Write Better Product Reviews

Write Better Product Reviews

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Write Better Product Reviews

If you have ever had to write a product review, you’ll probably know how difficult it can be if you don’t really know the product very well. This video shows you how finding theme words and phrases relevant to the product can help you create a skeleton article that contains all of the important details. Source

How To: Write a Good Review

Everybody has an opinion when it comes to dining out, but what really makes a good restaurant review? Let a Zagat editor show you how to do your opinion justice in three easy steps. Source

How To Write A Powerful Product Review in 8 Simple Steps

Write Better Product Reviews

Normally, the higher the price (or, the more crucial to your well-being a given product is), the harder you strive to make sure your choice is the only right decision. To feel confident about the purchase, you look for solid proof of the product’s quality.

And it doesn’t matter what that purchase might be — whether it’s food, books, kitchenware, vacation rentals, or even dog’s toys…

You always check out online reviews.

OK, now switch perspectives. This time you aren’t a buyer but a seller — or, even better — a promoter of a given product. A reviewer, to be specific. Here is a simple fact any marketer (or blogger or website owner) should take to heart:

What Are Product Reviews?

If you’ve been marketing for, well, a minute or more, you’re certainly familiar with product reviews. But let’s quickly recap the definition, so we’re on the same page.

A review — as discussed here — is nothing more than product-centred content that should investigate in-depth both the benefits and drawbacks of specific goods or services. Some full-time writers and marketers focus on testing and reviewing products. Then, they labour on submitting them to third-party websites, blogs, and platforms.

The Role of Product Reviews

Product reviews can do much more than just make your product seem enticing; they can boost your product’s image and make it the go-to product. In fact, online reviews are essential to marketing and branding any company these days.


Well, first of all, customers are heavily dependent on reviews which are often authentic articles written by real users. So, reviews are social proof and help build trust and loyalty.

Second, the more product reviews an item receives, the more transparent it seems, and this boosts its credibility. People trust social proof — especially when the review’s author isn’t related to the brand and isn’t anonymous (i.e., can be addressed by name, and their social profile can be looked up).

Why People Read Product Reviews

product reviewsWhy do people read product reviews in the first place? After all, do savvy shoppers buy anything without checking online reviews?

Here’s an example. Imagine you are reviewing Headspace, the meditation app. This is a real-life example because, personally, I’m a Headspace believer and practitioner. 

So, what should you begin your review with? People want to get to know some practical facts, so:

  • Talk about how the product grew on you and share first impressions (and all the consecutive ones!).
  • Share your experiences with the product.
  • List real pros and cons of the product.
  • Tell the readers if a product is aimed at them [who the target users/buyers are].
  • Rule if the product is of the highest quality and whether it’s simply worth buying.
  • Provide alternatives.

Online reviews should touch on both pros and cons of a product, service, or even a whole brand so that shoppers understand the key selling points as well as its market strengths and weaknesses.

A powerful product review should clearly point out who the product is for. Another reason why people read product reviews is even simpler. Users want to make sure the product is the best of its kind. Take marketing tools — people want to make sure they’re straightforward, user-friendly, and generally easy to handle.

Moreover, people are curious about alternative solutions. Though, to be honest, they just want to make sure that the product they want to buy is the undisputed king of its category. Also, other users’ experiences aren’t meaningless. Readers want to confront as many opinions as possible before making an actual purchase.

What Are the Benefits of Writing Product Reviews?

First and foremost, people trust product reviews — a whopping 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. There you go — positive product reviews can bring a substantial rise in sales.

Here’s what you get out of writing reviews:

    • Money- you can earn some extra money by reviewing products as an affiliate.
    • Authority– you build authority as a reviewer, and people will trust your opinion if you play it right.
    • Freedom- as an independent reviewer and marketer, only you decide what products you want to review, recommend and what to write about.
  • Traffic- your content helps you gain organic traffic, and you can rank your website for strategically chosen keywords.

There are also many other perks (and also drawbacks) of becoming an independent product reviewer. Okay, so now, with all those reasons in mind, it’s time to figure out what you can do to craft a genuine product review.


How to Write the Perfect Product Review

angry bird reviews1. Get Your Hands on the Product

Being an independent marketer and reviewer demands that you get access to products you are going to review. You might just go ahead and buy them or pitch the manufacturers and just ask for access. It’s quite likely that a company’s marketing representative will be happy to give you access to the product, at least for the time you’d need to review it.

2. Become an Affiliate

However, the best idea is to become an affiliate partner if it’s an option.

This will come with additional perks like, for instance, a fixed and sometimes even recurring commission paid on each sale you referred. Being an affiliate makes sense because you’re promoting these products anyway, so why shouldn’t you get a cut and generate some passive income on the side?

Becoming an affiliate is a whole other story, however, so here’s where you can learn more about becoming an affiliate with LiveChat.

3. Learn About Your Product(s)

Once you join affiliate programs or get access to products in any other way, make sure you do your research and study the product. You want to become an expert. Be curious and find out everything about the brand and the product itself. Include competitors in your research and the whole industry as well before you get started on your reviews.

4. Be Honest. Don’t Hype It

Full transparency is key. Eyes on the prize and remember this:

  • People will quickly put two and two together, and they’ll notice (and inevitably raise a fuss) if you aren’t honest.
  • It’s always better to look at products through the buyer’s eyes. It makes no sense to trick your audience into thinking that your product has no flaws. Be balanced instead.
  • Honesty wins you credibility, and users will become loyal and visit your blog or site anytime they want to make a purchase.

5. Confront with Other Players

Product comparisons are crucial to any good review. They provide your readers with a clearer picture of the whole category. Your readers will know what the options are and will feel more confident about getting the recommended model.

Talking about alternatives will lend you credibility — especially if you can say something more than, “Hey, these are available, too!”

6. Get a Discussion Going

Anytime you publish any content (not just reviews), ask for feedback and kindle discussion. Let people speak their minds, create a dedicated space for discussion, and build a community.

This will invite your readers to leave reviews — and user-generated reviews are tremendously powerful. For instance, millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than other media.

So, empower users to generate that content!

The more social proof you accumulate below your own review, the better. There are also some solid SEO reasons for this. A discussion thread makes a web page longer, which helps it index and rank better. 

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!” – Mari Smith
“Make your customers the hero of your stories.” – Ann Handley
“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis


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