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If you’re new here welcome today we’re gonna be talking about the first five steps you should take to make over a thousand dollars a month. Affiliate marketing now both of us make a combined over fifty thousand.

We’re both close to about a thousand dollars a day, and now it ranges for us between twenty-five to thirty-five thousand a month. So we average it out to about a thousand each, so Brian’s going to explain the five steps to us. But first, let’s talk about what affiliate marketing is rapid.

Basically, all affiliate marketing is getting commissions for promoting products. For example, for other people, if I’m selling this water bottle and Ryan goes and calls me a customer, and that customer buys through his link. This tracks his ID and what not he gets X amount of the sale because he brought that customer to me and I pay him.

And that’s it so no matter what age you are no matter where you are, you can do affiliate marketing. So this worked for everyone as long as you have a bank account to connect to get paid you’re ready to go, so Ryan’s gonna come in and share with us the five steps and I’m gonna share the screen real quick so you guys can see exactly what we’re doing.

To get started with affiliate marketing alright so let’s start with the first are you gonna” yeah” so here’s a little bit of the payouts cuz this all right so here’s just an example of one of the affiliates sites. I use and the payouts you can see for each month yep just example, one of the many so Ryan if you want to go ahead and take this way, okay sounds so I’m going to name the first the five steps you need to be following.

To start making $1000 a day with affiliate marketing, step number one is choosing a niche. I know this is probably the hardest one for you guys to get through, but you know this should only take you to our max to decide which niche you’re gonna go in okay we like to do things that were interested in passions of ours.

Because it’s easier to create content around it’s easier to get excited about so pick a niche it could be the technology it could be you know. Entrepreneurship what entrepreneurship whatever it may be free house building, yes treehouse it can be tiny things to this it’s yeah arts and crowds no limit basket weaving it could be anything.

Especially because Amazon has affiliate marketing, you know the platform. So pick Anish is number one number two get an affiliate link and we’ll show you exactly where to get it. Number three is gonna be creating content around your niche number four is getting traffic to your link, and number five is getting those sales.

Let’s go ahead and jump into it right now this is an example of a YouTube video that someone this channel right here is promoting a bunch of affiliate links and you see all these Amazon affiliate links right here. It’s a technology channel. Obviously, he ranked he or she ranked their video for the top ten. You know leading ten technology of 2017 back to school right so they’ve got two hundred thirteen thousand views they’re talking about obviously.

providing content around that niche

The echo dot and put their affiliate links in the description directly, so they provide valuable content. They chose each they’re providing content around that niche. They got their affiliate links that we put right here, and this is where their traffic is coming from, which is free on YouTube.

YouTube promotes your videos for free it’s a free traffic and they’re getting sales. Do you want to should we go to this tab,

yeah, okay, so this is where obviously you can see that they were promoting the echo dot in their video. And this is a very popular product on Amazon. And do you want to show them you pull up jungle Scout real quick yeah?

Now drama sky just shows an Amazon sales you guys don’t need us to do this “yeah” but I thought it was funny because, when it’s greyed out and has a little I chuckles. Kylie uses rank Bagua it’s getting too many sales that this can’t even estimate it we come here 56,000.

So, they’re getting probably close to about a thousand deals a day on these. So our goal is to kind of come in swoop some of those up and capture them elsewhere. So how are we gonna do that we just create content around it? So we could make a review of it on YouTube.

very popular product on Amazon

We don’t beyond a YouTube video we’ve created a blog around it talk about it or a couple of other things. So yeah, you don’t even have to show your face in the review if you want to do a YouTube video. It could just be of you talking about the product you kind of showing it with your hands. You’d only have to put your face in the video the reason why I like the video content is that YouTube promotes your videos and you’re just gonna get a lot of organic traffic.

That way but like I said if you pick a niche especially around something like this the echo dot has 56,000 reviews tons of it’s definitely selling so you don’t have to worry about people not buying through your affiliate link you will get sales this is where you’re gonna get your affiliate link so this is through the Amazon affiliate.


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