Brian Creager is a Freedom Fast Lane Tribe member who has done exactly what we hope every member will do – succeed in spades. Brian has built multiple million-dollar brands and is now eager to become what he calls, “The Procter and Gamble of the Online Space.”

In order to do that, he knows he’s not only going to have to replicate the things he’s done to become as successful as he has so far, but he’s also going to have to truly scale things by building systems and a team that can multiply productivity and profitability. You can hear Brian’s story on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Have you noticed that once you do something, the next logical step doesn’t seem so far away? That’s the power of mindset. When it comes to success in any realm of life we all have our obstacles. Many of them are mental. You may not be able to imagine building or owning a million-dollar business right now – but once you are able to build a $100K business, you’ll begin to think differently about the million-dollar business.

That’s because success births a new perspective that enables you to cast your vision higher. That’s what has happened to Brian Creager as he’s experienced a high level of Amazon sales – and now he’s shooting for a $50 million business. Find out how Brian is going to accomplish it, in this episode.

The larger your business or brand gets, the more you need to get out of the way. If you’ve experienced any level of business success – even working for someone else – you know that it’s practically impossible to continue building a business on your own. At some point, your capacity runs out.

That’s why as your business grows you’ve got to build the business in such a way that you can establish systems that others can learn, take over, and implement. If you don’t you’ll become the bottleneck and prevent your own business from growing. Brian Creager shares how he’s planning to avoid those issues as his business grows to $50 million, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

When is the right time to find outside capital to scale your business? There are points in the lifecycle of every business when the things needed to grow to require more capital in order to establish and implement them. But it can become a vicious cycle if the generation of capital is dependent on growth, and it happens in almost every business at some point. In this episode, Ryan asks Brian Creager how he’s planning to build his business to $50 million and if that includes the use of outside capital. Brian’s got a very wise and refreshing perspective you’ll only hear on this episode.

successful business

Could you build a successful business by acquiring already successful product brands? One of the things that have come across Ryan Moran’s radar lately is the approach of buying successful product brands, maximizing the existing systems that make the business successful, then letting it run and purchasing another.

With that in mind, he asked his guest, Brian Creager, if he’s considering the acquisition of other brands in order to build out his own business empire. You’ll hear how Brian is approaching the possibility of purchasing existing businesses and why he believes it’s an issue of individual interest, talent, and preference, in this episode.

 to reach his $50m goals. Brian’s perspective on buying already successful brands. How you can connect with Brian. Action Steps From This Episode FOR GETTING STARTED: You’ve got to start with your mindset. What you believe are your limitations are exactly what WILL BE your limitations. You’ve got to learn how to think bigger and believe bigger.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Build the business in such a way that you can establish systems that others can learn, take over, and implement. Without it, you’ll become the bottleneck and prevent your own business from growing.

“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” – Zig Ziglar
“Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein
“Well begun is half done.” – Aristotle

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