How to be a Digital Nomad in Uluwatu, Indonesia

How to be a Digital Nomad in Uluwatu, Indonesia

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Uluwatu, Indonesia,​ is home to Bali’s most scenic luxury villas, beach resorts, and restaurants on towering cliffs that offer majestic sunsets over the water. Digital Nomad in Uluwatu, Indonesia, is peaceful, and you’ll find hidden beaches and fantastic surf breaks here. If you’re looking for a spot in Bali away from crowded party towns, Uluwatu is the place for you. There is no separate International Airport in Uluwatu. The nearest Airport to reach Uluwatu is Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80362. I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, is the main airport in Bali, located 13 km south of Denpasar. Ngurah Rai is the second busiest airport in Indonesia after Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. In 2018, the airport served 23,779,178 passengers.

Uluwatu is a very safe destination in Bali. Overall, Bali is a very safe place. Sanur, Uluwatu, and Ubud are the safest areas in Bali. There are some natural dangers, like volcanoes and tsunamis. Threats caused by humans are the least in Uluwatu as they are not crowded. Standard cautions like avoiding nights out in dark places and keeping your valuables safe are recommended. Overall, Uluwatu, Bali, is very safe, but that’s not to say it’s 100% safe.

Many digital nomads are choosing to set up their base in Uluwatu, taking advantage of the town’s affordable cost of living and excellent coworking spaces. Uluwatu’s digital nomad community thrives, with many remote workers calling this town home.

The town’s popularity among digital nomads is due mainly to its excellent infrastructure, which includes high-speed internet, coworking spaces, and affordable accommodation options. Uluwatu has a vibrant social scene, with plenty of networking opportunities and socializing with like-minded individuals.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, Uluwatu provides the perfect environment for digital nomads looking to work and live in paradise. With its breathtaking scenery, laid-back lifestyle, and excellent infrastructure, it’s no wonder that Uluwatu is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads in Southeast Asia.

digital nomad

Understanding the Concept of Digital Nomad

A digital nomad is a person who uses technology to work remotely and is not tied to a specific location. They can work from anywhere worldwide as long as they have an internet connection. Digital nomadism has gained popularity recently due to technological advancements and the desire for a more flexible lifestyle.

Digital nomads typically work in software development, graphic design, writing, and marketing, among others. They often work as freelancers or are self-employed, allowing them to set their schedules and work from anywhere in the world.

One of the main benefits of being a digital nomad is the ability to travel and experience different cultures while still being able to work. This lifestyle allows individuals to have a better work-life balance and can lead to increased creativity and productivity.

However, being a digital nomad also has its challenges. Maintaining a consistent work schedule while traveling and adjusting to different time zones can be difficult. Additionally, finding reliable internet access can be a challenge in some locations.

Digital nomadism allows individuals to work from anywhere and experience new cultures while maintaining a career. It requires discipline and adaptability, but it can be a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle for those who can make it work.

The Uluwatu Temple - Bali - Indonesia

A Stunning Destination in South Bali

Well known for its clifftop views and being home to some of Bali’s best beaches. In Uluwatu, you have a unique combination of laid-back surfing vibes and some of the best luxury hotels and resorts in Bali. Uluwatu is the most popular area on the Bukit Peninsula, best known for Uluwatu Temple. This Hindu temple is situated on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and is regarded as one of Bali’s six most important temples. If you just want to enjoy nature and culture by visiting temples etc., in Uluwatu, Bali, then you can make the essential trip for six days. You can enjoy the Uluwatu within six days. You can relax and slowly enjoy this destination if you have more time.

It is home to the most famous waves in Bali

The spot offers several waves which are working with different swells and tides. The Peak is best at mid and high tide and closes out at low tide. In front of the cave, it’s the most consistent. The Racetracks are at 100 meters further with a fast wave and many sections with easy tubes. Best at low tide and at 6 ft which can hold bigger swell. On the right tide and the right wave, ‘The Peak’ connects with ‘Racetracks.’

Outside the corner is the real Uluwatu. Works only with big swells (>8 feet) and at low tide. The lower the tide, the better the wave. Take at least a 7″ board. It is a succession of long walls good for carving and, sometimes, a beautiful final tube. Temple is less surfed. Two waves, in fact (“Outside temple” and “The Bombies”). Only for experts because the water is very shallow.


  • 🌟 Total score 85% (Rank #420)% 85% (Rank #420)%
  • 🛍️ Quality of life score Okay% Okay%
  • 👪 Family Friendly Score Okay% Okay%
  • 💰 Cost of Living 😙 Affordable: $1,278 / mo% 😙 Affordable: $1,278 / mo%
  • 🖥️ Internet 🙂 Good: 8Mbps (avg)% 🙂 Good: 8Mbps (avg)%
  • 🌴Adventure Okay% Okay%
  • ☀️ Temperature 🥵 Too hot: 30°C (feels 36°C)% 🥵 Too hot: 30°C (feels 36°C)%
🗺️ Continent Asia 🏳️‍🌈 Country Indonesia
✈️ Average trip length 📅6 days 🖥️ Internet speed (avg) 🚀8 Mbps
☀️ Weather (now) 🌧 30°C + 🥵 Sweaty (76%) = feels 36°C 💨 Air quality (now) 👍 70 US AQI 🍃 OK
🔋 Power 230V 50Hz 🚖 Best taxi app* GoJEK

The Weather in Uluwatu, Indonesia

Average temperatures in Uluwatu vary barely at all. Considering humidity, temperatures feel hot all year with a low chance of precipitation most of the year. The area is less temperate than some — in the 17th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. Weeks with ideal weather are listed above. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Uluwatu, the hottest months are November, April, and then December. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of year is generally mid-November when highs are regularly around 89.1°F (31.7°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 77.1°F (25.1°C) at night.

Rain or Snow If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Uluwatu are August, June, and then September. Note that we define “significant precipitation” as .1 inches or more in this section. The lowest chance of rain or snow occurs around early to mid-August. For example, on the week of August 6th, there are no days of precipitation on average. By contrast, it’s most likely to rain or snow in early to mid-January with an average of 4 days of significant precipitation the week of January 8th.


Funchal, Madeira weather forecast hourly

Humidity and Wind Uluwatu

Has some very humid months and high humidity throughout the year. The least humid month is August (73.8% relative humidity), and the most humid month is April (78%). The wind in Uluwatu is usually calm. The windiest month is August, followed by January and July. August’s average wind speed of around 8 knots (9.2 MPH or 14.8 KPH) is considered “a gentle breeze.” Maximum sustained winds (the highest speed for the day lasting more than a few moments) are at their highest in early to mid-January when average top sustained speeds reach 14.8 knots, which is considered a moderate breeze.

The busiest month for tourism in Uluwatu, Indonesia is March, followed by June and April. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Uluwatu in September. Those willing to visit at these times will likely find it the least expensive month.

Trends for Uluwatu, Indonesia

Trends for Uluwatu, Indonesia

Demographics of Uluwatu, Indonesia

One of the most important things to note about Uluwatu, Bali’s demographics, is that it is home to the largest Hindu minority in Indonesia. About 83.5% of the population follows Balinese Hinduism. Other religions practiced in Bali include Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam.

The city is home to many expatriates, with an estimated 30,000 living on the island. The most widely spoken languages are Balinese and Indonesian, although Indonesian is the only official language. Most residents can speak two or three languages. English and Chinese are the primary foreign languages spoken, mainly because of the city’s role in tourism.

Most of the people that live in Bali are Balinese, accounting for 90% of the population. Other ethnic groups include Javanese, Baliaga, and Madurese. A DNA study was conducted in 2005, which found that approximately 84% of Balinese people were of Austronesian descent, 12% were of Indian origin, and 2% were of Melanesian origin.

💪 Fight sports +189% ⛱ Beach +47% 📖 Reading +26% 🎸 Acoustic music +23%
🤸‍♀️ Yoga +105% 😍 In a relationship +47% 📺 Documentaries +26% 🧒 Oldest child +23%
🏄 Surfing +102% 🏂 Snowboarding +44% 🧠 Open-minded +26% 👩‍🎨 Creative +17%
🙏 Spiritual +85% ☀️ Waking up early +43% 🐶 Dogs +25% 🎹 Electronic music +16%

Cost of Living in Uluwatu, Indonesia

Uluwatu, Indonesia, is cheap like cheap; like all places, the main expense you’ll have is accommodation. Bali has many different accommodation options available at all price ranges. You can get something as cheap as $250 a month and spend as much as your heart desires on luxury stays.

The cost of accommodation in Bali is relatively cheap overall. You can find some fantastic places for not so much money. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can expect a wide array of deals. For example, If you’re staying a month, you should expect to pay more than the monthly rate of a year-long stay. Bali can be enjoyed for as little money or as much money as you can dream of. There is a Bali for everyone.

Expect to Spend $720 to $2,600 per month for a Single Person Living in Bali

Families and couples sharing rental costs will save quite a bit. And it’s possible to spend significantly more on a higher-end lifestyle. The higher end of the range comes down to how very, very expensive it would be for a single person to rent a 3+ bedroom villa (~$1,300); without that high-end expense, it would be hard to top $2,000 on a generous budget as a solo person living in Bali on a moderate lifestyle.

💵 Cost of living for nomad $1,140 / month 💵 Cost of living for expat $789 / month
💵 Cost of living for the family $1,102 / month 💵 Cost of living for local $315 / month
🏠 1br studio rent in the center $276 / month 🏢 Coworking $253 / month
🏨 Hotel (median price) $430 / month 🏨 Hotel (median price) $20 / night
🏡 Airbnb (median from 1,001 listings) $2,038 / month 🏠 Airbnb (median price) $67 / night

Best Villas in Uluwatu, Indonesia

1. Sinaran Surga

Set on a clifftop 70 meters up the sea on the southern coast of Bali, Sinaran Surga is an exceptional elite estate boasting two spacious luxury villas. The resort provides the most favorable spot to break your hectic days. From here, guests can experience secure access to all excitement that the lively town has to offer. Known as one of the best Uluwatu Villas, the Sinaran Surga Resort provides exceptional hospitality and a higher degree of facilities to make up for a memorable stay. This hotel also boasts various on-site facilities to please even the most demanding guest.

Location: The villa is located in Jl. Pura Masuka, Ungasan, Kuta Sel.

2.Villa Indah Ungasan

It is built as a gradient retreat on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, house to several of the island’s excellent beaches. With its dedicated swimming pool set in spotless and ample trimmed gardens, bordered by a tree-traced valley and glimpses of the ocean, the villa makes an excellent alternative for weddings and parties. Villa Indah Manis is a fascinating five-bedroom villa with plenty of amenities for all ages. The villa adequately sleeps ten adults and up to four children in a row of elegant pavilions set within the garden.

Location: The villa is located in Gang SD Jl. Temu Dewi, Pecatu

3. Villa Bayuh Sabbha

Established on a clifftop, above the spectacular blue sea, with magnificent bird’s eye views from the exciting cape Bukit to Bali’s southern shoreline and beyond, five-bedroomed Bayuh Sabbha spreads over three verdant acres of splendid tropical gardens. This rich, traditional Balinese villa, includes a fully staffed and offers outstanding amenities. Bayuh Sabbha is a prominent option for families and groups alike, but the villa actually comes into its private as a magical and memorable wedding venue.

Location: The villa is located in JLabuan Sait, Jl. Tj. Simah, Pecatu, Bali.

4. Villa Balangan Sunset

It is located in a very tranquil region of the famed Bukit; Villa Balangan Sunset is merely 20 minute’s drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. It serves a wide variety of comfortable and elegantly decorated villas that restate the first class, including platforms, stone pathways, and little trails that guide you through prospering tropical gardens. Overlooking breathtaking landscapes, the villa is focused on catering a blissful stay to the guests. Starring expensive villas like pool villas, Villa Balangan Sunset extends a gorgeous secluded beach, an eternity pool with an en-suite bath, living rooms, and fully equipped kitchens.

Location: The villa is located in Jalan Pantai Balangan Ceiling, Jimbaran

5. Villa Anugrah

Set in the heart of Uluwatu, Villa Anugrah is an extravagant spot from which to explore Bali. Also within easy range are Blue Point Beach, Uluwatu Temple, and Dreamland Beach. Nestled at the top of Nusa Dua Beach, the resort extends an off-the-beaten-track environment. Not too distant from the resort are the grand cliffs of Uluwatu. A quick trip away is the shopping district of Kuta. Moreover, a field away, there are volcanoes, rivers, wildlife, and much more. The Villa Anugrah serves activities, recreation, and entertainment without formality, all in extrinsic and sultry surroundings with a nearly unlimited variety of relaxation activities.

Location: The villa is located in alan Pantai Suluban No. 6, Uluwatu

6. Villa Istana

An isolated cliffside resort that sees the Indian Ocean from atop a comprehensive elevation. Set between the natural glories of Jimbaran Peninsula near Pecatu in Bali, the resort serves as an informal shelter of solitude and leisure. The resort’s on-site restaurant caters to authentic and traditional Indonesian and Asian menus. A cliff-top bar provides panoramic ocean looks and serves a variety of cocktails, wines, and beers. The spa highlights eight therapy rooms with men’s and women’s verdant steam cabins and therapists who give a menu of massage choices.

Location: The villa is located in Jl. Pantai Suluban, Pecatu, Uluwatu

7. Alila Villa Uluwatu

Balanced on a lofty plateau that fits with limestone cliffs cleansing down to the ocean, the view from the Alila Villas Uluwatu is spectacular. Rediscover the pleasure of pure leisure in unmatched luxury and comfort in each exquisitely created Uluwatu villa. Yield yourself to the charm of Bali’s beauty and tranquility in the extravagance of impeccable perfection. The resort boasts well-appointed secluded villas garnished with a modern Bali-inspired design. All units have panoramic views and private pools. The resort has numerous food and beverage breaks and first-class wellness facilities like Spa Alila.

8. The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

On the cape of Bukit extends you the gift of Bali. Perched above the limestone walls commanding the Indian ocean, The Ungasan Clifftop Resort is a tiny slice of paradise on earth located on Bali’s southern tip. Exciting in all dimensions, the resort offers all the essential elements for an A-Lister’s retreat; solitude, a high degree of services, a pampering spa, elegant cuisine, and its own private white sandy beach. This posh resort presents an unspoiled hideaway for those endeavoring royal refuge from their fussy lifestyle.

9. Villa Indah Manis

If you are traveling in a big group or want absolute privacy with lots of space to move around, Villa Indah Manis is the perfect place for you. The villa has a private pool and landscaped gardens bordered by a tree-lined valley to give you a truly immersive experience. These villas in Uluwatu offer luxury at its best in the form of five spacious bedrooms, a spa, a jacuzzi, and a home theatre, amongst other things, to keep you entertained throughout your stay. The villa is attended to by professional staff who care for all your needs, from cooking to cleaning, while giving you privacy.

10. The Luxe Bali

Centrally located in Bali and one of the best Uluwatu villas, Villa Luxe is an excellent base from which to discover this vivid city. The villa offers flawless hospitality and all the indispensable amenities to excite tourists. The hotel’s rooms have been discreetly furnished with the highest degree of luxury and comfort. Besides, the hotel’s host of recreational offerings assures you have lots to do throughout your stay. Whatsoever your purpose for visiting Bali, the Villa Luxe is the top venue for a refreshing and impressive getaway.

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Pros and Cons of Living Uluwatu, Indonesia

✅ Affordable to live ❌ Freedom of speech is weak
✅ Very safe ❌ Not very democratic
✅ Fast internet ❌ Very sweaty and humid now
✅ Lots of fun stuff to do ❌ Quality of education is low
✅ Warm now ❌ Roads are very dangerous
✅ Warm all year round ❌ People don’t speak English well
✅ Good air quality usually Nomad List members liked going here
✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round ✅ Spacious and not crowded
✅ Easy to make friends ✅ Very easy to do business
✅ Great hospitals ✅ Safe for women
✅ Family friendly ✅ Not many people smoke tobacco

Coworking of Uluwatu, Indonesia

A coworking space is an emerging way of working and it’s an attractive alternative to an office setup. If you need to work in a room consisting of like-minded people, nature, comfy designs, good relaxation, and reliable WiFi facilities then you need to go for a co-working place. To give you a beautiful location and good WiFi connection, we have shared detail about the best Co-working place in Uluwatu.

Uluwatu Hub – Location: Uluwatu Hub, Jl. Goa Lempeh Jl. Raya Uluwatu No.27A, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80364, Indonesia. Uluwatu Hub is a brand new coworking space in Bali with an aesthetic design that will make everything creative’s mouth drool. The first of its kind in the area, this coworking, and coliving space sit in the heart of Uluwatu – perfect for you digital nomad surfers who want to tackle the waves in the morning and battle through code in the day. With strong Wi-Fi, tasty coffee, and spacious desks, you can get ahead of your tasks before running out to catch a magical cliffside sunset. Uluwatu Hub is an affordable and modern coworking spot where you can live, work, eat and sleep.

 Modern fresh interior in office building

8 best cafes with Wifi and hotspots in Uluwatu

  1. Suka Espresso [Uluwatu] – Location: Jl Labuansait No.10, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  2. Refresh Coffee Shop – Location: Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu Next To Pecatu Veterinarian, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  3. Three Steps coffee – Location: Jl. Raya Uluwatu Pecatu No.500, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  4. BGS Bali Surf Shop & Coffee Bar – Dreamland – Location: Uluwatu St No.77, Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  5. Land’s End Cafe – Location: Pantai Suluban St No.18, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  6. Bukit Cafe – Location: Labuan Sait, Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, Bali, 80361, Indonesia
  7. The Loft – Location: Jl. Labuansait No.52, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
  8. Cafe La Pasion – Location: Jl. Pantai Balangan, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia

Based on Uluwatu’s cost of living, here are selected remote jobs that would cover your costs:

  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Senior Staff Front End Engineer React
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Principal Software Engineer Claims
  • Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Senior Front End Developer
  • Senior Javascript Engineer React
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer JavaScript
  • Senior Software Engineer

Uluwatu translates as ‘land’s end rock’. Here, you’ll be at the very end of Bali, the extreme edge. And here, you really will find extremes. As part of the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu is world-famous for its surfing, and it has featured on plenty of TV shows and talent contests, luring in some of the best surfers in the world. Although the world is your oyster here in terms of exciting activities, be it surfing, horse riding, or exploring, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to relax. Whether you want to find your zen at a yoga session, learn about local art, or visit ancient Hindu temples, there’s something for you here. And that’s not even to mention Uluwati’s main attractions: the beaches.

If you’re coming for the first time then you’ll want to be at the very heart of Uluwatu, and that’s near Uluwatu Temple. Adorned with ancient culture, this neighbourhood is a great place to get to know your surroundings whilst also being able to take in all of its beauty. From the tops of the nearby cliffs, you can see some of the most wonderful sunsets to be found in all of Bali and the beaches are to die for.

View of Uluwatu cliff with pavilion and blue sea in Bali

Uluwatu’s Top 3 Neighborhoods to Stay In

  • Near Uluwatu Temple – Best Place to Stay in Uluwatu for Your First Time – Uluwatu Temple is right at the centre of Uluwatu and has some of the best architectural and historical landmarks for you to visit. Get your fill of both breath-taking scenery and fascinating culture, all whilst being at the very center of Uluwatu! Unlike other areas of Bali, Uluwatu is popular with tourists but has retained its isolated charm, so you can have a peaceful retreat whilst also having some amazing experiences along with other travellers!
  • Labuansait – Best Place to Stay in Uluwatu on a Budget Travelling on a budget –  doesn’t mean Uluwatu is off-limits. Quite the opposite, we’ve found the perfect place for you to stay so that money doesn’t have to be a barrier or a limitation. Beaches, beaches and more beaches. Stroll through the silky sands of countless white beaches along the coast of Labuansait, all free of charge! Take a dip in the sea in the morning, head to a film set in the afternoon and watch one of the most astounding sunsets in the world in the evening!
  • Petjatu – Best Place to Stay in Uluwatu For Families –  Planning a family getaway can be a bit of strain – there are so many people with different tastes to take into account. However, Petjatu is a little east of the centre of Uluwatu and has brilliant access to both beaches and the countryside inland. You can take on the waves, get to know some furry friends or just relax in the beating Balinese sunshine. Either way, there are options for all of the family to have a great time and some of the most stunning accommodation in the whole of Bali!



Safety is always a concern for travelers, and Uluwatu is no exception. Petty crimes, such as theft and pickpocketing, can occur in tourist areas. Additionally, natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, can pose a safety risk.
Digital nomads can take precautions such as securing their belongings and avoiding isolated areas at night to ensure safety. It’s also essential to stay informed of potential natural disasters and follow the guidance of local authorities.


In conclusion, Uluwatu, Indonesia, is an excellent location for digital nomads looking to work and travel simultaneously. The area offers a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Balinese culture, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a balance between work and play.

The availability of coworking spaces and high-speed internet access in Uluwatu makes it a convenient location for digital nomads to work remotely. Additionally, the low cost of living in the area makes it an affordable destination for those looking to save money while traveling.

The natural beauty of Uluwatu, including its pristine beaches and lush greenery, provides ample opportunities for digital nomads to unwind and recharge after a long day of work. The area is also home to a vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous bars and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and entertainment options.

Overall, Uluwatu is a fantastic destination for digital nomads looking to experience a unique blend of work and leisure in a stunning natural setting. With its affordable cost of living, modern amenities, and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder that Uluwatu has become a popular destination for digital nomads worldwide.

Why do you need for finding housing and office space in Uluwatu, Indonesia

As you navigate through the housing and office search process, it is important to recognize that many different agencies handle property listings and viewing appointments. In addition to individual properties, most properties are divided into several different sub/branches of an agency. Thus, you need a single platform that highlights all these listings and appointments to find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily.

Main Benefits of Using Anyplace

  • Use the platform to book a viewing appointment at a time that suits you. The platform provides the option to view properties and book appointments at the time that suits you. This lets you find how much other customers are paying for a property or service.
  • It adds a new dimension to property listings, with detailed descriptions and beautiful imagery. The platform provides extensive listing details that help you make informed decisions when choosing between multiple properties. If a listing is of interest, you can add it to your account and receive email notifications when other relevant properties are published.
  • The platform allows you to create an account to save your preferences and favorite listings. The platform helps you save time by managing all of your favorite listings in one place and providing notifications whenever there are updates or changes, as well as the ability to set up complete email notifications when new properties go on sale.
  • Know about changes that may affect your search.The platform provides an option to sign up for an emailed newsletter that reminds you of any changes to be aware of them and make the most informed decisions possible on your search.

Things to Remember

  1. The platform lists property inventory from multiple agencies. It is important that you know your requirements and interests before you start searching for houses or offices and how much you are willing to spend and what size you are looking for.
  2. In addition to the list of properties and viewing appointments, the platform includes useful information regarding maintenance and finding neighborhood facilities.  Despite it being an incredibly useful platform as a digital nomad, it is important to remember that the platform does not handle any transactions within itself, nor does it handle payments in a property bidding process; all payments must be handled directly with third parties.
  3. The platform may list rental properties, but it does not include commercial property listings. You must seek a real estate agent or another relevant professional to help with commercial or industrial properties.
  4. The platform does not provide any services, nor can it assist with such purchases as mortgages and escrow accounts. Professional help is required for such transactions. The platform provides this information on the properties that it lists. However, suppose you require assistance in procuring property. In that case, you must contact a real estate agent or other related professionals to help you find your new home or office space in Gran Canaria quickly and easily! To learn more about click here now.

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Digital Nomad in Uluwatu, Indonesia
The location and view are amazing. we are celebrating our Anniversary, the sunset Dining by Design in Dewa Dewi Chapel is really awesome. It was an unforgettable experience for us. We will come back again!

Only four minutes drive from central Ubud in the spiritual heart of Bali, “The Purist Villas” is a design-inspired oasis of calm, perfect for your romantic villa resort weekend away in affordable luxury. Seventeen unique Bali residences, luxury villas, and spacious suites, most with private swimming pools, are complemented by an elevated wellness center, poolside restaurant, and lounge areas.

There are so many places to visit, 6 days trip is not enough. I think I need to visit couple more times to see every nice place in Uluwatu, Indonesia.
Shakerin Ahmed


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