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Self-reinvention requires that you change your old ways and gradually morph yourself into a new person. The aim is to drop old and bad habits or behaviors and transform into a new wholesome being. But this process of evolving isn’t easy. You need to find somewhere to start from, build an anchor and design a new path.

Reinvention isn’t restricted to a certain age. You can always change yourself even if you are 80. You can consider going back to school even if you are 50. You can evolve at any point in life. So, if you are ready to take action and reinvent yourself, then here are the 13 essential steps you need to consider:

1. Create a Space for Reinvention

Create a Space for ReinventionThe process of self-reinvention first starts with you creating a space for it. A lot is going on in the world. At some point, this might get into you, and you might end up feeling overwhelmed. The combination of external and internal challenges makes some of the biggest hindrances to progress.

So, if you are keen on taking the crucial step of reinvention that you must first create a space for it, this mainly includes the mental space to allow you to figure things out.

At this point, you need more focus to get a clear perspective on the most important goals you should focus on.
While you are in this space, you can make a worthwhile comparison between your previous lives, current, and the one you expect to lead. This will help you make a comprehensive analysis regarding what’s working, what needs to be discarded, and what you need to work on.

To create time, you need to free up some space during your regular day-to-day schedule. For instance, if you go to parties on weekends, you can use this time to do introspection. If you watch lots of TV shows in the evening, you should probably take this time to rest and meditate.

2. Pinpoint The Starting Point

Pinpoint The Starting PointSelf-reinvention is like a revolution. It must be triggered by something hence the need to identify a starting point.
What has created the need for reinvention, and where do you go from here? Is it the need for growth, change in location, new friends, or your profession?

The starting point means that you have to recognize every piece of your current life. From here, you will be able to craft the appropriate path and how each of these pieces will be incorporated and improved at different instances during your journey.

Besides that, you need to find the pieces that no longer serve you and discard them. This way, you will be able to incorporate new pieces that are crucial for your growth. You will use them to build a new identity that reflects the person that you want to become. In essence, reinvention will incorporate parts of your old self and new self that seamlessly blend to form a whole new person who an effective transformation process has refined.

3. Identify Your Strengths

Identify Your StrengthsWhat makes reinvention tough for a lot of people is that there are many challenges. That’s why it’s a gradual process that needs time. You will experience multiple setbacks, and if you are not careful, you might want to go back to your former self. This is a person you are familiar with, and implementing new habits needs commitment and lots of hard work.

It would be best to find your strengths because you will rely on your strengths to help you pull through when things get tough. Identify the capabilities that make you stand out and what people love about you.

Professionally, you can take not of your skills, knowledge, and talents. These are the critical reinvention enhancers that will help you navigate through stormy waters. They will motivate you to keep going and move forward faster.

You should focus and put more effort into your strengths because they will help you identify the right opportunities that you need in life. Understand that no situation in life will require you to focus on your weaknesses.

Even if you are applying for a new job, you are typically required to highlight your essential skills and experience. This is how you capitalize on opportunities and make changes that are crucial for your self-growth.

4. Keep a Journal

Keep a JournalYou need to keep a record of your daily experiences. You must start to keep a reflective diary that will help you monitor your gradual transformation.

Keeping this type of diary is that you get to feel in tune with your feelings. This means that you keep track of your observations and monitor physical as well as mental changes. Well, all these are important if you have to get through the process of reinvention.

A journal will give you the proper perspective of how your thoughts have changed as you engage in different conversations in your head. By writing things down, you will have the best overview of how you communicate and express yourself.

Your confidence and assertiveness will change because you will understand if you are too harsh on yourself or criticize yourself too often. If you live in a state of constant doubt, then a reflective journal will help you navigate these thoughts without harming yourself.

In the end, you will notice that you have started to develop positive thoughts and behavioral patterns that are important as you move from one life phase to the next. To effectively journal:

  • Try to write naturally. Write the way you usually speak because you are not trying to impress anyone. There are no rules or formatting here, and anything works as long as you jot your thoughts down.
  • Be honest and tell yourself the truth. Sometimes we don’t want to tell ourselves the truth, and this makes us our biggest enemy. Don’t be too soft or harsh on yourself but be honest. Before anyone else tells you something about yourself, you should be aware of it. A journal is a proper outlet that you should use to pour everything down.
  • When you start writing, keep on writing until you exhaust everything. There is no limit to the word count or how long/short. Some days you will write the wrong text; other days, you might find that you have nothing to write about.
  • Date your entries. This will come in handy as you try to identify your feelings at different points. Besides that, you will be to reconstruct different pieces chronologically.
  • Always meditate before you start to write down. Create a safe and private space where you take a few minutes to focus on yourself. You can incorporate yoga, candles, a warm that, and breathing techniques, among others.

5. Understand Your Core Values

Our personal beliefs and values are what builds our character. They are what makes an individual stand out or be portrayed in a certain way.

When it comes to core values, you have to understand what matters to you the most. For example, what is your foundation in life? What do you believe in when you are sad and down? What is your source of happiness? What are your beliefs in relationships, freedom, and family values? Well, all those depend on your core values.

You have to understand what matters to you the most to steer a straight path towards reinvention. These values will help you lay a new foundation to create the appropriate groundwork for your new life.

This will help influence the new decisions you make, the behavior you want to nurture, and the necessary actions you might be required to take. A well-reinvented personality needs a strong foundation, or otherwise, it might end up crumbing soon.

You don’t want to move from your “old home” because it can longer serve you the way you want to a “new home” that will soon crumble once you have set your foot in. But how do you identify your core values?

Try and list down things that resonate with your personality. These are things that you consider essential personally, and they effectively capture your behavior and feelings daily.

Take note of some of the qualities that other people admire about you. It could be your confidence, perseverance, kindness, or honesty, etc.

Include your experiences in life. You have experienced enjoyable and painful moments in your life. All these have directly or indirectly shaped you into the person you are. A sad may experience, just like a happy one, may have taught you something. It could be compassion or even empathy.

Create a list of these values and categorize them. It could be about your skills, personal development, and growth, etc. This will help you identify a central theme about your core values. From this, you can now choose your top values and focus on them.

You must learn how to identify your values because they help to:

  • Guide your behavior, i.e., you will start behaving in the way you want to reinvent yourself.
  • Find your purpose in life by ensuring that you figure out what you want.
  • Enhance your confidence by using your values to bring in the sense of sanity, stability, and safety. This is because your focus will be now on what’s essential in your life.
  • Improve your decision-making process. When you face different instances that require you to decide, you will choose a decision that complements what you believe in life.
  • Ensure that you choose the right career or professional.

6. Create Your List of Aspirations

List of AspirationsReinvention is related to what you want to achieve or go in life. It’s a new life path that you are choosing to follow. You now know what you believe in and have a rough idea of where to start from. But what are your aspirations? You don’t want to reinvent yourself and but still find yourself at the same spot.

Aspirations are things that bring meaning to your dreams and goals in life. These are the things you hope to achieve as you take the following steps to bring your dreams to reality. If you believe in them and put in the right effort, then you will bring them to life.

You can write 25 or 50 aspirations that you are keen to achieve within a specific timeframe, for starters. This will make it practical for you to take the necessary steps and try to visualize your dreams into reality. Besides that, your chances of achieving your dreams will be high.

When creating a list of aspirations, always start with the easiest and the ones you are likely to achieve within the shortest time frame. This will motivate you to keep working as you aim to tackle the most difficult and time-consuming ones.

7. Create a Community for Yourself

As much as reinvention is your journey and you have to design and implement it yourself, it takes a community to do it successfully. For instance, how will you stop smoking if there isn’t a community to hold you accountable when you slack and fall back?

Who will remind and encourage you to continue with the journey when you feel hopeless and depressed? You can’t do everything by yourself, and we can only go further in life and become better individuals if there are people around us who can support and hold us accountable.

If you don’t have this community of close friends and family, then it’s time that you consider widening your circle. You have to create a community with the following categories of individuals:

  • Supportive family and friends who uplift you and keep you sane as you navigate through different aspects of your reinvention.
  • Mentors and role models to coach, mentor, and provide you with the right resources you need for your personal growth and development.
  • Positive people know you and can help you remain on track even on the most challenging days.

You can always encourage and motivate yourself, but you also need external support and push to ensure that you grow. Tell those close to you about your aspirations and goals in life. If you are facing challenges, don’t hesitate to look for support. This is because personal reinvention is a wheel that needs to move forward, and the journey will take you through different terrains.

When you succeed and hit the crucial milestones of your journey, don’t forget to tell those who matter. It would be best if you still had that pat on your back to carry on.

8.Experiment with the New Idea of Yourself

make things happenYour goal for reinvention is to become a whole new person. There is someone you are aiming to become, and this needs you to start experiment with your future possible self.

Use your core values, strengths, and goals to experiment with this new person you want to build. This way, you will start to build a compelling image, and this will help your thoughts and behavior align with the direction you intend to take.

Don’t take everything seriously, but sometimes play around and experiment with things. Try and take different roles to understand your reinvention journey. You might be forced to change a few things along the way.

You must taste the water and take a chance before you fully immerse yourself. Take activities that interest you, but you have never dedicated your time to them. Build new communities, try to be empathetic, or campaign against social injustice, etc.

Understand that while you are still experimenting with your possible self, you might feel uncomfortable and awkward at first. But it would be best if you kept trying, and with time you will find yourself used up to this new idea of you.

While experimenting, ensure that you record all the things that you learn and experience. Your journal will still be handy at this point. The new mental and behavioral challenges will give you the dimension you need to consider while building yourself.

Don’t forget that the experiment can be pretty disastrous. But don’t be afraid of experiencing such a burden because not everything will work out in the first instance. You will have to constantly implement new think-pieces before you can come up with something perfect.

9. Build Your Courage Through Action

Like it’s stated above, when you start to experiment with your new self, you will feel overwhelmed and sometimes uncomfortable. But this is what change is all about. If change were sweet and easy, then everyone would readily embrace it.

However, being uncomfortable means that you challenge yourself to be a new version of your former old self. But you can only be consistent and build courage if you decide to take action. So, despite an overwhelming sense of fear or discomfort, these trials will leave you more potent than before.

You don’t need to take significant strides will starting. Build your courage gradually by taking smaller steps that you can accomplish. And if you fail, don’t be afraid to start again. A new life, a new phase, is all usually accomplished by taking small, steady steps on the right path.

Your new identity requires that you build courage, and that’s how you will be capable of focusing on your aspirations and ambitions. Courage means that you would be ready to start over again if everything else fails.

10. Bridge Into the Future

The only thing was lying between you and the person you want to become, the bridge linking your former and new self. So, it would be best if you created a solid bridge that will facilitate your transformation into something new.

You know who you want to become; you understand what it takes to get there, so you must craft a way to achieve this.
Challenges are there, and sometimes they may leave you feeling washed out. However, you can choose to remain miserable and stuck in your current state. Alternatively, you can choose to try again and work towards creating a new version of yourself.

Use the energy you have, experience, and skills to pursue what you want in life. If you want a new career, then the bridge you probably need is a new refresher course. If it’s discarding old habits, then the bridge could be something such as therapy.

11. Keep on Learning

Reinvention never stops, and once you have mastered it, then things keep only getting better. This means that you also need to be open and ready to keep on learning.

For starters, it’s crucial that you create space and then understand your core values. These are important because you need time and a topic to research. You also need to find the appropriate resources to facilitate your research.

Search engines such as Google are essential for personal research. You can find a solution for anything online. Search for podcasts and TedTalks to gain valuable insights and advice from other people. If possible, you can also seek the services of a counselor or a coach.

The goal is to ensure that you gain as much knowledge as a person. Reinvention never stops, and so is learning. You only get from one level to the next—this way. You will continue to grow and consistently shift your identity to a new position.

12. Remain on Track

Young Successful Business WomanYou are going to experience multiple challenges along the way. However, it would be best if you never lost sight of where you are going. Even with the chaos of life, you must never forget to stay on course!

Have you succeeded in what you wanted to become? If not, keep going. If yes, then keep on going still because you can always become better. Have you experienced challenges? You definitely will, but what did they teach you? Did your goals and values change? If so, did you refocus and change the route of your journey?

13. Celebrate Yourself

Reinventing yourself isn’t something easy. The challenges are immense, and at times, courage, hope, and dedication to remain on track. So, every little milestone that you manage to hit deserves a celebration. After all, you are your biggest cheerleader in life and so don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!

How to Transform Yourself in 5 Actions

1. Make a Pail List

If you’re feeling stuck, take a while out on your own to picture what your profession and life could be. I have composed in other places about the power of asking yourself essential concerns and writing things down. In the viral book Compose it Down, Make it Take Place, Dr. Henriette Klauser demonstrates how this easy act brings clearness and forward momentum in satisfying one’s goals and function.

There’s simply one action to take here: Require time to envision what your life could be, then compose it down.

Other motivations: famous business owner, professional sports group (Washington Capitals) owner and filmmaker, Ted Leonsis blogs about a prospective near-death experience that triggered him to acquire clearness on his life. In his book Business of Joy, he shares how he developed his “Life List” of 101 things he wishes to do before he passes away. He is now well on his method of attaining the vast and little things on the list, with household objectives.

2. Attempt Something You have Constantly Delay

Exists something you as soon as passionately believed you’d do, however, didn’t? In 1989 I made a degree in government from UCLA because I wished to improve my homeland and the world. I quickly understood that I was a business owner at heart and didn’t pursue a policy or federal government profession.

In 2011, after success as an organization and not-for-profit business owner, I recognized that not just was this still a desire. Still, my experiences of the beginning, growing, and handling business provided even more, to provide in a public service function. So I ran for the State Senate.

I lost the election; however, while doing so, I fulfilled countless exceptional individuals from all walks of life, consisting of leaders in the organization, media, nonprofits, and policy. So many doors of expert and unique chance and satisfaction.

What are some previous enthusiasms or interests remain in your life?

  • Little Action Concept: Travel to a location you have constantly wished to.
  • Huge Action Concept: Do something you have envisioned continuously you’d do, like compose a book or begin a blog site.

3. Sign up with or Start a New Effort

  • Huge action concept: Start something a little larger– whether a group to resolve a regional issue or your organization. Likewise, you can recommend a brand-new effort within your business and then lead it.
  • Little Action Concept: Contribute to numerous nonprofits, or call companies to ask how you can get included with hands-on volunteering. Another concept would be to begin a book club.

This can be anything from repairing an issue at work to dealing with a regional not-for-profit that motivates you. Possibly there’s an activity that you have taken pleasure in; however, you wish to explore it with others.

4. Check Out a Profession Modification

  • Little action concept: Take a Strengthsfinder evaluation or get a copy of the multi-million selling task bible What Color is Your Parachute.

Everybody gets agitated for development in their work. However, many do not understand how much power they need to continue and increase their fulfillment.

  • Huge action concept: Work with an executive or professional coach to assist you through the procedure of a professional modification. Discover one who has done what you wish to do. If it’s serving in the C-Suite, discover a coach who has existed and done that; they will have real-life experiences that you get just from the school of hard knocks.

5. Acknowledge Resistance

It’s crucial to understand that you will deal with Resistance whether you desire to take massive action or a little action in transforming yourself. Resistance is the # 1 offender that stops individuals from modifying.

” The majority of us have two lives: the life we live and the unlived life within us. In between the two stands resistance.”– Steven Pressfield

When you feel Resistance, please take it as verification that you need to continue. There is no higher indicator that you are on the ideal track and that your objectives and dreams are worth pursuing than to experience Resistance. To press through Resistance, you require to challenge your worries and doubts, concentrate on your goals, and do the work.

This quote is attempting to state: Do you fantasize about composing a book, taking a unique journey, or beginning an organization, however, stall out? Have you started a task that’s genuinely essential to you, however never completed? You might have struck a wall called Resistance.

I hope you have gotten motivation from these five suggestions on how to transform yourself– and feel great to continue and live the life you desire. Through the power of reinvention, you will better comprehend yourself and what you can attain.


Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
–F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940), American author

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
–Newt Gingrich (1943- ), American politician, historian, and author

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.
–Julie Andrews (1935- ), English film and stage actress



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