This tutorial will teach you how to create and import product reviews with a “verified buyer” badge to your Shopify store. This small badge has doubled my sales the next month after its implementation.

Product reviews are very important to trust signals and many buyers really read them so this is a good example right here of a shop that is using reviews. That has additionally verified the buyer badge meaning it is an additional trust signal. What I was selling without this badge in a month I am selling now in two weeks. So I’m gonna show you how to add as many product reviews as you want that are having this verified by badge and with there, any review text you want so here’s an example of a product that is fresh doesn’t have any reviews right now, and I’m gonna add about ten verified reviews to its number one what you have to do is that you have to install two Shopify apps.

How to Create & Import Verified Buyer on Shopify

The first one is product reviews the second one is product reviews add-on then step number two you’re gonna click on your product reviews add-on app and you will have to install the widget the dashboard you will have to install the widget that you like and that is that contains the verified bar batch. so after you click dashboard to click settings and in settings, you’re gonna click widgets out of all available widgets you’re gonna choose the one you like.

I would personally recommend you the first one it’s the easiest one and it contains verified buyer that so installation instruction is here just follow it it’s super easy I’m not gonna waste time our mutual time our precious time on it in this video so after you have installed this widget what you’re gonna do is do that you will have to write comments in the comments you are going to upload warning all the comments.

They will have they have to have a special format for the purposes of being able to upload these reviews. I have spent 10 hours creating the file that will allow me to upload these comments. So I’m gonna show you from scratch how to write the comments using this special format that both apps demand so connais 8 you will have to paste product handle there meaning the URL sorry the products lock of product URL for me, It’s an AK-47 rifle the state must be published you just copy-paste everything that is not in yellow you just copy-paste okay email copy paste rating.

I want to have all our reviews rating rated 5 out of 5 review title well you can improvise here but for me, it’s an awesome gun author I have created a random name generator that will what it does it creates 400,000 probably random us male or female names in our current situation I want all by all our buyers to be males so I’m gonna just click equals random mail full enter email it’s set body this is the body of the comment warning it you cannot use any commas here I’m gonna improvise an awesome run will buy again a plus reply MP a created that this is also very important for, For these purposes, I have created random date generator what it does is that you’re gonna set the date the periods in which you will have all the reviews dated.



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