How to be a Digital Nomad in Brasov, Romania

How to be a Digital Nomad in Brasov, Romania

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Brasov, Romania-June 14 2018 :Aerial view on red tiled roofs of medieval Brasov town in Transylvania, Romania. Europe

Brasov is the biggest and, I think, many lovely cities in Romania that were formerly referred to as Transylvania. Over history, it has likewise been affected by Austro-Hungarians that took it over for a couple of years and German expats that left different routines in their nation. It is a distinct mix of cultures and individuals that is still extremely apparent today.

It is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, which provide 360 panoramas from practically throughout the city, fantastic treking in the summer season and snowboarding in the winter season, and keep the air crisp throughout the year. Majestic castles and fortresses surround the city, and strongholds can still be seen in the city itself, offering it a middle-aged feel. The food is regional and standard, with bakeshops and little coffee shops cluttering the city and, most significantly, the WiFi they all deal with is through the roofing.

The stunning old town location typically leaps to mind when you visualize Brasov, the capital of Transylvania, and it truly is lively and filled with coffee shops and dining establishments to take pleasure in.

Brasov extends the method beyond its old town and uses a center for artists and freelancers with plenty of networking chances.

You likewise have all of the sensational Transylvania on your doorstep to take pleasure in with simple excursion from Brasov to locations like Bran Castle, unlimited treking chances, and fast journeys to historical towns such as Sighisoara (birthplace of Vlad Dracule) and Timisoara, which border Serbia.

Brasov is the most significant city in Transylvania after Cluj Napoca and truthfully would make a terrific digital nomad base too. You can see this church from around the city, consisting of Mount Tampa, the mountain towering above Brasov.

Be sure to examine the gorgeous Town Hall Square, Rope Street, one of the most narrow streets in Europe, and go inside the Black Church itself. While roaming around Brasov, you’ll discover numerous historical towers to check out on foot. Take A Look At Graft Bastion, White Tower, and Black Tower, amongst lots of others.

Romania is a nation that straddles the border of what is thought about main and eastern Europe. One of Romania’s most well-known historical figures is certainly Dracula, who was much a genuine individual (although not in the method you might believe). What you’ll see in Romania now are stunning castles, quiet little towns, charming countryside towns, and excellent mountains.

Brasov, Romania - Aerial drone view of Council Square with Black Church, medieval downtown, Transylvania.


However, Romania belongs to the EU is not yet in the Schengen zone. Therefore, if you are concerned with Romania from a Shengen European nation, you will NOT consume any of your 90 days on your Schengen Visa. This is excellent news for those reaching completion of their 90 days remain in the Schengen and are required to go someplace until their visa resets.

To go into Romania, you require a legitimate passport for a minimum of another three months. After that, Americans can remain in Romania for as many as 90 days, visa-free and at no charge.


The WiFi in Romania was amongst the fastest I’ve experienced in Europe, although their ranking has slipped a bit ever since. According to Speed Test in June 2020, mobile WiFi speeds typical 57 Mbps download, while repaired broadband averages 213 Mbps.

This speed generally corresponded throughout the nation, even in the countryside (other than in the Fagaras Mountains). If your lodging has WiFi, you can essentially anticipate it to be trustworthy and lightning quick.

Romania is understood for some of the fastest WiFi in Europe. While we aren’t truly into coworking areas, we love coffee shops, and we went to all of Brasov’s. So if you’re a digital nomad, you’ll never have an issue linking when living in Brasov, Romania.

SIM Card

I could get by without mobile information in Romania, just since there was typically public WiFi, even in little towns. The finest network service provider in Romania is Orange.

Weather condition

Brasov, Romania - August, 2019: Street life in center of Brasov. walk on the street between medieval cozy houses with beautiful facades. Walking tour of the city Brasov, Transylvania, Romania.

Romania, like the majority of Europe, has four unique seasons. When you go, it will impact your experience somehow; however, truthfully, each season provides something favorable.


The start of spring is generally still cold; however, the temperature level begins to increase conveniently by mid-April. The typical daytime temperature levels in spring have to do with 61 F, however typically much cooler in early spring (in the 50s) and with moderate to regular rain.

Late spring is an excellent time for reasonable weather conditions, perfect for time in nature and cities without the sweltering summertime heat.

Summer season

Summertimes in Romania never get too hot, with daytime temperature levels balancing around 86 F. In the cities, it can feel damp and a bit suppressing.


Fall begins nearly as warm as the summer season and stays at a really enjoyable temperature level of around 63– 75 F in the daytime up until mid-November. Fall is most likely the very best season to check out in my viewpoint, considering that the weather condition is the least rainy, making it best for outside activities and treking journeys. However, by the end of fall, the temperature level drops off rapidly, and it’s typical to have snow before the completion of November.

Winter season

Winters in Romania are extremely cold, with daytime temperature levels going as low as 23F (-5 C). Romania is an extremely spiritual nation, and they take Christmas celebrations to remarkable heights.

Expense of Living

The expense of living in Romania is merely incredible for what you get. In the end, I paid $1200 USD for a month in Romania as a digital nomad.


A whole house in Sibiu can cost as low as $400 USD a month. In Bucharest, the costs are comparable, with whole apartments or condos on Airbnb readily available for $400– $600 USD for a month. If you truly wish to conserve cash, you can even choose to lease a space in a shared flat for as low as $300 USD.


Brasov, Romania - July 10, 2021: Local Romanian food products displayed on market stall at the Transfagarasan road pass, Romania. Meat products, smoked cheese, honey, jam and bread for sale

Food in Romania is extremely inexpensive. Even drinking in Romania is low-cost, and beers typically cost a dollar, and a bottle of white wine at the store can be $2– $6 USD. I consumed out at least a day in Romania, drank with good friends a couple of times a week, and purchased groceries.

Romanian food is abundant and filling. There are plenty of conventional dining establishments, however likewise other choices such as Chinese dining establishments, to-go salad bars, and a couple of vegetarian areas.

We consumed coffee every day while living in Brasov, and our coffees and lattes were constantly around $2.50. In Brasov, shopping at the regional Billa grocery shop, we might head house with the same size bag of apples for around $0.50.


Transport in Romania is likewise rather economical. Highway coach buses are running in between most significant cities and smaller-sized towns, making it rather simple to get around. You can likewise choose to take the train from city to city.


Otherwise, the finest of Romania is free! Such as hiking, checking out charming towns and towns, going into the mountains, and so on. For example, Peles Castle costs about 30 Romanian lei to go into ($ 8 USD), and Bran Castle is 40 lei ($ 10 USD).

What choices are there for working online as a Digital Nomad? Is the WiFi good? Exists in coworking spaces/cafes and so on?

Romania is understood for some of the fastest WiFi in Europe. While we aren’t truly into coworking areas, we love coffee shops, and we went to all of Brasov’s. So if you’re a digital nomad, you’ll never have an issue linking when living in Brasov, Romania.

Coworking Spaces in Romania

There are lots of coworking areas to enjoy in Romania, especially in Bucharest, and as it’s likewise a nation that likes coffee and modern-day coffee shops so you will not have a hard time discovering someplace with excellent WiFi to work.

Hubba Hubba (Brasov)- Payday by day (around Є10), part-time ten days, regular monthly (Є60), or full-time regular monthly (Є100) and enjoy this friendly and open space in the historical center of Brasov.

A few of the area’s advantages consist of totally free tea and coffee (and in some cases beer), a cooking area to utilize, lockers, inside bike parking, and 24/7 gain access to professional members suggesting you can work whenever is right for you. They likewise have exceptional ultrafast WiFi.

Demisol (Brasov)- Almost like a household all set to get to invite and be familiar with you. ‘Demisol is a complimentary coworking area committed to hackers, designers, online marketers, mischief-makers, and other disrupters.’ They have some guidelines, so if you believe you fit the expense, then say hi!

Cluj Cowork- An area that promotes a genuine neighborhood feel for regional business owners, freelancers, and blog writers where occasions are arranged so you can network and make buddies. Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit consist of 9 spaces consisting of a conference area, HD projector, and stereo.

A kitchen location likewise consists of a stovetop and espresso maker. They likewise use discount rates with partners like regional bookshops, dining establishments, clubs, flower stores, online classes, and so on; costs begin at Є10 each day Є45 each week, or Є160 with the very first month marked down.

View from the stone walls at the Rupea Citadel (Cetatea Rupea) after renovation towards a small town in Brasov county, in the southern part of Transylvania (Transilvania) region, Romania in summer

Cafes for Remote Workers in Romania.

We’ve discussed some coworking areas listed below; however, if you enjoy a coffee shop with terrific WiFi and even much better coffee, then the cities in Romania are ready for you. Of course, you’ll discover your normal Starbucks and regional chains; however, there are some fantastic independent locations to look for.

The interesting choices likewise reach food and beverage with Bucharest, particularly using some incredible and cost-effective dining establishments to attempt both Romanian and global food.

Here are some terrific coffee shops in Romania for working:

Beans & Dots (Bucharest)– Great coffee and treats in addition to huge tables to operate at. It’s common to discover individuals working throughout the day so that nobody will trouble you. The WiFi is terrific.

Saint Roastery (Bucharest)- For specialty coffee, this ethical roastery and coffee shop is where you require to establish. Exceptionally laptop-friendly, fill out their commitment card for a free beverage and get some work done.

Honestly, you’ll be stumbling over coffee shops in Bucharest, so you will not have any difficulty discovering one.

Kafe Pub (Brasov)-– Incredibly cozy with genuine author vibes, Kafe Pub is dressed up in dark wood with classic chances and ends about and concealed corners to establish in. Unfortunately, there aren’t numerous outlets, so come with a complete battery or ask where the plugs are.

L’etage (Brasov)-– One of our preferred areas in Brasov, the decoration is extraordinary with open books lining the walls, musical instruments, and dark wood aplenty. It likewise hosts music occasions and develops into more of a red wine bar at night for a post-work beverage.

Bonus offer: More matched to a day of rest than working (though you can work there) is Dr. Jekelius, our other preferred coffee shop in Brasov. Embed in an old apothecary; it simply nails the environment.

The coffee is likewise exceptional. Meron is a little chain, so you’ll likewise discover branches in Brasov and Bucharest and throughout Cluj Napoca.

Koffer (Clu Napoca)-– This is the perfect cozy area to check out or compose or get work done for book fans. A book coffee shop with cake (consisting of raw and vegan alternatives) and specialty coffee constantly makes a hit.

Regional Sights in Brașov

Brasov, Romania. The Black Church and Tampa mountain.

Piața Sfatului

Piata Sfatului is a big plaza in Brasov with museums, coffee shops with blazing WiFi, and conventional dining establishments! Digital Nomads can discover lots of coffee shops and dining establishments here, and on a warm day, the Square is a stunning sight.

The homes that surround the Square are an authentic example of the location’s architecture and exhibit its age and abundant history. However, the most noteworthy structure in the Square is the Council House, now a city museum constructed in the center next to the water fountain.

This plaza will have incredible WiFi, and Romanian’s are normally well familiarized with innovation. The sight of a laptop computer on a table will not need any description. The little coffee store throughout the plaza called Kafka has an excellent little nook to plug into!

Strada Republic

Leading up to the Square is the walking-only Strada Republic, which accommodates a bunch of dining establishments that continue ideal to and surround the Square. Many of them provide tasty standard Romanian food. They are shaded with umbrellas promoting Ursus, the regional beer, and shouting out the city’s name in the numerous languages typical in the location– Kronstadt in German and Brassó in Hungarian.

The Strada Republic is another fantastic location to discover a plugin for the day and capture some WiFi. It has many food options, many of them with outside patio areas and a fantastic location to get a beer as the sun begins to set.

The street is likewise filled with stores using artifacts dating throughout the town’s history, making for an excellent afternoon of food and keepsakes on a warm day. Contributing to the rustic environment is the Tâmpa Mountain, a lavish green mountain that ignores the walk, advising the visitors how near nature is.

On the parallel street “Strada Poarta Schei” is the comfortable Kafe Pub. It has far more space than Kafka, with more tables and outlets. WiFi has never let me down; however, I need to state that, although their tea choice is better, I like the coffee at Kafka more.

Brașov’s Surrounding Area

Brașov has the good luck of being developed within a gorgeous area in the mountains, loaded with an abundant history that spills well beyond the city’s borders. Transylvania, the historic area that it’s located in, alone raises mystical legends that individuals are passing away to check out and have the chance to do so from this beginning point.

Bran Castle

There is no proof that Bram Stoker had this castle in mind when he composed the story, or that the individual that motivated the character, the Wallachian ruler Vlad Țepeș (Vlad the Impaler; 1448– 1476), lived there (although it is noted he passed through numerous times), the castle is still complete of secret, history and appeal dating back to the 13th century. Nevertheless, the bulk of the castle is explorable on a go-to, even a surprise passage, and the abuse chambers are likewise on display screen for daring tourists.

Râșnov Citadel

Set down high on a hill neglecting the town of Râșnov, it is a historical monolith and landmark in Romania, once again dating back to the 13th century. The only opportunity for survival for the location’s residents was the sanctuary inside the castle.

It was utilized to safeguard the location versus numerous attacks, consisting of the Ottoman empire, brimming with history. While digging into the rocky soil for many years, they left numerous verses of the Quran inscribed in its walls that are still noticeable today.

Brașov’s Mountains

Moieciu de Sus, Brasov county, Romania. Rural autumn landscape in the Carpathian Mountains

The Tâmpa Mountain is surrounded by Brasov and supplies simple access to some light treking from anywhere, and is an essential part of the city’s horizon!

Brașov is first and primarily a mountain town, located within the Southern Carpathian mountains, making it a prime location both in the summer season and winter season for hikers and skiers, respectively.

Instantly in the city, you will discover the Tâmpa mountain. A gondola that runs routinely is likewise offered to get you to the leading to delight in the beautiful views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

It’s an essential traveler center chosen by many travelers from Romania and Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and other European states. It is quickly available from the city through busses or routes that start on the Tâmpa mountain and make their method all the method to the top of Postăvarul.

Many dining establishments run all year, serving standard Romanian food with remarkable city views. This is quickly achievable as Poiana Brașov has a temperate-continental environment. The typical temperature level in the summertime is 20 ° C and in the winter season -4 ° C.





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