-working areas, and the most popular is the Impact Hub. A day passes with the expense you $8 USD, and it consists of Wi-Fi, hot-desking, and free tea and coffee. Their month-to-month plans begin at $115 USD and go up to $145 USD for endless choices.

Selina Co-working

Another of the finest co-working areas in Antigua is Selina, a co-working co-living area. Daily passes are a little more affordable than the Impact Hub at $7.25 USD, and weekly passes are $33 USD.

There are numerous cafés and hostels with unwinded hangout locations as co-working areas. A few of the very best cafés for digital nomads with totally free Wi-Fi are listed below.

Rainbow Café

This charming and wacky café is popular with immigrants in Antigua and is an excellent location for working as a digital nomad. Coffee expenses are around $1.20 USD, so it is a fantastic location for somebody on a low-budget plan.

Bella Vista Coffee

Bella Vista Coffee has a stunning roof seating location, with views of surrounding volcanoes, and on a clear day, it is an excellent location to work. Not just coffee is served, they offer little pastries too, so it is a fantastic location to work for a half-day or so.

Café Barista

This café lies in the main square and looks like a Starbucks-type coffee bar; nevertheless, it is a regional business. There is an excellent range of seating, okay, totally free Wi-Fi, power points and they serve breakfast. The coffee isn’t extremely ranked; however, it is budget-friendly, and there are typically many people here on laptop computers.

Mobile & Wi-Fi

The web speeds and dependability are great in the city, specifically if you require it to work online. In addition, you will discover a range of mobile stores around the city and stalls in the markets where you can purchase SIM Cards and top-ups.

Likewise, it is essential to keep in mind that you will utilize your passport when you desire to purchase a brand-new SIM and charge. You can then make a demand for the list of plans to set up your SIM and charge.

The Best Places to Live in Antigua

Guatemala is a gorgeous nation with a lot to provide, and selecting someplace to remain can be challenging if it is your first time in the nation. Guatemala has ended up being popular with travelers and backpackers. Consequently, some locations have ended up being more developed to fit travelers and, as a result, end up being a little less genuine. There are both positives and negatives to remaining in locations like this, and it is down to what you feel most comfy with.

Antigua is a reasonably little city that could be categorized as a town, so it is relatively easy when selecting the very best area to remain in. Three locations that bring in travelers or backpackers are Barrio de La Concepción, Santa Ana, and El Casino; however, they are all extremely varied.

Barrio de La Concepción

Barrio de La Concepción is right in the center around the main park, and it is the location to be for benefit. It remains in the heart of the historic structures, dining establishments, and cafés, and there are a couple of locations to remain here. It is a little quieter during the night as it is more popular throughout the day.

El Casino

El Casino is the best location for the social and explorative type as it is where all the bars are, and throughout the day, it is housed in museums and historical websites. This is the most popular location with backpackers to remain as it is where the city’s life is. You will discover many locations to remain in this location, which is where you are probably to fulfill other digital nomads or backpackers.

Santa Ana

For a somewhat more genuine experience, Santa Ana, simply outside the city center, is an excellent location to remain where the residents live. In addition, it is a somewhat more inexpensive location that reveals more of the conventional way of life in Guatemala.

A Cheap Place to Stay in Antigua

There are plenty of hostels in Antigua and a co-working co-living area. Some of Antigua’s finest worth and leading-ranked hostels are Hostel Antigueno, Tropicana Hostel, Hostel Antigua, and The Purpose Hostel. Many of these personal deal space too for around $25 USD per night; however, you might discover that you can get an offer with them straight if you are reserving for longer durations of time.

For somebody on a lower budget plan, Selina is another hostel that is likewise a co-working co-living combined area for travelers, which is fantastic for a low budget plan. Their bundle rates begin from $400 USD per month for a bed in a dormitory. For a personal space, rates begin from $680 USD per month per individual.

Where to Eat in Antigua, Guatemala

The local food in the street cafe of Antigua, Guatemala


After our Acatenango walking, we desired something warm and filling to consume, so we took that as our possibility to treat ourselves to some Korean food. Korean is (now) my preferred worldwide food, and I’d been missing it a lot after leaving. So when we found out about Miso, a Korean dining establishment in Antigua, we understood we needed to check it out!

It didn’t taste precisely like the Korean food that I’d been missing out on a lot; however, it was still a fantastic post-hike munch.


This is an adorable chain with enjoyable branding and remarkable tacos! I was quite uninteresting and had my typical tacos al pastor washed down with a michelada; however, it didn’t dissatisfy.

Cactus Taco Shop

We invested an afternoon here chewing on shrimp and bacon burritos, fish tacos, and mezcal mules! Most likely the very best banquet we had in Antigua- I would most likely return to Antigua to consume here once again!

Sobre Mesa

We never got a possibility to visit this dining establishment; however, it came well suggested by a Guatemalan pal. If you’re seeking to treat yourself, the tasting menu is filled with creative productions, and the classy decoration makes it an excellent location for a date.

I discovered that the finest location to experience real genuine food was at the markets and street food stands, where you will see the residents consume. Some of the most popular things to attempt in Guatemala are tamales, Pepian, Kak’ ik, Elote loco, Hilachas, Atol, Tostadas and Pupusas.

Street Food and Markets

If you are on a tight spending plan, then you will most likely be living from the food stalls in Antigua as they use excellent genuine, newly prepared deals. In addition, you will discover stands will be positioned close to hectic locations, such as the main park, and open areas like the Iglesia de La Merced.

Regional Restaurants

Some of the finest dining establishments for regional specialties are El Criollo, Rincón Típico, and Por Qué No? If you are looking for genuine, then the finest location to attempt is the primary market.

Atitlan, Guatemala - 06 Mar 2011: The local market in Atitlan, Guatemala

Antigua Nightlife

Antigua is a reasonably little city, it has a buzzing night ambiance, and you will discover something to amuse on every corner. The choice benefits a city of its size from live music, bars, and taking pleasure in a couple of beverages with buddies. There aren’t any big bars in the city; however, there are a lot of bars and cafés that remain open late.


There aren’t bars in Antigua; however, there are numerous late-night bars with dance floorings. Las Vibras de la Casbah is most likely the closest to a club in Antigua, playing E.D.M. and having numerous dance floorings. This place is likewise understood to be an LGBTQ-friendly area.

This is the location for the eager dancer, and they likewise have delighted hours most days. Another area to attempt is Le Sin Ventura which is another popping location with vibrant dance flooring beverage deals, and it is where many of the regional youth go for a night out.


There are numerous bars and locations to consume in Antigua so picking where to go truly depends on the ambiance you are looking for. Likewise, you will discover bars that are more like pubs and have a more casual environment, such as Lucky Rabbit, El Illegal, The Londoner Pub, and Reilly’s Irish Tavern.

Antigua Brewing Company

This was one of my preferred locations to go to Antigua for some excellent beer, and it is an excellent location. Antigua Brewing Company is an excellent location for a beer lover, although their costs are rather a bit greater than other regional drinking areas.

Finest Time to Visit Antigua

The weather condition in Guatemala is warm throughout the year, with the damp season being mainly overcast, and the dry season is bright and primarily clear. Usually, the rainy season is from May until October, and the dry season is from November to April. The seasons are unique in Guatemala, which assists when it concerns choosing when to go to.

Guatemala is an extremely mountainous nation, with its acme being the Tajumulco Volcano at 4,220 meters (13,845 feet). This indicates that the weather condition can differ drastically throughout the nation and can be unforeseeable and extremely different. It is typically stated that the weather condition in Guatemala on the Atlantic ocean is more unforeseeable than the remainder of the nation, so the weather predictions aren’t constantly trustworthy for such locations.

Throughout the rainy season, access to a few of the more remote locations, mountain locations, and rain forests such as Petén can be limited as these locations tend to experience the highest level of rain and roadways aren’t well kept.

The very best season to check out Guatemala is in between November and mid-April, as this is when you will have the very best weather condition and more of an enjoyable stay. If you wish to be outdoors taking pleasure in Guatemala’s nature, then this is the very best season to go. Typical dry season temperature levels are around 22 C (72 F), and they will hardly ever drop listed below 18 C (64 F).

In summary, May is the most popular month, January is the coldest month, September is the wettest, and January can be the windiest, so pick your time appropriately.

Things to do in Antigua

Antigua is well-positioned in Guatemala, and as a result, there are many things for you to do while remaining there. Among the very best aspects of remaining in Guatemala is that you will constantly discover something amusing and something inexpensive to do.


Antigua has some unbelievable ruins to roam around and is abundant in history. Today they stand among some recently developed cities, and they still stay marvelous in their method.


There is a great choice of museums in Antigua as it is among the most historic towns in Guatemala. The historical museums in Antigua display Mayan culture and customs. The very best locations to learn more about this element of life are Museo del Libro Antiguo, Museum St. Tomas De Aquino, Museo de Arte Colonial, and ChocoMuseo. Many museums cost around $5 USD entry; nevertheless, they all differ a little.


Three volcanoes surround Antigua; Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. Volcano Pacaya, which is situated 25 kilometers south of Antigua, is a popular volcano to trek up as it is an active volcano that you can see lava coming from. Volcano walkings can differ drastically in cost. Therefore, it is advised to take a guide as you are strolling an unidentified surface.

Lake Atitlan

It is possible to take a shuttle bus from Antigua to the lake for around $15-20 USD. In addition, there are numerous day journeys and expeditions used in Guatemala and lots of trip business in Antigua that you can ask from.

Semana Santa Guatemala

This is likewise called Holy Week or Easter, and the event happens between March and April, depending upon when the day falls. Antigua is the heart of this event as it is among the earliest colonial towns, and you will discover the streets lined with carpets and processions.

Festival of San Pedro

In the town of San Pedro La Laguna, situated on Lake Atitlan, on June 24th, you will see a vibrant event for the town’s tutelary saint. You will discover live music and regional specialties which genuinely develop a genuine experience.

The Good Friday Procession during Holy Week (Semana Santa) in UNESCO World Heritage Site Antigua, Guatemala - 22nd of April 2011

Physical fitness and health

Antigua is a great location for health and wellness; nevertheless, you will require to accept that there isn’t a substantial choice of fitness centers in the town. The best methods to remain fit in Antigua are by more natural workouts such as hiking, strolling, running, swimming, and workout classes; however, you will also discover some little health clubs.

Antigua is a reputable town, and due to its appeal to travelers, workout classes have ended up being a typical method to keep fit. As classes and health clubs have been set up too, Antigua’s Gym, Health Club uses regular monthly subscriptions for $34 USD, with an induction charge of $7 USD on top. You can likewise get weekly passes for $15 USD.

Antigua’s other fitness centers are Scandinavia Gym, La Fabrica, U.F.S. Gym, and SISTEMA Fitness. You will discover numerous provide likewise priced plans; however, they might concentrate on particular workout locations.

There are numerous Yoga studios; some of the finest in the town are Shakti Shala and YogAntigua. Like yoga, there are a lot of salsa classes on the nights, which are typically held at bars and dining establishments, so it is best to inspect when you are there for schedules.

Another method to keep fit is through treking and strolling; nature, volcanoes, and mountains surround the city, so if you are on a smaller spending plan and wish to see more of the countryside, then strolling is an excellent method to integrate the two.

Antigua Insurance and Medical Care

It is recommended to have travel insurance coverage for both medical and personal belongings, and I would encourage having it for Guatemala. As pointed out before, while the nation is quite safe, select swiping and having actual products taken is rather typical. I could utilize my insurance coverage when my phone was taken, so it is constantly worth having it if you have pricey products.

For treatment once again, it is recommended to secure insurance coverage for Guatemala. This is mainly due to the absence of access to health care and lowered services due to the nation’s facilities. While you will discover that small issues are quickly looked after, larger problems might lead to being flown to a neighboring nation for treatment.

You will likewise discover that many physicians or experts are based in Guatemala City, so although it isn’t too far from Antigua, you may need to take a trip to get an issue effectively repaired. There can likewise be issues with language as the most typical language spoken by medical professionals is Spanish, so if you require aid, take a translator with you.

From individual experience, a buddy I was taking a trip with broke their arm while we were up in the mountains in Semuc Champey, and although it was a long drive to the nearby city, they were looked after. A cast was placed for around $40 USD (not transportation to the city). This was a couple of years ago; there are standard healthcare facilities outside of Guatemala City that can assist at extremely cost-effective rates.

It is encouraged to constantly bring a little emergency treatment set with you with fundamentals as resources do not have in Guatemala. Ensure that the medication you are taking with you is legal in the nation, as some “over-the-counter” medications are not permitted to be taken into nations like Guatemala without a prescription note. Constantly bring mosquito spray and safeguard yourself from mosquito bites as they can bring a range of illnesses in Guatemala.





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