Physical Product Compliance

Physical Product Compliance

YES! Physical products make up a large portion of offers on ClickBank! But let’s break it down even further. From the Arts & Entertainment niche all the way to Health & Fitness, protein powders to camel’s milk, ClickBank has a HUGE variety of physical goods actively being sold on the platform.

Physical products present a unique challenge for vendors because of the compliance requirements surrounding them. Of course, compliance is a good thing and so is learning how to make sure your product is compliant.

To help our vendors grab this lucrative bull by the horns, Hannah Russo is back! For those of you selling, or interested in selling a product in this category, she’s got more details and resources to yet again, help you speed up your compliance approval process.

Product compliance means different things depending on the product and the market. However, making a product compliant normally involves at least one of the following: a. Product Safety: Some products must be compliant with one or more safety standards. This may set specific design requirements for electronic products, or physical proportions for toys.

Physical Product Compliance

Selling Physical Products 

Selling physical products or in other words, an online retail business requires patience, perseverance, and the right online tools. The shopping experience is very important because this is how you will earn repeat customers and promoters.

The biggest difference between selling physical products online compared to a physical store is the market reach. While a physical store’s clientele is mostly limited to its location, cross-country transactions are possible with an online store. The only market limitation for cross-country transactions is the availability of shipping methods.

Online retailing also need less manpower. Sometimes, everything can even be done by one person. From the point of purchase, all a seller needs to do is pack the item, contact the carrier and have the item picked up for delivery to the buyers. The only time extra manpower may be needed is when orders are too many.

Who Should Start Selling Physical Products Online

Whether you manufacture your own goods, or you want to venture into buying and selling, it would be advantageous to sell your items online especially if you cannot afford to maintain a physical store. Furthermore, if you want to do this part-time and still maintain a 9 to 5 job, online retailing will fit into your schedule.

Commissions on Physical Products

When you sell a physical product, the affiliate’s commission is taken from the price of the product itself, and not from the shipping and handling charges. If you want to offer commissions on the shipping and handling charges, you will need to select that option in your Shipping Profile.


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